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Plus Size Party & Cocktail Dresses 

Here at Perfectly Priscilla, we understand the importance of more formal events, such as weddings, and how important it is to have the perfect plus size special occasion dresses. It’s incredibly exciting to count down the days on your calendar, get your hair and nails done, and pick out the perfect outfit to wear in anticipation of the event.

Perfectly Priscilla loves weddings and helping women choose the best dresses to wear for that special day. That’s why we offer plus size special occasion dresses and plus size dresses for weddings. We want to offer you the same amazing fabrics and styles for formal events that we offer for everyday events. We love creating dresses for belles of all shapes and sizes, so you can feel fabulous!

Perfectly Priscilla is an online boutique that specializes in fashionable clothing for women who wear sizes 10-20. When you choose an outfit for that big day, whether it’s a wedding or other formal event, we want to cater to your size and we want you to feel the surge of anticipation and excitement a gorgeous lady like yourself deserves!

We strive to offer the absolute best in plus size special occasion dresses and accessories that will help you feel perfectly you for those special times in life. These are the times when the very best memories are made, and we want you to feel your best. For this reason, we’re going to cover one of our favorite types of events – traditional Southern weddings – and offer suggestions for what you can wear from our collection of plus size dresses for weddings. Let’s get started!

About Southern Weddings

You all know that Southern weddings are always big, boisterous, vibrant affairs and that they can last the entire weekend. Traditionally, in Southern weddings, there are many special traditions put into practice, such as the burying of the bourbon to stave off the possibility of rain. These fun traditions make the whole occasion a time to remember on the most special day of a young couple's lives.

Women who attend Southern weddings love to wear exquisitely feminine floral patterns and arrangements that bedeck the entire affair. It's actually not uncommon for daughters to be married in the very venues where their mothers were married! Monograms are also popular at Southern weddings. For example, men will wear monogrammed ties, women will use monogrammed handkerchiefs during the ceremony, and everyone will use monogrammed napkins during the reception. Both sides of the family make absolutely sure that the day is perfect for the bride and the groom.

Southern Wedding Fashion

At Perfectly Priscilla, we have beautiful plus size dresses for weddings, for traditional Southern weddings or other special occasions. If you are attending an outdoor affair in the South, the weather is likely to be hot, especially during peak wedding season in the summer. Even though there will be parasols everywhere, you’re still going to want to turn your program into a fan and drink lots of water. You'll also want to be wearing a comfortable dress!

Perfectly Priscilla knows exactly what plus size dresses to wear at a traditional Southern wedding. The color palettes we recommend will be muted and rustic for the ladies. Don't be surprised if you're sipping your sweet tea or even your mint julep from a mason jar. It's elegant, refined, and yet it puts you at ease. You feel like you're right at home and yet you know that this is a unique, once in a lifetime occasion that will never be repeated the exact same way again.

That's why at Perfectly Priscilla, we understand how important it is to look and feel beautiful in a realistic sort of way. Perfectly Priscilla plus size boutique offers just the right assortment of plus size dresses for weddings that will leave you feeling bright and vibrant to suit that special occasion!

Plus Size Dresses for Weddings

One that we think you'll love to wear to the next wedding event is our floral printed, plus size maxi dress with a v-neckline. It's a beautiful flowing maxi dress with a vivacious but restrained floral pattern that pops out against a darker background. Floral patterns have been hot commodities and will continue to be best sellers during the fall, spring and summer seasons. Not only is this dress beautiful and free flowing, but it also has some stretch to it as well. It ties in at the waist so it shows off your hips, giving definition to your figure. We love the stunning plunging neckline, which is absolutely gorgeous for accentuating your body. What we like most about this dress is that it compliments all different body types nicely and the ¾ length sleeves are so dainty and feminine that you'll be able to make the most perfect entrance to any affair.

Another one of our truly stunning, plus size dresses for weddings is our cream-lace top dress with attached coral red skirt. It is a one-piece dress that looks like a two piece. It has a cream colored top pitched against a radiant coral red skirted bottom. The ornately patterned laced sleeves are semi-sheer. This is the dress to wear for classier and dressier events. The V-shaped neckline is perfect to show off the bust, but the knee length hem makes it the perfect choice to wear for any number of dressier special occasions. When you attend a more formal event or wedding, you will feel more confident in our sensational dress.

