Tunic Tops

Plus Size Tunic Tops

Plus size tunic tops for women are very versatile, loose tops that are longer garments of clothing, usually falling just above the knees. These plus size tops may have any style or sleeve length and can be worn with leggings, skirts or pants.

Plus size tunic tops are one of the most comfortable fashion items you can have in your closet. Perfectly Priscilla is proud to offer a wide variety of plus size shirt dresses for your enjoyment!

History of the Tunic

The tunic dates back thousands of years to the time of the ancient Greeks. Of course, its style has changed dramatically since then. Although the tunic originated with the ancient Greeks, it was actually the men and women of the Roman Empire who made the garment widely popular. Perhaps because it is such as simple garment, many other cultures throughout the world developed tunics, or similar garments, independently.

Styles of Tunic Throughout History

You may be surprised to know that tunics have changed style a number of times throughout their long history, though sometimes the variations have been very subtle. The most noticeable difference in tunic styles were between people from different cultures. In many cultures, the different shapes and colors of the tunic indicated the wearer’s social status or rank.

The Tunics of Rome

The Romans liked to keep their lives simple, and they felt the same about their tunics. Roman tunics usually reached just above the knees. They would be worn cinched at the waist by a belt and often bloused over above the belt. Initially, Roman tunics all had short sleeves or no sleeves at all, but later some also had long sleeves. They were unisex and popular attire for both men and women. Men’s tunics were loose while women’s were sometimes tighter and longer. Women would often wear their tunics over a short to long skirt. Men often work tunics under their armor or as an extra layer for warmth.

During this historical period, Romans often used the style of their tunics as a means of showing their social status. For example, slaves and soldiers typically wore shorter style tunics that came just to the knee. People who had less active jobs, such as orators or politicians, generally wore longer tunics, with some even reaching the ankles. The tunics were white or bright, solid colors made from cotton or linen.

The Tunics of Viking Times

Viking tunics were most commonly worn by the priest of that culture. Their style of garment was ankle-length, and they were worn without belts. The Vikings favored wool over other materials for their tunics.

The Tunics of Greece

Greek tunics were very different than their Roman counterparts. They resembled what we would now call a jacket. They were often highly decorated, and the decorations indicated which area of Greece the wearer originated from. These tunics were available in bleached white and a range of solid colors.

The Tunics of Egypt

Egyptian-style tunics were even simpler than those the Romans favored. They were simply a square piece of cloth with a hole cut out for the head. These were then secured with a belt around the waist. They were usually worn with a schenti or kilt. Over time, the Egyptian tunics became more detailed, often embroidered with fine silk thread. The sides were also sewn together so that short sleeves could be added. Later, folds and pleats were also added.

Tunics in the Indigenous Americas

These were probably the most colorful of the early tunics, and as in other cultures, they were often used to indicate the wearer’s status. Not only that, finely made textiles were highly prized gifts and trade items among people such as the Inca. Many Andean cultures used looms to weave cloth into complex and colorful patterns, so the tunics of this time were often quite unique in their design.

The Tunics of Medieval Times

The popularity of this versatile garment continued through the Medieval era. The design was straight and simple with stitched sides and medium-length to long sleeves. Most often they were made from linen or wool. Wealthier people had their tunics made from or decorated with silk. Medieval tunics were generally knee or ankle length. They were often embroidered with elaborate designs around the neck, cuffs, and hemline. They were not worn as undergarments but worn over the top of these.

19th Century Tunics

During the early years of the 19th century, young boys commonly wore belted tunics over the top of their trousers. By the middle of the century, tunics were also being worn by soldiers in the British army. By this time, the style had changed again. These tunics were mid-thigh length to suit the uniform’s longer jacket, and they were worn for extra warmth while the soldiers were fighting during the colder months.

Today Tunics are Essential Fashion Items

Tunics are a fashion favorite, especially if you have a fuller figure. Why? Because they are fun, fashionable, and so versatile. There are so many plus size tunic styles to choose from, whether you want to be casual, trendy, or classy. Plus size shirt dresses are great for just about every occasion. Women love to wear tunics to complement leggings, jeans, or mid to full-length skirts. Cotton tunics are great for spring and summer, and heavier weight materials are perfect for fall and winter. These stylish tops are great for relaxing at home, wearing to the office or going out on the town. You can easily dress down or dress up a plus size tunic. For example, a pair of jean, boots, and a necklace combine with a tunic for a great, out on the town outfit.

