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Plus Size Tops For Women

One of the biggest woes of plus size women is finding the right plus size tops and t-shirts to go with their jeans. Being full breasted and curvy makes it a little difficult to find the right top to flatter your figure and put together an outfit that will make you look sexy rather than gaudy.

But we at Perfectly Priscilla have just the right selection of women's plus size clothing to snazz up your wardrobe!

Our exclusive range of plus size tops includes some of the sexiest and trendiest designs imaginable. From wrap cardigans to tunic dresses, camel tops to shirts and tees – we have in our collection every style, pattern, type and colour that you can ever want. Pair these plus size tops with some trendy leggings and boots and make a fantastic combo for your office wear. Or you can get one of our figure hugging top and wear it with Perfectly Priscilla’s palazzo pants to make an amazing outdoors outfit. Throw on one of our cardigans and create a completely new look for that party you want to attend. The possibilities are limitless!

Cute trendy plus size Tops for curvy girls, each selected by Perfectly Priscilla's fashion consultant to give you the wow factor every curvy girl deserves. These short sleeve women's tops , Blouses, Cami's and Tank Tops will give you the look a real woman deserves. But one today!

Plus Size Tops

Perfectly Priscilla’s plus size tops are made for the beautiful curvy woman. Each body type has its particularities. That’s why the best clothing lines focus on specific needs and preferences. We all know that shopping for plus size clothing can be so frustrating, especially since many stores sell cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all clothing. Perfectly Priscilla’s clothing designs are made specifically for the curvy woman. Comfortable material, nice patterns, and vibrant colors, as well as well thought-out designs for plus size tops for women will make you feel confident and vivacious.

Each woman deserves to have flattering plus size clothing tops that make her feel beautiful. The plus size tops also have to be comfortable in order for women to face their daily tasks without being annoyed by clothes that are too short, too tight, or too big. That’s why we created Perfectly Priscilla, an online boutique dedicated to all those gorgeous plus size ladies out there who need lovely outfits! If you are a size 10 through a 24 size, you can rest assured that now there is a special trendy clothing boutique just for you!

No Time for Shopping?

Some women just roll their eyes and sigh when they have to purchase new plus size clothing tops. Many women see shopping as a burden because it takes ages to find a decent plus size top. Perfectly Priscilla understands the needs and requirements of plus size women and so we design the trendy clothes that women want. Our chic boutique has a generous range of plus size tops, which can satisfy even the pickiest tastes. You probably have lots of things on your mind on an everyday basis. Don’t we all? There are so many activities to do and such little time. If you have a family and children to take care of, this just takes things to a whole new level.

You can’t waste any time, but you can’t be negligent towards yourself either. So what should you do? The last thing you need is to feel uneasy because of your clothes. A fabulous plus size top should make your day better and give you a boost of confidence knowing that whatever you will have to deal with, you will look great while you are at it.

With Perfectly Priscilla’s online boutique you can shop for plus size tops from the comfort of your home or you could shop from your mobile phone when you are at a café, waiting for the kids at soccer practice, or when you have a break at work. Thankfully, we spend a great deal of time picking out plus size outfits for you. This means you don’t have to spend a lot of time browsing the site for plus size clothing tops. Just look at some of the beautiful plus size tops we offer, order them and have them conveniently shipped to you. You deserve to have wonderful clothes and get them in no time!

Clothes aren’t only meant to cover and keep you warm. They should make your day better. Shopping should be fun! We are here to help you have an enjoyable shopping experience and to have the most stunning plus size tops! If you have just a few minutes available, you can browse quickly and just pick the designs you like as you have the guarantee that they will fit right. If there is no time pressure, you can relax and explore the options to decide which of them you would like most and even create outfits for certain days or special occasions.

Types of Plus Size Tops Sold By Perfectly Priscilla

3/4 Length

3/4 length tops are perfect for colder days or summer evenings. They liberate you from the hassle of rolling up your sleeves when you are warm. There are women who simply don’t like to switch to a rather sporty look by doing that. Also, if you have children that you have to manage every second, you know how convenient this length can be! Some of these plus size tops for women are long enough to be worn with leggings, while others can be matched with skirts or jeans. The choice is yours, we have plenty of alternatives!

