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Date Night

Date Night

Plus Size Party Dresses

Every woman deserves to feel amazing and beautiful. As women we often feel extra special during the moments we get dressed up.

The perfect plus size party dress is the one that allows you to make a statement of poise, pride, and confidence with every movement. Whether it be a plus size little black dress or a ball gown, the perfect evening dress is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe.

The Perfection of an Plus Size Party Dress

Perfectly Priscilla knows how the perfect evening dress can help any woman feel amazing and the pinnacle of beauty. A plus size evening dress that fits just right, hugs the best curves, and frames your figure can make you feel like a queen. You will walk into any event, whether a wedding, graduation ceremony, or anniversary with elegance and grace. The air of confidence that accessorizes any evening dress allows you to shine as you enter the room, with all eyes looking at you in all of your beauty and splendor. Whether it’s a plus sized floor length evening dress, cocktail dress, or even a calf length dress, you will dazzle and shine, while displaying that women are always ready to have fun and look amazing!

Plus Size Little Black Dress

The little black dress has been a fashion staple since women began showing a little leg and arms. Throughout the years, the design may have changed, but the concept of the little black dress has remained an amazing addition to any woman’s wardrobe, a must have! Whether you are a size 0 or a plus sized woman, your wardrobe has a little black dress, and if for some reason it does not, it should.

The beauty of the little black dress is in its simplicity and versatility. A plus sized little black dress is the quintessential piece for any plus sized woman’s wardrobe, to aid her in feeling sexy and stylish, as well as appropriate for any occasion.

This piece of attire is a great go-to piece, no matter the occasion or event, whether you are wearing it to work, maybe with a blazer, a night out on the town, or your cousin’s wedding. All eyes will be on you as you accentuate your assets in your plus size little black dress.

…Or Try Red

The plus size little black dress is not required to be black any longer! The term “little black dress” is now used to refer to that one dress that is universal and perfect for all occasions. Red is now the new black and will be showing up everywhere this season. It is only fitting that in your wardrobe you have a plus size red dress for the evenings when you want to some boldness to your look. Red can truly be show stopping. You will be sure to appear both stylish and stunning as you enter the room in your plus size evening red dress.

The plus size red dress is a great opportunity to catch everyone’s eye, whether it is in the club, restaurant, or even in the boardroom. Red is an eye-catching color that stands out. The color looks great on almost any complexion and exudes power and confidence. A plus size red dress is essential to your wardrobe! The plus size red dress can be the most comfortable evening dress in your closet, with more versatility and style than anything else you will ever own.

Perfectly Priscilla Options

Perfectly Priscilla is your go-to destination for the perfect evening plus size dresses. The dresses are beautifully designed, reasonably priced, and comfortable. The plus size evening dresses collection is sure to help you look and feel your best at any event and on any occasion. The selection ranges from fun and flirty to a more serious or mature look, without appearing dowdy or awkward.

The plus size evening dress selections are full of colors, fabrics, and designs that look like they came off the runway. We have lots of shades of red from which to choose! Our lovely lace dress in burgundy is a fun and flirty lacy design that comes to the knees, with a black accent tie to help accentuate your figure and adorn the dress. Coming slightly off the shoulder and providing a small, plunging neckline, this dress is perfect for the afternoon wedding or an evening out!

If a longer plus size evening dress is more your style, Perfectly Priscilla offers a beautiful floral maxi dress, with ¾ inch sleeves and a plunging neckline that makes any woman look like a million bucks. The longer skirt helps any woman appear taller while accentuating her curves in all of the right places.

Maybe you are looking for a mixture of materials that creates a sophisticated look, while still allowing for a little bit of the fun and flirty style. If that is the case, take a look at our knee length dress with an off-white, lace top and coral red skirt. This plus size dress combines the elegance of lace on the long-sleeved top with the flow of a pleated polyester blend skirt in a beautiful shade of the season’s color: red! Even better, the neckline plunges just the right amount to bring a bit of daring to this otherwise sophisticated dress. Combine it with the slimming eyelet waistline; the dress helps anyone who wears it outshine almost anyone standing near her.

