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Collection: Shorts

  • Treasured Heart Polka Dot Scalloped Shorts - Black
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Full-Figured Shorts

Show off your legs and feel cool, youthful and comfy in a pair of full-figured shorts from Perfectly Priscilla.

Our high-impact shorts are designed to flatter your curves and offer the coverage you want. Pick from an array of colorful plus-size shorts specifically made with hourglass figures in mind.

How to Dress up a Pair of Shorts

Shorts have a reputation for being laid-back bottoms, but they can easily become part of a dressier ensemble with a few tweaks.

Try these terrific tips to create a more sophisticated look with your shorts:

  • Pick a short with cute features. Dressing up plus-size shorts starts with the shorts you choose. Look for curvy shorts that have embellishments, such as flounces and scalloped hemlines. Those little accents will elevate the style instantly and provide a nice foundation piece for your outfit.
  • Go for a fashionable top. Instead of pairing a solid, well-fitted t-shirt with your shorts, opt for something with more of a designer touch. Off-the-shoulder and cold shoulder tops create an air of elegance and sophisticated fun. You could also go with a patterned wrap top complete with deeper V-neck to show off your beautiful neckline.
  • Grab some jewelry. Nothing turns up the heat of clothing faster than the right jewelry. Most stylists suggest that you operate under a "less is more" strategy when picking which jewelry to wear. For instance, instead of having tons of boutique jewelry, opt for one or two signature items. A cocktail ring and charm necklace with semi-precious stones can turn any outfit into a memorable look.
  • Step up the shoes. Though you may be tempted to slip on your sandals, ballerina flats or sneakers when you wear your plus-sized shorts, think again if you are creating a glamorous touch. Wedge sandals, booties and heels go brilliantly with the right pair of curvy shorts. Plus, those heels will make your legs look oh-so-long!
  • Spend time on your hair. Are you used to just dashing out of the house without spending much time on your hairdo? For a more upscale approach when wearing shorts, give yourself at least 10 minutes to work on your hair. Even just adding some curls to your ponytail ends can make a huge difference in the personality of your wardrobe combo.
  • Go beyond mascara. Many busy women rely on minimal makeup to get them through their days and evenings. However, for a revved-up style with full-figured shorts, you may want to boost your makeup application techniques. Just a pop of bright lipstick tells the world that you are making a huge fashion statement.

Where to Wear Shorts

You really never need an excuse to wear your full-figured shorts. But if you are trying to find more places to rock a leggy look, consider some of these occasions:

  • Enjoying warm weather picnics and holiday celebrations.
  • Getting in some beach time relaxation and shopping.
  • Going on an outing with your best girlfriends for brunch or a movie.
  • Hiking with friends — just remember to bring sunscreen, a hat and proper footwear.
  • Going on a day trip with that special someone.
  • Heading out for a date night on a balmy evening.
  • Visiting friends or just doing your regular errands.

Buy your favorite plus-size shorts now from Perfectly Priscilla. Orders of more than $50 always get free shipping.

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