Ways to Flaunt YOUR Specific Body Type Series Part 3: The PearShape

Today I will be telling you all you need to know about the pear-shaped body type. I will give you the inside scoop on ways that you can dress to accentuate the best assets your shape has to offer! Although my primary shape is an hourglass, I do have a slight secondary shape of a pear. But, I want you to realize there is no shame in this beautiful shape! Some of the most desired bodies in Hollywood are actually pear shaped!

Women with some extra "junk in the trunk" can probably understand what I am saying. It can be hard to find clothes that show off your curves without drawing too much attention to yourself. I know for me, the waist is my smallest area and sometimes I have a hard time finding pants that are tight enough in the waist without being too tight in the bottom area. But, today I will show you what outfits you literally need to incorporate into your wardrobe to make it seem as if you have hired your very own personal stylist! So, if you have been reading my blogs so far, you know the drill. Let's go ahead and address the signature characteristics of what a pear-shape actually is.

Characteristics of a Pear Shape:

Bottom Half is Larger than Top Half When you gain weight, it typically resides in your bottom half of your body
Small, defined waist Your back may/may not be slightly curved
Hips and Thighs usually larger than width of shoulders/upper half Bust may be somewhat smaller

Tips &Tricks to Make You  Shine With a Pear-Shaped Body Type:

1)Pears usually have a smaller upper body and defined waist, they tend to have a larger

bottom half. If you can relate to this, do not see that as a bag thing! Be proud of those

curves! Your main goal is to balance out your top and bottom half.

- Peplum tops, Tops with detailing on the shoulders, A-line dresses and tops can help to create more balance as well.

2) Keep the hems, pants, and skirts wider in order to create balance and elongate your legs.

-Structured pants that can slim your legs even more will really accommodate your curves in a flattering way!

3) While it is important to create a balance between the top and bottom half of your body, your really amazing upper half is what you want to direct all of the attention to!

-Focus on slimming tops, fitted tops, cardigans, button down tops. This will elongate your top half and show off how small your top half is. If you do this with a slimming pant, you have mastered the perfect look for your shape!

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-So, as I told you, an A-line type of dress is always a good option for a pear-shaped body type. Also, let's check out those ruffled shoulders that really help create that balance that we discussed previously. This cute pattern paired with some neutral boots and leggings is so cute! Go ahead and add this one to your must have list!

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-Every girl needs a simple black dress that can be paired with just about anything! But, how perfect is this dress with our trendy vest?! This vest, along with a small belt at the waist, is perfect for a pear-shaped body! It will be slimming with the black, especially with some black boots, yet creates a flared look at the bottom. It also cinches in the waist and creates a balance between the flow of the vest at the bottom and the cinched in waist at the middle. This dress and vest combination is just too perfect to pass up!

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I love these jeans! They are more form fitting at the thighs and flare out at the bottom, which creates the most flattering slimming shape to the legs! Pairing them with stocky wedges or pointy toed shoes will elongated the appearance of those legs as well! Peplum tops or even a form fitting top will give you that Beyoncé or Jennifer Lopez effect! What are you waiting for? Flaunt those curves you have, girl!

Okay ladies, that wraps it up for today! I hope that this blog gave you some insight on how to style your body that will bring you more confidence and happiness with your shopping experience! Always remember that your shape is beautiful and should not be covered up! You just need the tools to know what ways are most flattering for your shape, and I hope I have helped give you a jumpstart on pairing items that will accentuate that shape.

-As always, I am eager to hear from you! Feel free to email me with any questions, feedback, advice, or you can even send me some selfies in YOUR favorite PP Boutique outfit!

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