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Buy Latest Styles for Curvy Women

Are you a woman who's proud of your curves or looking for a better way to show off your body? When you're shopping for sizes and styles to suit your shape, sometimes chain stores and big brands don't carry the kind of clothing to make you feel confident. You want trendy, tasteful clothing to show off your style, fit comfortably and flatter your figure — but where can you shop trendy clothes fit for curvy women?

At Perfectly Priscilla, we know exactly what works for your body and your style. With an understanding of plus-sized fashion and a finger on all the latest trendy styles, we offer the perfect trends and the perfect fit for full-figured women from sizes 10 to 26. From jeans and jumpers to stylish dresses and swimsuits, we make sure you can find and buy the latest styles for plus-sized bodies.

Looking for some advice on what to wear and when? We'll help you figure out which of the latest curvy styles to shop.

What Length Dress Is Right for Your Event?

When you're looking for the right dress for an occasion or event, you want what you wear to flatter your figure and fit the occasion. What dress length is appropriate for the setting you're dressing for? This guide will help you pick out the trendiest plus-size dress for every place you go:

  • The Office: When you're dressing for work, you want to maintain a mid-sized length that offers just the right balance between casual and formal. While a dress that falls below the knees can appear elegant and feminine, this length can also be overly flowy or Bohemian. At the same time, a dress that falls above your knees is too casual for the workplace and isn't appropriate. Whether you're dressing for a formal or casual workplace, choosing a knee-length dress with a tasteful cut is your best option for the office.
  • Casual Events: When you're keeping it casual with your dress, you have a variety of options. If the weather is warm and you're feeling confident, you can rock a short-sleeved dress or sundress that falls above the knees. If you're feeling beachy or flowy, show off your inner goddess in a maxi dress. If you're not comfortable with either extreme, a midi dress is always a trendy-tasteful pick for any casual occasion.
  • Formal Settings: Whether you're attending a banquet or a formal dinner, you want to be able to flaunt your legs and figure in a way that's tasteful and classy. Sheath dresses and pencil skirts that fall just below the knees are the most ideal for formal occasions. Follow the dress code, and if there are no dress regulations, make sure the dress covers your thighs for a sleek look.
  • Parties: Because parties are an informal occasion, the dress style you choose is totally up to you! If you're attending a staff party or holiday party, try to keep the length to your knees to keep it a little more tasteful.
  • Weddings: When you're attending a wedding, you want to be both elegant and relatively formal. For this occasion, a flowy below-the-knee or midi dress will look both stylish and somewhat modest.

What Shoes to Wear With Your Dress

When you've picked out the perfect dress, how do you know what shoes to pair it with? Here are a few shoe styles that go perfectly with dresses:

  • Heels: For formal occasions, a classic pump is the perfect way to offset a tasteful dress. Pair your heels of choice with your knee-length, midi or below-the-knee dress for weddings, formal settings and the office.
  • Booties: When the occasion falls somewhere between formal and casual, booties are a great way to give your outfit an extra kick. Wear your favorite booties with midi, knee-length or above-the-knee dresses for a sassy or sweet look.
  • Wedge Sandals: These leg-shaping shoes are perfect for casual summer occasions. Wedge sandals look especially flattering with flowy sundresses, whether they're ankle-length or above-the-knee.
  • Flats: As another all-purpose shoe option, flats are a shoe you can wear for formal and casual occasions alike. Pair them with any length of dress for a simple but sophisticated look.

Shop the Latest Styles for Curvy Women at Perfectly Priscilla

When you're looking for the latest styles for a plus-sized body, Perfectly Priscilla has all the trends to keep you confident in your body and your clothing. From a variety of plus-sized dresses to shoes, tops, bottoms and more, we offer only the best in curvy clothing for your lifestyle. Shop our new arrivals online today to find your next perfect fit. 

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