Another amazing style available in our evening plus size dresses collection is the knee-length dress in coral. This dress hugs the body in all of the right places while drawing attention to the beautiful batwing sleeves. This dress is comfortable and moves with your body, making it perfect for a date night or even a night out at the club with the girls.

Maybe you prefer a demure look. The plus size maxi dress in brown would be perfect for you. This high-low dress boasts ¾-inch sleeves and a sleek, simple look. Depending on the accessories, this dress could be perfect for your college roommate’s wedding, a night at the museum, or a high school reunion. This dress also comes in rust.

Perhaps you prefer a daring shade with a more youthful look. Look to the teal colored, above the knee skirt with ¾ length lace sleeves. The lace sleeves fall off the shoulder and cascade freely down the arms, while the knee-length dress offers an open, fun cut, perfect for a night out or that high school reunion for which you need the perfect dress.

Perfectly Priscilla’s above the knee, black dress with lace, sheer sleeves is an amazing dress that makes a statement on its own. Pair it with your favorite earrings and the right shoes, this plus size evening dress boasts lace detail with bell arms. The dress ends just above the knee, making a statement at any party, event, or even a first date.

For a more casual look, look at the rust colored, knee-length dress with full-length, draped sleeves. This plus size evening dress is made of 100% rayon. This dress is perfect for a date night or a fun night out to dinner with friends or family. This dress would even be a great addition to your holiday dinner wardrobe.

Finally, Perfectly Priscilla offers the black striped dress with red edging. This dress is quite different from any other dress in our plus size evening dresses line. It is a sleeveless, high-neck dress that comes down to the knees and is as sophisticated as it is beautiful. Paired with a blazer, it could be perfect for a business networking event; however, left alone, it makes the perfect between-seasons date night dress.

These are just a sampling of the evening dresses plus size offered by Perfectly Priscilla. Each dress offers its own unique style to help you find the perfect plus size evening dress to match your unique flair. The dresses are fun, and yet sophisticated, allowing you to truly express yourself while looking amazing and ready for a great night out. You will be the talk of the event, displaying pure eloquence and taste.

The Accessories Have It

Picture the awards shows and the red carpet commentary. Each amazingly dressed actress is examined from head to toe. The commentators always ask about the dress; however, the fans often want to know about the accessories as well. The accessories are the pieces that pull the look together, making a dress a fashion statement. No matter how flattering the plus size evening dress is, you will need accessories to provide subtle touches of elegance and refinement.

Start with your shoes. A shorter plus evening dress, one ending at the knees or even shorter, will often work well with heels or wedges. Depending on the event and the dress style, a strappy wedge or strappy heel may be preferable. A more formal event will often benefit from a solid heel or a slight strappy sandal. Here are some examples from the plus size evening dresses collection at Perfectly Priscilla:

  1. Our knee length dress with a cream colored lace bodice and a flirty red skirt boasts a plunging neckline with ¾-inch sleeves and plenty of detail. The shoes should not detract from the detail of the dress, yet they should not create a demure look either. Neutral or black shoes would likely be best paired with this dress, and a heel is preferable. If you are choosing neutral or nude shoes, a classic heel would be the perfect addition. However, if you choose a black shoe, then a sleek, strappy heeled sandal will bring out the beauty of your legs while keeping the eyes on the dress.
  2. On the other hand, the pink/coral dress with long belle sleeves is much simpler and can benefit from additional embellishments. A silver sandal or a great white or gold wedge would be a great addition to this piece, as the details are on the accessories and the sleeves, not the dress.
  3. Any one of the plus size evening dresses made of lace will benefit from a fun and flirty shoe that will not detract from the beauty of the lace. For instance, the burgundy lace dress with off the shoulder sleeves pairs beautifully with black heels. The dress is sure to impress everyone around who sees you in the dress.
  4. In contrast, the black lace dress with full-length, lace, sheer arms may benefit more from a gladiator type heel, adding a finished look from top to bottom.
  5. Finally, some knee-length and shorter dresses go great with a pair of knee high boots, as is the case with the rust colored, knee-length dress. This dress is the perfect fall color that goes well with your fall knee high boots, which can dress it down for a first date or a museum outing. The statement is comfort and glamor all in one. Yet, to dress this look up a bit, a great pair of brown heels would show the world you are ready to get out and dance!

