Plus Size Pants

Show off that curvy-liscious figure of yours with full on style! Perfectly Priscilla is here with the most elegant and sexy range of plus size pants and jeans to meet all your fashion fantasies.

And our plus size jeans and pants range is fully stocked for any kind of style you want to experiment with. Looking for an elegant new jumpsuit? Find the best ones in our collection! Need plus size palazzo pants to go with that delicate top of yours? Here is an exciting range of plus size palazzo pants that will blow your mind. From plus size dress pants to leggings and figure flattering boot cut jeans, you can find it all here in our amazing pants catalogue. It doesn't matter if it’s a Apple or a Pair bottom, we have the Pants to make your curves look fabulous.

Just give our plus size pants section a quick browse through. We guarantee you wouldn’t be able to resist buying one of these extraordinary pairs. Shop from Perfectly Priscilla – dressing full figured women with the panache they very well deserve!

Convenient Shopping

Beautiful curvy women all over the world need to try Perfectly Priscilla’s gorgeous plus-size pants! Whether plus size dress pants or plus size jeans, the bottoms will mold to your curves and lift in all the right places for that perfect, comfortable fit that will make you look and feel amazing wherever you go. You can find the perfect style and fit of ladies’ pants for any occasion at Perfectly Priscilla’s online store with a convenient click of a button. Simply browse through each section and find a handy selection of women’s plus-sized pants. All clothes are conveniently shipped to your home. We have customer service representatives ready to serve you either by phone or email. Call us at (229) 469-9627 or email us at

Different Types of Pants by Perfectly Priscilla


Perfectly Priscilla offers beautifully cut capris in your favorite colors that will hug your curves, grace your legs, and even show off a bit of skin! Did you know that the capri pant was invented in 1948 by fashion designer Sonja de Lennart? Hollywood actress Grace Kelly was among the first celebrities to wear capris and make them fashionable to wear. Capri pants became very popular since the late 1950’s. You can wear plus size capris to be dress pants to casual wear. These plus size pants work for many seasons including fall, spring or summer.

Plus Size Jeans

Perfectly Priscilla’s plus size jeans are undeniably comfortable and fit like a glove. They offer the perfect amount of support and elasticity. We have jeans for any occasion – for lounging around the house on Saturday morning, to working at the office on a casual Friday. Perfectly Priscilla’s distressed boyfriend jeans are great for casual days and the styles available range from tight-fitting to a looser fit, all of which are very comfortable to wear throughout the day. Perfectly Priscilla also carries gorgeous skinny-fit stone-washed jeans that are incredibly flattering on curvy figures. You will look and feel like a million bucks in our plus size pants!

Our gorgeous skinny-fit jeans will have people wondering, “Who is that woman?” Yes, they will look stunning because they adjust to your beautiful figure! All of our jeans are easily dressed up or down with Perfectly Priscilla tops, shoes, and accessories, so do not forget to take a moment and browse through the other sections for everything you need to put together your ideal outfit. Our models offer excellent matching options for jeans, tops, and accessories. Not only will you look stunning, but you will be impressed by how comfortable and gorgeous all of our jeans are. You will also be surprised at how many compliments you are likely to get when wearing Perfectly Priscilla’s jeans!

Another plus size pants offered by Perfectly Priscilla is the sleek and sophisticated trouser jeans for casual days at work. Perfectly Priscilla’s trouser jeans have just the right amount of stretch and firmness to make them very comfortable while still looking professional.


How about some new, plus size jeggings to add to your wardrobe? Jeggings are a cross between leggings and jeans and are made to look like jeans, which essentially means that they are extremely soft, stretchy, and relaxed while looking fabulous. Jeggings may have been invented in the 1970’s by Patricia Field and denim jeans were invented in 1873 by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis. Denim was manufactured in Jean, Genoa in Italy and jeans were suitably named after the city.

You can be sure that Perfectly Priscilla’s jeggings offer maximum comfort while showing off your curves. Jeggings are slightly more structured than leggings, so they tuck in and lift in all the right places for an excellent contoured look. Perfectly Priscilla’s jeggings are incredible and you can get very creative with them when building your plus size outfit. For example, try pairing them with a Perfectly Priscilla’s tunic and knee-high boots.

