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Plus Size Capris

Perfectly Priscilla offers a wide variety of plus size Capris for any and all occasions. We pride ourselves on presenting the most elegant and stylish outfits without compromising your comfort.

That same idea applies directly to our selection of plus size women Capris. 

Any one of our plus size Capris will bring a whole new level of style and substance to your wardrobe. Plus size Capris are simple in design and execution and can be suited to many different occasions, both social and professional. They have been a popular alternative to dresses and skirts since their creation in 1945 by the now legendary designer Sonja de Lennart. 

As you may know, Capris are cropped pants that are cut at varying lengths between the ankle and knee. These are considered a shorter version of pants. plus size women Capris are designed to keep you comfortable and cool for any kind of summertime activity, whether it is a barbecue with the family, a weekend sailing trip around the bay, just another day in the office, or a romantic date with a new love interest. They are stretchy, breathable, and provide the perfect amount of coverage to help you look and feel your best.  

One of the reasons Perfectly Priscilla offers plus size Capris is that they are so versatile. They come in a variety of colors and patterns to suit your personality and style. So, if you consider yourself to be a dynamic person that loves diversity and flexibility in their outfits, you have come to the right place. You will be impressed with what our Capris will bring to the table. So why not choose from our selection of plus size stretch Capris to see how you add to your wardrobe today? 

What Makes Plus Size Capris So Comfortable? 

One of the best things about Capris is that they are actually designed to feel more comfortable than other types of pants. This is because Capris are traditionally worn high on the waist. Plus size Capris actually take away a lot of unwanted pressure and attention from the hips, putting the visual focus on the slenderness of the legs instead. This kind of visual shift can come in handy with so many different kinds of outfits, no matter which tops you like to wear. 

Another main reason for why our plus size women Capris are so comfortable is that they are designed for flexibility and ease of use. They are essentially looser pants that are cut between the knee and the foot, leaving a nice portion of the lower leg bare. The shape and placement of the cut vary depending on the type, but generally they are designed to make it feel like you are not even wearing pants at all. This is a more subtle piece of design that will not be lost on you or anyone else. You can expect to get many compliments when you wear your brand new Perfectly Priscilla plus size Capris! It is a great way to show off a part of your body that often gets overlooked, all while doing it in an understated and professional manner. 

These often subtle design options offer great alternatives to the classic staples in your wardrobe, whether they are pants, dresses, shorts, or skirts. Plus size Capris can even have a place in your wardrobe alongside your favorite pants and your favorite skirt as part of your weekly cycle of outfits. Just make sure to get a pair that allows you maximum movement. Comfort is all about getting the sizing right and not putting your body through clothing that comes with unrealistic expectations. That is the real beauty of Capris: they are made with a cotton-polyester compound that does not constrict your body’s natural shape and movement. Instead of restricting the body or hugging tightly to the skin, plus size Capris actually support your body’s natural contours and compliment your curves, rather than accentuate them. They are a versatile and playful addition to any contemporary women’s style. This versatility means you can basically maneuver around in any which way you need to during an average day without feeling compromised by your choice of dress. 

So, as you browse the options for Capris at Perfectly Priscilla, take note of how many different kinds of cuts there are. The shape and placement of the cut vary depending on the type of course, but ideally they should not be tight around the waist. This has to do with the fabric used in the production of Capris. The Capris sold on Perfectly Priscilla are composed of a combination of cotton, polyester, or linen. The most common type is a cotton-polyester compound, chosen in the interest of allowing body heat to escape. 

Capris: The Different Kinds of Cuts 

There are three main types of cuts for plus size Capris. The most popular type is meant to fall seamlessly over the knees and cut midway down the shinbone. These are the wide leg capris seam cuts that look so graceful and classy. They are usually made from a cotton-polyester blend. Among younger, fashion oriented women these wide-seam cuts are becoming more and more popular. You can pair these types of plus size Capris with a classic tunic or button down shirt. 

The second most popular type is designed to fit closer to the leg and cut just a few inches above the ankle. These are the close-seam cuts. They are more predominant in the workplace than casual wear because they appear sleeker and professional. They are also made from a cotton-polyester blend and are more commonly designed in patterns than the wide seam type. Try out this style of plus size Capris with a formal blouse or ¾ sleeve shirt for the office. 

