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Plus Size Jeans & Jeggings For Women

Who says curvy girls can’t wear skinny jeans? Perfectly Priscilla Plus Sized Clothing Boutique would certainly beg to differ.

We wanted to expand our casual clothing selection, so we decided to venture forth and see what we could do with the concept of plus size jeans for women.

It has been our mission since the moment we went online to help ladies look and feel their best at any size.

Our selection of seasonal plus size women’s clothing is some of the best you will find on the internet. Our Southern style clothing is the perfect fit for any occasion, both formal and casual, and will give you all the confidence and poise you deserve as you move through your day.

Now, Perfectly Priscilla Boutique has always had a commitment to bringing the latest trends in fashion and gearing them toward plus-sized ladies. While “skinny jeans” may sound like a bit of a square peg when it comes to plus-sized fashions, we realized that plus size skinny jeans are an excellent fit for plus sized ladies of all body types. Tighter fitting jeans will adhere to the curves of a woman’s body allowing her to accentuate her hips, which is a real plus!

History of Jeans in Fashion 

Throughout the 90s and well into the first decade of the new millennium, baggy fitting clothes were the preferred fashion. But sometime during the middle of that decade, tighter fitting pants began to make a comeback. If you go back 40 more years, it was unheard of for women to be wearing pants at all. Men were the ones who were wearing the proverbial pants in the family. But as the women’s liberation movement began and then flourished, the changes that were taking place politically, also began to be reflected culturally in fashion as well. It was no longer considered a peculiar sight to see a lady walking down the street wearing a pair of jeans or pants of any kind. Before that, however, jeans were marketed toward women as far back and the 1930’s. They were associated with western style flair and a staple of cowgirl fashion. But they did not catch on beyond that until much later. 

During much of the period between the 1930’s and 70’s it was considered scandalous for women to wear jeans, and those who did were considered rebels. But with the counterculture fever of the late 60’s it became more and more commonplace to see women breaking the mold and venturing forth into new realms of expression that allowed them to realize a broad spectrum of possible fashion statements. The wearing of jeans was just one example of those ladies managed to introduce what is certainly one of the most ubiquitous fashion trends the world has ever known. The ladies of the South, while typically more traditional in the range of fashion expression, really took the Western style denim, and the trend of Southern ladies wearing blue jeans continues to this day. 

Skinny Jeans: The Trend

As the styles of jeans have changed as the decades passed, so too have clothing lines scrambled to keep up with the ever changing demand for new styles and fashions. The mid to late 2000’s brought us the trend of women wearing very tight fitting “skinny jeans” which hugged at the hips and tapered at the bottoms. Originally, this was popular with the rockers of the late 70’s and 80’s, but then fell out of style in the 90’s when a baggier look was preferred. 

While initially it was aimed at thinner bodies, skinny jeans were designed simply to hug the legs and accentuate the form. In fact, skinny jeans are perfect for all body shapes and sizes, and curvy girls look especially attractive in them because it accentuates their hips. Because skinny jeans taper at the bottom and hug the waist and crotch, they can really draw attention to the hips and buttocks which make them a really great casual match for tops that do the same. 

Different Types of Jeans

While jeans traditionally were simply blue denim pants, the ages have evolved them to the extent that they have diversified and multiplied to all different colors and styles. You now have whitewash jeans, cut jeans, boot cut jeans, skinny jeans, flare leg jeans, straight leg jeans, fit jeans, slim fit jeans, loose fit jeans, stretch jeans, and rise jeans. 

Wash jeans are bleached white in parts, which makes them a better match for lighter tops and bright colors. Cut jeans are for ladies who want to unleash a bit of their wild side. They come frayed at the knees and other areas on the legs so they look like they have got some character. Boot cut jeans taper slightly at the knees and then flare a bit at the bottoms in order to accommodate the wider girth of the boots, and those are similar to flare leg jeans where the bottoms appear to be slightly belled. Jeans can now be fitted slim or loose and either stretch or rise. With so many choices to choose from, your options for tops and shoes can multiply as well.

Jeans by Perfectly Priscilla

Perfectly Priscilla Boutique carries a wonderful array of some of the best plus size jeans you will find. We are extremely proud of the collection we have developed and we think you will agree these are some amazing plus size fashion jeans. 

