What to Wear to a Winter Wedding for Plus-Size Women

When you think of the cold season, you might not think of weddings, but more and more people are deciding to tie the knot in the winter. As a wedding guest, you may be used to sundresses, sleeveless maxis, or other warm-weather pieces, but believe it or not, winter wedding fashion can be just as fun because it allows you to get a little creative with accessories and outerwear.

If you’ve never attended a winter wedding, you might be wondering how to dress. That’s why we’ve created a cheat sheet outlining what to wear to a winter wedding for plus-size women. At Perfectly Priscilla, we know how crucial it is to look polished and classy while feeling comfortable in your skin. As a wedding guest, the perfect plus-size outfit will keep you warm, show of your unique style, and accentuate your curves. Our plus-size winter dresses and jumpsuits are designed to do just that.

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Plus-Size Winter Wedding Outfit Ideas

When it comes to deciding what to wear to a winter wedding for plus-size women, you might be surprised to hear that you’ve got a lot of options. Our favorite looks include a long regal wrap dress, a short flirty cocktail dress with tights, a fancy maxi dress, a comfy midi frock, a sexy bodycon dress, or a statement jumpsuit. Keep reading to learn how to style each plus-size winter wedding outfit idea.

Long Wrap Dress

A long wrap dress gives off a regal look which is a perfect vibe for a curvy woman at a winter wedding. At Perfectly Priscilla, we carry a variety of flattering plus-size long wrap dresses in several different colors. Our wrap dresses feature V-cut necklines and sashes that create a cinched waistline. They are made from super soft and stretchy materials that will keep you comfortable through all the wedding festivities. Complete the look with a chic updo, a pendant necklace, and your favorite pumps.

Cocktail Dress & Tights

If you’ve got your sights set on a more flirty look, consider a cocktail dress with tights. Perfectly Priscilla’s line of plus-size party and cocktail dresses offers countless options and gorgeous detailing for just about any look you have in mind. From strapless, ruffled, long-sleeved, and open-shoulder to sequins, tulle, satin, and animal print, we’ve truly got it all. Each of our plus-size party dresses are made for comfort and feature a secure zip closure so you can dance all night at the winter wedding you’re attending. The right party dress can double as a New Year’s Eve dress this season too! Stay warm in your show-stopping cocktail dress by pairing it with solid tights or nude nylons and finish the ensemble with neutral heels, statement earrings, and your favorite hairstyle.

Maxi Dress

One of our favorite winter wedding looks for plus-size women is a fancy maxi dress with dazzling detailing such as a shimmery fabric, metallic material, or a trendy pattern. The formal plus-size maxi dresses from Perfectly Priscilla can be styled a variety of ways to create your most flattering, eye-catching look. A long-sleeved maxi dress will keep you warm while maintaining a sophisticated and stylish appearance. Pair this fancy frock with chic earrings, an elegant updo, and simple strappy heels.

Midi Frock

Midi dresses are available in endless styles, but if you’re looking to stay extra comfortable at a winter wedding this season, look for a comfy midi cut. Don’t worry –– being comfortable doesn’t mean you can’t still look elegant and dress to impress as a wedding guest. Perfectly Priscilla’s plus-size midi dress line includes tons of stunning frocks in endless options. Some of our favorite plus-size midi dresses come with ruffles, satin, floral prints, bell sleeves, open shoulders, tulle, sequins, and other fun, flirty details. As always, they are created with the most comfortable and stretchy materials so you won’t be distracted by your outfit at any point during the wedding. Try bold earrings, a sleek clutch, and ankle booties with this plus-size winter wedding look.

Bodycon Dress

For a plus-size winter wedding look that’s a little more va-va-voom, consider a bodycon dress. We love the sexy look of bodycon dresses for formal events during the chilly season, and Perfectly Priscilla has plenty to choose from. From long sleeves, strapless, V-neck, slit hemlines, and bell sleeves to sequins, plaid, animal print, and geometric designs, we carry bodycon dresses that are sure to cater to your personal style. You might be surprised by how comfortable our plus-size bodycon dresses are because they’re made with our signature stretchy materials. They come in a variety of cuts including above-the-knee and midi. Bodycon dresses look great with hair styled up or down. Complete this plus-size winter wedding look with pumps, a simple clutch or handbag, and some fun bracelets.


While you might think a dress is your only option for what to wear to a winter wedding for plus-size women, you can make a statement with a jumpsuit. The plus-size jumpsuits from Perfectly Priscilla are both classy and fancy enough to be worn to a wedding. Our jumpsuits come in a variety of styles including spaghetti-strap, open-shoulder, long-sleeved, cinched-waist, belted, button-down, fitted, and wide-leg. You’ll look polished and totally on-trend in a jumpsuit this winter. For wedding wear, we adore the look of vertical stripes or solid hues. Finish this elegant ensemble with pumps or strappy heels, costume jewelry, and a bold lip color.

