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The Very Best Plus Size Shirts for Women
Let’s face it – it can be really difficult for a woman to find cute plus size shirts, but this should not be the case! Perfectly Priscilla’s mission is to make finding plus size cute clothes easy for all ladies out there.

At Perfectly Priscilla Boutique, we care about how you look. We want to make sure that your plus size shirts fit and look exactly how you want them to without any compromise! From tops to bottoms, dresses to accessories, Perfectly Priscilla has everything you need to help accentuate your shape. We promise that no matter what style or size of clothing you like, Perfectly Priscilla has exactly what you need.

Our Plus Size Shirts

Our online boutique store can help you find the perfect tops that fit your style and help you match with your preferred bottoms.

Plus Size T-Shirts

Need a shirt for Sunday Night Football? Perfectly Priscilla offers cute, plus size t-shirts that will fit the fun and light (as long as your team is winning) mood.

¾ Length

Our hot ¾ length tops are the real trendsetters for 2017 and beyond. Available in a wide variety of chic colors and styles, these ¾ length tops are set to flatter as we provide many contrasts to help accentuate your curves. If earth tones are your thing, then you might like our brown and green colored tops. For those looking to play with color, we also offer bright reds, oranges and other vibrant colors. With over 18 different ¾ length tops to choose from, how could you go wrong? Choose neutral colored, plus size shirts for low key days and vibrant colored plus size shirts for days when you need to sizzle!

Short Sleeves

Whether or not it is the summer season, short sleeves are a must! Get noticed with our stylish plus size shirts that can be dressed up for work or down for a night out on the town. For instance, our black short sleeve shirt with a deer head design is versatile enough to wear with slack or jeans. We also offer plain black or grey tops to easily match with jeans. Pair a short sleeve shirt with a blazer during the cooler months. Complete any look with these fabulous short sleeves. These plus size shirts are ready and waiting for you.


What sets our tanks apart from competitors’ tanks? Our tanks are very long to prevent them from riding up on you. They are a must have for most plus size woman because their nylon and spandex consistency keeps them in place while preventing them from rolling or gathering. We offer a variety of colors, such as mint, blush and tangerine. When looking for plus size cute clothes, Perfectly Priscilla’s camis fit the call!

Tunic Length Tops

Tunics are very flattering and elongating. They are also functional and smart. Get cozy with flannel patterned, plus size tunics or get trendy with black tunics. Plus size tunics pair well with skinny jeans and leggings.


Cardigans are in again. That’s right, cardigans are right for almost any occasion and go with nearly everything. At Perfectly Priscilla, we have a variety of colorful and muted tone cardigans and vests that are especially perfect for the fall and winter season. Our paisley and burgundy colored cardigan especially screams confidence while our solid olive cardigan is perfect for the young, classic professional. Our online boutique store truly does have something for every plus size woman out there.

Necessary Undergarment - Bandeaus

Comfort and versatility meet when it comes to our bandeaus. At Perfectly Priscilla, we know exactly how useful the right bandeau is. That is why we offer three different colors, black, white, and nude. These bandeaus are necessary under plus size shirts for women in order to help secure the right fit and look without breaking the bank!

Which Shirts Are Right for You?

We know that all women come in different shapes and sizes. Before you make any purchases on our fine online boutique store, it is important to take a look at our size chart that is offered near the bottom of the page when you click on the image of a shirt you are interested in. The models you see on the website, Deidre and Mary, are modeling clothes that are size 10/12 and 12/14, respectfully. Keep in mind that we do offer options ranging from 10/12 – 22/24, but make sure you grab that plus size shirt before your size flies off the shelf! In order to make sure that we can provide you with a perfect fit and minimize any confusion or disappointment, Perfectly Priscilla Boutique has come up with a few helpful hints for making optimal measurements.

Measuring Hints

When measuring your bust, make sure to measure a complete area of your bust. It is important to remember that the measuring tape has to sit adequately to ensure both comfort and support will be met when you end up trying the shirt on. When it comes to your waist, you want the measuring tape to rest comfortably around the slimmest part of your waist. For your hips, put the measuring tape above your thigh and below your waist. Make sure the tape sits agreeably around your body.