The key material is the lovely rayon, which is well-known for being a more affordable alternative to silk. You get that super soft silky touch without breaking the bank! You deserve lovely materials that just gently touch your skin and allow you to carry on with any task. We sometimes mix rayon with spandex to add more stretchiness to form-fitting tops. We know that comfort is incredibly important! Our plus size top designs are never boring as some ladies like a touch of boldness to their outfit. Some plus size tops for women have a longer back than front or some have asymmetrical sides to create a slightly nonconventional look. Other tops have complex printed details to create an astonishing effect.


Some women still don’t know about bandeaus and their benefits. But they can be one of your best allies so don’t miss out! They are really easy to wear and can prevent some of the most frequently encountered wardrobe malfunctions that can make anyone blush. That means you have one less concerning problem to think of throughout the day!

Don’t you hate it when you have a sheer blouse, and everyone can see the details of your bra? The item might be nice, but it’s way too transparent. Maybe you even avoid wearing that one because you feel too exposed, or you think it might be regarded to be inappropriate by some people.

How about strapless bras? Some tops really require such a bra, but wearing one makes you worry. You constantly fear that it might fall off, and you’ll have to face a really embarrassing situation. And frankly, you have every right to worry as throughout the day, your bra might not stay in place.

Our bandeaus are made of 92% nylon and 8% spandex. It stretches nicely so it will support and cover your bust area but you won’t even feel they are there! It is one clothing item that might become your new all-time favorite so don’t hesitate to try it! Check them out!


When the weather is chilly, you have to layer a bit. But this doesn’t mean that you should forget about being stylish!

Our beautiful Perfectly Priscilla plus size cardigans and vests are there to keep you warm and help you stay classy even when the weather is not that friendly. They can change the whole look of your outfit or be a piece of the puzzle.

These plus-size tops can make a really big difference in more than one way. It is important to know that, apart from being very fashionable, they are very practical for women who are sensitive to weather changes. Their soft material embraces the body nicely so you can keep warm and stay away from any unpleasant pain. Here is a secret: you can use these clothing items to create new and interesting outfits! You can pair them up with anything just to spice up your outfit a bit.

They can feature fun patterns and prints such as bohemian themes, stripes or the famous cheetah print that everyone wants to try. You might discover a new style so don’t shy away from experimenting! We have denim jackets that stop at your torso and reveal your lovely curves, as well as knee-long cardigans that can change your entire outfit and help you emphasize your remarkable fashion sense. So, which one will you go for?

You can choose the middle solution and opt for a tunic that only covers your back. We have a plethora of plus size tops for women everywhere, and we even added some amazing details to make our clothing even more charming!

Sexy Tops

Who doesn’t want to be sexy? Here at our boutique, you can find the plus size tops that will astonish you! They are so flattering that they will make you look like a million bucks and feel like a diva! Remember that sexiness is a state of mind. When you are wearing the right clothes, you’ll connect with your fabulous side. All of our plus size tops are meant to be first and foremost classy. The tops in this category are no exception. They add a bit of extra sassiness, but they preserve that stylish appearance that any graceful woman wants.

Short Sleeves

When summer kicks in, you don’t have to stick to oversize tops just to prevent excessive sweating and to stay comfortable. You might be tempted to do so, but now we came to the rescue! As long as you pick a high-quality brand such as Perfectly Priscilla, you can enjoy lovely plus size clothing tops without worrying that you will suffer from heat. Regardless of your preference regarding tops, the short sleeves sure have their special place as they are useful anywhere and nearly any time.

We handpicked the best materials for our short sleeves. Better yet, we designed fun tops that will make your day even brighter. We enjoyed creating them, and we want you to enjoy wearing them too!

If you spend the day just hanging out with your friends and family, T-shirts are ideal. They are extra cozy and perfect for a barbecue, doing household chores or relaxing. There are times when you can give yourself a break. Then it’s T-shirt time! Put aside highly sophisticated tops for a bit. When you wear them again, you will like them even more!

Off the Shoulder Plus Size Tops for Women

Planning to go out? The off the shoulders tops will give you a romantic look that everyone will admire. The stretchy band allows you to adjust the shoulders as you wish so that you won’t encounter any issue throughout the day. Some also have straps that totally prevent them from slipping.

These tops are inspired choices for women who want to look trendy and feminine without dressing up too much. If you love jeans and can’t stand wearing dresses, these off the shoulders tops are the best way to reveal your femininity and stay as comfortable as possible. Going for details like lace or crochet allows you to wear them when you have to attend very special occasions too.