Just My Style - Whisker Wash Jeans and Medium Wash Jeans

We decided to bring back one of our best selling plus sized jeans which we like to call our “Just My Style Jean”. We tweaked the design just a tad by adding a medium wash to the coloring and we are completely in love with these bottoms as an option for Fall and Winter. They are the perfect pair of plus size skinny jeans because not only are they fitted to accentuate your curves, but they’re stretchy too so that they’re very comfortable. If you are the kind of girl who likes a pair of pants that will flatter the curves in her figure, then these are the perfect pair of plus size fashion jeans for you. We love the way these plus size jeans taper and roll up at the bottom because we can pair them with a wide array of boots, and the lighter coloring makes them perfect for many different colors, light or dark, bright or muted. These jeans may be the best and most versatile pair that we have come up with yet, and they have been one of our hottest sellers this Fall. 

Now, these plus size jeans come in two different colors. The whisker wash is a richer, brighter shade of blue, while the medium wash is a more metallic, but darker shade of blue. The whisker wash pairs great with rich, bright tones while the medium wash is perfect for more muted shades. 

Weekend Warrior Jean 

Perfectly Priscilla offers a couple of different choices for cut or distressed plus size jeans. These jeans let others know that you that you work hard and play hard! Our Weekend Warrior jean has a more relaxed, looser fit, with a good amount of stretch, making them comfortable (and fashionable) for a large variety of weekend occasions. Outdoor barbecues, concerts, Sunday football, or out on the town with your ladies are all great venues for these casual plus sized jeans. They look fantastic with our darker, earth toned boots and are the perfect choice for rocking out the weekend. The frayed knees are the perfect finishing touch on what we consider to be one of our trendiest and raucous fashion statements of the fall!

Rough Around the Edges Jean

Our Rough Around the Edges jean is another jewel in Perfectly Priscilla’s impressive distressed plus size fashion jeans collection. Distressed jeans have been trending all Fall, but there is a heavy tendency for jeans of all kinds to remain fashionable all year round. They are definitely an event related stable, being perfect for concerts, or out on the town, and comfortable enough for dancing and moving around. They have a good amount of stretch to them and a looser fit, so you will not feel cramped in when you are shaking to the beats of your favorite band. These plus size jeans are rolled up and tapered at the bottom making them an excellent selection for boots of all sizes. They’re a great way for ladies to show off those curves and pair remarkably well with a wide array of tops and accessories. If you are a music fan and you like getting out to concerts, this will be a staple of your collection for many years to come! 

Watch Me Strut Cuff Jean - Medium Wash

You will notice that a large portion of our Fall selection features distressed or cut jeans. That is because they are one of the biggest trends this fall and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon to give themselves that special confidence and edge that comes from wearing a pair of plus size jeans like this. We really like the look, so we made it a feature part of our collection this Fall and will likely continue to feature selections like this in different varieties all season long.  

Our Watch Me Strut cuff jean is a great selection for a wide variety of occasions and events. It is rolled up and tapered at the ankles making it a great choice for plus size skinny jeans, but it also features a relaxed fit which is great for when you’re on the go, but tight enough to still be flattering to your curves. 

Our Watch Me Strut jeans are a bit less distressed than some of our other selections, which makes them more fashionably versatile for a larger number of occasions. You will not necessarily be showing off your punk rock side, but you still get the added benefit of a little asymmetry and a modern fashionable look. With tapered bottoms and a slightly lighter wash look, these plus size fashion jeans match up perfectly with darker, richer boots and vibrant tops.

Too Good to be True Dark Trouser Jeans

At Perfectly Priscilla, we know that every woman has in her repertoire a perfect pair of dark trouser jeans that gives you a sophisticated look in a casual setting. It is perfect for casual Fridays or a night out with the family. 

These plus size jeans are great for curves because they taper in at the knee and then flare out at the bottom. They look fantastic with a wide array of shoes and the darker tone makes them an excellent pairing with lighter tops. They run a little baggier than some of our other styles but they still have a bit of stretch and are a great fit for curvier women. Too Good to be True trouser jeans are the ideal choice for those dressy occasions!

Stretching the Truth Ankle Jean - Medium Blue

These plus size fashion jeans are absolutely amazing. Now, if you are in between styles right now, your best bet is to size down because they run a bit big and they do have some stretch to them. Still, they manage to be both lightweight and comfortable and are a great selection for any season. They are a deep, rich, blue and taper inward at the ankles making them a good selection for boots, shoes, or even sandals. They are also lightly washed which means they will pair well with lights, darks, and either vibrant or muted color tones, making them one of the most versatile selections in our entire collect. We really love these plus size jeans and they’re a great match for almost any casual dress occasion!

