Ways to Wear off the Shoulder Tops

You may have seen the trend already — shirts that drape elegantly off the shoulders or edgy styles that show some skin. Off the shoulder tops are a stunning statement in almost any outfit. No matter your size or shape, you can try out the look.

Surprisingly, off the shoulder shirts are quite versatile. Your look can be modest or revealing depending on the plus size off the shoulder tops you choose and where you're headed. Need some outfit ideas? We can help. We've also got a few tips to help you wear the trendy style with confidence.

How to Wear off the Shoulder Outfits For Curvy Women

Before you fill up your closet with cute plus size off the shoulder shirts, it helps to know how to wear them. As you create off the shoulder outfits for curvy women, keep some of the tips below in mind. They'll help you put together a fabulous outfit that flaunts your shoulders in a stylish way.

1. Pick a Sleeve Style

Choose different styles based on the season, if you want to wear anything over the top and more. Your sleeve options for an off the shoulder top include:

  • Long, statement sleeves: From bell sleeves to ruffles, a long statement sleeve is perfect for looks you don't want to layer anything over. Wear these tops in spring, late summer or early fall since it's a bit difficult to get a jacket on over sleeves with more volume.
  • Long, fitted sleeves: Fitted sleeves work under jackets and other outer layers, so you can wear them even during colder times of the year. If the rest of the top is fitted, as well, you can pair it with flowy skirts or flared pants to contrast the fit up top.
  • Short, ruffled sleeves: Sleeves with a bit of volume work well for pear-shaped figures or anyone who wants to add more to their shoulders to balance their figure. These short sleeves work well in the spring and summer, and unless the ruffles are minimal, they may not work under jackets or cardigans.
  • Short, flowy sleeves: A short, flowy sleeve on an off the shoulder top is perfect for warm days. Pair the top with fitted shorts for a trendy summer look.

2. Choose the Best Bottoms

The bottoms you wear with your curvy off the shoulder outfit vary based on your style. In general, try to contrast the fit up top with the one below. So if your top is flowy — which many off the shoulder shirts are in some way — stick with form-fitting jeans or leggings for your bottoms.

If the shirt doesn't feature ruffles or other details at the bottom, you can tuck or half tuck it into your pants or skirt. You could also choose cropped varieties of off the shoulder shirts that sit at or above the waistline of your pants or skirt, which is great for warmer seasons or when you want a flirtier look.

3. Layer the Look

If the weather isn't cooperating with your outfit or if you don't feel like showing lots of skin, adding layers can mean you can still wear an off the shoulder shirt. Some laying options include:

An off the shoulder top under any of the pieces above creates a stylish layered look. It's an excellent way to style the top if you aren't ready to show off your shoulders, but you still want to get in on the trend.

4. Add Accessories

If leaving the area around your shoulders, collarbone and neck bare isn't your thing, you can add something to your look with accessories. Cover some skin or draw attention elsewhere with pieces like:

  • A necklace. A choker necklace will break up the space while still letting you flaunt your bare skin.
  • A scarf. The accessory will keep you warm and comfortable since it covers a lot of the exposed skin.
  • Earrings. Dangling earrings will help add balance to an off the shoulder top.

Other accessories like bracelets may not be necessary with an off the shoulder top, especially if it has long statement sleeves. Many off the shoulder tops with long sleeves feature ruffles or other details that evoke the boho vibe. The extra fabric on your arms can help balance out the bare look on your shoulders, which means you don't need jewelry on your wrists.

Off the Shoulder Outfit Ideas for Curvy Women

Off the shoulder tops come in different styles, so you can find one that's appropriate for a variety of occasions. Want to rock an off the shoulder top at a specific event? Check out some outfit inspo below.

Work Outfits

With the right type of top, you can take the off the shoulder look with you to the office. Check out a couple of off the shoulder work outfits we love:

1. A Business Casual Look

Our Like No One Else Print Pants will add some interest to your off the shoulder look. Balance out the pattern with our Made A Deal Top in black for an office-appropriate style. If you're worried about your off the shoulder top exposing too much skin for a professional environment, you could:

  • Layer the top with a jacket or blazer.
  • Wear a cardigan over the top.
  • Adjust the neckline of the top to be more like a dramatic scoop neck.