A third dominant type of Capris is the polyester (or spandex) variety. These are meant to fit tight to the skin, and usually cut midway between the knee and ankle. The polyester variety is meant as undergarments for a plus size dress capris or skirt, while the spandex ones are designed for working out in. These Capris are best with t-shirts or tank tops, both offered by Perfectly Priscilla. This is especially a good idea is you are planning on a more casual outfit.  

Capris in the Office 

Part of what makes the looseness of Capris more comfortable than pants is that the extra air between the skin and fabric allows for more breathability. Breathability in clothing is an important consideration for attire, but most especially for outfits, you plan on wearing all day in the office. In the office, the close-seam cut Capris are most popular because they cover more of the lower leg and give an impression of professionality. 

Professional women do have a nice variety of options for dynamic, yet proper, business wear. Flowing skirts and plus size dress capris with elaborate prints are quite common around the office these days, as they should be. Depending on your personality and body type, Capris may have an advantage in professionalism and practicality. This is because they accentuate a woman’s height, which gives the impression of maturity and confidence. They reveal a woman that is confident in her ideas and wants to show off her body without compromising on professionalism. A wardrobe full of plus size dress capris, pants, and skirts is well complimented by a number of beautiful Capris.  

From a purely visual perspective, Capris are a pretty exciting option because they shift the focus of an outfit away from a colorful skirt or a pair of cowboy boots towards a sliver of skin just below the knee. It is a most flattering area of a women’s body that is all too often overlooked. You can personalize how much of the leg you want to show without worrying about comfort for a minute. Capris also add a nice bit of personality to an outfit that might be missing a little bit of flair. There are some lovely and dynamic patterned plus size Capris available that can help accentuate the bubbly side of your personality. 

Capris as Casual Wear

If it is casual wear you are interested in, then Capris are probably your best choice. You can save jeans for cooler evenings or the fall and winter (if you live outside of the South) and utilize the subtle benefits of Capris while you can. With Capris, because they are often made with linens, cotton, and polyester, you can have them on all day without worrying about getting too hot or generally uncomfortable.  

On the home front, Capris are the perfect bottom to wear for doing chores around the house. Many types come with an elastic waistband instead of a button and zipper, making them that much easier to maneuver around with as you do the laundry or get the kids ready for school. There are of course a wide variety of Spandex Capris for yoga enthusiasts, runners, or just for general comfort. Many women that wear Capris will utilize both kinds in the same day: they will put a spandex pair on in the morning to go jogging in, only to return home and change into a nice linen pair of white plus size stretch Capris to go to work in.  

Styling Options

There are so much more fantastic styling options for Capris than the few mentioned above. The wide variety of great outfit combinations is a testament to the fact that Capris are exceptionally comfortable, effortlessly chic, and easily integrated into an outfit. The first thing you want to do is always buy tapered plus size Capris, because you want them to follow the natural leg rather than a fixed mend that is often too wide (and, as a result, unflattering). 

Outfits: What to Consider  

There are two risks to be aware of when it comes to styling outfits with Capris. The first concern is that, if not properly combined, they can give the impression that you have larger or muscular legs. One of the ways to get out of this fashion faux-pas is to break a two-piece outfit into a three-piece outfit. That means making a bold cut at the hips and adding high-heeled boots to accentuate the length of your legs even more. 

Say, for example, you have a nice pair of plus size black Capris in your wardrobe, and you also have a lot of long shirts. You need to make sure to tuck in your shirts rather than have them hang over the Capris. If you let the shirt hang over, then your legs will suffer by seeming to be cut in half. You can alter this potentially hazardous pairing by picking a shorter shirt or tucking a shirt into the Capris, thus elongating the legs and making a classic high waisted look out of what was otherwise a very drab affair. Using a belt will add that extra layer of class, and matching your plus size Capris with a pair of high heels will knock the whole outfit out of the park. 

The second issue to be aware of is an outfit that gives a poor impression of your calves. This can happen if you do not follow the helpful rule of thirds in dressing, as discussed above. You can wear a long tunic over your outfit, thereby taking the focus away from the center of the body and re-directing it to the flowing, sweeping style that surrounds it. It is a seamless move that makes a world of difference. 