Recommendations for Plus Size Special Occasion Dresses

Seasonal festivals are a favorite for families and couples who are looking for a fun time to celebrate the season. Perfectly Priscilla Boutique carries an assortment of beautiful dresses and accessories that we think will look and feel great to wear out for these special occasions. Our dark teal dress with long, laced sleeves is a deep rich shade of teal that is absolutely perfect for those spring or fall festivals. Teal is one of the hottest colors trending right now. This is a great dress because it can be worn on or off the shoulders. That's what we call versatility! You'll love trying it out either way as you are putting together your ensemble. It has a wonderfully comfortable, relaxed and flowing fit and it hangs slightly longer in the back, which we think is a nice touch. The ornately laced sleeves are also see-through. This is a very light fitting dress which you can, if you wish, wear with something underneath for those crisper fall days. But we know that this dress will make you feel absolutely stunning. It is an outrageously gorgeous addition to your wardrobe this year.

Speaking of perfect for fall festivals, we really like our brown colored maxi dress, which is a rich, rustic, shade of brown. It features a warm chocolate tone and is paired with a plaid patterned mustard and brown scarf, which you will absolutely adore. We like the free flowing relaxed fit which has just enough stretch to show off your curves and give definition to your hips. We think this is the perfect dress for those fall festivals and group get-togethers but we also like that it is versatile enough to wear for a night out on the town or even to work. We are definitely very high on this rich deeply toned maxi. You will feel beautiful in our dress and you will love matching it up with one of our scarves!

Now, we also carry the same maxi dress in the most beautiful shade of rust, which is less rich, but more vibrant. We pair it with an army green vest, which you can wear open or closed. We love the high contrast look and the vest ties in around the waist accenting your hips and curves. We think this is a perfect choice for those daytime fall events. We also love the rustic pairing of the rust colored maxi dress with the army green vest. It has an asymmetric hemline that opens in the front so you can show off your favorite pair of boots or shoes. All eyes will be on you with this brilliant ensemble for any and every occasion.

Part of the excitement of attending special events is planning out your outfit down to the smallest detail. That's why at Perfectly Priscilla, we carry a select variety of accompaniments to augment the latest styles in plus size fashion. We really think you'll love matching our wine colored hat with our matching wine colored pants. You'll see how slimming and comfortable these pants are when you try them on and check yourself out in the mirror. They will match perfectly with our sunhat, which is the perfect combo for any outdoor event. Not only that, but the lighter wine color works well for winter ensembles as well. The bolder color will match well with more muted tops and the pants are perfect for all body shapes and sizes. Perfectly Priscilla knows that with this ensemble you will feel absolutely striking.

This ensemble also looks amazing with our lace up, ankle booties. We love these booties! Shoes are one of those little details that can make or break an outfit, so make sure it’s just the right pair. For example, we just love our black suede laced up booties. They tie in around the back and they're black so they can go with a variety of looks. Black matches with most other colors, so they are incredibly versatile and will quickly become your favorite pair of boots. These are precisely the sort of details that can take an ensemble over the edge into truly elite territory, which is exactly what we aim to achieve with our plus size clothing line.

One of the things we take particular pride in here at Perfectly Priscilla's Boutique is attention to detail, which is what makes our clothing line so unique and exceptional. For example, our black on white geometric dress design pairs fabulously with our black and white lined clutch. This outfit is certainly charming! It’s great for special occasions, but versatile enough for date night, a girl's night out, or even the next PTO meeting. This dress has the cutest little ruffles that give it an elegant feminine flare that is flattering to many different body types. The black striped patterns are set against a white background, and the red stitching and bow tied in at the waist really enhance those adorable curves of yours. It matches up perfectly with either red or black shoes and feels flowing and comfortable. We know that you will be excited to wear this dress for those evening events this fall. It is a perfect ensemble that gives you added poise as event goers admire the matching patterns. It is that little something extra that makes Perfectly Priscilla the premier choice for trendy plus sized clothing.

Who We Are at Perfectly Priscilla

We are the culmination of the dreams of a few ladies who were determined to produce fun, fresh, fashion for plus size ladies of every shape and size. We strive to provide our customers with the absolute best plus size dresses special occasion dresses and plus size dresses for weddings.

