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Get comfy plus size leggings that are trendy and cute at Perfectly Priscilla’s boutique clothing for plus size women. Shop at our online store and we’ll ship directly to your door!

Out with the old and in with the newest and latest lady’s leggings from Perfectly Priscilla. We are your new online destination for women’s plus size apparel! We understand how frustrating it can be to find the right fit among conventional retailers. Even when you find the right size, the style doesn’t always measure up to your fabulous standards. Women of every shape and size deserve to find clothing that is flattering and contemporary for their wardrobe. We want you to look and feel your best in clothing that projects your budding inner diva. From versatile, solid colored leggings to patterned leggings, we have styles that will make your outfits pop. Add our timeless pieces to your wardrobe and revitalize your image with simple, elegant pieces that won’t go out of style next season. You’re only a click away from the cute leggings designs for women!

OK – so you’re perfect just the way you are! We knew that already, but now you can find clothing designed exclusively for your full-figured shapeliness. Our fashion leggings are one size fits all, so all you have to think about is what beautiful tunic you will over the leggings.

The Magic Touch

Picture this: it’s a beautiful, late summer morning. The sun is shining, it’s almost noon, and you feel like a stroll to Starbucks on such a beautiful day. It’s not quite Autumn yet but the air is crisp, and there’s a breeze that brushes the drowsy flowers as it passes. Chic Kate Spade purse in hand, you toss your hair back and step out into the daylight in a pair of mist-gray, knee-high suede boots and a blue jeans tunic of light cotton that falls just below your waist. You are also sporting a skin-tight pair of spandex, plus size leggings in a decorative floral print. Tasteful, light, with efflorescent shades of sapphire, indigo, juniper and pine, these leggings are comfortable, fun, and practical. That’s the magic touch by Perfectly Priscilla!

What will you wear with your chic new tunic to the hottest rock concert of the year? Sometimes, the right outfit just isn’t complete without a good pair of rock star leggings. You’ve picked out a pair of fabulous lace up heels for the night out with the girls, and you want to show off your new duds, not hide them under your jeans, right? That’s when a decent pair of leggings is a fabulous idea, both practical and stylish! Or maybe you’ve got a beautiful new, flowing tunic that makes you look adorable and brings out your eyes, but you don’t want to wear jeans on the patio for lunch. Plus size capri leggings in a vibrant color offer a more relaxing fit than jeans. Plus size leggings breathe more easily and keep you looking cute throughout your day.

Leggings are a great way to turn any outfit from blasé to brilliant. Fun, comfortable and cute, our designs come in varying colors and prints for different moods and looks. From patterned leggings to brown leggings, red leggings, and green leggings, we have many options for you.

Perfectly Priscilla is an online boutique that offers trendy plus size leggings in timeless styles. We celebrate women of all shapes and sizes with a unique line of leggings in vibrant patterns and spirited tones to suit your signature style! Whether you’re going for sassy but chic or you prefer something slimming but practical, you’ll find affordable choices to go with any ensemble here. Spice up your wardrobe and choose one of our unique plus size leggings now!

What are leggings?

Leggings are a skin-tight garment worn over women’s legs. Many women wear leggings as pants, especially under tunics. Sometimes women wear leggings as an undergarment in colder environments. Typically, you’ll find leggings displayed in the bottoms or undergarment section of any retail clothing store. Leggings are common across the world, worn by children, teens, and adults alike.

Leggings and Fashion Wear

In modern fashion, leggings are made of lycra, polyester, spandex, or cotton. Women usually wear them. They’re found in a wide variety of colors and designs and are most often worn stylishly as an outer garment in combination with a tunic, dress, or more casual clothing such as a t-shirt. Solid color leggings, such as black leggings, are very versatile and match with many different color tops. What’s more? Black leggings go well with knee-high boots, ankle boots, heels, and casual sneakers. So, you can easily dress black leggings up or down depending on your activities or mood.

Leggings and Sportswear

Leggings worn by athletes are also popular as sporting wear. Both men and women can wear them for comfort and fit. They are practical in design, usually made of a breathable material such as spandex and polyester (often a blend of both), and stretch to provide the wearer maximum mobility with the least amount of chafing. They are popular as undergarments in such sports like hockey. They are often worn under a uniform to keep warm during cold seasons in outdoor sports such as football and soccer.

The Long and Short of It: A Brief History of Leggings

So who was the first woman in history to don a pair of leggings, you wonder? You might suppose that leggings are a recent invention, given the many runway models that have sported the look on magazines and billboards since the late 60’s. Leggings, however, are not a modern invention. They’re much older.

