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Plus Size Casual Dresses and Plus Size Summer Dresses

Shop for plus size casual dresses online at Perfectly Priscilla where you’ll find trend casual plus-size dresses and summer dresses to suit your signature style! Welcome to a bold new realm of plus size dresses and sundresses for bodacious, full-figured women!

Perfectly Priscilla will help you rock a sexy summer sundress whether you’re going to be spending a day at a resort or at a BBQ with friends. We offer a varied selection of summer sundresses for plus size women to help you stay cool, casual and glamorous with a touch of Southern charm! Shop all of our plus-size fashion online today! We also have many plus size women’s clothing available in our clearance sale page. 


Looking for a dress that’s casual but still endearing and ok to get sand on? You can let your hair down in a plus size sundress, soak up the rays, or dip your feet in the cool seaside water as you stroll along the beach with a glass of Pinot Grigio in your hand, all without fretting over spills and stains.

In fact, if you’re not smiling in a sundress, you’re wearing it wrong! You can feel like a real southern belle in one and you wouldn’t be the first to be transformed by its charm. Elizabeth Taylor, Katherine Hepburn, Charlize Theron, Lady Diana, Oprah Winfrey – some of the world’s most powerful and glamorous females - have graced us with their presence in an elegant sundress. Plus size casual dresses can be as beautiful as well more formal dresses. How you feel in a dress is as important as it looks. If you feel beautiful and confident, then you send out positive vibes to others and they will notice your cheery energy!


Visit the ancient Egyptian display at any museum and you’re sure to come across beautiful wall paintings of slim, elegant, lavishly bejeweled women in long, close-fitting garments made of light, breezy fabrics that flutter in the slightest breeze. Picture Cleopatra, queen of the Nile, lounging with her Roman lover, Antony, on a papyrus barge in 100 degrees Fahrenheit weather.

Ok, the Egyptians didn’t exactly invent the sundress, but the concept of a simple, functional elegant dress that wraps around the body or hangs lightly from the shoulders was there in bold relief. Worn by royalty and commoners alike, this simple item of clothing was worn for centuries with little change and could be found throughout the ancient Mediterranean world in one form or another, from the Greek ‘peplos’ dress to the long Roman ‘stola’, made of silk or cotton. Relieve ancient traditions and customs with plus size casual dresses from Perfectly Priscilla.

Throughout the Middle Ages (10th – 16th century AD), European women of means had little in the way of apparel selection and were always covered when they left their homes. The sundress was unknown throughout medieval times but in sub-Saharan Africa, commoners and royalty alike wore vibrant wraps of cotton and silk known as kente clothe, which featured bold geometric patterns in bright colors. Some were sleeveless and strapless, held up by an elaborate sash. They were extremely comfortable and practical for work and play. The style made sense in tropical climates and you’ll find many of the plus size sundresses offered here at Perfectly Priscilla Boutique were inspired by a Caribbean theme.

Victorians of the 19th century, both in North America and Europe, couldn’t have imagined wearing an item as revealing as a sundress under any circumstance. Full length dresses, corsets, frills, puffy sleeves and wire crinolines were all part of an elaborate ensemble designed to maintain a woman’s virture, even on a hot day! During this period, Romanticism was an artistic movement that impacted fashion as well, introducing lavish fabrics, lace and sumptuous layers. Women were idealized subjects in art, poetry and music, but it wasn’t until the women’s suffrage movement in the 1920’s that women slowly began to reclaim possession of their own bodies and peel back the layers.

In modern times, the sundress has undergone very little change in form since antiquity but women have returned to its classic look time and again. Popularized in the 60’s by American fashion designers, sundresses have been worn for decades by movie stars, models and celebrities. Simple, flowing, clean lines are made vibrant by bold colorful tones and prints to give the sundress its timeless, classic look. A sundress says elegance and fun, high society, tennis games and country clubs. Almost every woman has at least one in her wardrobe. They don’t go out of style because they’re so practical in hot weather, which makes them a great investment and a must-have for your collection. Check out Perfectly Priscilla’s plus size casual dresses and plus size summer dresses. Purchase your favorites today!

A Girl Named Lilly

It might be tempting to overlook the plus size sundress as too simple, and no one would call it a mind-blowing design but the sundresses’ emergence and popularity can be traced to the bold initiative of an unassuming American housewife. Her story stands as an inspiring example of girl power.