Have you ever tried an off the shoulder plus size top? If not, this is the time to do so! You might sometimes want to reveal a bit, but not too much. But how much is too much? Let go of that dilemma by using our plus size clothing  tops, which bring an intriguing angle to your outfit. A bit of skin here and there and you will sure make an impression with your interesting choice. A bit of lace can add a vintage glamor even to a solid color top. Not to mention that the level of classiness will reach new records!


Forget everything you know about tanks. You might have used ones that rolled so badly that you would have to adjust them all the time. Not to mention that they might have looked unflattering or caused irritations due to poor quality materials. Maybe you have given up on them because of this.

But that’s definitely not how tanks should be, and we have the perfect ones to prove this! Our plus size top tanks are made of excellent materials so they will stay in place properly until you decide it’s time to go to bed.

Summer’s heat can be unforgiving, but we have the smart ways to fight it! Our tanks are comfy, flowy and always flattering for your body. The designs are diversified so we offer from classic black tops to cute wide strap camis or colorful blouses that will bring the summer breeze even on a rainy day!

They won’t wrinkle or roll so you won’t go through the unpleasant situation of being forced to adjust them constantly. The colors are dazzling. Apart from the ‘oldies but goldies,' black or blue, we included tangerine, dark mint, taupe, oyster or blush. How’s that for a change? The generous range of shades gives you amazing freedom of choice!

Many women use tank tops all year long as they represent the basics of layering! They are unlined, and the combination nylon-spandex ensures maximum comfort.

Tunic Length Tops

These plus-size tops are must-haves in your wardrobe! They are lightweight and will be the centerpiece of your outfit. Practical and versatile, they save you lots of time when preparing to go out. Just grab one of these with your favorite jeans and you are ready to go in a snap!

Tunic Plus Size Tops

Tunic length tops are particularly useful for busy ladies who can’t afford to waste any time in front of their closet thinking what they should wear. If you combine them with a pair of boots and leggings, you will certainly look modern and youthful every single time.

You will have more time to spend with your loved ones, and your level of trendiness will go through the roof! All women dream of easy picks and lovely clothing items. You can have this in a snap!

Perfectly Priscilla got really creative here. You have memorable patterns and color combinations from which to choose. When it comes to detailing, we included the fanciest ones such as crochet or lacey details. Fans of old Hollywood and vintage clothing will absolutely love these insertions! They have the power to change the entire item and to make it look like a luxury item. Though the clothes follow the latest fashion trends, they inject a bit of that timeless old-school glamor! Moreover, we got a bit bolder and added some that you might have never seen before such as little pom poms. That’s sure a bright way to have a bit of color on a tunic!

Some tunics integrate daring, colorful patterns into solid colors, making them a visual delight. The two distinct parts balance one another and form a piece to remember! Having fashion masterpieces that will make you stand out can really improve your mood! At the end of the day, you will be glad that you wore such a great piece!

These plus size tops are great for layering! In the colder days, you can easily add a vest or a cardigan. A solid colored one will look amazing with a colorful or boho chic vest, while decorated tops can be matched nicely with a kimono.

If you love to wear high heels, tunics will be a great addition to your wardrobe as they are casual enough, yet they have that smart look that will make them appropriate for work too. The simple designs are sure bets for formal occasions, while the heavily adorned ones are stunning on a night out. For casual outfits, you can stick to less pattern and more solid color.

Which Top for Which Body Type?

A Perfectly Priscilla plus size top is created with utmost care in order to look flattering for any curvy lady. The materials caress your skin and stretch so nicely that they adjust to your body better than you ever thought. Show your body some love by choosing designs that are dedicated to plus size women and you will see the difference!

Let’s face it: every woman feels great about some body parts and has a few doubts concerning others. Sometimes these doubts have no real foundation at all. However, they might still be on your mind. If you are not completely confident about something, choose a top that camouflages it discreetly. Then you can just forget about it and feel excellent throughout the day! All of our plus size tops are made of the highest quality materials, and they will make your body look more amazing than ever. They might even boost back your confidence levels in case they are not at their best now, and that sure is a great bonus!

Having full breasts might seem to be a real blessing, but when you go shopping, it might not seem like it. Finding the ideal plus size top for any season and for all of your curves is not such an easy task. Often you had to choose between beauty and convenience. Most plus size tops for women are either uncomfortable or downright baggy.

