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To all my fellow trendy, curvy women out there: do you cringe at the thought of having to find a dress? Do you search, and search, only to come up empty handed, or having to settle for a dress that you know doesn’t show off your beautiful curves the way it should? Yeah, me too.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a size 16 or a size 26 – finding plus size maxi dresses is TOUGH! Thankfully, Perfectly Priscilla offers plus size maxi dresses to show off your curves in an elegant way. Most dresses now have some sort of pattern on them, and I know that you know what I’m talking about when I say sometimes those patterns fall on us plus size beauties in some very unfortunate ways. Not with Perfectly Priscilla’s collection of plus size maxi dresses! Perfectly Priscilla offers solid colors as well as a few eye-catching patterns which enhance your natural beauty.

Plus size fashion is becoming more and more popular, which opens up some new doors and options for us. However, if you’ve ever been to some of these plus size clothing stores, then I’m sure you’ve already figured out that not every clothing line is created equally. Sometimes you can pay a lot of money for clothing that falls apart within the month – you pay a premium for the “extra fabric,” never mind that its size 10 counterpart is $20 less.

So, let me ask you this. Why pay the additional premium on “extra fabric” that wasn’t actually designed just for your body type and shape? Why pay so much more money for a clothing item because it’s 2 sizes bigger than something not considered plus size? Why waste your time and money (not to mention your self-esteem, hell-o!) when you could shop for these items at a store designed FOR plus size women, BY plus sized women? Perfectly Priscilla offers a wide array of fashionable, modern plus size clothes designed for every body type and shape – the best thing is their models are all plus sized. I mean, the real plus size type that we can all really relate to.

Today, we are going to have a look at maxi dresses plus size. A maxi dress is a floor or ankle length dress, fitted at the top and then looser and more graceful over the bottom. They are designed to “flow” over the body. They come in top styles such as straps, halter, and strapless (um, yeah – if you are lucky enough to have an ample bosom, I’m going to suggest you avoid the strapless train wreck waiting to happen to you).

They are usually a lighter fabric, which makes them fantastic for summer and warmer climates. They can look dressy, or they can look casual, depending on what accessories you pair them with. You can wear with any type of shoe too – from flip flops, to dress boots. All kidding aside, this dress is extremely classy and versatile when well designed and well fitted.

Know your body, and dress it well: Now that we’re all on the same page, let’s talk about the most common plus size body types, and how to choose the plus size maxi dress that flatters you the best. When done “right”, they are definite head turners, and guaranteed to make people look twice. Read on, and we’ll make sure they will be looking twice at you for all the right reasons.

The Apple


    • Your waistline lacks definition
    • Bust, waist and hips are very close in measurements
    • Chances are your bust is large for your frame
    • You carry most if your weight around your midsection
    • Usually this body type has slim legs, hips and bottom

Example: Melissa McCarthy

How to wear your Plus Size Maxi Dress:

    • Choose lower necklines
    • Wider straps vs. narrower
    • Choose empire waist lines to help create definition of the waist
    • Avoid A-lines, which can make the hips look wider

Try: Perfectly Priscilla’s high-low cut maxi dress with short sleeves and a wide belt

The Rectangle


    • Straight line from shoulder to ribcage to hips
    • Tends to be smaller busted
    • Little waist definition
    • Flatter hips and bottom
    • Smooth/average stomach

Example: Queen Latifah

How to wear your Plus Size Maxi Dress:

    • Look for dresses that will help you create curves – ruffles, gathers, pleats
    • Try maxi dresses with stripes
    • Wear a belt on straighter cut dresses to accentuate the waist
    • Avoid abstract prints that will create a more angular appearance

Try: Perfectly Priscilla’s straight cut maxi dress with a belt

The Figure Eight OR Hourglass


    • Shoulders are curved and are relatively as wide as your hips/thighs
    • Waist is distinctly narrower then shoulders and hips and thighs
    • Weight tends to accumulate on the high hip and stomach area
    • Small waist and sudden jut out to the hip give a shelf-like appearance to the waist

Example: Jennifer Coolidge

How to wear your Plus Size Maxi Dress:

    • Enhance your upper torso with V-necks, asymmetrical cuts, and softly draped neck lines
    • Bring attention to your curves with belts, empire waists, and faux wrap silhouettes
    • Choose a flared maxi to accentuate your curves even more
    • Avoid large patterns that get too busy and lose your curves

Try: Perfectly Priscilla’s high-low cut maxi dress with short sleeves and a wide belt