Body Shape

Maybe examining your body according to this method is not enough for you to be confident in your selection. Perhaps you need a little more advice as to your body shape, and that is okay! Perfectly Priscilla has come up with three common shapes that most plus size women tend to fit into. But please, always take these suggestions with a grain of salt as we all know that not everyone’s body can be put into a box. We want to make sure that you are happy and confident with the style you are trying to achieve. This might mean shopping around and having a look at all of the plus size shirts on offer in order to make sure you have considered many options to suit your needs.

Apple Shape

  • Broad shoulders.
  • Normal or full-size bust.
  • Slim arms.
  • Long legs.
  • Bust is usually larger than hips.
  • Undefined waist.
  • Bottom may be flat.
  • Broad torso.

If the Apple Shape description fits you, then you might want to consider looking for plus size shirts that cloak your middle section. Plus size tops that have an extended neckline are great for Apple Shapes because they casually compliment your bust.

Hour Glass Shape

  • A visible or more defined waist.
  • Consider your body as two inverted triangles. Your bust is the top triangle while your hips represent the bottom triangle. The point at which these two triangles meet is your waist.
  • Your full bust width is usually the same size as your hips.

If your body seems to be of the hour glass persuasion, you want to emphasize your waist while making sure your evenly distributed hips and bust is proportionately well represented. As an hour glass lass, you want to compliment your curvy bust and hips, but you must consider your waist as the center of attention as it will usually be the sharpest point of contrast for the rest of your body.

Pear Shape

  • Bottom tends to be larger than the upper torso
  • Bust may be smaller than bottom
  • Hips and thighs are usually broader than shoulders and bust
  • You might have a slightly curved back
  • Tiny, distinct waist

Women who classify as having the Pear Shape tend to have a larger bottom. But this is nothing to worry about! We want you to feel positive and self-assured in what you choose, so we recommend accentuating and showing off that most curvaceous part of your body. Peplum, A-line, and detailed shoulder tops will help create more of balance in your figure.

We hope that these measuring hints and shape tips will help you find the perfect plus size shirt that is right for you. However, remember that this is only meant to be a general guide, as putting a woman’s figure into distinct categories is the last thing we want to do at Perfectly Priscilla. We know that every woman is unique and we want to celebrate that fact. Our wide range of plus size shirts for women are designed to accommodate every woman’s preference, style and body type, so that no matter who you are, you can find the perfect outfit. Regardless of the occasion, Perfectly Priscilla Boutique will have something that can help you look and feel your best.

What’s The Occasion?


Shopping for casual wear is usually pretty easy. But if you are ever in doubt as to what type of casual look it is you are searching for, take a quick peek at some of our suggested causal tops:

  • Cold Weather Cutie
  • A Walk To The Waterfall Jacket
  • The View From Here Vest
  • Wrapped In Luxury Cardigan
  • Oh Deer Top
  • So Very Luxe Wide Strap Cami
  • So Very Luxe Bandeaux


When it comes to business attire, shopping for the right top that doesn’t stand out too much can be a real drag. Thankfully, at Perfectly Priscilla, we’ve got you covered. Browse through some of our recommended business etiquette garments that will be a sure-fire win in the office. Examples are:

  • Call To Arms Tunic
  • Corporate Climber Top
  • Go Fight Win Top
  • The View From Here Vest
  • Pure Bliss Top
  • Devoted To You Top
  • Cute As A Button Tunic


Our selection of plus size cute festive clothes are unmatched! Many of our tops available have a perfect little deer head image on the front – a seasonal trend favorite for sure. Take a look at our must-see festive section. Examples include:

  • Written In Scroll Tunic
  • Candy Striper Top
  • Don’t Ruffle My Feathers Top
  • Oh Deer Top
  • Holiday Happenings Top
  • Opening Season Top


Like our casual section, our all-around section is perfect for when you want to relax and leave the glitz and glamor in the wardrobe. This selection of garments is truly great for any occasion - any time, anywhere! Take a look at some hot suggestions from our all-around department:

  • Keep At Arms Length Tunic
  • Above All Else Top
  • Any Day And Time Piko Top
  • Purple Rain Top
  • The View From Here Vest
  • Vineyard Vines Vest
  • Pure Bliss Top
  • So Very Luxe Wide Strap Cami
  • Silence Is Golden Top
  • So Very Luxe Bandeaux