Longer plus size evening dresses, such as tea length, split lengths, or floor length maxis, have some different options available. These dresses look great with different accessories such as ankle boots, strappy sandals, gladiator sandals, or even flats, depending on the style of the dress:

  1. The brown maxi dress is a perfect example of a dress that would look best with either ankle boots or gladiator sandals. This dress has a gorgeous flow that allows you to be comfortable, feel free and sophisticated. Match this with the perfect pair of white and gold gladiator shoes.
  2. Meanwhile, the floral maxi dress is the perfect opportunity to show off your gorgeous full figure. This dress is floor length and truly elegant. The details of the dress need no help, especially from shoes. This dress would be greatly accompanied by basic flats, with maybe a tiny flair. Ballet flats may be a little too casual, but nice patent leather flats would be the perfect accessory to this evening plus size dress and give your feet the night off.
  3. Of course, the high-low cut maxi dress, in brown or rust, is the perfect evening dress for ankle boots. The ankle boots highlight the flair of the high-low cut while keeping you looking elegant and put together.

Shoes aren’t the only accessories to consider for your dress. The next stop on the accessory train is jewelry that helps bring out the beauty of the ensemble, allowing you to make a statement and look completely put together. To begin, let’s take a look at necklaces. Necklaces can take an outfit from the ordinary to extraordinary. Necklace accessories add more appeal to your fashion wardrobe and the dress you want to wear. Don’t shy away from statement necklaces, especially with a v-neck dress. Statement necklaces add more dimension to the necklace and fill in any extra empty spaces on your neck and chest. With necklaces, you can look professional without looking boring. Necklaces can be great opportunities to add pops of color where you might need it. Necklaces can be used to add layers to create a gorgeous look.

A rounded or higher neckline is perfect for either a long necklace or a statement piece. Mixing necklines and necklaces add to the beauty of the plus size evening dress or the look. Adding an appropriate statement piece to catch the eye would help make the entire look stand out and appear more exciting.

Earrings are always a must-have, whether you keep your hair down or decide to put it up. A plunging neckline may benefit from a larger, statement earring, like chandelier earrings that bring the eyes up and towards your face. Large hoops are rarely a good look, unless your dress has a turtleneck feel. The simpler the dress and pattern, the more daring the earrings can be. However, if your plus size evening dress is daring and bold, the earring should be a bit quieter, allowing the dress to be the focal point of the ensemble.

The hands are one of the last places to consider when looking at accessories. For plus size evening dresses with batwing sleeves, such as the pink/coral, knee-length plus size evening dress, no arm or hand accessories are needed. However, some plus size evening dresses with short sleeves or tapered ¾-inch sleeves are more complete with a beautiful statement bracelet and ring, completing the look and allowing the ensemble to flow from head to toe as well as outwardly.

Again, depending on the occasion, an evening dress’ accessories do not have to end with shoes and jewelry. Some evening dresses plus size are complete with a scarf, vest, or even blazer, depending on the event. A more sophisticated event, such as a work dinner, may require a blazer or scarf to pull the outfit together and keep a more professional look. A younger, more exciting crowd may enjoy the addition of a great vest to break up the look and make it more memorable. Of course, a more formal event, like a Saturday evening wedding, may benefit from a beautiful, well-designed shawl, serving the benefits of keeping the wearer a bit warm and dressing up the outfit more.