Lilly Pulitzer (1931- 2013), an unlikely heroine, wasn’t always a fashion designer. Born Lilly McKim to an oil heiress, she grew up in New York City among socialites in the 1940’s, but after dropping out of college after only one semester, it didn’t seem like she was on the road to making history.

Lilly settled in Palm Beach, Florida with her husband, an orange grove farmer. Tired of staining her dresses with orange juice at the stand she owned, Lilly created a practical design that could hide the stains. The result, after a few attempts, was a sleeveless cotton shift with a colorful floral print to camouflage all that orange pulp. Lined with lace seam bindings as well, her female customers went ga-ga over the dress and a light bulb went on in her head. She ditched the orange juice stand and by 1959 she was the president of Lilly Pulitzer, Inc.

After folks got a look at Jacqueline Onassis (a former classmate of Lily’s) on the cover of Life Magazine in one of Lilly’s simple designs, the dress became known as a ‘Jacqueline’ and caught on soon after with other social elites. Lily didn’t invent the sundress but her simple collections helped establish a new aesthetic in women’s fashion that continues to this day. You can still find plus size sundresses inspired by Lilly Pulitzer. Perfectly Priscilla sells plus size summer dresses that are colourful and vibrant like the Jacqueline dress. The collection consists of plus size short dresses, plus size dresses with sleeves of varying lengths, and plus size summer dresses without sleeves – similar to the Jacqueline.

Southern Charm and Sophistication

Mention Southern charm and immediately images of a youthful Scarlet O’Hara gazing longingly at the distant sienna horizon come to my mind for most people. For decades, Southern charm and hospitality has impacted American culture and fashion, from literature to photography, film and fashion. Civility, decadence, grace and manners are indeed attributes of the traditional Southern belle as she’s been depicted in novels and movies, but let’s not forget her strength, independence, and courage. From the White House to the orange groves and golden beaches of the turbulent, simmering American south, the Southern belle has left a distinct impression on just about any girl. And while our tastes have moved well beyond brocaded silk corsets, frilled pantalettes and a dainty parasol, a plus size casual dress, sundress or summer dress with simple lines and flowing contours that flatter your shapeliness still exudes the essence of Southern charm. Check out Perfectly Priscilla’s summer dresses for plus size to express your beauty, courage, independence and creative spirit.

At Perfect Priscilla Boutique, our ambition is to give plus size women sundresses that exude the glamour and sophistication of a Southern belle at the height of her success.


Sundresses combine a skirt and blouse look into one seamless form. They can be found in varying lengths, from knee-high, three-quarter length to ankle-length but you’ll be hard pressed to find a full-length sundress proper. There are, however a variety of sleeve options, from plus size dresses with sleeves to plus size dresses without sleeves, there are a variety of beautiful options to suit your needs and preferred styles. Naturally, the loose-fitting and lightweight texture of a sundress makes it the centre piece of any ensemble. Bulky coats, heavy jackets or sweaters should be avoided when you’re wearing one. Jean jackets and light cardigans go well with plus size casual dresses. Accessories like a beautiful silk scarf, tasteful sunglasses, or sunhat can add just the right amount of sophistication and glamour to your image. Choosing the right plus size sundress for you just takes some forethought.

At Perfectly Priscilla Boutique, you’ll find plus size sundresses in a range of classic, elegant styles that are also chic and trendy. If you’re shopping for a plus size sundress to wow people at your next pool party, explore our selection and get inspired. Think about the type of event when considering whether to go bold or restrained, and, above all, go with your gut reaction. A plus size casual dress should make you feel fabulous and beautiful all over. Plus size sundresses are uplifting and put a smile on your face.

Knee-length Sundresses

Knee-length sundresses are the most popular kind. They’re unlined to make them cooler and more lightweight, and are made typically of an acrylic and cotton blend. It’s best to wash them in cold water by hand because they’re so delicate. They cut off just above the knees so if the weather is a little cool, a sheer dress extension is also an option. A pair of booties or ankle strap, open-toe shoes will draw attention to your shapely legs. You want to keep your footwear light but sexy. A tasteful floral print or vibrant monochrome shade (red, violet, green) depends on the occasion. Generally, you want to go monochromatic if the event is semi-formal, or if you just want to keep it simple, while more lively patterns and prints are best for festive outdoor occasions when you feel upbeat and breezy! You’ll have no trouble dancing in a knee-length sundress that falls gracefully around your figure. Pay special attention to the hemline as well. Horizontal lines always capture the eye and subtle detailing in lace or brocaded patterns really add a touch of class. Cascading frills or pleated bottoms that flare out gracefully as you move make will make your movements seem lighter and give you an almost sprite-like aura. Get started now and explore our gallery of plus size short dresses for one that suits you!