Perfectly Priscilla has a broad spectrum of plus size tunics, tunic dresses and camis to choose from. The plus size shirt dresses come in a variety of materials, including cotton and poly-rayon. They have a loose open cut, so they are very comfortable to wear, especially if you’re pretty active and you’re moving about a lot. Shirt dresses plus size are great if you don’t want to wear a top that is restricting. If you have a fuller figure, look for plus size tunics that are shaped to be loose around the bottom, or tunics that have side vents.

Styling up the Southern Charm

When it comes to fashion, Southern charm has a style all of its own and tunics are a Southern favorite. Southern-style tunics can be plain or patterned, straight or ruffled, long or short sleeved. There’s one thing they all have in common – they feel comfortable. You can also add a Southern touch to your plus size tunic by accessorizing. Here are a few suggestions for pairing up your Perfectly Priscilla tunics with some added style:

Add a necklace: It’s an old Southern saying “pearls go with everything,” and it’s so true, even for tunics. A single or double string of pearls can add a touch of finesse to any outfit. If you don’t have any pearls on hand, you can also choose to wear several strands of different colored beads that match your outfit.

Pack a purse: You can totally enhance an outfit by carrying a stylish pocket book. A great purse by Perfectly Priscilla can brighten up a plain outfit, make a casual outfit more fun, or make a formal outfit even more glamorous. Don’t forget to experiment with handbags, shoulder purses, and clutches!

Hot to trot: A great pair of shoes can transform any outfit. When you think about shoes, remember that comfort is just as important as style. Basic shoes every woman should have in her closet include sneakers, pumps, black high heels, mid-heels, sandals, stiletto sandals, and mid-calf boots. Try them out in a variety of colors, too.

Get leggy with it: Leggings make a perfect accompaniment to a plus size tunic, especially in the fall and winter months. Leggings are the perfect fashion accessory to a plus size shirt dress. A tunic and leggings create the ultimate outfit for comfort, and not to mention versatility. Plain leggings look great with a colorful tunic. You can also kick it up a notch with patterned leggings and a plain top.

Skirting around: Don’t be afraid to pair plus size tunics with skirts. Tunics and skirts are great for summer weather – and don’t forget shorts. You don’t really want to wear a full skirt with a tunic. Otherwise you will lose the shape of your figure completely. Typically a slim, short skirt will give the best effect.

It’s All About the Pants: Tunics look equally good with pants and jeans, particularly white jeans. If you’re not a fan of shorts, but you’re in the mood for a change, try cropped pants with your tunic. Add some strappy sandals to enhance the style.

Topping off your Outfit: A jaunty hat can add instant flair to any outfit. What type of hats look cool with a tunic? The options are almost limitless and, of course, depend on what overall look you’re going for. A long sleeve, plus size tunic with pants will look good with a fedora, while a summer tunic with shorts or a mini skirt will look great with a ball cap. You can add a straw hat to a shirt dress and cropped pants for that summery look.

Add a splash of color: A scarf is an often overlooked accessory that can add a pop of color to any outfit. What makes them even better is that there are so many different ways you can wear them:

    • Tied in a knot at the front
    • Knotted on the side
    • Over the shoulders
    • As a belt
    • Thrown over one shoulder

How to Choose a Plus Size Tunic Style That’s Right for You

Not all women are curvy in the same places, but if you want to find a style of tunic that suits your figure, here is a tip:

    • Make the most of a slimming effect. This is important to enhance your curves. If a plus size tunic is too loose at your midsection, it will not flatter your figure. You can always have your plus size tunic tailored to be a little more fitting. Subtle shaping at the side seams is crucial in order to avoid creating an inverted cone shape from your breasts to your hips.

Here’s a Taste of Perfectly Priscilla’s Favorite Plus Size Tunics:

At Perfectly Priscilla, you will find a wide range of differently styled tunic length tops. We have something for every occasion.