Plus Size Dress Pants

The perfect plus size pants for fuller-figured women are here at Perfectly Priscilla’s online store. From khakis to knit pants, pencil trousers and rompers, Perfectly Priscilla has the perfect look and fit for you. All of Perfectly Priscilla’s plus size dress pants have stretch to them and are made to contour and shape your full-figured body to make you look amazing from every angle. Perfectly Priscilla’s khakis are slimming and work well for a casual day at the office or a weekend out on the town. Our knit dress pants are stretchy and versatile, and can easily be dressed up or down. Try them out on the town for your next date night. You can match them with a pair of bright heels to create a very stunning look.

Ways to Wear Plus Size Dress Pants

There are so many ways to wear Perfectly Priscilla’s plus size dress pants. Perfectly Priscilla sells tops, accessories, and shoes that will match well with your dress pants. Wear our Cigarette trousers or knit pants with a ¾ length top and a pair of our fabulous booties or knee-highs. Try topping it off with a cardigan or a bright scarf for a polished, trendy look. Add a belt for a classic touch. Do not forget to mix and match accessories to showcase your personal style.


Perfectly Priscilla’s rompers are luxurious. These plus size pants have a busty neckline and are cinched in waist to ultimately highlight your curvy hourglass figure. The ankle-length romper is such a great look for the upcoming holiday season. You are sure to impress your friends and family with this elegant outfit.

Rompers were invented in the early 1900s and were originally worn by children for their simple and casual style. Today, rompers are still worn by children (for example, onesies and overalls), but there are also plenty of romper styles for grown ups too. By the 1940s, rompers (known as playsuits back then) began to show up in women’s leisure and beachwear and women began to wear them more and more. In the 1970s rompers (known as jumpsuits then) were a favorite clothing item of disco-goers. After the 1970s, the romper trend declined for a time but is back full force. In more modern times, the romper is available in pants, shorts, and dress-form in every style and design imaginable. Perfectly Priscilla’s favorite romper is a gorgeous design that is very flattering for a curvy figure and also comfortable to wear as a plus size pants outfit.

Pants for Every Body Type

All women come in different shapes and sizes. Fuller-figured women are not an exception to this rule. That is why Perfectly Priscilla has pants for every body type regardless of whether you have more or less curves in certain areas. Our pants are built to stretch to your shape in all the right ways. With Perfectly Priscilla’s trendy plus size pants, you will find that they flatter every body shape in the right areas.

To Belt or Not to Belt

If you are trying to decide whether or not you should wear a belt with your outfit, it actually depends on your personal taste. Sometimes the lines of an outfit can look cleaner without a belt, but other times, belts can be a beautiful accent to an outfit and change your look completely. Belts are worn with jeans, dress pants, shorts, and even over dresses and tops. If you think that an outfit may need a little something more that a belt could provide, your choice of belt is important and you may want to consider the following information:

Thin belt: A thin belt, often patterned or metallic but also popular in solid colors, can add a dash of brightness and class to plus size outfit. They are usually added to dresses that are in need of an accent piece, perhaps making it suitable for a formal occasion. When worn over a dress, the belt serves to enhance definition at the waist and emphasize the feminine curves of the body. Slightly cinch the belt in at the waist for this elegant look.

Formal belt: A formal belt looks sophisticated and goes well with plus size dress pants for the office. Since a formal belt can be worn for work, it may be a good idea to splurge a little and get a formal belt that will last a long time. A neutral color is a good choice for a formal belt because it has the ability to match with all of the other colors in your closet.

Dressy belt: The dressy belt usually has fun embellishments and comes in a number of materials including leather, velvet, silk, beads, etc. This type of belt serves to add glamor and personality for a more unique look. The dressy belt looks great over a long shirt, dress, or with jeans or dress pants.

Casual belt: The casual belt can be made from any kind of material but these belts are often used for their function. They can also be used with a pair of plus size jeans or casual, plus size pants. They could also be worn to accentuate the waist line while wearing a casual dress. Reversible belts are also popular. These types of casual belts are like a two-in-one belt. On one side you might have a more formal design or different color, and on the other side, there can be a more casual design or a contrasting color.

In summary, the belt, although sometimes necessary to wear for the function they serve, is often worn as an accessory to accentuate an outfit as well as a woman’s figure. A belt can enhance your plus size pants outfit by adding a beautiful touch, or even change your look completely. When deciding on the belt to wear, consider the various styles, colors, and materials available and what would work best with your outfit. Whether you choose to wear a belt or not, just make sure that you are absolutely confident in your choice and love the way you look in your outfit, with or without a belt.

