Plus Size Dresses for Women

Great news, ladies: the perfect clothing solution for curvy women is finally here! Great fits and beautiful patterns are the norm with Perfectly Priscilla’s plus size dresses for women. Stunning dresses are just a click away. Shop for all your plus size dresses online with Perfectly Priscilla.

Here you’ll find trendy pieces to suit your signature style! We have an amazing collection of gorgeous dresses to make you look and feel like the fashionista you truly are inside. Perfectly Priscilla’s plus size dress boutique offers dresses for every occasion.

Welcome to a fun, chic boutique dedicated to plus size clothing for women. Find bold, colorful, classic styles that flatter your robust figure and leave on-lookers stunned when you walk in the room. That’s right, stunned, floored, amazed at the confidence and poise you exude in your new dress. Why? Because Perfectly Priscilla always aims to exceed your expectations and make your experience perfect! We know that when buying plus sized dresses you want a practical, yet beautiful piece of clothing. We keep that in mind with every piece we choose to offer. With our collection you don’t have to try on numerous pieces to find the right one. Our collection of dress styles for plus size women has the fit you need.

Plus Size Dresses for Every Occasion

Whether you’re looking for a little black dress that will turn heads at your next big event, or an easy breezy frock for a day of fun in the sun, we’ve got you covered. From cute plus size summer dresses to trendy plus size dresses, Perfectly Priscilla has the designs to match your style and event. Perhaps you need the perfect print to match those new heels you couldn’t resist, or a short hem to show off your killer legs. Well, now you can find that dress that flatters your figure, compliments your style, and makes you feel like a beauty inside and out. Best of all, you’ll enjoy hassle-free shopping when you order online from the comfort of your home or office. People will wonder where you found such beautiful and flattering plus dresses.

Need something semi-formal for a small patio party on the beach? Want a casual dress that will show off those toned arms you’ve been working on all summer? Maybe you need dress clothes for plus size to match those beautiful high heels you just bought or the glittering ear rings you received as a gift? Well, now you can find a dress that compliments your signature style, making you every bit as glamorous on the outside as you are on the inside!

Perfectly Priscilla Boutique offers online clothing exclusively for full-figure females. You’ll find timeless pieces that combine style, flair and economy, along with an unprecedented selection of plus size dresses. Now you can look your absolute best with flattering, bold designs for any occasion. Explore our gallery of dresses for plus size for fashion ideas that will revitalize your wardrobe in any season. Choose from a wide range of classic designs of sundresses, tunics, and maxi dresses to suit your mood or style. Our selection of spring, fall, winter and summer plus size dresses are not only affordable for those on a budget but unique, so that your outfit stands out from the crowd!

Why Perfectly Priscilla?

Conventional retailers have slowly been expanding their plus size selection in response to a growing demand but let’s face it… they still have a long way to go! Many women find shopping for plus size clothes a frustrating, humiliating experience. If you find yourself last minute shopping for a plus size dress to compliment your healthy curves, you may not be in the right frame of mind to make the best decision. Don’t choose a dress that may lead to buyer’s remorse later! Choose a retailer with a great selection of women’s plus size dresses.

Who wants to go from changing room to changing room while walking around the mall all day, only to be told that the killer black dress with fluttering short sleeves you tried on will have to be shipped in from another store because they’re out of your size? Not cool, right?

Full-figured women are every bit as active and attractive as their slender counterparts. They deserve a plus dresses selection that doesn’t compromise style over economy, right? No more bargain basement shopping, second-hand clothing or clothing swaps, ladies! Leave the car in the driveway, save money on gas and stop paying retail prices for clothing that will fall out of season or lose its appeal days after you’ve worn it.

Perfectly Priscilla’s plus size dress boutique offers voluptuous women around the world fashionable plus size dresses exclusively. You’ll find bold styles that combine elegance and economy with the latest trends to give you a wide selection of women’s plus size dresses for every occasion. Your order is processed, packaged and shipped right to your door. We’re constantly updating our selection to give you the best in-season, women’s dresses plus size, along with clearance items at prices well below retail.

Shopping online for full-figure dresses has never been easier or more fun! Browse our selection of dresses for plus size women, get inspired by our models and begin a major overhaul of your wardrobe now with Perfectly Priscilla plus size dresses. It’s time to get started!


With so many choices in attire, it can be a nightmare trying to figure out your signature style. As we grow, our tastes change and our wardrobe needs to reflect our growth. How do you look youthful and still dress your age? What do you wear when your waist isn’t quite as slim as you’d like or your calves are a bit heavier than they used to be? We all have those aspects of our body that we’d rather hide, but it’s even harder to look chic and fashionable when the selection in your closet starts to look drab and uninspiring.

