Scarves have been the biggest accessory to hit the market in the past ten years. There are numerous types of scarves that can be worn in several different manners. One of the most fashionable types of scarves that seem to be everywhere is the Infinity Scarf. The infinity scarf is a beautiful addition to any ensemble, allowing your turtlenecks, crewnecks, and even scoop neck tops to make an added statement and accentuate your beautiful features.

The Infinity Scarf Defined

As stated above, there are many types of scarves. Scarves have been keeping women in fashion and warm for centuries. What is it about the infinity scarf that is so very unique? To begin, an infinity scarf is a scarf that is woven into a continuous circle. There is no end and no beginning. The wearer pulls it over her head to let it drape of can create a layered look with it. There are infinite possibilities as it is an infinite circle.

The Many Enhancements

Infinity loop scarves are useful in many ways. Due to its unique design, the infinity scarf offers endless accessorizing options that make you look amazing, each and every time. To begin, take a look at the obvious. Simply drape the infinity scarf around your neck and let it hang. When wearing a scoop neck or even a lovely turtle neck, this will add a bit of color to an otherwise uniform type outfit. It can be used in place of a statement necklace while providing comfort and style.

Another option is to double loop the scarf around your neck. For a thicker, short infinity scarf, this creates a turtleneck type look without the restrictions of a turtleneck. You may choose to keep it loose, creating a more layered look, or tighten the scarves’ loops to create a more textured look.

The looks do not need to end with the use around the neck. Due to the design of an infinity scarf, these make perfect headdresses. If you wish to try the scarf look for your head, whether putting all of your hair tightly wrapped underneath, or using it for more of a capped look, the infinity scarf allows this to occur with ease. The scarf is placed around your head and then continuously wrapped until it create a tight hold.

The looks do not end with wraps around different areas of the body. Infinity scarves, if used properly, can be used as shawls or even a Moby wrap alternative to hold your newborn baby. Some infinity scarves make the perfect shirt as well, allowing you to wrap from your neck, down across your chest and complete the look around your midriff. The possibilities are endless and are only limited by your imagination.

Perfectly Priscilla and the Infinity Scarf

Perfectly Priscilla has seen the beauty of the infinity scarf and has incorporated it into their line of accessories. Whether you are looking for a headpiece or long infinity scarf to utilize as the perfect accessory, Perfectly Priscilla has the perfect piece for you. The scarves range in colors that are neutral, like white, taupe, and blue, to some interesting infinity scarf patterns, like plaid or geometric designs with intense splashes of color.

To be a bit more descriptive, you may choose that you need the perfect look to accentuate your jeans and casual wear for a night at the movies or dinner with the family. Choose our fringed plaid infinity scarf to add that necessary splash of color without creating a loud, overbearing look.

Maybe, you are looking for a more professional accessory to accentuate your newest business suit. Our taupe polka dotted scarf may be the perfect asset for this ensemble. You may even want to utilize our beautiful geometric scarves with a splash of red, black, and white, to add a bit of color to your belt like or your neck, making your outfit, and you memorable.

Sometimes, you just need a bit of romance. Our white knit infinity scarf can add the perfect romantic touch to your date night look, helping your beauty and your inner romantic stand out. The white knit allows for a soft look that draws attention to your assets and helps your look feel complete.

Whatever your style, Perfectly Priscilla has the best infinity scarf to help make your best look pop just a bit more. You never have to worry about that perfect statement necklace when you have one of our pretty infinity scarves to complete your look. You know that you will be in style for decades to come with these classic looks and you will always feel like a million bucks, even when you spent well under $100. Therefore, before you get dressed for your new big corporate event or important date night with that special someone, make sure to stop by Perfectly Priscilla and choose one of our cute infinity scarves today. 

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