The Inverted Triangle


    • Hips that are narrower than shoulders
    • Waist is not strongly defined
    • Often large busted
    • Broad shoulders and back

Example: Dolly Parton

How to wear your Plus Size Maxi Dress:

    • Choose strapless or spaghetti straps to diminish the appearance of broad shoulders
    • Large patterns are ok to balance your body shape
    • Wear dresses with dropped waist lines
    • Avoid dresses with empire waist lines

Try: Perfectly Priscilla’s maxi dress with scooped out shoulder sleeves

The Pear Shape


    • Shoulders, bust and upper body smaller than your hips
    • Bust overall is smaller
    • Well defined waistline
    • Distinct curvature pronounced in lower half of your body

Example: Meghan Trainer

How to wear your Plus Size Maxi Dress:

    • If the difference between your shoulder and hip measurement is very high, pick a style with straps that is shoulder baring
    • Pick a style with an empire waist
    • Avoid big print patterns

Try: Perfectly Priscilla’s full length, solid-colored maxi dresses

Now that we have a better idea of what your body shape is, and what plus size dress is best suited for you, remember that this is just a guide – these dresses were designed with plus size women specifically in mind, so don’t be discouraged about trying a dress because it doesn’t necessarily fit the recommendations for your body shape. There is no dress on this site that’s going to look bad on a body shape. The wide variety of maxi dress styles (such as the cold shoulder, empire waist, a-line waist, high-low cut, and casual, flowy cut) ensure that there’s something that everyone will love. Right now, they are also in available in beautiful, trendy fall colors such as heather grey, rust, olive, and flattering patterns.

And, hey, if you don’t like it, don’t stress… there is a flexible return policy here. Perfectly Priscilla’s wants every customer to be happy with their order. This creates a comfortable, worry-free online shopping experience from the luxury of your own home. How awesome is that?

So, now what? 

Accessorizing Your Plus Size Maxi Dress

Now that you’ve picked out a maxi dress plus size, fallen in love with it, and can’t wait to wear it, we need to ensure that you are outfitted with the perfect accessories for your new outfit. As I’m sure you’ve heard before, “it’s all about accessorizing!” That’s no exaggeration. Accessories can take you from “walk in the park” to “special dinner occasion” with the same dress – believe me, it’s true! Yes, I know that pairing these dresses with flip flops or sandals may be the easiest and most comfortable, but it’s not going to win you fashion points for any occasion even a smidgen above “super casual.” Let’s have a look at some of the options available on Perfectly Priscilla.

Dressed to Impress:

    • High-low cut maxi (brown- pair with a belt to accentuate waist if needed) + Lace Up Bootie + Heart Necklace = Ready to take on the world
    • Living The High Life Maxi + Talk Of The Town Boot (taupe) + Midas Touch Clutch = If I was you, I’d want to be me too
    • All Dolled Up Maxi + Touch and Go Blanket Scarf + Sunlight Sun Bright Sandal = Pretty is as Pretty Does
    • Dust to Diamonds Maxi (brown) + Talk Of The Town Boot (taupe) + Put A Ring On It Earrings = Southern Belle
    • Dust to Diamonds Maxi (rust) + Eye Of the Beholder Sandal + Polished to Perfection Scarf = Sweet Southern Sass
    • I’m Limited Edition Maxi + I’m Limited Edition Clutch + Cross My Heart Sandal = Hotter than a two-dollar pistol

Casual Comforts:

    • High-low cut maxi (brown) + Eye of the Beholder Sandal + Sun Kissed Glow Hat = Penny For Your Thoughts
    • Living The High Life Maxi + Wish Upon a Star Necklace = Lickity Split
    • All Dolled Up Maxi + On a Mission Lace Up Bootie + Polished Perfection Scarf = Hold Your Horses
    • Dust to Diamonds Maxi (brown) + Just My Style Hat + Cross My Heart Sandal = Beautimous Babe
    • Dust to Diamonds Maxi (brown) + Sunlight Sunbright Sandal (pink) + Wapped In Warmth Blanket Scarf = Sweet as a Peach
    • Dust to Diamonds Maxi (rust) + From The Heart Necklace + Eye Of The Beholder Sandal = First Date Kind of State
    • I’m Limited Edition Maxi + Sun Kissed Glow Hat + Cross my Heart Sandal = Sweet Southern Tea

Now I have the perfect outfit!

...But where to wear it?

