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At last! Trendy, affordable plus size work dresses for women are here! Welcome to the online destination for plus size business casual wear and formal dresses!

Perfectly Priscilla Boutique is a dream come true and we’re so excited to share our unique plus size work wear with all our full-figured friends on the go! Stay abreast of the latest trends in plus size fashion and browse our selection daily for fashion ideas that will inspire you to dress for success every day!

High-profile women in leading roles have emerged in every industry and career, challenging the norms and conventions of the workplace in bold and exciting ways. Women today are earning more, doing more, and working harder than ever before. Plus size women are joining the ranks every day alongside their slimmer sisters, and now they can step into the spotlight in business attire that fits right! Find the perfect plus size dress today!

Stress-Free Choices

Are you busy climbing the corporate ladder? Maybe you’re getting a little bored of your eagle-eye view of downtown from your corner suite office and looking for change. Perhaps you’re fresh out of college and hungry to start your exciting career on the right foot. Choosing the right outfit day in and day out shouldn’t eat up your time and add stress to your life. Perfectly Priscilla has selected the best plus size women’s work clothes and pieced together outfits, so you don’t have to spend time matching clothes. Today’s career woman is a multi-tasker and is tech-savvy, but you have enough tasks to navigate without needing to match clothes in the morning. Today’s woman is able to network with the instincts of a jaguar and focus her sights on luxury. Jockeying for success against male and female competitors in the open market takes an iron will, but the competition can sometimes become your partner – and the right business attire can be your best ally. That’s why Perfectly Priscilla offers business clothing for plus size. We want you to look and feel your best. We save you time. We are your partner in perfect style.

With so many choices available, assembling the right power suit can leave some of us in a fluster. The pressure of coming up with a new work ensemble day in and day out can be exhausting. Should I wear pumps for comfort, or heels to add height and command respect? Is the print on my dress too bold or should I stick with something neutral? Are my pants too tight, or is the neckline too low on my blouse? Who hasn’t wrestled with these fundamental style questions? How many times have you changed an item in your ensemble at the last minute at the risk of running late? It may seem silly, but insecurity about your appearance can undermine your confidence. Whether you’re the CEO or the office administrator, no one wants to be the center of attention because the top they’re wearing is see-through in the light. Browse through our selection of plus size women’s work clothes to find clothes that will draw admiration and respect!

First Impressions Count

Maybe clothes don’t make the woman, but first impressions can last a lifetime – especially bad ones. Projecting success is a lot easier and much more fun when your clothes fit and look great! Perfectly Priscilla believes in a world where women can fulfill their corporate ambitions in stylish, trendy plus size women’s work clothes that flatter rather than flop. Your hard work, determination, and creative problem-solving skills deserve to be celebrated with a look that projects confidence. Our unique line of plus size work clothes features classic, timeless styles for a wide range of moods appropriate to the boardroom, office, or a convention of fellow associates.

Finding a Balance

Men and women alike want to enjoy a balanced work life that leaves room for play and adventure. Health, exercise, relaxation and time with family are all priorities that shouldn’t be sacrificed, but the pressure to keep up with our careers and jobs often takes precedent. Our standards and our expectations have grown, adding to the sense of pressure we feel as women to perform and succeed in every aspect of life. Increasingly, women are learning to integrate all the aspects of their personality in healthy ways. We’re discovering that we don’t have to neutralize our femininity in the workplace or make ourselves appear more masculine to be taken seriously. The 9-5 power suit that once dominated corporate America has slowly given way to a more relaxed, trendy sense of style for professionals. New styles by celebrities and designers alike - Prada, Gucci, Stella McCartney – now cater to a growing number of female professionals who can bring home the bacon and cook it! Perfectly Priscilla’s line of plus size women’s work clothing offers shoppers a variety of work dresses that vary in color, cut, and pattern. You could find a number of dresses to dress up or down depending on your needs.

Today’s business woman is empowered as never before to follow her dreams and pursue her boldest ambitions. We want all our plus size sisters and women of all shapes and sizes to embrace their inner diva even in the office! Our collection of business clothes for plus size is functional and chic, trendy and professional, so you can let your fabulous personality shine through from 9 -5, and long after.

A Brief History of Work Clothes

Where did the traditional business suit come from? We’ll probably never have a definitive answer to any of these questions, but we can trace the evolution of the lounge suit for men to the royal courts of Europe, which eventually impacted women’s fashion as well. Aristocrats and socialites, from as early as the sixteenth century, wore elaborate, layered outfits or costumes made of expensive fabrics. They were in no way meant to be practical or modest and certainly were out of the price range of your average peasant. Both men and women required an entire team to get dressed in the morning. How things have changed!