Outfit Options 

You can even pair a plus size dress with Capris. A simple short dress of any color can sit gracefully over the top a pair of white or black Capris that hug the legs. This is a very trendy look that makes you seem hip, too! Make sure to combine this with a pair of nice heels to keep the outfit centered on your flowing dress. 

Try taking a classic look and style and make it your own. Start with your favorite sandals and decide what color scheme you would like to match them with. Then go for a pair of wide angle tapered Capris. One shade of color we really enjoy is light cream. You can match these with a belt that follows the color scheme you are developing. Usually black or brown is the best bet no matter the color of the plus size Capris. A thick belt will accentuate your hips and waist and will be visible as a standalone statement piece. The final touch is choosing a top that is a little tighter but can be tucked into your Capris. With these different factors, you will have a beautiful outfit that suits casual, romantic, and professional occasions.

A third outfit option with plus size crop pants Capris is a casual kind of look. Casual styles are great for hanging out with friends or when you want to spend time outside on a sunny day. Try looser Capris that are higher cut on top of the leg. The cut of these Capris is a lot wider than the standard types discussed above, and we really like how this looks and feels. Just make sure to match these flowing Capris with a short top – and do not forget that these kinds of outfits are all about the color of the plus size crop pants Capris, so choose wisely.  


When it comes to matching shoes in an outfit with Capris, it is important to follow this simple rule: always wear high heels with tighter fitting Capris, especially if you are in the workplace. Flat sandals go better with looser fitting Capris. High heels are important because they will take attention away from your legs and highlight your boots and your overall physique. Capris paired with running shoes or flats make it seem like your legs are a lot shorter than they actually are. That is the risk with tight-fighting Capris and flat shoes – however, there are ways to make yourself seem taller, and high heels will do the job nicely.  

If, however, you prefer looser Capris, then flat shoes are the better match. When it comes to Capris with shoes, feel free to choose from Perfectly Priscilla’s wide variety of footwear. We offer knee-high boots, lace-up booties, stunning high heels, ballet flats, and sneakers that will match your favorite pair of jeans. You will absolutely love these picks! 

Other than that, you can pretty much let your creative side do the choosing – do red leather sandals go well underneath a pair of wide-cut Capris? Do shorter Capris look better with sandals? What kind of sandals works with Capris that goes just above the ankle? At Perfectly Priscilla, we know that it is all about you and your unique sense of style that really matters. Our options make it easy. 

With these styling options in mind, you cannot go wrong with Capris in your wardrobe. As with any unique fashion piece, however, Capris have their place. It is important to know how to incorporate them into your usual outfits without making it obvious or flashy. They are utilized as a subtle support for some of your blouses or shirts, and just as long as you have a number of high-heeled boots you cannot go wrong. 

History of Capris 

Capris were created by the fashion designer Sonja de Lennart in 1945. She named the new item after one of Italy’s most famous islands, the island of Capri, where they became quite popular in the late 1950s and 1960s. The original Capris were cut with a stylish short slit on the outside of the pant leg. They were coveted and worn by all of the rich and famous across Europe, and eventually America, by the 1960s. They also gained quick popularity among sailing enthusiasts, who enjoyed the ability to keep their pants dry while out on the water. It means that they were both functional and stylish. Since the 1950s Capris have been re-interpreted in many different forms, but the classic style remains popular today. 

Capris were then at the height of fashion when the American actress Grace Kelly was seen wearing them on vacation and during public events. The young actress Mary Tyler Moore also chose to wear Capris in front of the camera on the Dick Van Dyke Show. It was not long after that when Capris became popular amongst teenage boys, and they have remained popular ever since. They quickly entered into the collections of all the big European fashion design houses, and remain important elements in haute-couture runway shows to this day. 

Capris and Southern Style

The Southern style is known for their classic elegance, and Capris really add to that charm. When you enjoy having a timeless look that is also cutting edge, Capris represent a playful and trendy look that remains understated. They are light, simple, and offer ideal alternatives to a dress or skirt. This is perfect for the Southern states of course, who enjoy a similar climate to the island of Capri on which these beautiful items were born. You can just imagine the Italian glitterati prancing around the beaches of Capri with their wide-cut Capris and flat sandals – just like you can do!  