The Tone and Feel of Perfectly Priscilla’s Plus Size Cute Clothes

Perfectly Priscilla changes the tone of its collection each season. For fall, we offer a lot of rustic colored, plus size shirts as well as plaid tops. For winter, we offer a lot of plus size clothes in dark colors. The spring and summer collections are full of bright, vibrant colors. We also have lots of different patterns and cuts to suit your style preferences. Colors like burgundy, gray, black and rust and patterns like Aztec, plaid, flowery, deer heads or paisley are sure to set your wardrobe on fire. Whether you are looking for playful tones, earth tones or muted tones, Perfectly Priscilla has got you covered.

You’ve Got Character!

If you want something a bit loud and fashionable, then our tunics and cardigans are probably what you are looking for! Items like our gray tunic with light blue patterned sleeves or the burgundy and paisley cardigan have a lot of character – and class. These pieces have a lot of spirit to them and are perfect for someone who is looking for something a little jazzy while keeping the mood respectable.

Keep it Cool

Maybe you are looking to mute your tone a little bit - not to worry. Often times when shopping for something that is subtle and practical, it turns out to be extremely versatile as well. Perfectly Priscilla Boutique offers items like our v-neck and scoop neck, plus size t-shirts. These are long, simple shirts that accentuate the hips and look great on jeans or under a cardigan or blazer with slacks.

Our Special Slogans

Our plus size shirts for women come equipped with some extra flare. Whether it is a cute addition of fabric, shoulder detailing, or a seasonal pattern, these adorable tops will leave you feeling happy and confident. One of the patterns that we are particularly excited about is the deer heads graphic tee. It has a slogan underneath it which reads: “Oh Deer.” The saying “oh dear” rings true to the Southern culture that we know and love! It’s something Southern gals find to be extremely versatile as we use it all the time. So, we didn’t just make one deer print, plus size shirt – we made a few shirts with different types of deer heads. Check out the beautiful deer heads! They all look fabulous with jeans and a pair of flats! Have a look at the options, and, if you love one, buy one for yourself! We know you will love to wear one!

Versatile Plus Size Shirts for Women? You bet!

Perfectly Priscilla appeals to women between sizes 10/12 and 22/24 because we truly believe we have something for a wide range of women with different body shapes. We are also supporters of fashionable, yet practical plus size shirts and outfits. We want plus size women to know that they can feel confident in almost anything our online boutique store has to offer.

One of our favorite examples is the peplum top with the high-low, flowy bottom and tight, long sleeves in white or olive. It could be found in your casual, business, or all-around wardrobe. What we like most about this top is that it is stretchy and has an open cut style that is very approachable. This plus size blouse is a must have because it pairs exceptionally well with skinny jeans, leggings, or practically anything you can imagine. Wear it as is, or layer it with a fashionable vest cardigan or poncho. The pairings with this blouse are almost infinite. We are sure that you will really enjoy this top.

10 Reasons to Buy Plus Size Shirts Women From Perfectly Priscilla

1) Perfectly Priscilla Boutique will help any curvy girl feel comfortable in her skin. Perfectly Priscilla really wants you to feel confident and positive in terms of what you are wearing and in how you carry yourself no matter the occasion. It is important to us that you look and feel your very best because that turns into positive vibes all around. That is why we have done our best to help you select great fitting outfits. From easy website design to measurement hints and body shape information, we want you to have the tools to find great fits. Browse through our massive online variety of plus size clothes and show the world your true curvaceous nature. So don’t be shy – slip into a comfortable pair of leggings, throw on a “So Very Luxe Wide Strap Cami” with a cardigan, and match the outfit with a cute pair of flats today.

2) Perfectly Priscilla is at the forefront of a cultural shift in retail. Curvaceous girls are taking the world by storm and Perfectly Priscilla is happy to help women become happier and more confident in their outfits. Although Perfectly Priscilla Boutique respects women with any body type out there, we are really excited to be proponents of the plus size world and feel that the time is ripe to flaunt what we have. And we truly do have it all! So many large retail stores are incorporating plus size outfits into their catalog and we feel completely elated that the curvy girl is now having her say in the world. Casual, classy, festive, whatever the occasion, the plus size trend is only going to get bigger and better. So make sure you shop at our online boutique store and take advantage of this revolutionary era.