Choosing the Right Maxi Dress for Various Events

Where to wear your dress is a common question. You know you look awesome, but often times when someone doesn’t know where to wear their outfit, it’s because that outfit is usually out of the scope of their usual style – this is a GOOD THING! Experimenting with new styles or looks can be a bit daunting at first, but you are going to love how good you feel when you leave the house and strut your stuff around town.

Now that we’ve identified some different style “looks” and “types,” let’s look at some of the more popular places and outings to wear them – the plus size maxi dress is without a doubt the most versatile dress you can possibly get, and you can easily dress it up or dress it down with the addition or subtraction of accessories.

Formal events

You’re probably already guessing what I’m going to say here. Yes, you’ve been paying attention – these dresses can be as formal or as casual as needed with the addition or subtraction of certain accessories. Formal events are no exception. Depending on the event, you likely want to stick with a darker color for an evening gathering and pair it with a set of nice neutral shoes – consider shoes with a heel to give a bit of ‘pop’ to your look. Either tall or short boots would work with this look as well. Choose a clutch in neutral to match your outfit, or, if you are feeling bold, choose a clutch or jewelry with some color to stand out from the crowd even more.

Road Trips

Who doesn’t love road trips!? The most important thing on a road trip is that you are comfortable – and still look fantastic, of course. The maxi dress plus size is naturally a flowing shaped dress, and what better to relax then to feel the soft, billowy fabric of your dress get caught and blown in the breeze with the windows down? For maximum style and comfort, consider solid colored, full-length, plus size maxi with a dressier sandal to make sure you look fabulous no matter where you stop… and no matter who you may see while there.


Whether you are going to a line dance, or busting a move in a top 40s bar, the maxi dress can take you there! The beauty of the plus size maxi dress in this environment is the freedom of movement it allows. Consider a high-low cut maxi with a form fitting belt for either of these environments. Paired with a dressy set of boots and jewelry of your choice, this dress suddenly transforms into an eye catching outfit that will follow you and float around you as you shake and twist on the floor. Top 40s not your thing? Dial it down a notch with a set of booties (consider lace up booties, or cowboy boots) and a wide brimmed hat, and you will be ready to line dance all night long. The fun pattern on this dress makes it so adaptable and ensures you will stand out in a crowd of any size.


We’ve all seen the commercials advertising for vacation hot spots, someone walking along the beach in their long maxi dress which billows back behind them in the breeze. Hard to determine whether the look of longing is for the beach, or for that dress, right? Something about the way a plus size maxi sits on you while you walk against a breeze on the beach is just so flattering. Yes, that can easily be you as well. Have a look at the I’m Limited Edition Maxi, with its cold shoulder cut, and light, flowing fabric, it’s an obvious choice for any beach trip. It’s also bright enough that you will keep cool while walking the beach. Pair with a trendy sun hat (check out the Just My Style hat for a brilliant pop of color) and you will be ready to walk for miles. Don’t forget the sunscreen!


Who doesn’t love heading out for drinks? If you are going for a casual drink meeting during the day, you obviously want to look super cute but relaxed while you’re at it. Imagine the slimming, flattering, full-length maxi on you, with the matching Touch and Go Blanket Scarf. Pair this with any set of shoes – go for a pair of boots if you want to dress it up some, or stick with a set of flats for a more casual, relaxed appearance.

If you’re going out for drinks at night – say, maybe, a date? – then let’s step it up a notch. Take a look at the full-length maxi in rust. The flattering cut of this dress ensures that those spiffy new shoes you’re wearing get to make an appearance and get noticed too. Take advantage of that! Choose a dressy boot or shoe with a heel to make those gorgeous calves stand out (we recommend an ankle, lace up bootie). Feel comfortable and confident, and get noticed for all of your assets – not just your smile.

Sporting Events

Everyone enjoys sporting events. Whether it’s going to car races, football games, baseball games, or soccer – a girl has to look her best! It doesn’t matter if you’re just a spectator, a mom, a sibling, or a friend, what you wear and how you wear it says everything about YOU to the people around you. Make sure you’re sending the same message that you want people to hear. For the utmost combination of fashion and style, choose the full-length, solid colored maxi in brown. This solid color dress is low-key enough for such an event, but also flattering enough to ensure that you get the kind of attention you deserve.