Women of the ancient world known as Scythians by the Greeks wore trousers and leggings under their tunics. This means that they may have been the first to invent and wear them especially for fashion purposes. These Scythian women were the inspiration for later ‘Amazon’ myths, and they were fiercely independent females who drank, fought battles and rode horseback alongside their men. According to classical research scholar Adrienne Mayor’s latest book, ‘The Amazons,' leggings were invented by a tribe of hardy, warrior women known to have lived in the area of the Black Sea perhaps as early as 1000 BC. Depicted in many famous mural and vase paintings by the ancient Athenians, they wore trousers tunics and leggings that were made of wool and featured colorful geometric designs.

In fact, if you think about it, the primary function of leggings is warmth. Our ancestors were always more functional than fashionable, and leggings were a simple solution for keeping warm in cold climates. Leggings made of wool were worn in very early times in Russia by both men and women, for instance. Many American Indian societies also wore leggings made of buckskin leather. It protected them not only from the cold but also from chafing while on horseback. These early leggings were two separate items that covered the legs like a full-length pair of socks. Men and women in Korea continue to wear a similar style of warm woolen leggings during the colder months.

Until the modern era, pantalettes were the most common form of legging worn by women throughout Europe and North America. These, too, were two separate garments, and they were exclusively for women (men wore pantaloons). Worn under a wiry, hooped garment called a crinoline (worn under a petticoat or underskirt as support) a pantalette was usually made of cotton, silk or linen, and was not designed to be worn as an outer garment.

A revolution in fashion hit our cultural taste buds during the 60’s, and a bold new wave of looks for women evolved over the recent decades that rivals any other generation in sheer volume. While skirts got shorter and the bikini made its debut on high society beaches around the world, leggings also became fashionable items from Paris to New York to California. Designers such as Laroche, Pucci, and Rabanna, brought the swinging, carefree, party vibe of the era to the catwalk with fierce knee-high, warrior boots, leopard prints, capri pants, psychedelic colors and fetching faux leather outfits. If you wanted daring and risqué, less was more during the 60’s fashion revolution. Skin-tight leggings coupled with a mini skirt and lace-up stilettos say fierce and independent from head to toe. This look quickly became very popular for women!

Modern, Trendy Leggings

We can probably credit Madonna and Cyndi Lauper for single-handedly turning fashion upside down in the eighties. Vibrant leggings and patterned leggings became crucial to women's wardrobes. Since the 80’s decade, celebrities have entered the designer world with their lines of clothing that very frequently included leggings. Different looks have evolved to create new textures to them as well. Fashion leggings were now shown to be metallic, wet-looking, or shiny. These were fashioned from spandex and nylon to give them a skin-tight, contoured fit.

Leggings and Pop Culture

Pop culture icons have sported fashion leggings as part of their signature style since as far back as the 50’s. One figure who helped introduce them as outerwear for girls was the loveable children’s character, Pippi Longstocking. The plucky, young pre-pubescent girl with supernatural strength and a spritely attitude could always be seen sporting her classic red ponytails, ragged, over-sized hand-me-downs and – as you have already guessed – a mismatched pair of colourful, patterned leggings or stockings. Swedish author Astrid Lindgren created this colorful character for her nine-year-old daughter, Pippi. She made her debut in 1945 and had gone on since to star in many different plays and movies. Her signature rag-tag style reflected her playful, bold attitude. Her red leggings were the most practical choice for such an active, energetic character.

Celebrities and artists have always made use of leggings as an integral part of their style. We can’t imagine Cyndi Lauper without them, for example, or early Madonna. Television characters like Punky Brewster drew heavily on Pippi Longstocking’s image, including a preference for colorful, mismatched leggings. Popular films like Flashdance and A Chorus line revitalized the style during the 80’s as well. Two decades later, actress Mary-Kate Olsen, of the famed Olsen twins, loved the stylish comfort and shapeliness of a pair of leggings so much, she created her original line of fashion leggings.

Since 2005, a widely recognized trend has emerged in fashion that blends athleticism and style into something bold yet relaxed. Stylish sporting wear and running shoes are often paired with leggings on professional athletes both on and off the court. From tennis players to Olympic track stars, leggings for men and women continue to be a popular outfit.

What does the future of leggings hold?

Leggings will probably always be around in one form or another, especially leggings as pants. Fashionistas and daring designers will continue to surprise us with new fabrics, prints, and textures. Spandex, nylon, and rayon are all modern synthetic fabrics that greatly extend the shelf life and versatility of modern apparel.