Long Sleeve Sundresses

If you’re spending a day on the yacht where there’s a steady cool breeze and temperatures fall after sunset, a long sleeve sundress is a great option. It offers great protection from harmful UV rays and the light fabric breathes, so you won’t be drenched in your own sweat. Bell sleeves are cute and youthful. See if one of our cute bell sleeve sundresses in plus sizes is right for you – right now!

Belted Sundresses

Trimming the appearance of your midriff can be done with a belted sundress. The right belt positioned properly will give your figure an alluring shape, leaving observers with the impression of shapely thighs and hips, hallmarks of feminine sexuality. You want to wear it just above your waistline so that it fits similar to a corset. The curving line from your lower rib to your hips will give the impression of an elongated midriff. A thin black leather belt is best for this effect. Keep it simple. Colorful sashes, tied in a neat bow, are also a great idea for adding some flair. Check out our accessories or browse through our selection of plus size sundresses now!

Shoulder-strap Sundresses

Thin shoulder straps that frame your bust line are a classic feature of the early sundress popularized in the 60’s and you’ll find most stores carry a version of these, along with broader versions. Shoulder-straps are obviously more revealing than sleeves and are perfect for showing off your bronze tan. Thin shoulder-straps paired with fierce black heels exude sex appeal and a carefree attitude. If you’re sporting a shortened coif the broader version leaves the impression of a symmetrical shoulder line framed by your collarbone. Very fetching too! Simple elegant jewelrylike a teardrop pendant or studded earrings can be the icing on the cake. View our selection of sundresses with shoulder-straps and order one today.

High-low Cut Sundress

A diamond shaped hem that rises in the front slightly above the knee, while falling ceremoniously to the ankles in the bank makes the high-low cut a style that stands out on its own. It’s chic, sexy and alluring in all the right ways. You can show off your killer calves and flash a pair of pumps or open-toe heels, even a cute pair of booties in suede or leather. High-low cut sundresses are perfect summer dresses for plus size.

Full-length Sundress

If you’re going for glamorous, knock ‘em dead gorgeous, then a full-length sundress at your next formal outdoor party will definitely have people talking. These dresses for women are designed to flatter your figure from head to toe, the light fabric hangs loosely as it falls, flowing as you move. You’ll look lighter on your feet and feel it too! A tasteful pair of leather gladiator sandals will give you the air of a Greek goddess treading the clouds on her rosy heels at dawn. Heels can be tricky, as the lengthy fabric can get caught when going up or down a flight of stairs so consider carefully where and what you’ll be dong in it before you decide.


It’s easy to go overboard with accessories but a few tasteful choices can elevate your outfit from Lady Gaga level to First Lady status. The great thing about a sundress is that less is better. Keeping it simple with your accessories will keep your stunning sundress the focal point of your ensemble. After all, its flowing and lightweight design is meant to flatter your figure and put you in the spotlight so don’t distract with unnecessary, glaring pieces.


Belts come in so many variations but generally, you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a chastity belt, right? A thin leather belt in just about any color, worn just above the waistline, can elongate your midriff. Wider belts with simple clasps can also be a great choice if you want to add sex appeal to your outfit.


A colorful sash made of silk or satin can be tied in a bow and shifted off-centre, above the pelvis area. Your sash should sit just above your waist to give the appearance of a longer midriff.


Go with open toe, gladiator sandals, booties, or pumps when you’re sporting a sundress. Heavy boots or knee-high is the opposite of easy breezy. The lightweight fabric of a sundress allows for flowing gestures as you move. Walking should be easy and unencumbered. High heels can be a problem if you’re going up or downstairs. And freshly manicured, painted toe nails are a must if you’re going to pull off a sundress with conviction.


Think simple and classic when considering jewelry as part of your sundress outfit. A pendant or thin necklace can be subtle additions. Studs, hoops, or hanging earrings are all great options for a nice accessory. For women with shortened coifs, hanging earrings can give the appearance of a longer neck and studs of any kind are so chic!

To browse our accessory collection, please go to the accessories page. Have fun!