As Europe expanded its colonial power across the globe, new fabrics and commodities contributed to the baroque excess of the wealthy classes while the poor continued living in rustic simplicity. Wigs, lace, expensive makeup, shoes and boots became indispensable to any respectable lady’s wardrobe.

Trousers, knee breeches, and petticoats were all part of the elaborate costume worn by socialites until the close of the nineteenth century when war and political upheaval severely chastened Europe's taste for extravagance. The French Revolution reverberated across Europe and North America, bringing with it sweeping cultural changes that have defined our way of life ever since.

Fancy, elaborate outfits fell quickly out of favor after the violence of the French Revolution and similar political upheavals. Education, literacy, and scientific innovation spread to the masses slowly, creating a growing demand for practical solutions to everyday life and work.

The industrial revolution created a new middle class as well as a working class that could increasingly afford quality clothing. Technology made new careers possible that had never existed before. Functionality and simplicity became the key considerations of style for both men and women. Modest attire that was practical for everyday use inspired the leisure suit for gentlemen and the riding suit for ladies of means. Men and women enjoyed tailored clothing that was close-fitting, more contoured and well made. Cotton and linen, tweed, and leather replaced the lace and silk of the Victorian era.

The early twentieth century was the beginning of a social revolution that has continued well into the new millennium, impacting fashion for both men and women. Royalty and court culture defined European taste for centuries, relying on lavish detailing, layers, and rich colors to impress the well-to-do.

The spread of modern films also accelerated the fashion trends. Katherine Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Kim Novak and other Hollywood celebrities added a sense of chic and glamor to their well-tailored pants and jacket outfits. Simplicity and elegance, clean lines and frill-less style conveyed the ideal modern women – intelligent, sophisticated and classy!

During the 60’s, as feminism spread across campuses and entered the arena of public debate, women joined the workforce in unprecedented numbers. Dresses were still common for secretaries, while women in factories wore uniforms that differed little from their male counterparts. Office attire was largely conservative and monochrome, but gradually a bolder image evolved for women that challenged male dominance in the workplace. Women adopted shoulder pads to make them appear more masculine, along with pants suits that made them appear androgynous or less ‘feminine.'

Despite the increase in working women, their roles were confined to clerical and administrative duties for much of the 60’s and 70’s. The 90’s, however, saw the sudden emergence of high-profile, successful women who were intelligent, fashionable and personable without compromising their femininity. Oprah Winfrey, Lady Diane, Martha Stewart, Michelle Obama, and many others adopted chic, sophisticated business wear into their wardrobe, setting a new standard for women worldwide who followed eagerly. The ‘power suit’ for women was meant to distinguish them as executives, as leaders, rather than support staff to men.

Mention business attire today and we typically think of the office with its cubicles and clinical, drab colors. Business suits, skirts, lined jackets and button-up blouses were staples of office wear for both men and women, but a rapidly changing workforce, shaped by global trends and the impact of technology, have had a surprising impact on fashion as well. New fabrics and retro styles, diverse roles and strategies for success have pushed women’s work clothes in an exciting new direction that combines playful and chic with professional and classy. Our line of plus size women’s work clothes varies from solid black wrap dresses to paisley inspired print dresses.

The traditional 9-5 work day and the conventional cubicle office are no longer the standards for professional women of today. Today’s working women are entrepreneurs, CEO’s, academics, artists, philanthropists, as well as mothers and housewives. Versatility, comfort, and style define modern tastes for office wear, and women enjoy more freedom to be themselves in the office than they were fifty years ago.

Plus Size Women’s Work Clothes by Perfectly Priscilla

Have you found your signature style for business? Do you want to project success and savvy with smart outfits that still look flattering on your figure? We know you do! Perfectly Priscilla’s business clothes for plus size are affordable, accessible and easy to shop for online with our convenient door-to-door delivery service. A few select pieces will make a great addition to your wardrobe and give you the edge you want. Whether you’re trying to win your biggest client or hoping to make a statement at your next job interview, you’ll find stylish open cut dresses, wraparounds, off the shoulder, full-length or knee-length plus size business casual outfits that combine comfort with elegance.

