Our Story

How Perfectly Priscilla Came To Be

Deidre Thompson

Being from the South, I’ve always loved boutique style clothing and never had a problem finding it. After having my second child, I found that to be a completely different story. The boutiques that I once frequented, I could no longer buy from, because they only carried sizes small to large and I now fell into “plus size” according to their size charts. I knew having children changed your body, but I didn’t know that would mean I couldn’t continue being stylish at the same time.

In February of 2014 I went shopping for an outfit to celebrate my husband & I’s tenth wedding anniversary. Every piece of clothing I tried on either didn’t excite me, didn’t fit just right, or was far too expensive. So much to my dismay, I left the mall completely angry. I realized that no matter how hard I tried to find stylish clothes that fit my curves it just wasn’t happening. I shopped both locally and online, but it always ended with disappointment. Retailers seemed to only carry what I loved in small, medium & large sizes with “select styles” in plus sizes, and of course, those “select styles” weren’t what I wanted at all. It wasn’t my body that upset me, it was the choices I was being given. This was the moment I knew I had to make a change.

In March of 2014 I finally had enough and told my husband that I wanted to open a boutique that catered only to women in sizes 10 and up. I also wanted to take out the corporate feel and create a connection directly with the customer. I knew that I could choose clothes that made me feel beautiful and confident, something to help me tackle whatever my day would hold. I had a passion for fashion and a great mindset pushing me.

In June of 2014 www.perfectlypriscilla.com launched from the foyer of my home. For the first six months my husband and I worked our full-time jobs, came home to have family time with our little girls, and then worked until the early morning fulfilling orders that had come in that day - I wanted to make sure that our customers received their orders very quickly rather than having to wait a week or two for something to arrive. Each piece of clothing was individually wrapped to give it that boutique feel, that personal touch you don’t get from big box retailers. Within those first six months I quickly learned that so many other women felt the same way I did and were tired of the “options” we were being given or, more accurately, lack thereof. We grew so quickly that by November of 2014 we needed to move into our first warehouse, a 3,300 square foot space.

Perfectly Priscilla is continuously growing with generous support from our customers. We moved into our new home, an 18,000 square foot warehouse in January of 2017 and are serving many more plus sized beauties. I continue to work tirelessly to create the looks I want in my own closet and strive to keep everything authentically me - great clothing no matter your shape. I hope to always be the place for the perfect fit and continue to grow to provide great looks for all curvy sizes.



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