Perfect Ensembles with Perfectly Priscilla Plus Size Jeans

The best part about Perfectly Priscilla Boutique is that it offers you the personal touch of a boutique with the convenience of shopping online. All of your favorite shopping items are a couple of clicks away, but you still get great matching outfit ideas. All of Perfectly Priscilla’s clothing is matched against and paired with many other options in our online store so that you are never guessing about what would look great with what. We can help do that for you! 

For instance, one of our top selling plus size fashion jeans, the Just My Style medium wash, has slightly metallic hue to the blue, so it matches nicely with muted earth tones. As for finding the perfect outfit for yourself or someone you love, our Start a New Chapter top is an olive green that pairs beautifully with the metallic hue of our Just My Style jeans. The tassel of the top, which strings into the neckline, gives it a poncho-esque feel, and we carry several pairs of boots with a muted earth tone color that match up perfectly with the olive in the top, and the metallic blue in the jeans. Our plus size jeans taper in at the bottom making them the perfect choice for either boots or booties and wide variety of shoes and sandals as well. Even though our Just My Style medium wash jeans were made specifically for our Fall collection, they’re the type of bottoms that will work year round and for a wide variety of dress/casual events. A find like these is a real gem because it gives you that skinny jean look and feel and yet it’s tailored perfectly for plus size curvy bodies, really accentuated your curves in all the right places.  

Just My Style medium wash is incredibly versatile as well. The lightness in the medium wash will allow a pair of plus size jeans like this to pair well with brighter colored tops too. One top you may be interested in taking a look at is our Leaf Them Wanting More rust colored top. This top features a gorgeous bright rust that is perfect for Thanksgiving and looks like that beautiful bright orange color in the leaves that decorate the landscape in fall. It is an amazing, bold color that flatters every complexion. The top itself is fit around the shoulder with an embroidered design across the neckline. It is the perfect combination of elegance and class, with a touch of flirtatiousness to add swagger to your style.

If you like the whisker wash Just My Style jean because of the richer and deeper blue, Perfectly Priscilla carries a number of tops with more vibrant hues that pair quite nicely with these plus size jeans. For instance, the Cross my Heart top is a gorgeous shade of burgundy that pairs absolutely perfectly with the deep blue in the whisker wash. The top is fitted around the hips, and the Just My Style jeans are tapered at the bottoms, so it really brings out the curves. The ¾ length sleeves are a really nice touch and we love the detailing along the bust line. Not only is this a wonderful outfit for those casual events where you need something a tad on the dressy side, but it is remarkably comfortable as well. Our plus size skinny jeans have a bit of stretchiness to them so you do not have to worry about feeling claustrophobic. These plus size jeans pair great with our Saddle Bred Booties and we really like the rolled up bottoms along with higher ankle of the booties. Not only will you look fantastic in this ensemble, but you’ll feel great as well, and not just from a comfort standpoint! This is truly one of our favorite ensembles to rock in the Fall. 

When it comes to plus size fashion jeans, Perfectly Priscilla Boutique truly does have one of the best selections you will find anywhere on the internet. Our Stretching the Truth jeans pairs perfectly with a number of our more ornately patterned tops. Stretching the Truth is a rich pair of denim plus size skinny jeans with a slight wash look in the legs. The rich blue pairs nicely light and bright and can accommodate a wide variety of patterned tops. For instance, our Candy Striper Top is one of the boldest and most optical tops in our Fall collection, and it works well this particular pair of plus size jeans. This top combines two gorgeous prints, floral on the torso and striped on the sleeves. The pattern proves that opposites indeed attract, and the rich burgundy color scheme is always a big hit in the Fall. It is stretchy, so it hugs your curves and that contrasting patterns not only dazzle the eye but are quite slimming as well. A top like this is an excellent match for our plus size skinny jeans which look absolutely fantastic with our burgundy boots. This ensemble is the perfect blend of casual and classy rolled into one outfit. The plus size jeans taper in at the ankles so they blend snugly and seamlessly with our burgundy boots which match the rich coloring in the top. This is a must have outfit any dress/casual occasion.

Another one of our patterned tops that meshes perfectly with our Stretching the Truth plus size skinny jeans is our cheetah print top called Make Them See Spots. We always like to include at least one animal print selection for every season because it allows us to unleash a bit of our wild side and we really feel like it’s a bold attention grabbing pattern to work with. This print is great for the fall because it meshes a black and brown pattern on a cream colored top, so you know right away it’s going to be a nice match for a wide array of bottoms and accessories. We love to accessorize this top with plus size skinny jeans and black or brown boots and we really like the deep V-shaped neckline and ¾ length sleeves. It is stretchy and flattering to the hips while also being versatile enough for a wide variety of occasions. You can wear this top dressed up or dressed down, for work or play, so a top like this is going to be a sound investment for years to come because of its versatility. 