It is our personal goal to give you high quality clothing that you can wear for years to come. We know and understand plus size bodies, and we want to accentuate the features that you love about yourself! That is why we know you will look and feel beautiful with our clothing line. It was literally made just for you.

We know how much clothing can impact your appearance and how different cuts, patterns, and colors bring out the best features in a woman. Perfectly Priscilla realizes how much appearance impacts a person’s confidence and even your ability to enjoy all those special occasions. But with the right kind of clothing, you are able to exude charm, style, and every positive quality that comes with having a new self-confidence. We want to ensure that every plus size woman has the option of choosing a clothing line that accentuates the curves that make them gorgeous.

This is why Perfectly Priscilla keeps up with the latest fashion trends and provides unique seasonal clothing that makes shopping and dressing up so much fun – like it was meant to be. We’ve thought of everything – dresses, accessories, shoes, handbags, and basics – down to the smallest detail. Our fashion line is tailored to suit your individual needs and gives you the best possible options for those special events you’re looking forward to this year. We spice up everything we do with that Southern charm which has become synonymous with elegance, grace, and tradition.

Using Colors and Shapes in Your Wardrobe

Perfectly Priscilla understands that women like to use different aspects of a clothing line, such as colors and shapes, to express themselves. When it comes to your wardrobe, sometimes you want to be flowing and billowy, other times you want to show off your curves with something a little tighter fitting that hugs around your waistline and gives definition to your figure. Sometimes you want to be sophisticated and sharp, and other times you want to set them at ease with that easy grace and casual charm. The trick to plus sized fashion is understanding your body shape and all its assets. All bodies have assets to accentuate and Perfectly Priscilla understands how to work with plus size bodies to bring out the features that curvier girls love about their own bodies.

Perfectly Priscilla specializes in vibrant colors and dynamic patterns which are suited to all seasons and occasions. Wearing bright colors not only draws attention to your body but also attunes you to the positive attention of others so that you're more receptive to that attention. You'll enjoy matching and mixing our more muted tops with vibrant leggings or jeans, and darker bottoms with vibrant tops.

Perfectly Priscilla has thought through every aspect of trendy plus size fashion down to the smallest accessory and we are true trend setters in the arena of plus size clothing for women. For example, think about bright blue tops paired with black patterns to match black leggings and boots, or black lace up booties to match any one-piece dress. You can also go and check out our ultra-trendy clutches in different designs and colors. Even accessories like our clutches are crafted to match not only the dresses and tops color-wise, but have complementary patterns that look amazing.

We have a lot of bright colors, but we also carry some very slimming darker ones too. Dark and mysterious blacks to go with deep textured olive greens, rich burgundies, and earthy, chocolate, browns. Perfectly Priscilla plus size boutique offers the absolute best choices for those Southern style weddings and special events.

How Our Styles Work for You

Take, for instance, our rust colored, scoop neck, knee-length dress. This red is an absolute must for the fall. It is a bright vibrant tone that pairs well with muted earth tones and sandy tans. The draping sleeves are perfect for that billowy flowing look that catches the fall breeze and shimmers. It is a great choice for any body type and draws above the belly button so it is great for the stomach area as well! You've got the slick scooped neckline that is super flattering, and a stretchy waistband that fits your shape. This gives you a great comfy feeling all day long. It’s dressy enough to wear for those special occasions, but comfortable enough to wear throughout a long workday or an all-day event. We like to pair this up with our knee high taupe boots. The taupe goes beautifully with vibrant ruddy rust and the boots themselves are versatile enough to go with any number of ensembles. You'll love mixing and matching them with a number of Perfectly Priscilla plus size dresses and tunics. We have a large variety of snug and comfy leggings to match them too. We love the way our boots scrunch to fit your calves and you will too. You will look and feel great wearing our dresses with these sassy boots. We absolutely love these boots.