Teal Tops and Tunics: This stunning teal, plus size tunic is a guaranteed eye-catcher. The electrifying color combined with the stylish layered sleeves give it an elegant look that makes it great for parties. It’s made from a blend of rayon and spandex. This comfortable shirt dress plus size can be worn on or off the shoulders and looks super with patterned leggings and high boots. You can also jazz it up with one of our dazzling necklaces. This top is also available in cream.

Poncho Plus Size Tops and Tunics: This rust colored poncho is great for the fall. This sheer poncho is made from a blend of polyester, rayon, and spandex and will look superb paired with dark brown or black leggings. Slip on a cami underneath, and you’re ready for just about any occasion whether it’s a walk through the park to admire the autumn leaves or a fall BBQ.

Black or Masala Colored Tunic: If you’re looking for a plus size tunic that’s comfortably casual but smart enough for work, this is the one. It’s made from a rayon and spandex blend so it will keep its shape perfectly. This elegant black tunic goes perfectly with leggings for a casual look or with a pencil skirt for a day at the office. This tunic is also available in marsala.

Pumpkin Spice Tunic: Another great fall, plus size tunic, Pumpkin Spice is available in mustard or taupe. It’s made from a blend of rayon, polyester, and spandex, so it’s great for the cooler months. It has a stretch, open-cut fit, and a bouncy double frill at the bottom with a contrasting tone. Match it with dark brown leggings and add fall color with a blanket scarf.

Lace-Bottom Tunic: This frothy, lace-bottom, plus size tunic is perfect for chasing away the summertime blues. This lightweight cami tunic is made from a blend of cotton and polyester. Its delicate cream color looks great with our Pumpkin Patch Perfect cardigan and a pair of plus size jeans.

Sleek Grey Dress Tunic: How about a sleek dress tunic for the fall? This above-the-knee dress has a shaped hemline to accentuate your legs. It’s made from a blend of rayon and spandex, so it won’t lose its shape even when you’ve been sitting for a while. Show of your legs with a pair of heeled booties and add a splash of color with a necklace.

Elegant Black Tank Top: This elegant black tank top is just made for layering with scarves and other accessories. It looks really good with smooth and sexy pants. Why not top it off with a great looking hat to celebrate the fall season? It’s made from comfortable stretchy, polyester, rayon, spandex blend so that it will conform to your curves. It has ¾ length sleeves and works well for work or a casual weekend with our black stretch pants.

Black and White Striped Tunic: This simple yet elegant black and white striped tunic dress is a staple for any girl’s wardrobe. It will flatter your figure and draw lots of admiration when paired with our black booties. You can add an extra layer of warmth and still look cool by adding our pink and cream, long cardigan.

Sienna Colored Plus Size Tunic: A super-versatile tunic for fall in a delicate sienna color. It’s made from a stretchy modal-spandex blend and is loose and comfortable. You can match this top with leggings, jeans or cropped pants. It has a flattering scoop neckline which means it will also look great with a cardigan or vest. It’s super for a workday to a casual weekend outing.

Beautiful Blue and Pink Lily Design Tunic: Made from 100 percent rayon, this cool tunic is patterned with a beautiful blue and pink lily design. Although it doesn’t stretch, it is specially designed to fall loosely from the shoulders while flattering your figure. The neckline is accentuated by a small strap that offsets the V. The bell-shaped sleeves give the top a retro look.

Orange-Rust Colored Plus Size Tunic: With its orange-rust color, this wide strap cami is perfect for adding an autumn look to leggings, jeans, and pants. It’s made from a nylon-spandex blend so it won’t move around or roll up under other layers. It looks great with our fall colored cardigan. Grab one today!

Black Long Sleeve, Block Pattern Tunic: This plus size tunic is a customer favorite, with its black long sleeved design with colorful block pattern at the cuffs and hemline. It tapers out slightly at the bottom to accentuate your figure. It looks darling with our wine colored leggings and black knee boots.

Black and Tan Plus Size Tunic: Black and tan tunics never go out of fashion. This is a great top for fall or winter with its long sleeves and cowl neck. It pairs perfectly with our skinny jeans, or pants, but looks particularly fetching with our ankle leggings.

Black Tunic with Camo Sleeves: This plus size black tunic with camo sleeves and gold glitter breast pocket design is the ultimate in trendy casual. This top combines camo-chic with femininity in a perfect blend. Wear it with our ankle leggings or jeans.