Don’t get stuck in a rut. Embrace your bold, beautiful figure and explore what we have to offer. The clothes you wear should project your best to the world. The right plus size dress compliments your figure, and goes beyond a flashy style or chic print. Here are some fashion tips that will help you show of the best of your bodacious body to the world and give you the confidence you need to inspire others – with envy!


Flabby, long, short, toned – it doesn’t matter ladies! There’s a sleeve solution here for you. Show off those arms in a plus size dress! Fluttered short sleeves can add breadth to narrow shoulders and hide unseemly flab. They’ll draw attention away from your arms to your shoulders and drape your bust line. Short sleeves are great for toned arms and/or for keeping cool. Three-quarter length sleeves should fit close without pulling in the back whenever you move your arm. There should be enough slack you to give you ease of movement. Lace sleeves can add some sizzle to your dress. Flowing bell sleeves can add length to your arms, and come in three-quarter or full length variations. Both are great options!


The right neckline will draw the gaze to your bust area in a vertical direction, giving your neck an elongated appearance. V-neck lines are ideal for lengthening the neck line too, providing an illusion of depth. The bow neck line is very common for dresses and tunics of all styles but it should drape the collar bone closely. Avoid necklines that bunch or clinch at the bosom by wearing a secure bra to hold in troublesome cleavage. And get the right size dress! At Perfectly Priscilla we have lots of plus size dress sizes. The right dress size is most important for making sure the dress isn’t too tight or too baggy. If you have questions about sizing, give us a call at 229-469-9627 or send an email to customerservice@perfectlypriscilla.com!


Details on the hemline of your cute plus size dress can be subtle but they are the icing on the cake when you’ve got the right ensemble! An asymmetrical hemline typically is shorter in the front with a tapered, longer back. It leaves room for your lower legs and feet to show, especially if you’re wearing heels or sandals with a unique look. Lace hemming, crotchet-style trim, or a plus size dress extender can add a touch of glamor and sex appeal to your outfit.

Dress Length

Not sure whether to go long or short? Generally, longer plus size dresses are for formal gatherings, while shorter style dresses are ideal for casual, semi-formal gatherings. But why limit yourself to the convention? Tunic dresses can be worn in combination with jeans or leggings. Knee-high dresses can help show off athletic legs or make stubby legs appear slimmer when worn with pumps, sandals, or ankle-strap shoes. Ankle–length, plus size dresses in light fabrics like rayon or polyester can give your gestures a flowing, graceful appearance. Dress clothes for plus size women are fun! Play around with different dress lengths and styles to find new options for yourself!


If you want to extend your shoulder line horizontally, try an off-the-shoulder dress. It’s a classic Southern belle look that provides a tasteful, elegant frame for your bust line and makes you appear more symmetrical in shape. A narrow belt above the hips will make your figure appear tapered as the eye moves from the shoulders inward. Each shoulder should sit comfortably and symmetrically on either side, without sloping, otherwise the clean neck lines of the dress simply get lost. Perfectly Priscilla’s off-the-shoulder dresses are a part of our cute plus size dresses.

These are just a few tips to help you narrow in on your own signature style. Choosing plus dresses that are classic in style will give your wardrobe longevity and allow you to mix and match with ease. Bold prints and patterns should attract attention but if they are too busy you might actually be distracting from your real assets. Perfectly Priscilla designs are meant to be timeless pieces for the young and young at heart. Elegant fabrics, tasteful lines and vibrant prints combine to give you an appealing figure that reflects your personality as well.


Cute and trendy plus size dresses are here! Designed exclusively for the voluptuous woman of the twenty-first century, Perfectly Priscilla Boutique offers an exciting range of diverse dresses to suit plus size women from 12/14 to 20/22. Don’t settle any more for what you can find at your typical chain stores. You can have chic, stylish designs that will add excitement to your wardrobe and revitalize your image. Our selection is broad enough to offer something for the athletic female body, round, or bell-shaped figure. Make Perfectly Priscilla Boutique your online destination for fashionable plus sized dresses in the hottest styles!


Planning some time at the beach with your beau? Looking for something to relax in at the next family barbeque? Everyone’s got at least one event which calls for a trendy plus size dress. A typical sundress features a broad neck line and is made of light material that breathes and moves effortlessly. Floral prints and bold colors are also common. Our plus size sundresses for women offer classic features along with more chic styles to give you a distinct edge at your next event. Whether it’s a movie premier, fundraising event, or outdoor tournament you can find a sundress to flatter your figure without it clinging in all the wrong places. There are modest patterns for a more conservative look, as well as exciting prints and patterns in floral colors. Solid colors are also available such as burgundy, black, navy and rust. Take a look now at our updated plus size boutique dresses and see what grabs your eye!