No matter where fashion is headed in the future, you can always be sure that Perfectly Priscilla Boutique carries the most current styles and trends in clothing, including plus size leggings for women of all shapes and sizes. Make us your destination for stylish clothes that fit right and put you in the spotlight. Order a pair of our stylish ladies leggings now!

Legging Outfit Ideas By Perfectly Priscilla

Tired of being a wallflower while your friends party like it’s 1999? Want to make a bold statement the next time you’re out on the town with friends? Complete that cute ensemble you were planning with a pair of our cute leggings. Trendy designs in bold prints or vibrant tones, neutral colors, or faux leather are all available online and shipped directly to your door. At Perfectly Priscilla, we focus on making plus size women fabulous with clothing that not only fits comfortably but stands out as unique. You can have plus size clothes that are functional and full of flair. We make it happen!

Not sure how to put an outfit together? That’s no problem. Perfectly Priscilla has a million fashion ideas to share with you. We’ve picked out a few ensemble solutions that might kick-start your inner fashion diva. Consider how fetching you might look in one of these possible outfits.

Mint Leggings with a Tunic

Simplicity is the essence of elegance, and this ensemble combines both. A beautiful, lightweight, linen tunic that falls below the hips and a pair of open-thong sandals are brought together by close-fitting, poly-spandex, plus size leggings in a bright and beautiful mint color. The braid stitching in mint-colored geometric designs which falls in the center line of the tunic draws the eye in a uniform vertical line that also gives the appearance of lengthening the body. How easy was that?

Here’s a helpful tip if you’re ever unsure how to put an outfit together. If you’re wearing a solid tone legging rather than print, your other attire should incorporate the same color in its design. So, if you are wearing brown leggings, wear a top that has a few hints of brown. If you are wearing gray leggings, wear a top with swirls of gray. If you are wearing blue leggings, find a top that incorporates splashes of blue. The more subtle you are, the greater the effect it has, especially when it comes to color coordination.

Bold Ankle Length Leggings

If you want to look bold, Perfectly Priscilla offers unlined ankle-length leggings that are available exclusively for plus size women. Solid tones are a great idea when you’ve got a brand new pair of shoes that are guaranteed to steal the show. You need something to keep your legs covered, but you don’t want to distract from your latest acquisition of Manolo Blahniks, right? You need them to be practical so you can move around and you want people to take notice when you pass by. Bold-toned, ankle length leggings are functional and fashionable. They taper above the ankles, hug your contour, and give your legs a shapely outline thanks to the form-fitting, spandex polyester blend. These are leggings that are actually one size fits all, and they stay firmly in place once they’re on.

Fetching and Fabulous: Faux Leather Legging – Black

Move over, Cher! All eyes are going to be on you in your new pair of our plus size faux leather leggings. Be free to be fierce, to be bold, and irresistible in an outfit that says love me or hates me – I don’t mind which!

It takes confidence with a capital ‘C’ to take the stage in a pair of jet black, skin-tight faux leather leggings, and high heeled knee high boots. These plus size leggings, made of spandex and polyester, are one size fits all and unlined, so they fit sheer against your skin. This feature will give you a very slimming appearance. A frilled poncho gives our model the added effect of being both fun-loving and confident.

Playful and Chic Leggings

There’s a fine line between a busy print and one that catches your eye. Our arrow-styled leggings feature a geometric print made of polyester and spandex. The teal and tortilla brown shades are a perfect complement to the tight-fitting shirt and knee-high boots sported by our model, giving her a playful, youthful look that’s trendy and chic as well. The geometric pattern also provides a contrast to the solid tones without conflicting with the color scheme of the ensemble.

When you’re choosing patterned leggings, always consider the colors in your current wardrobe first. Since a printed design consists of many colors, you can wear them with a wide range of complementing colors. Black and white leggings are neutral enough to be paired with just about any print. No matter what, you can feel free to mix and match as you please.

Remember, these are only a few ideas to help get you started. Our selection of plus size leggings is varied enough to suit a wide range of styles. Find the pair of leggings that suits your style and order them with Perfectly Priscilla.


Fashion has come a long way since ancient times. Leggings for modern women have evolved for different functions and styles. Patterned leggings, black leggings, red leggings, green leggings, navy leggings, ankle-length, high-waisted, how do you choose the right kind for you? Whether you want to wear leggings as pants or as an undergarment to stay warm, we have a few suggestions that serve multiple purposes. So, you can make your next outfit really stand out. Here’s a helpful guide to legging types to help you narrow in on the right choice for you.

