Plus Size Skirts for Women

Perfectly Priscilla plus size skirts are one of the most versatile items a woman can wear. They can be matched up with many different outfits and can suit many different occasions.

For this reason, most women tend to have at least a few different plus size skirts in their wardrobe. Women of all shapes and sizes have always enjoyed the variety of skirt options available to them, whether they are designed for work or leisure. A well-fitting skirt will boost confidence and add an extra touch of class or edge to a look. Wondering what to wear to an after-work event? A plus size skirt will steal the stage and make you the fashionista of the party. Not sure what to wear around the house? An A-line plus size skirt will give you breathability and movement while you get some chores done. You can even rock that same skirt to a coffee date after you run a few errands – and no one is going to notice! Or how about trying a new outfit on for work? Pencil plus size skirts come in so many different cuts and designs that you can have a lot of fun cultivating a new professional look. 

Plus size skirts are a wardrobe staple because they are classic, feminine, and versatile. Skirts don’t just make you look good – they also make you feel great! No matter whether you prefer tighter pencil skirts or the flowing maxi style, skirts will bring out the best aspects of your body and make you feel more confident. The variety of style options allows you to pick what feels good for you, which undoubtedly makes you fabulous no matter the occasion. Skirts are great, but if you’re looking for a more casual feel check out our trendy plus size shorts.

There are a number of ways to look great and feel good in a skirt, depending on your body shape and style. Each one of us has a particular style that we look for, and a unique body shape that can be accentuated in so many different ways. These factors make it hard to know where to start with plus size skirts. Beginning with classic options is your best bet because they set the foundation for how skirts are designed today. Innovations in plus size skirt design have brought improvements in fabric and hemlines, but these innovations are all based on classic looks. Here is a selection of some classic style skirts you can try:

The Pencil Plus Size Skirt

The pencil plus size skirt is one of the classiest designs available today, and definitely the most professional. A pencil skirt is defined by its slim-fitting design and straight, narrow cut. They are usually high-wasted and are hemmed to either just above or just below the knee. Pencil skirt designs have been one of the most popular in Western fashion since the 1950s, as women began to find employment in offices and sought a professional-yet-comfortable outfit. The versatility of the pencil plus size skirt has always been one of its best attributes, as it can be worn as a separate piece or together in a suit. Today they are still popular as office attire, but have also become popular casual outfits due to innovations in fabric and alternative cuts that show off more of the leg.  

The slim-fitting design brings the wearer’s legs closer together and limits mobility to moderate and calculated movements. When you are wearing a pencil plus size skirt, you will notice how your movements are more graceful. Today this gracefulness can be enjoyed in a pencil skirt made from lighter, more flexible fabric. Pencil skirts are designed to produce an hourglass figure for all female body types, and do an exceptional job of flattering a lady’s natural curves rather than covering them over in a loose-fitting design. At Perfectly Priscilla, we offer two types of pencil plus size skirt designs for casual or business wear.

 A-line Plus Size Skirt

A-line skirts are probably the most conventionally classy type of skirt. They are predominantly loose fitting designs that are hemmed just below the knee, making for a flowing style that bells out at the bottom in the shape of a capital “A”. This wide hem makes them universally flattering for the lower half of the body!  A-line plus size skirts are similar to pencil skirts in that they are high-wasted, and that they come in a variety of lengths and patterns. Where they differ from pencil plus size skirts is in the tightness of the cut.  A-line plus size skirts highlight the waist and bell out at the knees, seamlessly flowing over the hips. The skirt will either have buttons or a zipper down the center seam. Particularly popular in the 60s and 70s for casual and semi-formal wear, A-line skirts are making a comeback because of their comfortability and versatility. Today they are sometimes cut above the knee as mini-skirts, giving a pretty, school-girl look that differentiates them from the more classic low cut of traditional A-line skirts. 