Yes, it’s a movie. Yes, it will be dark for a large portion of the movie. But you still need to wear clothes there, right? Don’t settle for just anything – know that you look your best, and feeling your best just naturally follows. Your choice of attire here will depend heavily on if you have plans before or after. If going out to dinner and a movie, consider an outfit that is dressy but casual at the same time. The scooped out shoulders maxi is a simple yet sexy design. Straight and flowing cut, with the cold shoulder cut outs for a sexy appeal showing some skin. Pair with a set of dressy sandals or pumps and a long necklace to complete the look.

To The Races

And they’re off!! You can be too, if you spend some time choosing the right outfit for this fun filled event. While not even race track is going to have patrons dressed like it’s the Kentucky Derby (so, no, sorry, it’s not a pass to wear that huge hat you made) everyone is still going to look and feel their best. I mean, what if your bet nets you a huge pay off? Of course you’re going to want to look as hot as possible when that picture is taken. In all seriousness, though, in most states horse racing is a big deal, and everyone who attends takes it seriously. Not just in how they place their bets, but also in how they dress for the event – it’s a form of pride and respect... but that doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable while doing it either, though. Consider the high-low cut maxi with a dressy sandal or bootie to complete this look. Because you will spend a fair amount of time outside, a hat is likely something you will want too. Either the Just My Style hat or the Sunkissed Glow Side Brimmed hat will couple very nicely with this plus size maxi.

To the Office

Maybe obvious to some, but maybe not to others. The length of the maxi makes it a fantastic dress that is almost guaranteed to be work-appropriate when it comes to length requirements. For the vast majority of office settings, a conservative approach is the way to go. Choose a plus size maxi with a higher neck line and sleeves. Avoid any straps and halter style maxis for an office environment. Choose a longer necklace in neutral colors to accessorize. If your office environment is more liberal, then by all means choose plus size maxi dresses such as the belted, high-low cut maxi which will show some leg (but still remain an appropriate length). The high-low cut maxi will add a fun flair to your outfit with its colorful pattern, but still remain reserved enough with its higher neckline. Depending on your office’s dress code, there may be restrictions to whether you can wear open toe shoes or the height of your heel. Dressier flats work well with this look, or consider a lower heeled boot (i.e., On a Mission Lace Up) in neutral colors. To browse our complete collection of work clothes, please see the office/business page

Wedding Season

Weddings can be one of the most difficult things to dress for. I’m not even talking about being a bride, either – as a guest! There is such a fine balance between looking and feeling good, and also being able to move at the end of the night when it’s time to go home after your dancing. No one wants to be fighting with their dress to keep it in place, to stop it from riding up, or, even worse, wondering if you are under dressed. Keep the location of the wedding in mind. For more formal settings, you cannot go wrong with the full-length, floral patterned maxi or a full-length, solid colored, plus size maxi dress. It won’t matter if you prefer the brown or the rust. Either one will look fantastic. Consider pairing with a dressy black or taupe belt to give it a jump start of formal. Instead of the usual long necklace that we have been accessorizing with throughout this article, give thought to something a bit more formal and conservative such as pearls, or a shorter gold or silver chain with your favorite charm. Be sure that if you are wearing metal, it matches any metal that may be on your belt (i.e., silver with silver and gold with gold). Top the outfit off with a set of heels such as the Let’s Make Up bootie, or choose a pair of pumps.

If the wedding is more casual, a fun, flirty look such as the high-low cut, belted maxi may be what’s necessary. If you choose a non-belted maxi, consider buying a belt to taper the waste and finesse it just that much more. The high-low, belted maxi already has a belt appearance, so it won’t be necessary to worry about that with this dress. Match your favorite pair of pumps, heels or sandals. For both types of dresses, keep accessories classy and coordinated. Stick with shorter length necklaces, simple hoop earrings, and be sure keep all metals matching. To see our complete collection of plus size wedding dresses, please browse the wedding dresses page.  

Well, fellow plus size shoppers and coveted dress searchers, there you have it. You CAN wear a maxi dress plus size and look absolutely stylish and awesome. There ARE maxi dresses out there just for your tastes, your body shape, and your own personal style. Now you know the best place to get them, how to pick the right style for your body shape (remember, don’t be afraid to take a chance on something you like just because it doesn’t fit into your body type category), and not only do you know how to accessorize for the look you’re seeking, but you also have a great idea of how and where to wear your awesome new outfits.

Thanks to Perfectly Priscilla, there’s no reason for us plus sized women to be concerned about how an item will look, or be worried that it “won’t fit a plus size girl very well.” I’ve done my part – now it’s your turn. I want to see how YOU rock your awesome new plus size maxi dress! Happy shopping!

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