The Southern States have a rich history of gorgeous, elaborate, and flowing outfits for women. Perhaps the most popular style is the “Southern Belle,” a style of dress that represents the beauty and gentility of the region throughout the 19th century. Back then, it was common to see young and dynamic women from an upper-class Southern family wearing elaborate items such as a hoop skirt, a wide-brimmed straw hat, gorgeous silk gloves, and a parasol and fan to stay cool in the heat. 

While we are many years removed from the Southern Belle era, women in the South are always looking for outfits that will keep them cool and look classy. The Capris are a perfect item to fit this need, and it is no surprise that they have become a real staple in Southern fashion in the past few years. Today, Southern fashion is all about bright colors and slender, dynamic outfits. We here at Perfectly Priscilla truly believe that Capris encompass the modern Southern Belle. 

Where to Wear Capris 

Capris have a lot of malleability and flexibility in how they can be worn. Perfectly Priscilla wants to share how plus size women Capris can be worn in any environment so that you are properly styled, no matter the occasion. Below you will discover a list of ways to use your new Capris:  

Around The Home: This is pretty much a free-for-all, but we recommend Spandex Capris for lounging around your house or apartment, whether you are reading, watching TV, or hanging out with the family. Spandex Capris are even great for cleaning and doing chores. They are more comfortable than most other types of clothing. No matter which activities you participate in, Capris will allow you to breathe. 

Of course, these Spandex Capris are ideal for any athletic activity you might enjoy, too. Many professional athletes have been seen wearing them while working out. Of course, they are most popular among runners and Yoga enthusiasts, but there is not a limitation to how effective they can be for athletic types.  

If You Are Hosting: It does not matter if you are hosting a get-together with friends or family or having a formal dinner party at your house. Capris are comfortable when you are getting people together in a community setting. When it comes to styling, consider a nice pair of sandals. You can match this outfit with a colorful, tight-fitting blouse. The wide-cut Capris are best for these kinds of casual social engagements. 

At The Office: Tight-fitting Capris are the key to professional office attire. Nothing presents a kind of cool, forward-thinking attitude like Capris, which remain all the rage for younger generations as they develop their own fashion palette. Our recommendation is to buy one pair of black, one pair of white, and one pair of any colorful plus size Capris of your choosing. Black and white are foundational shades that compliment any kind of color under the sun. Choosing a good neutral is definitely a best practice for any wardrobe. 

With neutrals such as black and white, pick a Perfectly Priscilla bright-colored blouse to accompany this simple foundation. Nearly everything looks good on top of white and black. Of course, our tunics are a great option at the office as well! These will add a bit of personality to your professional outfit. One of our favorite prints is the stunning London’s Calling Tunic on our site, but you have to make up your own mind! 

On A Date: Capris represent a trendy up-to-the-minute style not just in the South, but all across the country. Long dresses and straw hats are still all the rage in the Deep South – but why not compliment a straw hat with a nice pair of patterned plus size women Capris that show off your dynamic and fun side more than your serious professional side. 

Whether it is your first date, your fourth, or your one hundredth – it is always great to choose a pair of Capris that match your sense of style and beautiful body type. One option that we recommend is a wider crop Capris that do not extend all the way to the ankles. These represent a bolder choice and convey a sense of calm confidence. They are also more popular among our younger consumers. Pair them with a short top that cuts at the waistline of the Capris, and wear a nice pair of high heels that contract the color of the plus size crop Capris. Now you are ready for your date! 

On A Day Trip: There are a wide variety of available cuts, so just browse through our Perfectly Priscilla online boutique to see what options you have so that you understand what is most comfortable for you. You can also go with cotton-polyester over the cotton-linen blend. Linen is not the most breathable of fabrics, and if you are driving or sitting for any prolonged stretch of time, then you want maximum flexibility. 

When on a day trip, you can wear a comfortable and soft ¾ sleeve shirt. We like to recommend the Lost in LaLa Land top in teal and rust. You can wear this with white plus size Capris for your day out. Another looser fitting option is the Start a New Chapter Top in olive, which can match with plus size black Capris. Top it off with sandals and a brown sun hat for an earthy look that is sure to please. 

At Perfectly Priscilla, we want you to be perfectly you. Browse through our  plus size women Capris and choose your new, bold look today! 

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