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Trendy Women's Jewelry

Since the beginning of history, our ancestors have found ways to adorn themselves with jewelry accessories. Now, so many centuries later, we have managed to live up to their legacy by upholding their customs.

Worn around the neck, a necklace can be made of many different types of materials, from stones to shells to glass. Anything is possible as long as it has appeal. 

In today’s world, a necklace is worn to make a statement and add some personality to our looks. Sure, wearing a gorgeous outfit is going to make you look and feel amazing, but trendy jewelry is what is going to give you that polished look you desire. At Perfectly Priscilla, we understand how important it is to look and feel different, and we see no better way to so do than jewelry accessories with unique pieces that help transform beautiful clothing into exceptional outfits. To do this, we have created individual women’s fashion jewelry that has the ability to enhance the way our clothing looks while respecting everyone’s distinctive personality. More than that, we have proudly generated fashion necklaces  for women and fashion earrings that are versatile yet dignified and can be paired up with almost any outfit. We also offer an assortment of jewelry accessories, which can all be purchased online. With that being said, we invite you to take a look at our beautifully crafted trendy jewelry and necklaces. Trust us when we say that you will not be disappointed. 

Feathering The Nest Necklace

This simple yet gorgeous necklace is exactly what an outfit needs to look out of the ordinary. No matter what color you pair it up with, the Feathering The Nest necklace will add class to your look, which is why we absolutely love it! Want to take your outfit to the next level but don't have any time? That’s not a problem. This pretty trendy jewelry will do all the work for you. The original and double-layered look will accentuate your attire to the fullest, but we especially love it when paired up with dark colors, as it makes it stand out even more.

Clay Shoot Cutie Necklace

This handsome looking women’s fashion jewelry looks amazing when paired up with pretty much any attire, and this is because the earthy tones complement both light and dark shades. If you want to give your outfit some extra flair, wear it with a white top and jean jacket, and your look will be complete with a bohemian touch. The Clay Shoot Cutie trendy jewelry necklace exudes a certain warmth and is easy on the eyes, and this is due to its golden hues and soil-like properties. This earthy color will also make your eyes seem that much more intense, no matter if they are brown, green, or blue.

Meet Me In Morocco Necklace - Rose Gold

This necklace is truly one of a kind, from its long beady neck to its faux gold centerpiece, it is the type of trendy jewelry that simply demands attention. The Meet Me In Morocco Necklace is also a little longer than our average necklace, which makes it look extra pretty when paired up with one of our beautiful dresses. This rose-gold piece exudes calmness with the help of its colorful chain, making it easily accessorized with warm tones. Like what you see? Try pairing it up with an orange plaid dress to take advantage of its warming hues fully.

Leaf Me Alone Necklace - Patina

Want to wear a necklace that is both captivating and original? Then the Leaf Me Alone necklace is the one for you. What makes this trendy jewelry so special is its ability to make an outfit appear elegant without trying too hard! The chain is a little bulkier than others, which is what gives it its allure, especially since its brown and gold color can benefit different ensembles by pulling out their earthy shades. When paired up with its teal colored leaf pendant, this trendy jewelry cannot go unnoticed, making it the perfect piece to wear at any given the time of day.

Rock & Roll Necklace - Green 

Wow! Have you ever seen such a gorgeous fashion necklaces for women before? This is the type of piece that stays in your mind long after you’ve seen it. The Rock & Roll necklace has quite a shock factor — wouldn’t you agree? Its unique golden chain can be fashioned in multiple ways, making it versatile thereby perfect for different types of events and outfits. But what makes this necklace appealing is its green pendant, which is absolutely beautiful in every way. This elegant necklace looks especially good when teamed up with a set of our faux gold fashion earrings — check them out and see for yourself!

Ornamental Glow Bead Necklace

Finding a fashion earring online or fashion necklaces for women that can be worn with many different shades is always an accomplishment, but there is nothing like finding a necklace that accentuates a specific outfit. Looking for the ultimate necklace to wear with an outfit that has blue undertones? Well, here you have it! The Ornamental Glow Bead Necklace has green, cream, and sea-toned colored beads that look simply amazing when worn with complementary colors. Try pairing it up with our new green dress, and you will instantly see the captivating effect it gives off. 

A Walk To The Waterfall Necklace

If you want to wear something entirely different than you're used to, you should definitely give the A Walk To The Waterfall necklace a try. Besides, who said change is necessarily a bad thing? This divine trendy jewelry gives off air that is far from ordinary, which is why we love it so much! Its golden chain has been covered with white and blue beads, which start smaller in size at the beginning of the neck, only to become larger towards the tassel. At the base of the necklace is a quirky navy blue tassel, which can easily give an everyday outfit the fun twist you are looking for.