Now, another one of our favorites is the burgundy colored, fully-laced dress. We think this is a perfect choice for special occasions, dinner parties, date nights, or evenings out with your best girl friends. This plus size dress is versatile enough to wear to a graduation party, a workplace get-together, or even a charity ball. It’s really breathtaking and flattering. We just know you'll get the sweetest compliments on it. It's the kind of thing you want to wear when you're looking for a show stopping look. This dress is a deep rich burgundy or wine color with a plunging neckline that is ornately detailed in lace patterning and it comes down around the knees. It is the perfect blend of elegance and grace and will give you the extra boost of confidence you'll need to feel at home at any special event. The black belt comes up above the belly button so it really brings out your bust and hips. All eyes will be on you when you're wearing this gorgeous dress. The darker tone makes it perfect for the evening. You will love the way they look at you in this dress. This will be your go to dress for special or formal occasions.

Now that we’re talking about evening wear, you have got to see our new black, fully-laced dress. This is the dress you wear when you're looking to make a bold statement. It is the perfect combination of sexy and classy and is great for date night. This black dress has the most beautiful lace-like detailing that we have ever seen. It is sheer on the arms while the lace on the body of the dress is lined. This dress also features a deep cut neckline that is laced in the middle. It can be tightened or worn more loosely depending on your preference. The dress zips up in the back and we love the bell shaped sleeve. It is an excellent choice for a debutante ball or date night with your darlin'.

Our Style Boxes

Did you know that Perfectly Priscilla offers you new style boxes every month? These boxes conveniently arrive to your home and include a complete outfit, accessories and all. Our style boxes are our way of providing you with inspiration so that you don’t have to “guess” which items go best together. This is especially great for women who want to know how to put together outfits on their own. We show you how!

Last month we put together a Pre-Fall collection which included an olive green dress with 3/4 length sleeves and black leggings, a comfy patterned scarf, white boot socks with brown boots, and a beautiful hat to top it off! It may seem simple, but it’s an excellent way to add little details to your outfit while pairing items together. It’s so flattering to most shapes, and you are easily able to change out certain pieces depending on the weather. For example, it’s easy to wear a heavier jacket with this look for cooler autumn days.

Receiving a style box is just like having your own personal stylist every month. So don’t forget to check out our latest suggestions and style box outfits!

Our Personal Promise to You

At Perfectly Priscilla we are really proud of our clothing line. We are happy to offer the most wonderful plus size special occasion dresses and plus size dresses for weddings at very reasonable prices. We think you'll agree that we carry an incredible selection of plus size special occasion dresses. For the quality of fashionable plus size clothing you're getting, you don't have to have deal with retail markups. We offer a fun and enjoyable shopping experience from the comfort of your home. When you shop at our online boutique, you’ll be excited to wear them out!

Shopping with Perfectly Priscilla means that you will get tailor made fashions created just for you with an expert hand at a price that can fit anyone's budget. The shopping is effortless and the website is well designed. You can easily navigate through different categories from the newest arrivals, to dresses, tops, bottoms, accessories, and even shoes. The items are matched for you and the attention to detail is exquisite. Perfectly Priscilla's boutique really has thought of everything. You get the convenience of shopping online with the personalized attention of a boutique. This is what attention to detail and pride in craftsmanship offers you unique, durable, exceptional clothing, at great prices, and with a personal touch.

Perfectly Priscilla will be the first place you check to see which new styles of plus size special occasion dresses and plus size dresses for weddings we feature at the beginning of season. You’ll love our wide selection of dresses, tops, and coordinating accessories we have to offer. You can tell our clothing was crafted by folks who take pride in their trade and love doing what we're doing.

Whether you're picking something out to wear to work, looking for the perfect dress for date night, or need that extra special dress for a more formal occasion, Perfect Priscilla has the goods to make your dream wardrobe! We have designed clothes that will bring out the best in you. It is our personal mission to share this gift with you and every single plus size woman who is looking a clothing line made specifically for them.

Perfectly Priscilla knows that the right clothes will help you feel confident, whether you are attending a formal Southern wedding, a birthday, graduation party, or family affair. How do we do that? We like bright vibrant colors with high contrast rich undertones. We like bold patterns and perfectly matching accessories. We like tough girl boots with soft and dainty lace. Here at Perfectly Priscilla, it's all about embracing the complexities of womanhood and giving full expression to our full range of qualities.

We believe that you'll agree – Perfectly Priscilla has an exceptional selection of plus size dresses for weddings or for any other manner of special occasion. Whether it be dinner parties, work related social events, date nights with that special someone, or charity balls, we believe that we've created something, bold yet soft, something truly unique, something you will agree allows you to look and feel your very best!

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