Bold prints, vibrant colors, and warm tones project a self-assured, confident attitude. At Perfectly Priscilla, we design office wear with success in mind, using simple lines to create an elegant silhouette that flatters your shapely contour and moves effortlessly with you. Long, flowing lines create an impression of height, drawing the eyes vertically to give the impression of greater height. Each style in our selection of work wear ensembles reflects a different mood – playful, strong, sociable, and conservative – to help you find the best plus size women’s work clothes that suit your style and personality. If you’re not sure what style would be appropriate for you, here are a few Perfectly Priscilla suggestions you can find on our website to get you started.

Perfectly Priscilla Ensemble Ideas You Might Like…

Off the Shoulder, Knee-Length Dress – Black

You don’t need a reason to look fabulous at 9 am when your outfit looks this classy! We’ve all been told that black is a strong, slimming color that projects leadership, but why can’t leaders be strong, slim and chic? This off the shoulder, knee-length dress in black combines a playful cowboy theme with tasteful details that say self-assured and loving life! An elegant, embroidered rope pattern in cream is neatly resolved with a cute drawstring that subtly captures an onlooker’s attention. The elastic shoulder line is comfortable and fits snugly around your shoulders, giving you a relaxed, confident look while ensuring enough cover for your bra when viewed from the back.

Made of 100% polyester, the fabric is durable but lightweight enough to drape your figure gracefully as you move. Undergarments don’t show through either, so you won’t be unwittingly embarrassed when you stand in direct lighting. A pair of suede knee-high boots in black completes the outfit and conveys the right touch of sophistication and success.

Black is a must-have color for your office wardrobe. If the office is air-conditioned, an off-the-shoulder dress is a practical solution that covers your arms while still providing comfort in warmer conditions. Knee-length dresses are appropriate for the formality of the workplace and reveal just enough skin to be tasteful rather than distracting. With an ensemble like this, you can show co-workers or employees the confident person you are.

Long-Sleeve, Knee-Length Black and Ivory Dress

Adding classic pieces to your wardrobe makes you prepared for any occasion. This elegant number we call draws on a classic, chic, sophisticated style first popularized by the mod culture of the 60’s. The black and white checker print was all the rage among top designers and celebrities throughout the decade. It was worn by cultural icons like Joan Crawford, Elizabeth Taylor, and Jacqueline Onassis. At knee-high length, the slightly tapered waist and simple lines give the appearance of a narrow waist. Black knee-high boots with two-inch heels add to the impression of slenderness and height, drawing the gaze vertically and maintaining your color coordination from head to toe. Add a tasteful piece of jewelry like a necklace, locket, or a ring to give your ensemble that extra sparkle.

The use of monochrome colors in this outfit avoids being plain by its elegant design and lightweight fabric. The sleeves fit comfortably without rolling or bunching up, and the neat but subtle pleats give the effect of a skirt and blouse combination. There’s little fuss involved with an outfit like this. A chic purse or handbag, a manicure, and the right lipstick complete the effect of a sophisticated, trendy career woman who’s ready and up for anything. What’s more? This business outfit transitions well from the office to a restaurant for a dinner date. So, you don’t have to bring an extra outfit to the office on those days when you have an evening of fun planned.

High-Low Printed Dress

For women who like their clothes a little busier, or who just want to add some variety to their existing wardrobe, we recommend our high-low, printed dress. Chic and sophisticated, this outfit creates a flattering silhouette from any angle with a touch of southern class. The geometric detail of the paisley squares on this print are a combination of neutral tones highlighted by burgundy lines. It’s lined within but made of polyester and spandex, so it breathes and moves effortlessly. The black belt sits comfortably just above the waistline, allowing the dress to fall gracefully over the hips, but it’s the high-low cut hem that gives this ensemble a touch of glamour and sophistication. When viewed from the back, the hemline brushes the ankles while, from the front, the diamond-shaped hemline reveals just enough of the thighs to be considered a tasteful office choice.

There’s just the right balance of bold, playful and sophisticated in this dress to make it appropriate for the office, a luncheon, or a presentation to clients. The short sleeves give the dress a relaxed look and give you a chance to show off your radiant skin! Strap on heels, knee-high boots, or a pair of open-toe pumps are all great footwear ideas for this dress. A light shawl or scarf in cooler conditions is also a great touch.