Best Design and Color Patterns for Plus Size Pants

It is the color and design of your pants that really dictates whether they will be flattering on your figure or not. For example, the placement of your back jean pockets can emphasize or minimize your look and can influence your perceived shape while wearing the jeans. The placement of the pockets on the hips can also influence this factor. Similarly, the color pattern of your plus size pants or the areas where your jeans are distressed, for example, can affect the perceived shape of your body. Perfectly Priscilla’s jeans are created for the fuller-figured woman, to emphasize her best assets. Of course, Perfectly Priscilla’s plus size dress pants are made for the fuller-figured woman and are very flattering for a curvy body type.

Perfectly Priscilla offers plus size dress pants in a variety of colors and it is important when choosing your color of dress pants to consider some of these following points based on your existing wardrobe as well as your unique needs and preferences:

Neutral colors: Neutral colors like black, grey, white, brown, navy can be easily mixed and matched with each other. Neutral colors go together and do not tend to clash.

Pick one color: Try picking one color to go with your selection of neutrals. Your plus size outfit will pop and the bright color will look great against the neutrals. For example, try Perfectly Priscilla blue jeans with a white shirt and green cardigan. Or maybe wear a black pair of Perfectly Priscilla knit pants, a grey blazer, and red tank top. The color will not clash against the neutrals, but will beautifully blend together with the pop of color. Of course you are not restricted to only ever wearing one color against a backdrop of neutrals. If you prefer to add more colors, just make sure that the other colors you choose remain within the same family of colors.

Skin tone: Generally speaking, there are three types of skin tone including warm, cool, and neutral. There are a couple of simple tricks for discovering your skin tone. Try holding up a piece of yellow gold jewelry to your face as well as a piece of silver jewelry. The gold color is usually flattering for warm skin tone while the silver color is often flattering for the cool skin tone. Another trick to try is to check the color of your veins. Blue veins are indicative of a cool skin tone, while green veins are indicative of a warm skin tone. Warm skin tones look great in earthy tones like brown, green, orange, yellow, ivory, etc., while cool skin tones are compatible with jewel tones like white, blue, pink, black, etc. The neutral skin tone may be warm or cool but tends to look great in any color. Consider your skin tone and you are able to better select the most flattering colors for your outfits.

Slimming effect and colors: You do not need to avoid bright colors in order to have a slimming effect. Try layering a light or white-colored blouse beneath a structured shirt such as a blazer, sweater, or cardigan. You may also want to consider balancing the proportions of your body by using darker colors where you would like to appear slimmer and lighter colors where you would like to have areas of your body stand out. For example, if you want to have a slimming effect on your hips and emphasize your shoulders or bust, try wearing darker-colored, plus size pants and a lighter-colored top. Or if you want to increase curves on your hips and de-emphasize your upper body, try wearing darker colors on top and lighter colors on the bottom. Note that black is not the only slimming color! Any dark color works to have a slimming effect such as dark green, blue, grey, etc.

Slimming effect and patterns: You may have heard that patterns can over-emphasize curves, but that is not necessarily true. It really depends on the pattern! For patterns that will help you appear slimmer, try wearing vertical stripes, which gives the illusion of length and slimness. You may want to avoid horizontal stripes when seeking to appear more slimming because it tends to create a wider appearance. Color-blocking patterns can be extremely flattering on curvy women. With color-blocking, at least two colors are used in various shapes to make the colors stand out and add visual appeal to the clothing. Particularly look for color-blocking patterns with dark panels along the sides of the waist for a lovely effect. Small patterns are also beautiful on curvy women. If the pattern covers the entire item of clothing it can be a bonus as this design tends to easily cover any perceived ‘flaws.’ You may want to avoid a large pattern that is busy because it may tend to create an illusion of bulk.

Accessories: Try different styles of using accessories to your advantage by going for something that really stands out. For example, a bright clutch or handbag will add the perfect accent to your outfit. A beautiful piece of jewelry such as a bright necklace or ring will also nicely complement your plus size outfit. Also, as mentioned previously, a fashionable belt can be a great statement piece as well.

Using these simple color and pattern tricks when building an outfit will help you create a stunning ensemble for any occasion that you will feel great and look amazing in.

Different Fashion Styles

When putting together outfits to wear, you may also want to keep in mind the innumerable fashion styles out there. Consider using your personal style as a guideline when choosing your outfits. Get creative and mix and match styles for a personalized, unique look! The following list includes some of the most popular styles today:

Trendy: The eye-catching trendy style follows the latest trends as seen in magazines, for example. The trendy girl always looks put-together, hip, and like she is ready to take on the runway or the world.

Chic: The chic style is similar to trendy, but more classic. While the chic lady enjoys some trendy plus size pants, she prefers well-tailored and classic pieces and plus size dress pants that will stand the test of time.

