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Collection: Rompers & Jumpsuits

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Full-Figured Rompers and Jumpsuits

What could be easier than tossing on a romper or jumpsuit when you want to look amazing but are pressed for time? Curvy rompers and jumpsuits are trending in women's designer pieces because they give you instant style.

Choose from a wide range of full-figured jumpsuits and rompers at Perfectly Priscilla, your online boutique for women's clothing and more.

How to Accessorize With a Romper or Jumpsuit

After you have decided on the right romper or jumpsuit for the day or an upcoming occasion, bring it to the next level with accessories.

Not sure how to use accents to bring out your desired outfit personality? Try these tips:

  • Choose jewelry for boost and balance. A single streamlined, sophisticated necklace or chunky costume jewelry bracelet can add a touch of flair to any romper or jumpsuit. There are no hard and fast rules to think about when picking jewelry for your outfit. However, in most cases, it is best to stick with a "less is more" philosophy. Two pieces of jewelry usually perform better than multiple pieces, which can water down the look.
  • Try on different shoes. A plus-size romper looks much different when you wear it with sandals as opposed to wedges. The higher the heel or wedge, the longer your legs will look. Ideally, you should opt for shoes that fit your activity, such as sneakers for your upcoming beach walk or stroll through the park. Never be afraid to go a little more sophisticated or upscale by wearing booties or heels, though. You can always toss a pair of ballet flats in your bag to pop on later!
  • Go for a cardigan. Feel like the weather might be variable or on the cooler side? You can still wear a romper or a tank top jumpsuit. Just bring along a cardigan to keep you from feeling the chill. Choose a cardigan or wrap that falls at about waist level to accentuate the smallest part of your torso. Or, pick an extended-length cardigan duster that sweeps to about the knees for a high-low effect with your shorts-style plus-size romper.
  • Bring on the hats. Hats are beginning to make an incredible comeback, and not just in the southern part of the United States. Around the country and world, women everywhere are rediscovery hats of all types. If you are going to be outside for a good portion of your day, a hat can keep you protected from the sun while still rocking a unique style!

Common Patterns of Full-Figured Jumpsuits and Rompers

What types of patterns are you most likely to see when looking for curvy rompers and jumpsuits? Here are a few:

  • Solids. Of course, solids are always an option. They give you one color block and take accessories very well. In fact, if you want to dazzle, accentuate a solid jumpsuit and romper with a pair of intensely fashionable shoes.
  • Stripes. Stripes are a favorite look among designers. Remember that vertical and diagonal stripes are slimming, and horizontal stripes extend the eye from side to side. Some jumpsuits and rompers may offer a mix of stripes in different directions for a particularly novel appearance.
  • Florals. Florals are feminine and romantic and evoke everything you love about being a woman! Is it any wonder they are a go-to pattern for rompers, jumpsuits and other wearables?

Is it time to add an adorable full-figured romper or jumpsuit to your closet? Find yours at Perfectly Priscilla!

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