Plaid Print, Long-Sleeve, Knee-High Dress in Burgundy

Career women of today are embracing their femininity with choices that are playful, cute, and professional. Another stand out in Perfectly Priscilla’s collection of business clothes for plus size is the plaid print, long-sleeve, knee high dress made of polyester-spandex fabric. The fabric looks durable but is also lightweight with a slight stretch, to give your arms and waistline a flattering shapeliness. The long sleeves can be rolled up comfortably or remain full length. A wide, bow neckline elegantly frames your bust while providing cover for your shoulders. The rich burgundy color that dominates the pattern says classy and sassy. The simple contrast of vertical and horizontal lines in the print draws an onlooker subtly towards the subject. Prints that are too busy can be distracting and pull the onlooker’s gaze in conflicting directions. Simple lines convey class and tasteful discretion. Warm tones like burgundy draw our attention more immediately than neutral tones, but if you’re too bright, it can also be too distracting.

Choosing the Right Work Clothes by Body Type

Plus size women come in different shapes and sizes. Dressing for success means finding the right fit and the appropriate style that flatters your natural beauty and highlights your best features. Our clothing for can be combined in a wide number of ways to produce work ensembles that will wow peers and competitors. We’ve put together some helpful guidelines to give you some direction when shopping for plus size women’s work clothes.

Style Choices for an Apple Body

The apple shape is widest in the middle, drawing unwanted attention to the midriff area. A thick, round waist area adds to the appearance of heaviness and can add years to your image. Clothing with high waistlines, detailing that draws attention to the midriff, and horizontal lines that are too busy are not the best way to go. Plus size, loose-fitting clothes (not over-sized) that drape the body, with necklines that draw attention to the profile of your bust, are all ideal choices that will help conceal areas you don’t want to accentuate. A flowing, plus size tunic with a relaxed fit, or off the shoulder dress at knee-high or full-length can be great styling options for an apple body.

Style Choices for an Hourglass Body

The shapely silhouette of an hourglass figure is created by the slim waist, wider hips, and full bosom. A good bra is essential to presenting cleavage in a tasteful manner that’s appropriate for the office or business environment. Empire-waist tops are also very flattering because they feature a high waistline that draws a clear distinction between your bust and waist. Wrap-around skirts are a fun alternative, and a stylish print can project the right mood. Perfectly Priscilla offers plus size wrap-around dresses that you will look stunning in!

Style Choices for a Pear Body

A pear shape tends to feature shoulders and a torso that are narrower than the hips. The resulting silhouette gives the appearance of a wider, heavier bottom and a petite top half. Since your shoulders and small torso are your defining features, wear clothes that will bring balance and proportion to your lower half rather than covering it all up under layers. Over-sized clothing gives the appearance of a shapelessness. Dresses with a wide neckline are a great way to draw the eye horizontally, broadening the appearance of your shoulders. Horizontal designs and prints can draw too much attention to your contrasting hips and narrow shoulders, but clean vertical lines give the appearance of extending your height. A relaxed fit or loose fit garment will be the most comfortable and practical, preferably knee-length for those of you with a triangle or pear shape body. See Perfectly Priscilla’s collection of business clothes for plus size in order to view dresses with smart vertical lines.

Stylish Choices for a Wedge Body

This particular body type is what we call ‘top heavy,' with wider shoulders and a broader chest in proportion to the waist and hips. Shapely legs are your best feature and clothes that can give a slimming effect to your shoulders will flatter your figure best. Full-length dresses and high waists are also your best allies. Perfectly Priscilla offers a line of plus-size maxi dresses to accentuate your features. You can experiment with high-low cut styles that accentuate your legs too. Avoid thin shoulder straps but don’t be afraid to wear short sleeves or three-quarter sleeves. A wide belt that sits just below your midriff will add the impression of a shapelier waistline, but avoid clothes that might ride up uncomfortably with a belt.

Style Choices for a Rectangular Body

When your body is shaped like a rectangle, it refers to the fact that your hips, waist, and shoulders appear equal in width. Long arms and legs tend to be a common feature. Clothing that can add the impression of shapeliness, particularly to the hips and waist, will add curves to your silhouette. Layers can be a simple way to add dimension to your figure while solid colors and tones make a bold statement. Long lines can help create a clean, professional look. Close-fitting but comfortable should be your mantra. Off the shoulder dresses and full-length dresses can give the impression of being formless, but a belt just below the midriff can create the illusion of wider hips. Use a good bra to give your bust as much of a lift as possible and try collars with tasteful details that can add a dash of flair to your ensemble. There’s lots of room to experiment with a rectangular figure so feel free to explore our gallery of plus size women’s work clothes for more creative style options and get inspired!

Like what you see? We hope that you’ll make Perfectly Priscilla Boutique your only destination for affordable, trendy plus size work clothes and business attire for women. Our passion is making you perfect in styles that project your best. One stylish garment at a time makes all the difference when it comes to putting together a professional wardrobe that will stand the test of time.

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