Ankle-Length Leggings

As the name suggests, they cut off just above the ankles. These leggings are usually skin-tight and made of a material that stretches, like spandex. Extremely versatile, they can be worn as outerwear or as undergarments, as part of an ensemble or casually paired with a t-shirt or tunic. What’s great about these leggings is that they come in most colors and designs for versatility. Worn as part of a sophisticated ensemble or a flashy party outfit, they project a fun attitude and confident body image. Black or ivory can be very slimming but make sure they don’t roll up or bunch up when you move, or it ruins the effect. You can create a smooth, shapely contoured appearance for your legs with a blend of spandex and polyester. Make sure to look out for this when you’re shopping with Perfectly Priscilla.

Capri Length Leggings

Similar to capri pants in length, plus size capri leggings taper just past or below the knees and are reserved for a more casual look. The capri style was introduced to the American consumer in the 50’s by European fashion designer Sonja de Lenhart. Ivory, plus size capri leggings with a lightweight tunic are ideal for a day at the beach or a casual stroll, but they can also be paired with fashionable heels to make you look chic and sexy. Either way, playful is the key effect when wearing a pair of capri leggings.

Footless leggings

The footless legging is usually full length, covering over the ankles or reaching just above the ankles. They can be a versatile addition to any wardrobe and can be worn on casual or semi-casual occasions. Most are made of very stretchable material. Depending on the print, you can go retro, subdued, or stunning and chic.

Footed Leggings

Although similar to hosiery, footed leggings can be worn as an outer garment while enclosing the entire foot for added warmth. They can be worn with open-toe shoes, pumps, running shoes, and a skirt for a chic, cute look. They’re usually worn during the colder seasons like autumn and early spring. You can also just lounge around the house or at the cottage in your favorite t-shirt and footed leggings.

Stirrup Leggings

The stirrup legging is a full-length covering for your legs that loops or straps around and under the sole. An elastic waistline keeps it securely over the hips while the stirrup can be worn over a sock or barefoot. Semi-casual occasions on a cool autumn day are a good reason to wear a pair, coupled with an over-sized sweater and cute matching pumps.

High-Waisted Leggings

High-Waisted Leggings are great for giving us added coverage in the front and back. Too often leggings and pants are too low, which makes sitting uncomfortable. High-waisted leggings can provide extra coverage, making us more comfortable throughout the day.


As the most recent addition to the legging family, this unique garment combines a traditional legging with a jeans look. They are typically made of spandex and nylon or polyester but printed in a versatile range of jeans-imitation styles and colors to give the appearance of skin-tight, fitted jeans. They’re extremely sophisticated and chic, ideal for any casual outing or party event. They can also be incredibly comfortable.

How do I Choose the Right Legging?

Most people want to be comfortable first, then fashionable second. We get used to a routine, stick to our favorite colors and styles, and ultimately limit our wardrobe to a repetitive palette that isn’t always right for the occasion. One day you realize that the clothes you bought in college just aren’t appropriate for the professional circles you travel in now. Or maybe it hits you that the professional wear you were once so attached to doesn’t quite fit anymore. Making a change and starting all over can be a daunting task, but Perfectly Priscilla is here to help. Take it one step at a time, one garment at a time. Let’s start with the basics: leggings.

The key to any item of wardrobe is style and fit. Leggings are no different. Style reflects your personality – chic, outgoing, introverted, warm, sassy – and involves a sense of taste as well as personal flair. We all find ourselves inexplicably attracted to certain colors or designs. For leggings, neutral colors in solid tones can be adapted to complement any ensemble. Vibrant, bold prints are best when you’re wearing solid tones predominantly in your outfit.

By getting the right fit, your plus size leggings will give you the appearance of shapely, smooth, contoured thighs. Avoid plus size leggings that tend to ride up as you walk. One size fits all solutions with an elastic waist can be the perfect answer. Consider a high-waisted legging if you’re wide in the midriff, one that will sit just above your waistline and hug your hips, but not too tight! If you’re wider in the hips than you’d like, a mid-rise legging with an elastic waistline will help give you a slimming but shapely effect.

You don’t always have to wear matching leopard prints everywhere all the time! The most important key to choosing an outfit is occasion. Be sure to choose the right outfit for the occasion. You can still rock your style and dress appropriately. Having a variety of trendy leggings gives you the option of creating different moods with your signature style. Long shirts, skirts, mini-skirts, and tunics can all be paired with leggings for a chic and stylish outfit.

We sincerely hope that you find inspiration for new wardrobe ideas and clothing you’ll cherish for years to come as essential to your wardrobe. It’s our dream to help you feel your best no matter what size you wear. Thanks for visiting Perfectly Priscilla. Happy shopping!

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