Fit-and-Flare Plus Size Skirt

Fit-and-flare skirts are an exciting alternative to A-line skirts and offer an ideal complimentary style to pencil skirts. They can be cut quite similarly to both of these styles, but have a bit of flare added to them (slightly more voluminous, or accentuated with a frill at the bottom, or an extra wide bell-bottom to round out a skirt). Like A-line  plus size skirts, fit-and-flare style plus size skirts can be cut below or above the knee. If cut above the knee, they make ideal loose mini-skirts with an added ring around the bottom for extra bounce. If left below the knee, they are usually cut wider than A-line skirts, with some added accentuations – ideal for your next dinner engagement. Fit-and-flare skirts are classy items in the world of Southern fashion, where dynamic colors and voluminous shapes are always sought after. 

The Maxi Plus Size Skirt 

Maxi skirts cover a woman’s leg completely, usually ending right above the ankle, but sometimes extending to cover the ankles and feet. These high-wasted plus size skirts flow seamlessly over the entire lower half of a woman’s body. Some are wide-cut and voluminous, giving the impression that an entire dress is being worn rather than just a skirt. The other predominant type is cut closer to the body, in the style of pencil plus size skirts, but still providing ample space for movement and breathability.  

Maxi skirts provide a sense of elegance and class to the wearer and are ideal for any kind of social gatherings – especially cocktail parties and dinner dates. The impression that these loose cuts give is that the wearer is able to breeze through life without a care in the world. The reality is actually the opposite, as maxi plus size skirts are actually very popular among women who like to feel comfortable while they get busy. The breathability of a maxi plus size skirt is great for women with a demanding schedule that requires a lot of different kinds of activities throughout an average day. They are effortlessly classy in that you can wear a maxi dress while picking up the kids from school and keep it on for a romantic dinner that night. Another great feature is that maxi  plus size skirts are suitable for women of all heights and sizes. Their main benefit is to elongate the lower portion of the body, which they accomplish with ease. 

The Jersey Maxi Plus Size Skirt  

The Jersey Maxi skirt is a variation on the maxi skirt that is made from stretchy, more malleable material. They are becoming a popular item for use around the house or for weekend excursions because they are understated, practical, and comfortable. The Jersey Maxi plus size skirt usually cut a bit closer to the skin, giving them a sleeker and more modern look than voluminous maxi skirts. The light, stretchy fabric is also more breathable and comfortable than traditional maxi plus size skirts. These hip-hugging skirts will flatter your curves and give you the hourglass figure that so many women strive for. The best part is that you will feel comfortable and ready for any occasion. 

Envelope Plus Size Skirt 

The envelope skirt is one of the most dynamic skirts on the market today. Arguably the most alluring of the major plus size skirt types, the envelope design is cutting-edge while also retaining some classic features. The design is based on a variation of the mini-skirt, created in the form of a large zigzag hem that circles around the waste and forms the actual skirt itself. The layering style gives the impression that the skirt is made from one large piece of fabric, which is in itself a very classy look. It’s this seamlessly classy cut that is turning more women onto envelope plus size skirts as an alternative to shorts for casual summer wear. There is no doubt that the envelope plus size skirt will make you feel good about yourself. Whether you choose to wear it around the house or out on an afternoon coffee date, this skirt will allow you to pass through the hottest days of summer in a cute and comfortable style. 

Styles Offered by Perfectly Priscilla

Perfectly Priscilla offers a wide selection of plus size skirts for any and all occasions. We specialize in offering the most beautiful and cutting-edge skirts that will accentuate your curves and bring your confidence to a whole new level. 

Our Southern Sass Knit Pencil Plus Size Skirt will make everyone turn around and take notice of your exceptional fashion sense and natural curves. A dynamic variation on the classic solid color pencil plus size skirt style, the design on this skirt is really one-of-a-kind. The black, taupe, and green complement each other in such a subtle and alluring way that people will think you are wearing a piece of art as a skirt. It is tight-fitting, but made from stretchy fabric, so it’s very easy to slip on and off. This stretchy fabric is a little bit thicker than your average skirt, making it ideal for evening wear in the summer and general wear over the winter months. It is even suitable for business attire if you are feeling edgy! We offer this plus size skirt in three sizes: 12/14, 16/18, and 20/22. 