Women who don’t want to emphasize their bust area can go for off the shoulders loose tops or high necklines. If the heat is over the top, you can go for a more generous round neckline. When the weather is cold, you can even go for a poncho with a loose turtleneck or a neckline that buttons in the back.

Flowy tops compliment your body and make you feel at peace with your tummy area. They take off a few extra pounds from a visual point of view, helping you feel great in your own skin. Also, this style can keep away any distress caused by tight materials. You’ll only feel the confidence they give you and nothing else!

The 3/4 length tops are the best for women with broader shoulders as they elongate and slim the figure. The same applies for tunics, particularly for patterned ones. Though they are pretty form-fitting, they don’t emphasize any body part.

Colors and Patterns Sold by Perfectly Priscilla

Some ladies like bright, bold colors. Others prefer pale or darker ones. More often than not, women like to have various colors and patterns in their wardrobe. We know that so we provide a wide variety of colors and patterns so that you can pick anything you feel like wearing and each one is a great outfit choice. The outfit can be adjusted according to the occasion, season, personality or mood. There are no boundaries here! The world of colors and patterns is so versatile that the sky is the limit. Perfectly Priscilla provides plus size tops for all the ladies. You are different, so we offer you all the options you might like.

We got you covered, whether you like fun, colorful tops, or you have to follow a dress code at work. Moreover, we thought of some designs that mix the best of two worlds so that you can dress according to the occasion without having to stick to a dull outfit. Many ladies like to keep things simple and prefer plain colors, so our modern plus size tops for women feature black, pink and everything in between. There is no shortage of options. 

Our floral tops are colorful and feminine, just right to reveal your grace every time. If you want to maximize the effect, take into account colors like wine, cream or pink. You don’t need a special occasion to look lovely. Every day is a gift, and a pretty floral top can cheer you up!

Patterns and the details can make any solid color top unique. Ruffles, crochet, and houndstooth patterned wrap are just a few examples of what we can do with one or two colors. These details are little pleasures of life, which can make your day beautiful and mesmerize anyone you meet. Who doesn’t want to dress like a fashion icon? Now you can! Perfectly Priscilla is here to help you get the loveliest clothing items available on the market! You deserve to enjoy flattering clothes and an excellent shopping experience. Shopping has never been so enjoyable! When you know that all the patterns and designs are created for plus size women, you know you’ve come to the right place. The right plus size top can redefine your opinion about fashion. If you overlooked the power of smart clothes, now you will see the difference!

If you want to bring a smile on people’s faces and make their day better, go for our fun message T-shirts. They have that extra twist that makes a girl cooler than ever, not to mention that some of them feature football themes. 

Some ladies like magic and mystery. The Aztec patterns are perfect for those who love bold and fun patterns. There is no better way to look mysterious than to use those intriguing patterns. When you want just a touch of extra style, you can go for tops that combine plain colors with Aztec symbols.

How about plaid? You won’t believe how chic it can be! Modern women are intelligent and think outside of the box, so we like to give a twist even to old-fashioned patterns. Plaid is just one of them! Check out all of them!

When you want to be the center of attention, go for a diamond pattern as it is eye-catching and people simply can’t look away from it. We blended colors that create a soothing effect and lovely visuals, so you don’t have to worry that you will go overboard.

We have plus size tops for women who want to feel like queens too! Our royal motifs integrate smoothly so your appearance will definitely be a hit. They are sophisticated and can make any lady look like a high-class diva. They work like a charm when you want to make an impression, or you have a pretty important event to attend.

Perfectly Priscilla offers fresh alternatives in terms of colors. We have tangerine, mauve, oyster, mustard, burgundy and all the other shades that you’ve always wanted to wear! Sure, you might have a few favorites already.

But why shouldn’t you try something original like an unusual pattern or a new color? Our boutique is your playground so feel free to discover magnificent plus size tops! Use it to express your unique personality!

When you go for a very bold pattern or powerful color for your plus size top, it is wise to keep the rest of the outfit neutral. Whether you go for lighter or darker shades, remember to tone down in order to achieve a fashionable balance. We provide suggestions and vibrant pictures of outfits in case you need them!

You can look and feel outstanding all the time! Most importantly, you deserve it! So don’t compromise! Get the specially designed Perfectly Priscilla plus size tops for women and you will never look back!

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