How To Wear Animal Prints for Plus Size Women

Animal prints are bold and daring, and they give outfits a lot of personality. Many plus size women want to show off their fun style with the pattern but may also need to know the do's and don'ts of wearing animal print. While you should wear what makes you happy, there are some tips out there on how to wear animal prints, no matter your figure or style.

We'll explain some of the best animal print outfits for plus size women, whether you want to go all-out with the print or keep it minimal, as well as other tips for wearing the design. First, it helps to know what patterns are available when you look for plus size animal print outfits.

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Types of Animal Prints

Whether you want to go with the spotted look of a cheetah or leopard or the stripes of a tiger or zebra, there are a variety of animal print options to choose from. You'll find options such as:

  • Leopard: This pattern is among the most popular animal print, especially for plus size outfits. Leopard print typically features organic, round spots with darker accents. The spots are also known as rosettes since the darker accents give them a floral vibe and shape. The pattern can be smaller, working to help disguise any assets you don't want to flaunt. You could also find bolder prints with wider-spaced and larger spots. Leopard prints often come in natural browns, tans and black, but you can also find fun colors like pink.
  • Cheetah: The shapes in a cheetah design are similar to a leopard one, but this pattern features solid color spots. You'll often find cheetah prints with solid black dots and ovals. The spots are usually on a background of tan, brown or white, and the background colors often fade into one another to simulate a natural look. Like leopard print, cheetah patterns can also come in bright colors.
  • Zebra: You'll most often find these irregular stripes in black and white, as they are in nature. While the colors of this pattern are neutral, they can give an outfit a modern twist with their monochromatic color scheme. You could also find zebra print clothes in fun colors, which can make an outfit more youthful.
  • Tiger: Tiger prints are similar to zebra ones with their stripes, but this time you'll find them in orange and black. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between the two, especially when they use unnatural colors. If you want to go tiger, look for irregular stripes. The black stripes of a tiger design are also spaced farther apart than the ones in a zebra print. Choose this print to feel as fierce as the animal itself.
  • Snake: Snakeskin print is another modern pattern. You'll often find the pattern on accessories like bags or shoes. Manufactured snake patterns come in natural colors, with muted grays, tans and other neutrals. The design usually features irregular diamond shapes with smaller ones scattered throughout to simulate scales.
  • Abstract: Some animal prints have such a bold flair that they mimic the look of animal prints without being one in particular. They may combine elements of different prints or feature bright colors not found in nature. An abstract animal print is an excellent choice for those just starting to play with the pattern.

For a stylish outfit, choose one of the designs above to focus on since you shouldn't combine different animal prints. Whether you find a favorite design from above or have different animal patterns for different outfits and occasions, you need to know how to wear animal prints.

How To Wear Figure Flattering Animal Prints For Any Plus Size Body Type

When you create an outfit with any pattern, there are some helpful tips out there to make your look work for you. Whether you always wear animal print or it's your first time trying out the style, some tips on how to style animal prints will keep you looking fashionable. Some of the do's and don'ts for plus size women wearing animal prints include:

  1. Highlight one area: Choose one asset of your body to feature in an outfit. A shorter skirt or dress shows off your legs, while a cinched dress highlights your waist. You can use this style tip to draw attention away from assets you don't feel as comfortable showing off, like wearing an open-shoulder top to take attention from your legs. You may not even be one to care about masking parts of your body, so feel free to flaunt it with an animal print!
  2. Dress for your shape: The best animal print outfits for plus size women may not always accommodate your exact body shape. Look into what your shape is — you could be anything from rectangle to inverted triangle to pear — and see what works best for your figure. No matter your shape, an animal print outfit that works for you will balance out your silhouette.
  3. Don't mix patterns: While subtle stripes can pair with plaid, it's best to let animal print play by itself. Don't combine different animals, and let the pattern you choose play the star. Adding other patterns to an animal print, even if they're subtle, can overwhelm an outfit. Pick one component of your outfit to be the statement and find it in an animal print variety.
  4. Balance the pattern: Use solid and neutral colors in the rest of your outfit to let the animal print piece stand out and capture attention. You can add layering pieces, like tights and a jacket or cardigan, to keep the animal print from taking over if you don't want to highlight it.
  5. Accessorize for the weather: As you should with any outfit, wear the appropriate shoes and layering pieces for the weather. Remember to follow the other guidelines when you select your seasonal accessories. If you pick animal print sandals for summer or boots for fall, be sure to pair them with neutral and solid colors.
  6. Wear what makes you comfortable: If you've never worn animal prints before, you can always start small. Choose pieces that use animal print fabric as an accent or choose small accessories with the pattern until you feel comfortable enough. From there, you can incorporate the pattern in with more prominent pieces like dresses.
  7. Have fun: While the do's and don'ts of wearing animal print can help anyone style the pattern, the most important thing is that you have fun with your look. Animal prints are an exciting pattern to work with since they're full of fun and personality. Don't let the design intimidate you!