You can wear this look any time of year with the right outerwear and footwear, so get ready to bring your off the shoulder style to the office every season.

2. A Fun and Professional Outfit

What to show off a fun and colorful personality at the office? Combine our Like No One Else Pants in burgundy with our multi-color Wildest Dreams Striped Top for a bright and whimsical look.

When choosing accessories for a brightly colored or boldly patterned outfit, try to stick with neutrals to let the garments stand out. Choose simple black shoes and understated jewelry, such as a simple gold or silver chain necklace. Add a cardigan or blazer to the look to make it more appropriate for a professional setting.

You also have other options when it comes to off the shoulder tops for work. A pencil skirt and a top that features a peplum waistline give your outfit structure and balance that modestly highlights your waist. Choose a more fitted top that works under a jacket to cover up a bit and make your look more professional.

Going Out Outfits

Head out for date night, dancing or dinner with an off the shoulder top. The style is just perfect for hitting the town. You're sure to wow in these stylish looks:

1. A Comfortable Yet Flirty Outfit

Go a little daring with our Take Your Chances Top in white paired with our Hot Mama Faux Leather Pants in brown. While the faux leather pants take a bit more of center stage, your off the shoulder top is still a major highlight of this outfit. You're sure to be a stunner in this look, especially if you pair it with:

Add jewelry for some elegance or let the clothes speak for themselves. The fitted faux leather pants provide a balance with a flowier off the shoulder top, giving you a stylish yet simple outfit. This look is great for cooler weather in spring, fall and winter, so throw on a coat and get ready for the evening.

2. A Formal and Flirty Outfit

Show off your wild side with our Wild Ways Leopard Print Skirt and our Thought It Through Top in black. Animal prints are perfect for a night out at almost anywhere. You can pair the look with pretty much any type of footwear, from comfortable yet stylish sneakers to sexy heels or functional wedges. Follow some other tips we have for this look to make a stylish, functional and flexible outfit:

  • Wear black tights and boots to make this combo work for fall or winter.
  • Tuck the top into the skirt to define your waist.
  • Add black accessories for a cohesive look.
  • Consider a similar skirt in a different print or color if you don't wear animal print.

Casual Outfits

Whether you're headed to lunch with your girls or you're going out to enjoy some shopping, pop on an off the shoulder top for a fun casual look. Casual outfits should be simple and comfortable, but that doesn't mean you have to compromise on style. Feel good in some of these off the shoulder outfits:

1. The Ultimate Casual Look

Nothing says, "I look amazing and feel comfy cozy" like an outfit based around a pair of leggings. Put together black leggings, a staple in any wardrobe, with our Never Holding Back Top in fuchsia for a stylish yet comfortable outfit.

You can easily make this look work for just about any season with the right finishing touches:

2. A Cute and Casual Look

Denim is another must-have in any wardrobe, especially when it looks so cute with an off the shoulder top. You could go for a denim skirt if that's your jam, but we love how denim shorts look with an off the shoulder top.

Our Made A Deal Top in sage helps strike the perfect balance in your outfit. The cool tone of the top and denim shorts make a breezy look that's perfect for spring or summer. Add our Perfect Score Sneakers in white if you've got some errands to run, or enjoy your day in some sandals or flats. Help make this outfit work for fall or spring with a pair of jeans or jeggings in any wash along with the appropriate shoes.

Feel free to take any part of the outfits above and change it up to make it your own. Your clothes should reflect your style, so use the 'fits above as a jumping-off point to create something that suits your tastes.

How to Choose the Right Bra for an Off the Shoulder Top

Not sure how to wear off the shoulder tops with a bra? For most tops in this style, you'll want to get a good strapless bra.

Strapless bras can be annoying throughout the day if you don't choose the right one. To get a strapless bra that works for you, be sure to:

  • Try it on before you buy.
  • Make sure the band is snug but not too tight.
  • Move around with the bra on to make sure it doesn't ride up or down.
  • Check that the band is parallel to the floor and not curved.
  • Check that the part of the bra between the cups lies flat to your chest.
  • Make sure you don't have spillage or gaps.
  • Get a nude color that works with almost any color top.

