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Work-From-Home Outfits for Your Remote Work Wardrobe

Work-From-Home Outfits for Your Remote Work Wardrobe

Ah, the joys of working from home. No commute, a customizable workspace and the ability to wear whatever you want! But should you stay in your pajamas while you're on the clock? There's a lot to gain from getting dressed in work-from-home outfits, but it might seem a bit challenging at first.

Want to make a change to your remote work routine and start wearing fabulous — yet comfortable — outfits? Learn how to dress when working from home to combine comfort and style. Find everything you need to know about dressing for an at-home job below!

Why Dress for Work When You're at Home?

Appreciating the importance of getting dressed when working from home will motivate you to start your day with a positive mindset. Whether you've been working at home for a few weeks or a few years, it may be challenging some days to wake up and get dressed. But it's an essential part of your day you shouldn't skip, even if you aren't physically going into an office.

Dressing for working at home doesn't mean you have to put on uncomfortable, restrictive outfits and suffer through the day. You are at home, after all, so you want to keep things on the casual side. But you have to find the balance between a relaxed outfit and one that you'd wear to an office. So why dress for the job when you're at home? Wearing work-from-home outfits gives you the following benefits.

1. Create a Routine

It's easy to fall into less-than-ideal habits as you're working from home. If you find yourself waking up and heading straight to your computer, you need to create a routine. Getting changed out of your pajamas is a simple way to begin building that routine. You may then feel motivated to add other activities into your morning that help you jump-start the day.

2. Spark Your Productivity

Wearing pajamas or comfortable casual clothes may make you feel less productive. You might get sleepy as you lounge around in comfy clothes, and that'll impact your concentration. Get dressed in work-appropriate outfits that motivate you to achieve more. If you'd dress for success in an office, why not do it at home, too?

3. Improve Your Mood

When you look good, you feel good — it's that simple! Getting dressed for work means you're in an outfit you love. You'll feel happier and more confident with a stylish look on, even if no one else but you sees it. That improved mood could translate to your work performance, and you'll get to share the positivity with your fellow remote co-workers.

4. Engage in Self-Care

Engage in Self-Care

Working from home is stressful at times. Use getting dressed as an opportunity to treat yourself to a bit of self-care. Put on your favorite music as you pick out your outfit and get dressed. Take that time to relax and mentally prepare yourself for the day ahead. If you like to wear makeup, let getting dressed motivate you to have fun with your cosmetics collection and indulge in extra self-care.

5. Try New Outfits

Use working from home as an opportunity to test-run new outfits. Maybe there's a trending pattern, like animal print, that you want to try out, or a silhouette you've never worn. See if new styles, colors and shapes suit you and your tastes from the security of your home.

Staying home and wearing a new outfit also lets you test its wearability and comfort. You'll notice if a garment is too tight, too loose or if any accents bother you during your workday. And because you're working from home, you can quickly change into something different if a new outfit doesn't work for you.

6. Separate Your Work and Home Life

It's hard to find a separation between work and your personal life when your home is also your office. That's where dressing for the occasion helps. If you stay in your pajamas all day, there's no divide between getting out of bed and clocking in from home.

Among other outfits to avoid when working from home are overly casual pieces. If you can, avoid putting on your weekend wear during the workweek. It'll give you a better sense of a divide between your leisure time and time spent on the clock. If you want, you could change out of your work clothes once your workday ends. Change back into a comfy, casual outfit to signal to yourself that you've finished all your work for the day.

7. Separate the Days

Your at-home job may involve doing the same or similar tasks every day. When that happens, the days and weeks blur into one. Separate the days by getting dressed in special outfits. Let yourself be a bit more comfortable on Mondays and Fridays to signal the beginning and end of the week. Wear a favorite piece in the middle of the week for a pick-me-up outfit. Try new ensembles on a specific day every week to mix things up and give yourself something to look forward to.

8. Prepare for Video Conferences

If you're participating in video chats for work, you need to look put together. Wear what you'd wear in the office if you have to join a video conference. That shows off your professionalism and your style. On video chats with clients, what you wear can help build or maintain your professional reputation. Highlight your business with a fabulous work outfit. Of course, that all depends on your industry and company, but it never hurts to dress up a bit!

What Not to Wear When Working From Home

What Not to Wear When Working From Home

While getting dressed for working at home has plenty of benefits, you don't need to go over the top. You should avoid some clothes, whether they're too uncomfortable or somewhat inappropriate for work. Items, accessories and outfits to avoid when working from home include the following.

