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Plus-Size Bottoms

Does it seem like you always need new bottoms to go with your cute-as-a-button Perfectly Priscilla tops? Our designers are ready to wow you with full-figured bottoms designed specifically for ladies with curves.

Choose from a variety of bottoms that will flatter your derriere and legs beautifully from waist to toe.

1. Curvy Shorts

Show off those gorgeous legs in a new pair of shorts for the summer or just to hang around the house. From frilly and flouncy to sleek and sophisticated, shorts are must-have bottoms for any fashionista. Look for the most comfortable versions of trendy shorts among our full-figured bottoms.

2. Show-Off Leggings

You should be proud of your body, and the leggings you find at Perfectly Priscilla will help you have the confidence to step out in style. Remember that you are not locked into black leggings, no matter what you see among your friends. Leggings come in all colors and patterns. Live it up with these plus-sized bottoms just begging for an opportunity to be part of your next big look.

3. Sassy Jeggings

The birth of the jegging was truly a game-changer for those of us who love style! By mixing the comfort of leggings with the sculpted look of denim jeans, jeggings offer the best of all worlds. Find jeggings that lay flat against your curves, hugging you in the most beautiful ways you can imagine. Jeggings go well with a variety of tops, including tunics and long sweaters.

4. Fun Rompers

Although a romper is essentially a top with built-in shorts, it can serve as a full-figured bottom if you layer it with a vest, cardigan, shrug or wrap. Rompers give off a youthful, energetic vibe. Expect to get tons of compliments when you wear yours out and about.

5. Cropped Pants

Cropped pants and capris allow just a peek of your ankles, which is surprisingly seductive and attractive. In fact, the length of a cropped pant can make your legs look significantly longer, especially if you pair them with heeled shoes or wedge sandals. Cropped pants are terrific for business attire that is both fashionable and feminine while remaining conservative.

6. Tried-and-True Jeans

You won't need to search high and low find jeans to flatter your curves at Perfectly Priscilla. All our jeans and other plus-size bottoms are designed to hug your hips, stomach and thighs in the most appealing ways. They fit like a charm and give you the confidence you need to add sizzle to your style. Look for distressed jeans for a truly trendy touch.

7. Exciting Jumpsuits

Like rompers, jumpsuits have bottoms built right in. Choose from a variety of jumpsuit patterns, including solids, stripes and florals. Show off your sophistication and positivity in a power jumpsuit made to love your curves.

8. Sweet Skirts

The skirt is a favorite among ladies searching for full-figured bottoms. From skirts offering streamlined fits to flared skirt options with tons of fabric, Perfectly Priscilla has the skirts you want to complete your look. Take your tops from laid back to elegant by switching leggings or pants for the right skirt.

Excited yet for all the opportunities to turn up your style? Order full-figured bottoms from Perfectly Priscilla today and have them shipped right to your door. Your best fashion years are to come with a little help from our online boutique.

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