Coffee & Cream Necklace

If you want a necklace that shows off your compassionate side, the Coffee & Cream necklace just might be what you're looking for. True to its name, this trendy jewelry proudly gives off a warm glow that immediately gives its wearer an air of sensibility. This necklace can be worn all year ‘round, but looks exceptionally good in the Fall, as its warm attributes play around with Autumn’s gorgeous hues in a pleasant way. The Coffee & Cream necklace looks stunning when paired up with bright clothing, as it tones them down delightfully, and it also goes well with neutral tones as it gives off the opposite effect. 

More Than A Memory Necklace - Black & Gray

There are some pieces of jewelry that are so bold and beautiful that some people cannot help but be drawn to them, and the More Than A Memory necklace is exactly that type of piece. If you want to make a fashion statement and are ready to take on loads of compliments, you and this women’s fashion jewelry are going to be two birds of a feather. The magnificent golden tassel is held up by a gold chain that is adorned with black and gray beads. Both sides of the chain meet at the center and then unify, releasing a single chain that holds a golden tassel. This piece looks amazing with any of our black tops, especially our black cold shoulder one!

Claw Your Way To The Top Necklace - Black

This women’s fashion jewelry is perfect for someone who loves adorning themselves with tasteful jewelry but doesn't want to be too out there. It is simple yet adorable and makes for the perfect go-to necklace. Easily paired up with any attire, the Claw Your Way To The Top necklace is the type of piece that can take a normal outfit and make it extraordinary. The golden chain and black claw-toothed pendant is perfect for the office and looks amazing with our stunning cardigans.  

Grey Skies Ahead Necklace

Digging the tassel look? Well, then you are going to love this one! The Grey Skies Ahead Necklace is a unique trendy jewelry piece that can make its wearer looks extremely well put-together. Classy and fun, this piece is surely going to receive compliments everywhere it goes. Its medium length chain cascades right below the bust line, displaying a gray hassle that is supported by a sparkling rectangular piece. The Grey Skies Ahead necklace’s chain is also embellished with iridescent stones, giving it an extra flare that simply cannot be ignored. This item looks great with our black dress, as it gives it the oomph it deserves! 

Wishing For You Necklace

What makes the Wishing For You necklace so special is its ability to make its viewers smile. This is due to the fact that its pendant is held up by a horseshoe piece that also looks like a pair of smiling lips. Knowing this, how could you ever not be happy when putting this on? Suspended by a simple golden chain, the Wishing For You Necklace is beautiful in its elegance especially when accompanied by one of our more colorful tops. This trendy jewelry piece makes way for an exquisite pendant that also has the ability to exude a calming feel. Like what you see? Try pairing it up with our rust colored top, and you will like it even more!

Drop In The Bucket Necklace - Green

Have you ever seen such a graceful piece of women’s fashion jewelry? Well if you haven't, allow us to introduce you to the Drop In The Bucket necklace. This gorgeous piece is remarkable because of its simple yet dreamy look. It can add some sparkle to your outfit without overpowering it, so if you want to wear a trendy jewelry without it taking away from your awesome outfit, this is the item for you. Held by a notable golden chain, the green teardrop shaped stone is suspended near the wearer’s midsection, making it a perfect necklace to wear with a flowy black dress. Want to go for a more classic look? Wear the Drop In The Bucket necklace with our bold leggings and black top — you’re going to love it!

Jazz It Up Tassel Necklace - Blue 

Are you in love with the tassel fad? Well, you're not the only one! We also love tassels and want to make sure that we have one you can wear with all of your outfits. The Jazz It Up Tassel necklace is a sought after piece because it comes with a white tassel, which is very practical for a neutral yet stunning look. This women’s fashion jewelry starts off with a golden chain that quickly becomes fashioned with taupe beads. After the taupe beads comes a lovely pattern of navy blue beads and golden accents, which ultimately leads to our gorgeous white tassel. This item looks exemplary when paired up with our striped dress!

X Marks The Spot Necklace - Taupe Mix

The X Marks The Spot necklace is yet another one of our exceptional models, and it is also available is both a taupe and blue mix. Drawn to this item? Well, that’s probably because this trendy jewelry is able to pull in its viewers with its divine and captivating allure. This necklace is held by a simple golden chain and enriched by brown beads near the base, only to make way for a gorgeous taupe stone that is crisscrossed by a golden wire. The taupe mix is especially ravishing in the Fall when all the woodsy colors come out to play. Check out our blue mix and see which one you prefer — if you can even choose!