We also sell a magnetic Stardust Pencil Plus Size Skirt in Black and Gold that cuts right below the knee.  This is the ideal length because it allows you maximum movement without revealing more than is necessary. It is revealing in a subtle way without making you feel over-exposed. This elegant plus size skirt is just perfect for a dinner party or a night out with friends.  Its 96% polyester consistency means it will form to your curves and give you the hourglass figure that everyone is striving for without you having to do a thing. It’s a perfect match with a black or white blouse and your favorite pair of boots. We have the Stardust Pencil Plus Size Skirt in three sizes: 12/14, 16/18, and 20/22.

Our Blaze New Trails Skirt is so excellent that we have nearly sold out! This envelope plus size skirt brings the best aspects of modern skirt design into a simple and comfortable mini-skirt. It is so relaxed that you will probably think it is a robe rather than a skirt. In a way, you would be right, because it is designed to look and feel like a single piece of fabric wrapped around your waist. Its understated classiness will be noticed by everyone around you. The best part is that you will feel confident in this mini-skirt because it will accentuate your curves rather than constrain them. This comfort will make it possible for you to do all kinds of activities in this plus size skirt, whether it be house chores, taking the kids to school, enjoying a day trip with the family, or going dancing on the town with your girlfriends. The Blaze New Trail Skirt comes in three sizes: 10/12, 14/16, and 18/20.

Styling Options and Combinations

Our plus size skirts can be matched with a variety of tops and footwear to suit all occasions. Perhaps the best part about skirts is that they fit all body types, so there really are no limitations when it comes to combining plus size skirts into an outfit. Here are a couple styling tips and potential combinations to help you incorporate plus size skirts into your wardrobe:

Don’t Match Pattern with Pattern

It is always a safe bet to pair a designed piece with a solid color piece. In most cases, matching a designed skirt with a designed top will make for a conflicting outfit. The symmetry of the outfit will be thrown off, and symmetry is the most important element to consider in developing a look. Take our Stardust Pencil Plus Size Skirt, for example. It has such a magnetic visual quality to it that it could not be a secondary piece in an outfit: it just has to be the staple. That is why we recommend pairing it with a charcoal sweater or a black blouse. This dark-on-light combination allows for the vibrant gold pencil plus size skirt to shine.

The same style recommendation applies to our Southern Sass Knit Pencil Plus Size Skirt. It’s complex and beautiful design would be lost if it were paired with a striped shirt, or even a simple shirt with an image on it. We recommend matching it with black because it accentuates the green and taupe designs on the skirt. 

Know When to Tuck In Your Top, and When to Let It Hang Over

We want you to enjoy your curves. In order to do that, it is important to know what kind of top works best with each style of skirt. These recommendations will let your groovy curves shine through and give you all the confidence in the world, whether you are going for a casual, professional, or glamorous look. 

The first thing to consider is the length of the skirt. The general rule is the longer the dress, the more important it is to tuck in your top. Take a maxi plus size skirt outfit, for example. The long, flowing character of the skirt makes it the centerpiece of the outfit, no matter what. If you want to look professional and classy, we recommend matching it with a tight sleeveless top of a neutral shade and high heels. For a more casual look, replace those heels with sandals and add a handbag and some earrings! When it comes to A-line and flared skirts, the decision to tuck in or not really depends on the length of the skirt. If it reaches the knees, then we recommend pairing it with a short-sleeved top and a jacket, or a tight turtle neck if you want to look more professional.

When it comes to making an outfit around our Blaze New Trail Plus Size Skirt, we recommend looking at flowing tops that can complement the casual fit of the Envelope plus size skirt. A perfect outfit is all about symmetry, and in this case, that means finding a top that can hang over the waist and seamlessly combine with the color and shape of the skirt. If you recall our first recommendation, make sure that either the top or the plus size skirt is a solid color, otherwise, the symmetry will be thrown off. A look that we really like is a white and red striped top that hangs over a simple Envelope plus size skirt like the one sold on our website. 