For something that is more late Fall / early Winter, you might be interested in our Trim a Tree top. It is the perfect top to pair with our Stretching the Truth jeans or Just My Style medium wash. The deep shade of evergreen will put you in touch with your Christmas spirit as you begin decorating the house for the holiday season. We really like the flowy are the sleeves and tight fit around the neck. There is something truly brilliant in the design of this top and it will look great with our cheetah print flats!  We love the way this one flows and although it’s not very stretchy, it is open cut and quite roomy.

Another top we really like to pair with our wash plus size jeans is a little number we like to call Baptize me in Leaves. This top features a beautiful sage colored background with a leaf shaped floral pattern featuring white and rust colored designs. The white in the leaf designs matches up perfectly with the with the wash tone in our plus size jeans so the ensemble really comes together for a brighter, flowing feel. We are really huge fans of the flared sleeves, and we felt like it was a good fit for this pattern. If you’re interested in accessorizing it with some boots, then something in a lighter tan shade would be a perfect fit for this ensemble.

Our Thank Heavens top is a great pairing with our jeans as well. The great thing about this top is its versatility. We like that you can pair it with plus size jeans for a casual look, and then wear the top to work with leggings or slacks. The bold, bright, pattern offsets navy blue against an array of bright colors in an ornate pattern. This top is quite stretchy so it will hug in around the waist and we really like the way it looks with our wash skinny jeans with deeper hues. Make a bold statement with your plus size skinny jean ensemble, this is truly the top for you!

Now one option that is perfect for the colder months is our Tried and True Vest. This is an amazing vest with a puffy diagonal design that adds a remarkable sophistication to your casual attire. The navy blue goes with pretty much everything, but we think our plus size jeans collection is an excellent match for the Fall and Winter. When paired with a lighter top, like our Three Stripes and You’re Out top, it really brings the entire ensemble together, although you could just as easily pair it with something darker and achieve a similar effect. But, because of the navy blue, this vest will be a staple of colder months and you can match this baby with just about anything. It zips up in the front so you can also wear it zipped or unzipped and the gold detailing is a really nice touch too. We love this vest! It even has little pockets on the sides! It will make the perfect gift this holiday season for that special lady in your life. 

For shoes or boots to match your plus size skinny jeans, Perfectly Priscilla offers a selection of choices that are perfect for late Fall and Winter. Many of our knee high boots are richly toned to match the hue you will find in our plus size fashion jeans selection. Rich browns and wine colors blend beautifully with the deeper blue in many of our selections. Plus size skinny jeans are a perfect match for longer boots, or if they are rolled up on the bottom, you might prefer slightly shorter booties which go ankle high.

Whatever you need to make your Fall fashion statement, Perfectly Priscilla Boutique will have an option that we know you’ll just adore!

Perfectly Priscilla Boutique

Throughout the years, Perfectly Priscilla has made a commitment to offering plus size women the very best in Southern style fashion. With the Holidays upon us and Fall heading into winter, our selection of plus size jeans and plus size skinny jeans are a fantastic choice for the ladies in your life who love to keep up with the latest trends and styles. Our innovated and carefully crafted selections are the dreams come true of our designers who have committed all of their efforts to bringing the very best in plus size clothing to the curvy ladies out there who want to look their best for any occasion, and our plus size fashion jeans are not only a great option for the Fall, but will continue to be great selection heading through winter and into Spring.

Our website is the perfect blend of our trademark personal touch and the convenience of online shopping. We offer a wide selection of seasonal fashions designed specifically for plus size ladies. We know that the perfect outfit can bring out the confidence and poise in a lady so we wanted to create a collection of clothing that accentuated the best part of a curvy girl’s body.  

Whether you are interested in jeans or leggings, tunics, blouses, or dresses, Perfectly Priscilla’s has an option that you or someone you love will really enjoy. Our shoes and accessories have been tremendous successes on our site and our seasonal selections always stay current with the latest trends and fashion industry hits. 

So if you are looking for some of the premier fashion designs anywhere in the industry that cater to plus size women and curvy features, Perfectly Priscilla Boutique is the perfect place to shop for the best seasonal clothing, anywhere, any time. 

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