Lock And Key Necklace 

Isn't this trendy jewelry divine? With its golden chain and extravagant centerpiece, it’s impossible not to fall in love with it. This must-have piece is the kind of necklace that draws in the focus of others, automatically making its owner appear bold and exciting. Better than that, the Lock And Key necklace’s chain can be fashioned in different ways. So if you love the center piece but prefer a longer chain, this piece can easily be played around with to meet your preferences. Also, the Lock And Key Necklace is available in burgundy, so make sure to check that one out too!

Tinsel Time Necklace - Black 

Are you joining in on the tassel craze? If you are, get ready to fall in love all over again! Although The Tinsel Time necklace’s biggest feature is its black tassel, many would agree that is an entirely different style than its fellow tassel-based necklaces. This item also has the ability to match any outfit, so whether you're wearing a PPB sweater, dress, or cardigan, your look is going to be accentuated by this lovely trendy jewelry. This black-based necklace is embellished with sweet hues of gold, making it stand out amongst a crowd, especially when illuminated by the right amount of light.

Don't String Me Along Necklace - Tan 

Do you want to try on something different for a change? If you do, the Don't String Me Along Necklace might just be what you've been searching for. What makes this item original is that its focal point isn't held up by a chain, but instead a tan leather-like string. This simple yet fashionable women’s fashion jewelry is emblazoned by a clear rock that is fashionably held by a taupe string. But the necklace doesn't stop there! Instead of ending abruptly, a string tassel has been fabricated with the remains of the string, giving it individual attributes.

A Passionate Plea Necklace

Do you want to get the sweetheart look? If so, this cute trendy jewelry is going to come in handy more often than not. The Passionate Plea Necklace is construed by warm purple tones that unmistakably give off a charming and sweet vibe. This beaded necklace starts off with a pattern of small lilac beads, which are singularly broken up by smaller golden ones. At the base of the trendy jewelry is a dark purple stone pendant that hangs right below the bust. This item looks amazing with our paisley printed dress, but can be paired up with almost any color and pattern to give off a polished look. 

Hanging On A Thread Necklace - Green

Another one of our pro-tassel models is the Hanging On A Thread Necklace. Created to add flare and dignity to any outfit, this women’s fashion jewelry has a unique twist when compared to other basic necklaces. This item can also be worn in different styles, as its golden chain is of the versatile variety. This item is completed by two teal tassels that are upheld by individual golden cuffs.

Be Still My Heart Necklace

This trendy jewelry is one of a kind, and this is due to its semi-transparent bead work. Although the beads might appear dark in color, they are actually reflecting the color of the chain, which has a gray-appeal. What makes this necklace so special is that its stone is never the same, as it varies in color and cannot be duplicated. This women’s fashion jewelry looks great with all of our jackets!

Touch Of Perfection Necklace

If you want a trendy jewelry that can turn a simple outfit into a sparkling one, this is the piece for you. The Time For Two Necklace is vibrant and wild but easily tamed when paired up with a solid color. This item holds many different shades, and so matching it with other pieces is very easy. Play around with an array of red, aqua, black, brown, and gold, and see for yourself!

Hook Line And Sinker Necklace

This piece offers an array of earthy tones, making it fun to wear and easily noticeable. The Hook Line And Sinker necklace looks absolutely amazing with a number of our blue-toned shirts, sweaters, and dresses, making it an easy choice among many others. Finalized by a faux like a horn, it’s no wonder that this item has being picked out by many Perfectly Priscilla customers. 

Pebbles In The Sand Necklace

This fun women’s fashion jewelry is yet another reason why we love wearing tassels, as it gives off an air of femininity and confidence. The chain is beautified by clear crystal blue beads, which make their way down to an engaging choral colored tassel. The Pebbles In The Sand necklace is perfect for the Summer, as it has a very lively feeling to it. However, this item can easily be worn throughout the calendar year. Like what you see? Try pairing this piece up with a number of our navy tops and get ready to fall in love.

Hooked On You Necklace - Black

Are you seeing what we’re seeing? Because from our side, we are viewing one of the most ornate and charmingly crafted necklaces in our reservoir. The Hooked On You necklace is brilliant in its ingenuity and definitely gives off a divine look. This trendy jewelry is glorious with its gold and black accents, which quickly transforms into a tassel-piece like no other. Garnished with gray beads and a glamorous horn, this piece is to die for!