Now that you know some of the do's and don'ts of wearing animal prints, you'll want to expand your wardrobe with different patterned options. What do you have available to choose from? Almost anything!

Animal Print Outfit Options For Plus Size Ladies

You have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a statement animal print piece. If you aren't sure how to wear animal prints, check out the list below. Choose one of the outfit elements in an animal print and pair it with neutral accessories and layering pieces to create a fun and fabulous outfit.


1. Dresses

One of the most common places to see an animal print — other than on the animal itself!  is a dress. For plus size options, you'll often find wrap dresses that highlight the waist, but don't be afraid to check out other styles. As you search for animal print dresses, consider ones like:


  • A maxi dress: While a maxi dress is longer, the flowy fabric and style makes it great for late summer events. Choose a zebra print maxi dress for something fun and different. Pair the dress with accessories that match the main color of the stripes in the pattern.
  • A short, sassy style: Animal prints can be fun and flirty, especially in a shorter style trimmed with lace. Leopard print is a popular design for this look since it balances well with a black lace accent. Leave a flowy dress as-is or add a belt to highlight your waist, perfect for hourglass figures. Since leopard is often neutral, you can pair the dress with black, brown or tan shoes and other accessories.
  • A versatile, long-sleeve option: Choose a versatile animal print dress with long sleeves to create an array of outfits. Dress it up with black heels and simple jewelry, perfect for work or evenings out depending on the accents you choose. You could also go casual with sandals when it's warm out or opt for tights and boots in the cold.

Don't limit yourself to the styles we've mentioned. If you have a favorite dress style — whether it's a different neckline, sleeve length or skirt length — try to find a version in an animal print. You'll feel comfortable yet fierce as your favorite type of dress gets a wild makeover in the design.

2. Shirts and Blouses

An animal print top is an excellent way to bring a bit of flair to an outfit. It won't overwhelm you or your look with the pattern, but you'll still get the fun and fresh feel that comes with animal prints. Depending on the style of animal print top you choose, pair it with bottoms like:

  • A denim skirt or jeans
  • A faux leather skirt or pants
  • Comfortable black leggings

There is an unlimited number of styles you'll find when it comes to animal print tops. You can get anything from long sleeve animal print tops with a cinched waist to V-neck options with short sleeves. As you could with dresses, choose your favorite style of shirt in an animal pattern to get comfortable with the look.

Animal print shirts or blouses are versatile pieces that can transition from daytime to evening with the right accessories and layers. Pair an animal print top with a denim jacket during the day and something edgy like a leather jacket when you're going out. Animal prints are also a versatile pattern that you can soften up or give some edge to depending on your personal style.

3. Skirts and Pants

For an outfit with a bit more flair, choose bottoms in an animal print. You'll commonly see animal print skirts, but pants in the pattern are even more daring and fun. Tuck in a plain black or white top for a put-together look that emphasizes your waist.

Animal print bottoms will draw attention away from assets like your shoulders or chest if you don't care to flaunt them. Instead, the attention will be on your legs and the animal print. If you don't want to show off your legs with a skirt, choose a maxi style or pair a shorter skirt with black tights.

4. Other Styles

A lot of the options above are fun ways to incorporate animal prints into your style, but they aren't your only choices. You can get a unique look with animal print even if you choose less common patterned pieces:

  • A suit: If you love the full-body look something like an animal print maxi dress gives, go bolder with a suit. This look may not fit everyone's tastes, but if you're feeling daring and want to pair a blazer that works for your figure with matching animal print suit pants, go for it! Layer the jacket over a solid color blouse — black or white will go with many animal patterns.
  • Jackets, cardigans and other outerwear: Find outerwear in animal print or with accents of the design to add personality to any neutral outfit. A faux leather jacket with animal print accents, from pockets to sleeves or collars, gives any plus size animal print outfit an edgy look. You could also opt for an animal print cardigan to layer over an all-black outfit for something simple yet exciting.
  • Jumpsuits and rompers: These styles are perfect for those who like the style of dresses but don't like skirts. In an animal print, you can find jumpsuits with longer legs or rompers with shorts, meaning you can wear animal patterns during any season or occasion. Dress these styles up or down depending on your accessories.