Elegant and sexy, these plus size maxi dresses were designed with you in mind! You know you’ve got it, now the rest of the world needs to catch up! Floor length and ankle-length maxi dresses in warm, solid earth tones are a great way to give off a slimmer appearance without looking too conservative or ambivalent. This collection showcases semi-formal attire that can be worn in any season with the right ensemble. Our unlined fabrics combine rayon and spandex to give your full length dress a smooth, light texture that flows naturally and drapes your contour elegantly. You can wear these at formal or semi-formal gatherings, along with tasteful accessories like a scarf, shawl, or belt. Choose from either long or short sleeve as well as our high-low cut styles in warm earth tones – brown and rust. Choose one in your size today!


Ok just because the invitation says ‘casual’ doesn’t mean you can’t dress to impress, right? Chic designs and trendy styles aren’t just for the slender. Our bold collection of plus size casual dresses can’t be found anywhere else. They come in a variety of breathable blended fabrics - polyester, rayon and spandex. Tasteful accessories like a belt, jewelry or ankle-strap shoes add the finishing touch!

Full length dresses in neutral tones like olive or beige are ideal for cooler climates. Knee-high dresses that cut off above the knees can give you the appearance of an hour-glass figure with the simple addition of a belt or sash. Plus size tunics in cute prints are also available, which can also be worn with close-fitting jeans. You might prefer a wrap-around dress with a sheer dress extension worn underneath to give your ensemble a sexy frill-finish. If you’re worried that your legs look stubby try knee-high boots. They draw the eye upward and give your legs an elongated look. As you see, Perfectly Priscilla offers many dress styles for plus size women. Choose from our selection now!


Got a night out on the town coming up or an after-work cocktail party scheduled? Check out our vibrant selection of trendy casual plus size sundresses. Sleeveless, long sleeve or short sleeve styles are available. Our selection offers flowing knee-high or full-length styles. Floral prints are great for fall and spring, while the solid, more conservative tones (navy blue, brown, gray) are ideal for the colder months and very slimming. Consider a dress with asymmetrical or lace hemming to give your ensemble a subtle touch of glamor. Polyester, spandex and rayon fabrics are utilized to make each style unique so be sure to read the detailed description for each dress before making your final selection. Start shopping now!


Can you ever go wrong with a classic tunic in your wardrobe? It’s a style as old as the toga but it never gets old because you can wear a tunic with just about anything in your closet – jeans, stockings, leggings or a gauzy dress extension. Our plus size tunics come in denim, polyester, rayon or blended poly-spandex to give your clothing more stretch without clinging in unflattering places. Bow neck lines are a timeless feature but a tear-drop neckline projects a youthful, chic look. Off the shoulder short sleeves are great in summer. Bell sleeves in three quarter or long add some flair to your tunic, and we’ve got both!


On your way to becoming the next Oprah? Well, before you finalize your plans for world domination you’ll need an outfit that says CEO salary even if you aren’t quite there yet! Sassy or conservative, our knee-high plus size dresses and plus size tunics come in polyester or rayon with a blend of spandex to give you a chic, youthful look that breathes and flows with your contour. Floral prints and paisley patterns, touched off with elegant detailing show the world you’re someone with discernment and flair. Choose from neutral tones or more vibrant spring colors. Our selection of classic styles in plus sizes mean you’ll have a timeless piece of wardrobe that will grow with you as your tastes evolve. Browse now and find the style right for you!


There’s probably no better excuse to go all out than a wedding! Our plus size sundresses and long dresses combine the right amount of classy and sassy to your signature look! If you need something less formal but still endearing, take a look at our selection of knee-high dresses in lace or chic bold prints. Remember: A V-shaped neckline adds a touch of mystery and sex appeal, drawing the gaze upward from the bust with classic, elegant lines. Off the shoulder short sleeves are great for the warmer seasons, giving you an extended shoulder line and a tapering waist effect.


Ok, so I know more layers is not the ideal when you’re a plus size and it’s hot outside, but a dress extender is the perfect solution to turning a dress that’s too short into sexy-chic! Maybe you already have the perfect little tunic for your girlfriend’s engagement party but it’s a teeny bit shorter than you’d like after a few washings. Now you can keep your favorite dresses for even longer with our dress extenders.

Dress extenders can add just the right amount of length to give your tunic a hemline that captures the eye and the imagination. A little modesty and mystery come together when you wear a lace extension or gauzy slip under your tunic or knee-high dress. Plus size dress extenders are available from our selection at competitive prices. They’re light and sheer so you hardly feel them at all. Finding the right dress length is crucial to giving your ensemble an appropriate hemline that isn’t too wide. Thinner is always better in this case. Check out our selection of extenders now!

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