Short-Sleeved Tunic: This perfect solid gray, black or white, short-sleeved tunic that will go with just about anything. It has a flattering scooped V-neck that will look great with a scarf or necklace. Our navy, plaid vest is the perfect match for this top!

Little Black Tunic: Every lady needs to have a little black tunic in her ensemble, and this is a must-have. The material is a blend of rayon and spandex, which makes it super stretchy. It flows from the neck with an ever-popular asymmetrical look. It has flattering ¾ sleeves and a handkerchief hemline. The strappy, off-the-shoulder look gives it a carefree party feel. Because it’s black, it will match everything else in your wardrobe. You can have free range mixing and matching with our jeans, leggings, skinny pants, and capris.

High-Low Cut Plus Size Tunic: Catch this one-of-a-kind tunic while you still can. This white, shirt-style tunic has colorful detailing around the collar and down the front and back. This is an open cut tunic with no stretch and is cool and comfortable. It pairs beautifully with our turquoise colored leggings. Jazz up your everyday wear.

Leopard Print Sleeves Tunic: You have one last chance to grab one of these classic tunics. A Priscilla favorite, this top is made from a cozy polyester spandex mix with a woodland green body and alluring leopard print sleeves. This is a great fall garment to match with jeans and high boots.

Burgundy and Wine Colored, Striped Tunic: This is an eye-catching plus size tunic with a block/stripe print. The scoop neck is enhanced by the burgundy tassel tie. The tunic has a comfortable loose fit with long bell-sleeved and ruffled hem that just lends itself to be worn with leggings. The blue and wine pattern will match our wine colored leggings perfectly.

Navy Floral Tunic with Orange Trim: Grab this plus size tunic while we still have a few left. This top has a delightfully Southern style with its blue and white floral pattern and brilliant orange trim. The bib style accentuates the chest area while the bottom flares out slightly for a comfortable, open fit. The bell sleeves give the tunic a retro look. It makes a great addition to any wardrobe.

V-Neck, Burgundy Colored Tunic: This top is so comfortable that it feels like you’re floating when you’re wearing it! This popular choice moves with you fluidly whether you’re working, walking, or out on the dance floor. The burgundy color pairs perfectly with black leggings or skinny jeans, and it looks especially good with our black calf boots.

Black, ¾ Length Sleeves Tunic: You’ll never forget this vibrant ¾ length tunic. Made with a rayon and spandex blend, this top creates a wonderful slimming look. It has a floral pattern on each side, with a decorative ruffle. It looks great with leggings and skinny pants.

Teal Colored, V-Neck Plus Size Tunic: Add a touch of Southern glam to your wardrobe with this teal and white, V-neck tunic. Add some black leggings and your favorite boots, and you have the perfect fall outfit. It has rounded off tales and is slightly longer at the back to cover your derriere and accentuating your legs. This tunic pairs perfectly with our skinny black pants.

Olive Colored Shirt Dress Plus Size: This adorable plus size tunic dress is made from a ploy-rayon blend so it’s soft and loose. It has an olive green background with a cute, contrasting block print pattern. You’ll just love the belt that accessorizes perfectly and gives you a chance to show off your waist. If you have long legs, you can also wear this with leggings as a tunic. It pairs perfectly with our chestnut booties.

Why Choose Perfectly Priscilla?

Remember, you can never have too many tunics, but do make sure that you have enough comfortable leggings in matching colors to go with them. Don’t forget some skinny pants and blue jeans too. When it comes to footwear, you can be daring. Experiment with strappy sandals, ankle boots and high boots.

Perfectly Priscilla Boutique is dedicated to helping women of any size look and feel their best year-round. Our clothes are quaintly bohemian with Southern chic. We curate our plus size tops from different manufacturers, bringing together the highest quality in affordable clothes. All clothes come in sizes 10-16 and 16-22, so they are great for you ladies with in-between sizes. Here at Perfectly Priscilla, we love colorful prints, lace, and romantic ruffles. We provide the best selection of plus size clothing online. Our customer service is second to none. Order today and see how fast our processing and turnaround is. You’ll have your order delivered to your door in no time.
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