Finally, do not forget the hair. Your hair is an accessory, and how you choose to wear it can make or break a look. More embellished or plunging necklines may actually benefit from hair that is simple and demure. However, a high neck or a rounded neck may look better with an updo that is simple and fun, depending on the dress style and the occasion. Keep in mind, no one hairstyle is right for everyone, as the contour of your face and your features have a lot to do with the best look for your hair, even when used as an accessory.

The Occasion

Evening dresses plus size do not need an evening occasion to be worn. An evening dress, little black dress, or any other type of special occasion dress can be worn any time of day and for almost any reason. The idea here is to dress the part for a special event and step away from the business attire and yoga pants.

The question remains, why would an evening dress be needed? Answering that question requires thinking both in and outside of the box. Here are some great examples of inside the box reasons to wear a plus size evening dress. One reason would be a wedding. Whether it is an afternoon event, a Saturday evening, or even a morning event, a plus size evening dress will allow you the ability to fit right in and know you are in the appropriate attire. Other such occasions include going to the bar and bat mitzvahs, anniversary or birthday parties, date nights with the hubby, holiday brunches or dinners, and even nights out with the girls.

Some of the outside of the box type of events includes things like a business function, bachelorette party, night at the club, or a school or college dance. Even a high school reunion would be a perfect place to wear that perfect evening dress with those oh-so-perfect accessories.

A night at the club or bachelorette party would be the perfect reason to wear your plus size little black dress or plus size little red dress. The idea of this dress is it can be easily dressed up or down and will make moving around much easier than other types of dresses. Additionally, you will fit in with many of the other club goers, as this tends to be the standard attire for a night out on the town.

However, a night at a musical requires a bit more sophistication with a low-key vibe. This is the perfect opportunity to wear the high-low cut, brown, maxi dress with the perfect scarf and gladiator sandals. You will fit in and stand out all at once. An option for the opera would be the floral maxi with black background, providing you with an understated eloquence that lets other patrons know you are a fan of the culture.

A charity benefit or film screening may be another great night out that would require a mix of sophistication and fun. These types of outings are perfect for the knee length dress with cream colored lace bodice and attached red skirt. Even the teal dress with lace, sheer sleeves works well for these types of events. Both dresses offer a mix of sophistication and fun so that others will not be able to take their eyes away from you as you enter the room. However, keep your accessories lighter, as this is for charity and you do not want to detract from the cause.

A first date can be a little more casual than an anniversary dinner. This is where you want to show your fun and flirty side, while keeping a demure air about you. An evening plus size dress like the black and white stripped, sleeveless dress; the high-low cut maxi dress; or the rust colored, knee-length dress would be eye-catching additions to your wardrobe for that oh-so-important first date first impression. No matter what the occasion, each dress can be dressed up or down to fit the needs of the outing, while keeping your date’s eyes glued to you the entire evening.

Maybe you are taking the family to brunch for Mother’s Day or a birthday. This is the occasion to shoot for sophistication over fun, even though brunch is still fun. Try dresses like the black and white stripped, sleeveless dress or the high-low cut maxi dress to look appropriate but still amazingly beautiful. These types of dresses are also great for events such as church services and christenings.

Finally, the holidays are coming, and that means office and family dinners, and holiday parties. There are a plethora of choices; however, pay attention to the tone of the event. A dinner is less extravagant than a party, so dress accordingly. Keep your accessories appropriate. A statement necklace to a simple office dinner may come off as a bit too gaudy, whereas a simple chain to a college holiday party may be a bit too demure. Know your audience, and you will find your style.

In the end, an plus size evening dress can be the best article of clothing in your entire wardrobe. Whether you have a little black (or red) dress or a long floral gown, or any number of short and flirty dresses, you can utilize accessories and common sense to find the perfect ensemble to help make your grand entrance to any event. One dress may work for all; however, if you are like most women, you would want your closet filled with each type of perfect, evening dress plus size to give you all of the choices you desire.

To find your style of evening dress, scroll through the selections at Whether you are looking for special occasion dresses, clearance, or even casual dresses, once you find your dress and accessories, you will surely be the belle of the ball!