These options may be a bit out of your fashion comfort zone, especially in an animal print, but if you want a really daring look, they are ideal. If you prefer to keep your clothes in neutral colors, you can always look for animal print accessories to give your style a little something extra.

5. Shoes

Bring the attention to your fabulous shoes when you choose an animal print variety. If you wear a lot of neutral and solid color outfits, a pair of animal print shoes are a great staple to add to your wardrobe. You can find the pattern in almost any variety of shoe, including:

Animal print shoes are an excellent way to add a fun pattern to an outfit while still keeping it subtle. You can make animal print shoes a classy or flirty addition to your look, depending on the rest of the outfit. Patterned flats with a pointed toe add personal style to a professional outfit, while animal print heels make a black dress even sexier.

6. Other Accessories

If you want to play with some animal print but don't want a head-to-toe pattern, incorporate it in accessories. Remember to choose one in an animal print to be your statement piece and add solid color clothes and accents so you don't overwhelm your outfit with patterns. Your accessory options include:

  • An animal-print bag that adds function and style
  • Statement earrings with an animal pattern to draw attention up
  • Patterned tights to warm up a skirt or dress for cooler weather
  • A patterned scarf, made of materials appropriate for the season
  • Animal print hair accessories from scrunchies to headbands and hats

Small animal print accessories are a great subtle way to bring the design into your wardrobe. Remember to keep solid color staple pieces in your closet no matter what you get in animal print so you can create plenty of plus size animal print outfits.

When to Wear Plus Size Animal Print Outfits

It's one thing to know how to wear animal prints as a plus size woman, but it's another to know when different styles are appropriate. With the right accessories in the right style, you can wear animal prints throughout the week. Consider the design for:

  • Business casual: Yes, you can wear animal prints at work! Any style of clothes you'd wear in a professional setting may come in an animal print variety. Jazz up a work look with animal print shoes or pair your neutral blazer with an animal print blouse. Wearing the pattern in your workplace is a great way to bring personality to your professional outfits.
  • A night out: For a night out, you can't go wrong with a fun and flirty animal print. Choose an animal pattern dress or skirt for a dressier evening or go bold with animal print pants and faux leather accents.
  • Everyday: There are almost no rules when it comes to an everyday outfit. As long as you're comfortable and dressed right for the weather, you might as well mix in an animal print!
  • Formal wear: You may not think an animal print would work in a formal environment, but you'd be surprised. A flowing animal pattern can set the foundation for a gorgeous formal look. Pair it with jewelry in tones that reflect the animal print — gold will go with plenty of styles, for instance. Add black heels, dressy flats or sandals to complete the look. If you don't feel too daring, you can always use animal print accessories with a black dress.

You can make a plus size animal print outfit work for any season, but with its warm tones, the pattern is especially popular during the fall. However, you can layer up or keep it simple to make animal prints work for you any time of year, too.

Other Bold Prints

A lot of the advice above works for other patterns as well. Use a bold, patterned statement piece as the foundation for the rest of your outfit. You can also use common designs to ease you into wearing animal prints. Some designs that mimic animal prints include:

  • Stripes: Vertical stripes can be more flattering, but stripes in any orientation are a great print. Wear them to get more comfortable with similar patterns like zebra or tiger print.
  • Dots: Dots can give your outfit a similar vibe as a cheetah print. While cheetah prints feature irregular dots, polka dots will get you used to the style. Choose a style with black dots on a neutral background to simulate the usual colors in a cheetah print.
  • Floral: Flowers can mimic the rosettes, or spots, in a leopard print. Wear some floral prints if you want something as bold as a leopard print with a delicate touch. Find neutral color palettes to mimic the natural animal design.

No matter what you wear, remember to embrace your curves, your assets and your shape. Have fun with patterns, especially trendy animal prints, and wear what makes you comfortable and happy.

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