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Collection: Graphic Tees

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Plus-Size Tees

No woman's wardrobe is complete without a bevy of plus-sized tees to choose from. Perfectly Priscilla makes it easy to find the full-figured t-shirts you want that are designed expertly for your hourglass shape.

How to Style Graphic Tees

What is a graphic curvy tee? Essentially, it is any t-shirt that rocks a pattern. For instance, you might see a graphic tee featuring a feminine floral design. On the other hand, a bohemian, eclectic tie-dyed plus-size t-shirt can also fall into the "graphic tees" category.

Many ladies who have never worn graphic tees before are perplexed when it comes to making them part of a look. Below are some ideal ways to incorporate a graphic t-shirt into your overall style:

  • Make the graphic tee the focal point. Instead of using your t-shirt as a background player in your outfit, allow it to have center stage. Make sure your bottoms, jewelry and other accessories all complement the curvy tee for a unified look that features the graphics.
  • Allow your graphic tee to contrast with your other items. Throwing a curveball is not just for the baseball diamond! Imagine the way a graphic tee could take a party skirt and heels to the next level. Show off a bit of your wild side by partnering a graphic tee with some unusual bottoms, such as elegant satiny trousers or a sleek pencil skirt.
  • Use the graphic tee as a layered piece. Your full-figured tees may have a pattern, but you are not obligated to reveal the entire thing. Graphic tees can make stellar layering items, allowing them to become part of an ensemble without stealing the show.

How to Style Plain T-Shirts

The plain t-shirt may be one bold color or colored blocked in some modest way, but it can still shine in its own right! In fact, plain t-shirts offer you tons of possibilities when you put together your favorite new looks:

  • Add a pop of color to neutral bottoms and sweaters. Is everything else in your outfit a neutral shade, such as black, white, gray, tan or brown? Plain plus-size tees give you a pop of brightness to change up the mood in an instant.
  • Be casual without tossing style out the window. Forget about going outside without being totally put together. The right plain curvy tee will hug your body and allow you to look your best every day. Casual never looked so sophisticated or pretty!
  • Create a sense of whimsy and fun. You may be wearing funky leggings, sassy shorts or a frilly skirt. Use a plus-size tee in a complementary or contrasting color to elevate the look with freshness and youth. Energy abounds when you play around with a curvy tee in a soft, comfy fabric like cotton or a cotton-poly mix.

Remember the Accessories With Your Full-Figured Tees

Plain plus-sized tee? Graphic tee? Be sure to boost your style with the right accessories! From jewelry to hats and everything in between, your t-shirt can look differently depending on your choices. Want to be a rockstar? Add heels, a cocktail ring and dangling earrings to a graphic t-shirt and black leggings. In the mood to show off your figure? Grab a belt to give your roomy t-shirt a more defined waistline.

At Perfectly Priscilla, we have the plus-size tees and accessories you want to switch up any outfit in a minute. Start browsing our collections today!

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