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Boutique Jewelry

Have you fallen in love with jewelry as a way to accent your signature looks? At Perfectly Priscilla, our collection of boutique jewelry, including necklaces, earrings, scarves and more, is just what you need to bring out your inner fashionista.

Enjoy shopping from anywhere and order your favorite boutique jewelry online. Remember that orders over $75 always receive free shipping as a special bonus.

How to Use Accessories to Dress up Your Outfits

The right accessories can change the attitude of any outfit. However, figuring out which ones make perfect sense for your ensemble can seem challenging at first.

To help you use boutique jewelry and accessories to elevate your style, follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Give yourself the best vantage point to see how various jewelry will pair with an outfit. Just lay your completed outfit on a flat surface such as your bed. That way, you can start adding your accent items one by one to get a visual of whether they enhance the garment's appearance.
  2. Test out neckline-related accessories before any others. This could be a boutique necklace or scarf. Why look at these types of accessories initially? They will be the closest to the fabric in your top, tunic, dress, romper or jumpsuit. Plus, they can make picking other jewelry such as earrings more streamlined because you can use the necklace or scarf as a guide.
  3. Try to avoid over-layering when possible. This can mean picking between a boutique scarf or a necklace. Often, both items are unnecessary and may draw attention away from one another.
  4. Take the "less is more" rule to heart, but be open to breaking it. In most cases, wearing just one or two signature boutique jewelry pieces at the same time makes sense. Still, if you feel like you just have to mix and match, do it with pleasure and confidence! You may just start a bold new trend.
  5. Consider wearing multiple necklaces at once. Having trouble deciding if you want a long necklace or a choker? Nothing says you have to leave one at home. As long as they go together and work with your fashionable ensemble, be bold with your selections.

Making Boutique Jewelry the Focal Point of Any Outfit

While most women base their outfits on a dress, a top, bottoms or shoes, they should also feel free to create a look around a boutique jewelry item.

What would that look like in practice? Take the case of a pair of feathery earrings in pink. Obviously, the feathery design echos nature, and the hue is quite romantic. Knowing this, you could then pick out a top that carries those themes. That could translate to a floral tunic or a solid rose tank top. From that point, choose bottoms that will complement the top and the earrings, as well as footwear. Finally, add any other boutique jewelry items or accessories like sunglasses.

Your goal when giving jewelry the center stage is to make outfit decisions based on the jewelry itself. You do not have to match colors or designs, but try to uncover the general personality and tone of the jewelry item. This a fun way to challenge your inner fashionista as well as give you fresh insights into how to mix and match the wardrobe pieces you already own.

You'll find a variety of amazing boutique jewelry and other accessories at Perfectly Priscilla. Start shopping today!

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