Sundresses have been popular since the 60’s and they’re so versatile that every woman should have at least one in her closet. With so many styles of sundresses to choose from, it’s important to consider carefully the occasion before deciding. Should you go with plus size dresses with sleeves or should you go sleeveless? Three-quarter length sleeves or long-sleeves? High-low cut or knee-high? Open back or plunging V-neck? Here are a few pointers fashion tips that will help you make the right choice.

    1. Formal Occasions

      If you’re attending an outdoor wedding, posh movie premier or outdoor fundraising gala, a knee-high, plus size sundress with a sheer dress extension worn underneath can be ideal. It’s light, breezy and allows you to flaunt your bodacious figure with class. Long sleeves give a more conservative look, while long bell sleeves make you appear youthful. Thin straps are elegant and you’ll want to wear strapped heels to give you that chic, sophisticated appeal. Strong monochrome colors, black, white or shades of gray are ideal.

    2. Semi-Formal Occasions

      Lighter, monochromatic colors or geometric patterns are great choices for a semi-formal occasion like a bachelorette party or housewarming. A bow neckline on your sundress will form a nice outline for your bust and draw the gaze across your shoulders in a horizontal direction, giving your neck an elongated appearance. V-neck lines are ideal for lengthening the neck line too, providing an illusion of depth. Paired with an elegant purse or handbag and a pair of shades and you’ve stepped into Jacqueline Onassis country! To shop our collection of formal wear, go to the special occasion page

    3. Casual Occasions

      When it comes to casual occasions – family gatherings, backyard parties, or a picnic you can’t go wrong with a short-sleeve sundress. Flutter sleeves or wide shoulder straps work just as well as the sleeveless option. For the more daring, a backless sundress in a vibrant floral print adds just the right amount of sex appeal and playfulness without being considered inappropriate around children. Sunglasses and some elegant jewelry are all you need to spruce it up if you want to avoid feeling too ‘matronly’ while you serve everyone your homemade lemonade. Won’t you be the belle of the ball?

    4. Date Night

      Even if you’ve been dating a while, you want to keep your significant other guessing. A black or white knee-high sundress says chic, sexy and classy. Layers aren’t necessary but a thin belt clasped just above your waistline will accentuate your curvaceous hips. Thin shoulder straps will lengthen your body, drawing the eyes vertically up and down rather than across. The V-neck instead of a simple bow neck or square neck is alluring and gives your bosom a symmetrical appearance. Get the right bra to keep your cleavage firmly in place. Blended fabrics with rayon, silk and spandex stretch more easily than cotton or linen and will retain their shape when washed in cold water. You’ll present a flattering figure from any perspective in a dress that still breathes and allows for ease of movement. Make sure your make-up and hair are impeccable to complete the effect. If you must wear sleeves, try an off-the-shoulder short sleeve or lace sleeves. Perfectly Priscilla’s collection has a variety of plus size dresses with sleeves for you to peruse.

    5. Office/Business

      You can absolutely wear a sundress at the office – especially if it’s your office! Bold geometric designs, symmetrical patterns, horizontal lines or swirling pastels can all work to your advantage. Coordinate your outfit with matching bag and shoes. Jewelry should be restrained: go with one signature piece like a bracelet or stunning pair of earrings and resist the urge to overdo it. Leopard prints are not the way to go, but if they are part of your accessories then you can pair them tastefully with a more neutral tone like beige, gray, or olive.

      Of course, this isn’t the gospel of fashion tips for wearing sundresses. These are just a few ideas to help you figure out the most appropriate style. Remember, classic styles with simple lines are a great investment in your wardrobe. They won’t go out of style and you can mix and match with ease.


It’s never been easier to shop for a summer dress in your size. You can forget about clothing swaps to find a dress that’s original, affordable and uniquely suited to your signature style. Trendy summer dresses for full figure women of all shapes and sizes are available right now for you to order and we’ll have it shipped right to your door.

It’s easy to confuse summer dresses with sundresses but there is a difference. Both are made of light fabrics and are ideal for hot climates but a summer dress can be long or shorter in length, while sundresses typically cut off at the knees or slightly above. Bright floral patterns and bold prints are also very common with summer dresses and there’s a broad range of styles.

At Perfectly Priscilla Boutique, we design summer dresses for plus size women exclusively. Classy-chic or bold and sassy styles are available to suit your mood or signature style. Floral prints, monochromatic, or detailed patterns can be found in different colors from sizes 10/12 – 22/24. Browse our selection and choose one for yourself now!

