What to Pack for a Winter Getaway

What to Pack for a Winter Getaway

When you're planning a winter escapade in the mountains, staying warm and comfortable is a top priority, but you can still find stylish winter attire to stand out while you do it. Coats, jackets and sweaters are great staple pieces you can dress up or down for any activity. Whether you'll be admiring the snow from inside a villa or having fun in the great outdoors, you can stand out in style. 

Winter can look different in every destination, so it's a good idea to check the weather conditions and forecasts before you head out. Some places may have more mild conditions with little snow, while others may have freezing temperatures and harsh winds. However, no matter where you're going, these winter clothes and accessories are the basics you should expect to bring. 

Find a Stylish Winter Coat

A winter coat or heavy jacket is one of the first things you want to pack for your winter weekend. You have tons of options for coats and jackets to stay warm in the cold. From light jackets to heavy puffers, you can find the perfect outerwear to complete your outfit and keep you warm during the winter weather. 

Consider picking a classic color that looks good with any outfit or bringing some pops of color that will make your outfit stand out. Red and blush pink overcoats and deep burgundy jackets are beautiful winter colors that give you an edge away from neutrals. 

Sherpa jackets are another great winter pick. These coats are warm and fuzzy, keeping you cozy inside and out. You can find a bunch of colors to choose from, so grab your favorite or find something unique. You can bring a closet staple or a color that looks eye-catching on you. Either way, you can't go wrong with a nice sherpa jacket. 

A simple down jacket is the way to go for a classic texture and look. These pieces will keep you warm, but they're really great for layering too. With classic colors, you can make a new outfit every time you wear your neutral down jacket. 

Stay Cozy and Comfortable With Boots

Your travel itinerary will take you to many exciting places, and you want to be sure you're dressed to impress at each of them. For winter hikes and other outdoor sports activities, you'll want a pair of snow boots to keep moisture out and heat near your feet. 

When you're taking a stroll through town, going holiday shopping or stopping at a local restaurant for dinner, make sure you wear your stylish boots to stay warm while standing out. Long overcoats with knee-high boots are a winter classic. As a fashion bonus, you can pair these boots with socks that peek out the top. You can opt for fuzzy ones for extra warmth or have a fun design or pattern only you know about. Either way, you can add additional layers without sacrificing your outfit. 

Style Winter Fashion Sweaters

Style Winter Fashion Sweaters

Oversized, comfy sweaters are a winter must-have, and the best part is you can really tailor these tops to your style. From long to cropped to fitting just right, you can find beautiful sweaters to pack for your trip. These pieces are excellent for layering and lounging so that you can wear them regardless of your activity. 

You can dress them up or down to achieve the perfect look and have fun with the colors and designs you choose, like a distressed chartreuse top or multi-colored patterns you won't typically find in coats and jackets. 

Sweaters are especially great when you know you'll be traveling outside to reach your next destination. Whether you're walking from your hotel to the car or strolling through a town square and stopping at each shop, you can layer up to fit the occasion. When you reach your stop, take off the jacket or coat and flaunt your beautiful sweater color or pattern.

Plan Some Days With Cardigans, Vests and Jackets

You might see some warmer days during your trip or have a relaxing evening inside planned. During these days when it's not quite as cold, you can wear cozy cardigans and vests or jackets. On top of giving you a stylish edge, these can be excellent ways to stay warm while you're lounging if the fireplace just isn't doing the trick. 

Beautiful and flowing cardigans are great for the days when the sun is shining and there isn't as much snow falling or if you're walking around the house and trying to stay cozy. These pieces pair well with a variety of shoes and outfits so that you can get creative with your final looks. 

Neutral vests are fantastic layering pieces. Grab a bright-colored long-sleeve top and layer the vest to complete the look, or find a white or black vest to pair with the same color shirt to have a monochromatic look you'll love. 

Create Looks With Leggings

Jeans are a classic, but they're not always the most comfortable way to stay warm. When you're being active outdoors, snow and water can make some jeans feel tight and restrictive. While jeans are still great for indoor activities and bright days, consider bringing some leggings instead

Athletic leggings are a fantastic choice when you plan to run around and get active. With a stretchy spandex feel and solid colors, you can make an eye-catching outfit while staying comfortable. Leggings look cute with boots, heels, sneakers and other footwear, so you can bring a pair for every occasion. 

Finish Your Winter Outfits With Accessories

Your clothes are just part of your complete look. Accessories can elevate pieces to the next level and enhance your overall aesthetic. Scarves and beanies are staple pieces that can keep you warm while adding to your winter attire. Colorful pom beanies are cute and highly aesthetic while keeping your ears tucked away from the wind. 

Of course, other accessories, like cute and dainty necklaces or festive and unique earrings, can also be your finishing touches. Grab your favorites, and plan to wear them when your activities call for dressing up for the occasion. 

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