Willow Wind Necklace

Wow! This necklace, like many others, makes you want to buy out the PPB collection in its entirety. For starters, its aqua and gold attributes make this necklace the perfect Summer item — and one that can be worn with almost any outfit at that! On top of that, the Willow Wind necklace has an adorable centerpiece that happens to be layered, making it live up to its name by allowing the wind to sift through it softly.

Cross My Heart Necklace

This gorgeous necklace has some arresting properties, especially when colored with such sensible hues. It's cream, blue, and green colors turn this piece into an elegant one, making it very easy to pair up with neutral colors. Even better, the Cross My Heart necklace is finished with a green tassel that also has a cross attached to it — can you say adorable? Try out this women’s fashion jewelry with one of our frilly tops for a sweetheart look, or any cream-colored items in general! 

Wish Upon A Star Necklace

This fun necklace adds a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to any outfit. It’s the perfect piece to wear with a number of pink outfits, especially our hot pink dress, but it also looks fantastic with a number of PPB outfits. The Wish Upon A Star necklace offers a tassel-like look unlike any others and is flirty without even trying to be. This simple gold chain leads up to a spectacular trendy jewelry — a golden piece of jewelry that makes way to frilly pink feathers. 

All Eyes On You Necklace

This necklace is what you want to be wearing if you enjoy making a fashion statement. Emblazoned with neutral accents and golden properties, this item is great for both outings and regular days at the office. The All Eyes On You necklace is decorated with transparent light blue beads that descend until they are halted by a golden cuff and tan tassel.

Forever Friends Necklace

Have you ever seen such a fun necklace? This special piece is definitely one to be talked about, as there is nothing else like it! The Forever Friends necklace is charming and quirky and can add some spunk to an overall plain outfit. Also, pairing it up with clothing is very effortless as it basically holds every color of the rainbow and looks great with a number of options! Bejeweled with an assortment of beads, this women’s fashion jewelry joins to meet a lovely aqua stone, which is in return is attached to a girly purple tassel.

Rock Of Ages Necklace

This distinctive necklace is to die for! It makes looking put together look easy, and also amplifies the outfit that it is placed on. We love the Rock Of Ages necklace as it gives off a spectacular look without being too overbearing. In fact, when paired up with a heavy pattern, it can have a down-playing effect, which is quite frankly, very welcomed. Embellished with cream and light blue beads, this necklace meets a blue stone in its center, which then releases a fun blue tassel.

Out On A Limb Tassel Necklace

This attractive women’s fashion jewelry is nothing short of a fashion statement. Tastefully ornamented with aqua blue, amber, silver, pink, and peach beads, this piece allows its wearer to basically pair it up with any items of clothing they desire. The Out On A Limb necklace goes especially well with shades of pink, blue, and purple. But can also pop when placed on top of white and black. On top of that, this necklace is completed with a multicolored tassel, which gives this piece a lovely bohemian look. 

Can’t You Sea Necklace

The Can’t You Sea necklace is the perfect example of simplicity at its finest. This trendy jewelry is both uncomplicated and decorative, making it the perfect all year round item. It can be worn with a heavy pattern without encumbering it, just to be worn over a solid color to bring it to life. In other words, there’s no outfit you can’t wear it with! Try it on with one of our bohemian dresses and see for yourself! 

All That Glitters Necklace

This enchanting necklace is going to look great with all your new PPB Summer clothing! And this is because its golden peachy hues and incandescent beads are going to shine like no other when spotted by the sun. However, this women’s fashion jewelry shouldn't be pigeonholed into one season, as it can also be worn all year round! The All That Glitters necklace is held up by a simple golden chain that in return sprouts some light pink and peach beads. All this to make way for a beautifully crafted tassel, which is also made out of beads but this time accompanied by gold accents to add some flare.

Stacking Pebbles Necklace

This distinctive trendy jewelry is pleasing in every way, especially when looked at with sharper eyes. When properly examined, you can see how much thought went into the making of this item, which is why we absolutely love it! True to its name, the Stacking Pebbles necklace resembles different types of stones neatly stacked on top of the other, which in return gives off a lovely effect. Garnished with silver, coral, gray, cream, blue, and gold beads, this item meets in the middle to welcome a gorgeous golden tassel. Pair it up with our Split Decision top and see how it can benefit the appearance of a solid black tunic.