3) We offer the best online selection available! Tanks, tunics, plus size shirts, capris, leggings, cardigans, rompers, shorts, flats, boots, heels, hats, jewelry, scarves, jeans, style boxes, and all sorts of dresses. These are just a select few of the amazing options we have available at Perfectly Priscilla’s online boutique store. Make sure you create an account and subscribe in order to take advantage of any and all of our sales, offers, and clearance items available today. Because we have so many items and sizes to choose from, we recommend checking out our Style boxes area to get a packaged deal on the fly. We literally have so many items to choose from the pairings are endless. It is almost as if the curvy girl need not shop anywhere else. Perfectly Priscilla really does believe that we have got the curvy girl’s needs down to a “T,” so give us a shot - click away, and find the looks that you love as early as today.

4) Extremely commendable customer service. Perfectly Priscilla Boutique knows what your needs are in terms of the wardrobe side of things, but we also pride ourselves in being able to assist you in your purchase and make sure you get the most out of our products.

For this reason, we have representatives standing by to answer your inquiries about plus size shirts, pants or dresses by phone and email. We want to make sure you receive the very best customer service. If you think about it, we are here to assist those girls who might have a hard time shopping in a world that is ready to take on the curvy brigade. So bring it on, tell us your concerns, drop us a line, and tell us how we can make your online shopping adventure even better and all that more adventurous! Contact us at

5) The fastest order processing and turnaround rate an online boutique store can offer! When we say fastest, we mean it! Our team is able to process orders at a fast pace because we know how excited you are to receive your order! We always make sure to meet your specified delivery time on schedule. If there is ever a problem, we will try our very best to rectify it and make sure that your needs are met.

6) Rapid shipment and delivery will get you your look instantly. Blink and you could miss it! Our delivery schedule is insurmountable. We have a dedicated shipping team who keep are organized and ready to go! We can guarantee that you will receive exactly what you ordered.

7) Our Perfectly Priscilla Boutique (PPB) Style boxes are perfect for those with tight schedules. Our Perfectly Priscilla Boutique Style boxes are perfect for those professional gals who just don’t have the time (or maybe patience) to spend the time to click around our site to find that perfect plus size shirt that matches your leggings. Perfectly Priscilla Style boxes do a lot of the work for you as we have stylists working hard to deliver the best combinations and looks that are ripe for the fall and winter season, and beyond. So do not delay and let us take care of your plus size needs right now.

8) Shopping with us will keep your wallet happy. You will never break the bank when shopping at Perfectly Priscilla Boutique as literally none of our items are over $100. In fact, most of our high quality plus size products are under $50. Yet the quality, comfort, and style is everything you would expect – at bargain prices. We are here to make you look good, and we do not want you to spend too much for enduring clothes that fit and call attention.

9) We are seasonally and festively ready for your needs. Deer heads, candy cane patterns, colorful cardigans, and rust-colored tunics are just some of the cozy trends we have highlighted on this page. As fall turns into winter, keep our catalog nearby for the upcoming celebrations in December and into the New Year. The holiday season is a perfect time of year to shop for new plus size shirts for yourself or others on your list. Make sure you have a gander at our clearance items to ensure you save the most and can spend your time having the happiest and coziest of holidays. We are also really excited for the spring and summer seasons as well. This is when we begin to unveil some of the great options we are currently dreaming up for you.

10) Perfectly Priscilla is perfectly chic. We at Perfectly Priscilla Boutique specialize in bringing the most stylish and impressive collection of garments ready for any plus size woman. Our tops are incredibly “in,” and that is why we encourage our shoppers to take a look at our tops section.

In order to look the best one can be, we believe that having the right top is one of the most important parts of a woman’s outfit. They are easy to layer, can be paired with awesome accessories, and are so versatile that you might find yourself buying multiples of the same item to keep your wardrobe trendy, functional and unique! Do not forget to check out our extremely popular shirts because they are a brilliantly cute way to add to any occasion that you attend this year.

We are absolutely sure that this guide will help you make your next purchase. Perfectly Priscilla Boutique promises to make you feel all-around confident and smart with your new plus size clothing!

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