If you feel comfortable doing so, go in for a bra fitting to make extra sure that your strapless bra is perfect for you.

When you're shopping for a strapless bra, you'll likely find two varieties. You can choose from a bandeau, which is like an elastic band, or a wired version, which is like your typical bra without the straps. The best strapless bra for you depends on what you're comfortable in, along with the size of your bust. Some find wired strapless bras to be less constricting than a bandeau, while others find a bandeau stays in place better.

If strapless bras aren't for you, you could choose a bralette or tank top to wear under your off the shoulder top. A lace or patterned trap, or even a solid color that compliments the off the shoulder top, will help cover any bra straps.

How to Choose an Off the Shoulder Top

Off the shoulder tops can come in different styles perfect for almost any style or figure. When looking for off the shoulder shirts, here's what you need to know:

1. Pick a Style Based on Your Bust

When you choose a top in almost any style, you should consider how the details of it will work with your figure. Off the shoulder tops for women with big busts are often flowy. They help balance your proportions and don't hug your figure.

If you aren't as gifted up top, you can choose a top that is a bit more form-fitting. Some ruffled or layered details near the collar can give the illusion of a larger bust if that's something you appreciate in your outfits.

2. Show off Your Shoulders

While you'll show off your shoulder in any off the shoulder shirt, some tops expose more than others. If you're in the mood to flaunt what you got to the extreme, you can:

  • Use shirts with elastic collars and shimmy them down your arms to expose more skin.
  • Create your own off the shoulder top with a button-down shirt.
  • Choose an edgy tee with a low-cut collar or DIY your own with a graphic tee or sweatshirt.

A lot of off the shoulder styles allow you to adjust the top to your preference, so feel free to take advantage of that. Whether you're going out for the evening, want a flirty look or are just feeling confident that day, show off those shoulders a little bit more.

3. Keep It Modest

Just as you can show off more skin, some off the shoulder tops allow you to make adjustments to cover up a bit. Elastic styles are especially easy to move up so that the collar rests on top of your shoulders rather than the sides of your arms.

If you're going with a cute T-shirt or sweatshirt that you're DIYing, you can adjust the cut to your preference so that you get a less dramatic neckline rather than one with exposed shoulders.

A modest off the shoulder top is great for everyday and casual outfits. Wear a less dramatic off the shoulder top when you feel like mixing up your wardrobe. You'll give your look a bit more fun and personality.

Style Hacks for an off the Shoulder Top

Off the shoulder tops may ride up no matter your figure. If you're going out to hit the dance floor or anticipate moving your arms a lot, you may end up adjusting your top all night to keep it in place. You might want to save your off the shoulder shirts for days and nights when your hands won't be waving in the air.

If you really want to wear your off the shoulder top to a concert or out dancing, you have some options. Some tops feature elastic around the arms as well as the collar area, which can help keep things where they need to be if you get the right size. You could also style the top to cover a bit more of your shoulders so the look feels more intentional if the shirt slides up as you move.

If you want a truly off the shoulder look, there are some hacks that could help:

  1. Use two safety pins and a hair tie: Loop the safety pins through the hair tie and pin it at the front and back of your top near the shoulder. Repeat on the other side. The hair ties rest under your arms to hold the top in place.
  2. Use dress tape: Dress tape is responsible for holding up sleeveless dresses, but it can also keep your off the shoulder top in place. Apply some near the neckline until you're satisfied with the hold.
  3. Go with a DIY style: Cut the neckline on a tee or sweatshirt to make an off the shoulder top yourself. These styles drape off your shoulders and, while they may move when you raise your arms, they will drape back into place once you lower them.
  4. Choose off the shoulder tops with straps: Some styles of off the shoulder shirts feature some sort of strap on the shoulder. Most of your shoulders will be exposed, but the strap helps keep the top from riding down throughout the day. With straps built-into the shirt, you can also wear a bra with straps.

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