  • Heels: There's no need to walk around your house in high heels if you're working from home. The discomfort and excess stress on your feet aren't worth the fashionable touch heeled shoes give your outfits. Remember, no one will see your footwear, even in a video conference.
  • Pajamas: Separate your time in bed from your time at your desk. You can find plenty of comfortable alternatives to wear instead of your PJs, and you won't risk falling asleep on the job.
  • Blouses: Unless you have a crucial video conference and your job prefers you to dress in a business-casual style, skip the blouses. These tops, while stylish and beautiful, can become uncomfortable as you're working from home. You may find yourself fidgeting with the buttons, ties and accents on your top instead of focusing on your work.
  • Low-cut or sleeveless tops: With work-from-home tops, you don't want to be too showy. Even if you work out of your house full-time, you'll occasionally need professional tops, particularly for video calls. One wrong webcam angle and a sleeveless or low-cut top could look inappropriate. Eliminate that worry by sticking with higher necklines and sleeves.
  • Fitted skirts: Save pencil skirts and other business-friendly silhouettes for the office. You don't need to constrict your movement with a fitted skirt as you're working at home. Flowy styles are much more comfortable and are easy to put on at the start of your day.
  • Rings and bracelets: If you're typing all day, these accessories will only become a distraction. Ditch these jewelry styles unless your work doesn't involve doing much on the computer.
  • Layered jewelry: Any fussy accessories that may get in your way while you work can wait for the weekend. Opt for a single necklace if you want to accessorize and infuse a bit of glam into your remote workday.

How to Dress When Working From Home

Keeping outfits to avoid when working from home in mind, what can you wear? What you put on in the comfort of your house is up to you. But some outfits are casual and give you the benefits of getting dressed when working from home.

Dressing when working from home is easiest if you choose one central piece. Then, add complementary items to create a complete look, or pick one clothing article that functions as the entire outfit. Design your ultimate work-from-home ensembles with clothes like these.

1. Comfortable Dresses

While dresses are, well, dressy, they can be as comfortable as loungewear. As a bonus, you'll only have to think about one part of your outfit as you throw on a dress and start working from home. You could pair it with tights, shoes and accessories, but that's not necessary if you're staying in your house. Add dress styles like these to your remote work wardrobe.

  • Casual dressesfeature anything from simple fabrics to solid colors. They're perfect to put on in the morning, whether you have a video chat, need to run errands or plan to stay home working all day.
  • Shift dresses have a flowy shape that's comfortable and cute. T-shirt dresses fall into this category for a more casual look, while other shift dresses feature stylish long sleeves and ruffle accents.
  • Solid-color dresses are versatile enough to dress up or down. As you're working from home, you may not want to feel like you're dressing up for the office, but there are days you will need or want to look your best. In either case, a solid-color dress comes in handy.

2. Rompers and Jumpsuits

Rompers and jumpsuits are other simple options that eliminate the struggle of putting together an outfit in the morning. And they're ideal for anyone who'd rather wear pants or shorts instead of skirts and dresses at home. Whether you dress them up with cardigans or wear them on their own, get one-piece outfits with these ideas.

  • An all-black style is versatile enough to dress up for video chats or keep simple.
  • A solid color incorporates a bit of your personality, but isn't too dressy.
  • A fun pattern, like tie-dye or a tropical print, makes an inspired outfit for your workday at home.

3. Leggings and Joggers

Leggings and Joggers

If your remote job requires you to run errands now and then, put on clothes that will motivate you to get up and go. Leggings and joggers may sound like activewear, but a few additions will turn them into basic bottoms that suit your work-from-home outfits.

Wear black leggings — a wardrobe staple — or joggers in neutral colors. The fitted look of these bottoms is easy to dress up or down, perfect for working at home. These pants are excellent alternatives to sweatpants or pajama pants because they combine comfort and style. Pair your leggings or joggers with tops like these to make work-from-home outfits:

You may want to avoid plain T-shirts that lean your outfit to the too-casual side. Patterns or details give your shirt style, but still let you wear something comfortable. Add stylish sneakers to these outfits if you wear shoes at home or have to step out. And if you have a video conference to attend, put a cardigan or casual blazer on. Those layers work with your leggings or joggers, but you won't have to stress about it, since no one will see your legs or feet in a video call.

4. Jeans

Not everyone loves wearing jeans, but it's possible to find versatile ones that are comfortable. Relaxed fits, like mom or boyfriend jeans, are roomy, yet trendy. Search for soft fabrics to get that broken-in feel, even on the first wear. And options like jeggings keep you comfortable, thanks to their lack of buttons and zippers. Put jeans and jeggings in your work-from-home wardrobe and pair them with:

Jeans effortlessly transition from work to after-hours outfits. Accessorize and wear a more stylish top as you work, then switch to a casual tee in the evening. Add flats, boots or booties to these outfits if you need to put on shoes during your workday.

5. Pants

Not a fan of jeans or leggings? Go with a comfortable compromise and wear pants. These versatile options come in an array of fits, patterns, colors and materials. You may already have pants and trousers in your work wardrobe if you previously worked in an office. If not, consider unique pants like these to wear for remote work.

  • Wide-leg pants feel as comfortable as pajamas, but have much more style. Working from home is a great time to try out the wide-leg trend if you haven't before. Complement yours with a graphic tee if you're feeling casual or a fitted top to contrast the wide fit.
  • Flare-leg pants have a similar style to wide-leg bottoms, but the extra fabric stays around your ankles. The result is a fun look to try at home while you're working and want to wear comfortable, yet trendy, clothes. Wear the same fitted tops with flared pants that you'd wear with wide-leg bottoms.
  • Cropped pants are similar to leggings with their slim fit at the bottom. They come in a rainbow of colors to show off your personality. You could also select a black pair that works in office settings and at home. No matter the color, wear loose, flowy tops that contrast the slim fit of your bottoms.

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