Classic: The classic style tends to be modest and with a focus on the quality of clothing. The classic style is clean and sophisticated and tends to impart an appearance of simple elegance. Classic style women love plus size dress pants.

Exotic: The exotic style is inspired by far away regions and cultures of the world. Usually, outfits are quite bold and intricate in pattern. You may love to wear a unique design, material, or hair piece, for example. The exotic style stands out because it is so different from all of the other outfits you see around you on a daily basis.

Flamboyant: The flamboyant style is flashy and unique. It may make use of asymmetry, fringe, lots of bright colors, and tends to impart a sense of energy and expression. It is also known for its intensity and outlandishness.

Romantic: The romantic style is sweet and unfettered. This may include lots of hearts, flowers, lace and ruffles with gently curved lines. Often the romantic style prefers soft pastel plus size pants and tops over dark colored outfits. Western: The western style has cowboy themes, including boots and hats, denim jackets, leather fringe, and leather belts. The look is generally considered informal and reflects the active and straight-talking characteristics of wearers of this style.

Casual: The casual style is simple and with understated elegance. It can be a t-shirt and jeans, khakis and a tank, or a simple dress. It is the simple lines and colors of the clothing that make the casual look classic.

Sexy: The sexy style likes to call attention to the body and to sensuality. Often, there is plenty of skin revealed and the clothing is tighter than normal. Sexy fashion may include high heels, mini-skirts, and low cut tops. It may also include materials like leather, pleather, sequins, and materials that are sheer and thin.

Preppy: The preppy style may be characterized by collared shirts, girly blouses, and A-line skirts or slacks. A popular accessory is the thick-frame ‘nerd’ glasses that many celebrities seem to enjoy wearing. Other preppy accessories include cross-body mail bags or tote bags and various hats and caps.

Elegant: The elegant style is all about classic lines and dazzling accessories. It is a refined, classic, upscale look that from head to toe is both stunning and sophisticated.

Bohemian: The bohemian style is inspired by 1960s fashion and is often characterized by eye-catching flowing shirts, flared or skinny pants and leggings, and accessories that stand out. These include chains, scarves, sunglasses, and ponchos. It is often associated with artists and intellectuals. The bohemian style readily incorporates other styles into their looks. It tends to be very non-traditional and artsy.

Artsy: The artsy style is generally favored by creative types. They will often choose themes in their clothing as well as handcrafted items. Artsy types may also like to make their own clothing and accessories. They may like to buy plus size pants and then accessorize with hand-crafted jewelry. This look may incorporate a blend of other styles such as a blazer with jeans, preppy glasses, and a beret!

Business: The businesswoman style is bold. The wearer of this style looks smart because the fashion includes blazers, dress pants, pencil skirts, and heels.

Rocker: The rocker style can range from glam to grunge. The rocker style on the grungier end of the spectrum usually includes torn, plus size jeans; boots; leather jackets; concert and vintage t-shirts; and of course, lots of studs. These rockers may often accessorize with jewelry and dyed hair that is creatively styled. Some rockers like darker clothing while others, like punk-rockers, prefer very bright colors. Glam rocker style may have a more polished appearance and incorporate items like platform shoes, heels, and more form-fitting clothing, but the look is still distinctly rocker.

Goth: The goth style is characterized by morbidity and includes lots of black – black clothing, black hair, and black makeup. This including black eyeliner, lipstick, and nail polish. Goths may also wear lace, ruffles, and sometimes clothing that drapes, but always in black. The goth style is influenced by goth subculture where both men and women tend to wear a similar goth look.

Sporty: The sporty style is casual, easy-going, and comfortable. This look is often characterized by sweatshirts, leggings, track pants, and t-shirts in bright colors. Of course, the sporty style footwear is usually a pair of comfortable athletic shoes.

When building your outfits, it helps to consider the different fashion styles either to emulate or create your own unique look. Perfectly Priscilla wants to encourage you to mix and match colors, patterns, materials, accessories, and attitude to discover a look that works for you. Think about what your own preferences are in each fashion style and choose accordingly – it’s about time you updated your wardrobe and purchase new plus size pants to fit your style vision.

Perfectly Priscilla offers clothing in various styles – from tops to plus size pants, dresses, accessories, and shoes in casual and formal wear. Check out our new arrivals section frequently. For bargain-hunters, our clearance section is also loaded with great discounts. All of Perfectly Priscilla’s clothing, including jeans and plus size dress pants, are perfect for the curvy womanly figure and will make you look and feel amazing.

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