Maxi Summer Dresses

These are full-length dresses, lightweight, versatile and available in so many different prints and styles. They’re great for an informal outdoor event or on the yacht. For more formal occasions, monochromatic, dark colors, or a bold print paired with the right open-toe pumps or flats will instantly have you looking elegant and sophisticated. Perfectly Priscilla Boutique carries a unique selection of plus size maxi dresses exclusively.

Casual Summer Dresses/Beach Dresses

Plus size casual summer dresses are here too! Also known as beach dresses, you’ll find them in both close-fitting and loose-fit styles. Close-fitting beach dresses typically are made of a blend of spandex and rayon or polyester to make them light and stretchable. Tube shaped midriffs, open backs, horizontal lines and thin shoulder straps make them practical casual wear for a day on the beach, at a picnic or a barbeque. Whether you’ll be active or lounging on a lawn chair under a Technicolor umbrella, a beach dress paired with a colorful bracelet or sunhat is always super-chic!

Plus Size Summer Dresses by Body Type

Don’t be fooled by airbrushed, photo-shopped images you see on magazine racks. Healthy, strong, beautiful, active women come in all shapes and sizes. Conventional retailers offer limited space on their shelves and racks for plus size women, but not all summer dresses are created equally. There’s no one-size-fits-all and you deserve a summer dress that suits your body type. Check out these helpful guidelines arranged by the various body types.

Summer Dresses for Tall Plus Size Women

If you’re full-figured and about six-foot-tall, we’ve got you covered at Perfectly Priscilla Boutique. A summer dress with horizontal lines will show off your height in an elegant way while adding breadth. A hemline just above your knee means you can still show off your legs. Try stencil print designs or light pastel colors.

Summer Dresses for Short Plus Size Women

Vertical lines give the impression of elongating the body. A V-neck adds depth to a short frame. Light fabrics with no lining and colorful prints will give you that chic look. Open toe, strapped high heels will add some height but pumps are great too if you want to give your ankles a break.

Summer Dresses for Pear-Shaped Plus Size Women

For curvy women, you could wear a sundress that hangs gracefully from your hips with a hemline that glides as you walk. Try a summer dress with a draping bottom and high-cut front that cuts off just above the knee. Wear a cute little thin leather belt above your waistline or a wider one that clasps easily in the front or back to give you a slightly corseted look.

Summer Dresses for Athletic Plus Size Women

You work hard and you’re proud of your physique! You don’t want to be busting out of your chic summer dress so we say go with thin shoulder straps or off-the-shoulder to showcase your shoulders. Knee-high length is ideal to showcase all the muscle tone in your legs. With a curvaceous body you can dial it down with neutral colors and still look fabulous. A tie-waist summer dress that cuts off at the knees is a sure-win. Go for more close-fitting, lined garments that will glide smoothly over your curves and outline your figure with simple, clean, elegant lines. Symmetry is the key to a sexy but playful, athletic look. Next time you show up courtside at the game or the ballpark, no one will be keeping their eyes on the ball!

Summer Dresses for Apple-shaped Plus Size Women

With an apple shape, your shoulders tend to be broader with narrower hips, the opposite of pear-shaped bodies. Avoid frills and frock-like designs that give the appearance of added layers. They draw attention to your bust and middle. Go with vertical lines when choosing a print or pattern and smaller necklines that will reduce the breadth of your shoulders. Short summer dresses that flare out gracefully will give you a more symmetrical appearance.

Summer Dresses for Banana-shaped Plus Size Women

Also called a straight figure, the banana shape is rather rectangular, giving the appearance of shoulders and hips that are the same in breadth. There’s little contrast between upper and lower body so it’s easy to disappear beneath your clothes. Rather than looking ambivalent, try a summer dress with a vivacious, colorful print or stencil pattern. Neutral tones will make you stand out about as much as a pillar (meaning hardly at all) so if you want to leave an impression, pay attention to the type of neck line as well. Frills, lace, criss-cross shoulder straps or lattice detail around the bust area is sure to make people take notice. Plus size sundresses by Perfectly Priscilla are vibrant and colourful – they are the perfect choice for women with non-curvy bodies.

Summer Dresses for Pregnant Women

Want to take photos in a gorgeous plus size summer dress? Full-length or ankle-length summer dresses in lively floral prints and designs. Unlined fabrics that are lightweight will help keep you cool during an outdoor photoshoot. A simple bow neck line or frilly off-the-shoulder style can give you a youthful appearance, and they allow for practical ease of movement – a must if you are expecting.

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