Dress Extenders & Shapewear

As a wedding guest, you’ll want to look your absolute best in whatever you choose to wear. Sometimes, that means getting a dress extender or some shapewear for underneath your ensemble. If you need a little extra length or coverage under a cocktail dress, a dress extender is the way to go. Additionally, they are excellent for preventing any wardrobe malfunctions you may be concerned about. Shapewear is also a plus-size woman’s best friend when it comes to winter formal wear and wedding attire. Depending on what type of dress or jumpsuit you’re wearing, you may benefit from slimming undergarments or a compression slip which are both designed to smooth everything out, tuck everything in, and accentuate your curves. Shapewear gives you an extra level of confidence, no matter where you’re headed. As your one-stop plus-size shopping resource, Perfectly Priscilla carries both dress extenders and shapewear in a variety of options. And don’t worry, because you won’t need to sacrifice any comfort!

Winter Wedding Fashion Tips

Whether you have a longer gown, maxi wrap dress, cocktail dress, bodycon dress, or a jumpsuit in mind, there are a few more things to consider when you’re figuring out what to wear to a winter wedding for plus-size women. The following winter wedding fashion tips will help you nail your look.

Dress for the Occasion

When deciding what to wear to a winter wedding for plus-size women, consider the dress code for the event. Are the bride and groom requesting formal attire, or is semi-formal wear appropriate? When in doubt, it’s always a good idea to arrive overdressed than underdressed as a wedding guest. Also, check the weather forecast a few days prior and plan for snow, ice, or super cold temperatures.

Wear the Right Colors

The right color scheme for your look may depend on when the wedding occurs as well as a few other factors. Will it be held before or after Christmas? If it’s before (or even during) Christmas, you can play that up as part of your look. Does the wedding have a specific theme that you’re aware of? The color of your dress or jumpsuit can make you elegantly blend with the theme or make you look somewhat out of place. If you’re not sure on what colors to wear, the style of the wedding invitations is usually a good indicator. Do the invites feature soft pastels, metallic foil details, or deeper tones? Consider this when choosing a color scheme for your look. If you’re still stumped, the colors we recommend for winter wedding attire include pale blush, dark green, deep teal, burgundy, muted violet, navy, or cool gray tones. Also, black is usually OK to wear to modern weddings, but you might want to check with the bride and groom to confirm.

Consider the Material & Pattern

The material of your dress may also depend on how formal the event is, but certain fabrics make a pretty safe bet for weddings. We adore dresses in lace, satin, and tulle as well as formal polyester options with stiffer cuts. Florals are a go-to pattern for summer weddings and sometimes even fall, but depending on the location, they may not be the best fit for a winter gathering. Consider stripes, geometric patterns, plaid, animal print, or solid tones for a wintertime gathering.

Prepare for the Cold

While the reception will likely be indoors, some winter wedding ceremonies are held outside to grasp a beautiful landscape or even snowfall. If you’ll be outdoors for any portion of the celebration, be sure to plan ahead with a coat and chic cold-weather accessories such as gloves, a scarf, ear warmers, or a shawl. Select a sophisticated coat that matches the rest of your outfit. For winter weddings, we recommend styling your look with a long coat, trench, or cropped jacket. Check out the plus-size outerwear and accessories from Perfectly Priscilla to find the right piece for your wedding look. Open-toe shoes may work for an entirely indoor event, but a closed-toe style might be a safer option for a winter wedding.

Have Fun with Jewelry

When it comes to curvy-gal fashion, there may be nothing we love more than attention to detail. Once you’ve decided on your plus-size winter wedding outfit, don’t be afraid to play around with some statement jewelry. Perfectly Priscilla carries a wide variety of both costume jewelry and more subtle options including necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Don’t forget to choose a clutch or small handbag too! Even when you’re bundled up for warmth, the right accessories will tie your look together and add a finishing touch to your winter wedding ensemble.

Perfectly Priscilla Is Your Resource for Plus-Size Wedding Attire

We love weddings and are thrilled to offer solutions for plus-size winter wedding attire. When it comes to offseason weddings, you can still express your personal style and sexy confidence while staying warm and comfy enough to dance and mingle through the night. Our designs are created to keep you comfortable and warm as well as confident and fabulous this season.

At Perfectly Priscilla, we know how important it is to look and feel your best not only at formal events, but anywhere you go. It is our goal to help you feel confident at every special occasion. The plus-size winter wedding pieces from Perfectly Priscilla will cater to your curvy frame and are versatile enough that they can be worn again for all types of events and occasions including work, date night, holiday parties, or an evening out on the town. They’re stylish enough that we’re confident you’ll want to wear them more than once.

Finding something to wear to a winter wedding does not need to be a stressful or complicated task. With our impressive assortment of gorgeous plus-size dresses and jumpsuits, you’ll be sure to find exactly what you need for a winter wedding. The perfect plus-size winter wedding look will be charming, elegant, and just the right amount of feminine. Be sure to keep an eye on our new arrivals for the latest trendy plus-size styles and follow Perfectly Priscilla on Instagram for daily fashion inspiration.

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