The History of Skirts in Fashion

Skirts made an appearance in Europe during the Middle Ages. It was during this time that some upper-class women began to wear skirts that measured over 3-metres in diameter at the bottom! These broad skirts turned into skirt-like garments by the 18th century, which costume historians refer to now as “petticoats.” The 19th century saw the rise of a whole host of different types of the skirt, all to suit different occasions or tasks. It is since this time that skirts have been a very popular clothing item for women. Skirts with shorter hemlines began to be designed for sportswear in the 1890s, and this stylish innovation lead to increasingly shorter hemlines into the 1920s. Long skirts became all the rage in the 1930s, and since then there has always been a wide variety of skirts available for purchase. 

How do Skirts Fit the Southern Style?

At Perfectly Priscilla, we take pride in our Southern roots. Southern style is all about bright colors, intricate patterns, flowing plus size skirts and dresses, high heels, and attitude! Ladies in the South like to dress up to feel their best, and we could not be more proud of that. Part of feeling your best is finding outfits that are light and breathable because it can get pretty hot and sticky. Southern fashion is known for combining classic pieces with little twists and innovations here and there. Plus size skirts and dresses are two of the most common clothing items for Southern women, partly because of the heat, and partly because there is so much innovation to be found in skirt design these days. Today, skirts have an important place in a Southern women’s wardrobe because of their versatility. On the one hand, they are more appropriate professional attire than dresses and are far more stylish and comfortable than shorts. On the other hand, in the colder winter months’, plus size skirts can be paired seamlessly with a sweater, a jacket, and a pair of boots. This versatility makes them a real staple of the Southern style. 

Where to Wear Plus Size Skirts 

Depending on the type, skirts are appropriate in a wide variety of settings: work, over the weekend, a night out on the town, or a formal occasion. Given the wide diversity of skirts available today, it can be hard to know what kind of skirt works best in what kind of setting. So in case you are wondering if skirts are a good idea, here is a quick rundown of all the appropriate settings to wear skirts in, and what type of skirt we recommend:

  • To The Office: The best type of plus size skirt for professional environments are skin-hugging pencil skirts. A professional environment usually requires a slick and polished outfit with little fanfare. Pencil plus size skirts make the wearer appear graceful and effortless while at the same time accentuating their natural body contours. They are also great because they come in some fantastic patterns, if that is your preference, and are made with flexible material. There is nothing that will make you feel more confident in the office than wearing your favorite pencil skirt. It will bring you to the top of your game, and your co-workers will take note because of how impressive you look! On the flip side, it may not be as suitable to wear a maxi skirt to work since they tend to be longer. 
  • Over The Weekend: Plus size skirts are immensely comfortable and very low-maintenance. An ideal skirt for hanging around the house is the Jersey Maxi Skirt. Both of these skirts are comfortable and loose, so what’s not to like? The best thing about them is that they work for so many different activities. So you have to walk your dog, go grocery shopping, and then go see your boyfriend for dinner? Maxi plus size skirts are perfect for all these activities because you will still look great by the time dinner rolls around without having to coordinate outfit changes throughout your day. Depending on how much you like A-line skirts, these could also work as a multi-purpose bottom for running all your errands in. They are looser fitting and shorter than Maxi skirts are, which might go a long way in developing confidence for your date!
  • Night Out On the Town:  A-line plus size skirts are your best bet for a night out on the town. You want a high cut skirt if you want to dance, and that extra bit of skin will just feel good when out with friends. Another great option is an Envelope skirt, like the ones we sell on our site. These petite skirts will give you all the mobility you need on the dance floor. Pair it with a flowing top and a pair of high heels, and you have yourself the outfit of the summer.
  • Formal Occasions: Formal occasions can sometimes be tricky to dress for. If you are planning to attend a semi-formal event, it is always a good choice to go with a pencil skirt. We recommend our Stardust Pencil Plus Size Skirt for any cocktail party or charity event you might be attending. Going with a dynamic outfit is always a good idea (as long as you make sure not to match a patterned top with a patterned plus size skirt like we mentioned before). If you are looking for something a little more loose to wear to an event, then you cannot go wrong with an A-line skirt. A-line skirts come in a variety of different patterns and cuts and give a glamorous look without too much flare. This hint of glamor makes A-line skirts an excellent option for any formal event you might be attending. 

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