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Tunic Tops

Full-Figured Tunics

No need to ask if we love tunics at Perfectly Priscilla — we absolutely do! Is it any wonder then that we have plenty of curvy tunics specifically made to flatter you as you sit and move?

Order your favorite plus-sized tunics in sizes 10-26 at Perfectly Priscilla, your online boutique for exceptional fashion for every day and formal occasions.

Is a Tunic a Dress or a Shirt?

Is a tunic a dress? A shirt? Or maybe a little of both? To be sure, tunics defy standard clothing classifications. That means you can wear your tunic any way that fits your intended look or mood. In fact, a tunic can be the piece that brings everything else together and turns your outfit from okay to "Oh, my!"

Below are some ways to switch up your tunic wearing this season.

Hints for Wearing a Tunic Like a Dress

If your tunic is long enough, you can comfortably wear it like you would a dress. Here are some ideas to make that happen:

  • Add a boutique quality belt. A belt will create a gathered waist and give your tunic a little more shape. Of course, some tunics have built-in waists. In that case, your belt will just enhance the look and add a bit of depth.
  • Wear thicker leggings or jeggings underneath. Forget about plain nude hosiery or shear hose. When you wear your tunic as a dress, be certain that it covers you below your hips, even when you bend over. Then, pair it with substantial leg coverings to offer a conservative, but fashionable look. If possible, your leggings should end at the ankle to add the illusion of height to your body.
  • Dress up your accessories. When you use a curvy tunic as a dress, you need to match it with all the other accessories. This may mean going a little upscale with your hair or a necklace. Consider wearing wedges, chunky heels or boots instead of flats or ballet-style slippers.

Hints for Wearing a Tunic Like a Shirt

Feel like grabbing your unstructured plus-size tunic instead of a tee or blouse today? No problem! Bring the look together with these ideas:

  • Pick bottoms that hug your body to put emphasis on the tunic itself. This can mean anything from a pencil skirt to jeggings. You will draw the eye upward and accentuate the flowiness and generous fabric of the tunic, not to mention any patterning.
  • Add movement with flowing pants. Want to have an overall look that exudes airiness and light? Your tunic shirt can work with flowing pants. Just make sure the fabrics in both the bottoms and the tunic complement each other. Also, pick contrasting colors between your bottoms and tunic to give different vertical levels to your appearance.
  • Cover the tunic with a cardigan or vest. You love to cover up your tops with cardigans, ponchos and vests. Do the same with a plus-sized tunic. Pick a cardigan that either ends at your natural waist or reaches down to the hemline of the tunic to balance the outfit.

Want another tip from the Perfectly Priscilla toolkit? Lay out all your full-figured tunic outfits on a smooth surface before trying them on. It can be much easier to mix and match all your curvy boutique clothes when they are right in front of you.

If you're ready to add some gorgeous plus-sized tunics to your repertoire, take a look at our selection at Perfectly Priscilla today!

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