Ways to Flaunt YOUR Specific Body Type Series Part 2: The Hourglass Shape

Today I will be bringing you all of the tips and tricks you need to know if you have that hourglass figure! This blog is one that I can relate to personally, because my body type is more closely related to that of an hourglass with a touch of pear shape, (which I will discuss tomorrow.) This is fairly common with hourglass shapes. You normally have the hourglass being your primary shape, and may have another as your secondary shape. For example, you may have some characteristics that mainly qualify as the hourglass, and some areas of your body may be a pear or a triangle, etc. Since my own personal shape is considered to be an hourglass with a secondary shape somewhat of a pear, (my bottom half), I have learned from experience how to appreciate that shape and show it off. According to research, the hourglass is the most envied and rare shape. However, it is often conveyed to women around the world that an hourglass means you have to have a certain number in measurements in the waist, thighs, etc. Well, I am here to tell you most hourglass shapes in the "real world" are actually more curvy. If you look around, many celebrities are even going to the crazy extremes of having surgery to create a curvy hourglass shape. My point is, whether you are a curvy or small framed hourglass body, do not ever let anyone make you feel that you need to hide under clothes that don't emphasize the shape you were blessed with! I am here to help give you the tools you need to show it off in a modest way. So, let's get to it!

First, let's go ahead and address what characteristics set the hourglass apart from any other shape, so you can pinpoint whether or not your shape would fall into the hour glass type.

Signature Characteristics of an Hourglass Shape:

Well-defined waist Top and bottom half are like two inverted triangles with the middle point at the smallest point, the waist
Full bust width is proportionally the same size as hips/bottom frame

Tips When Shopping For an Hourglass Shape:

1) Your main goal is to accentuate your waist.

-You want to look for tops that are more form fitting, peplum tops, dresses with a shape to it that shows off your waist, you may want to pair the dress with a dark colored belt to further show off that area. Also look for dresses /tops/jackets that tie in the middle or cinch in the waist.

2) You also want to create that balance between your top and bottom half, making them proportional to one another, while your waist is the focal point.

-Tops with shoulder detail, ruching, stones/decorative accents, etc. can help create that balance by making the shoulders and bust even more proportional to the bottom half.

-Color blocking dresses/tops work amazing also.

One thing that I have learned is you must be careful to avoid outfits that do not have much waist defining aspects, because it can give you a rectangular look if your waist becomes lost in the outfit. (This does not mean to avoid anything flowy, just be careful to choose a flattering flowy outfit, or easily fix it with a belt or a jacket with a tie at the waist)

3) Find Pants that show off and accent your curves, but do not bring too much attention or make you look larger than what you actually are. Be proud of your curves, but find pants that show them off in the most flattering and modest of ways.

-You could rock anything from high waist pants, skinny jeans (look for jeans with a structured material), boot cut/flare jeans work well also.

Now, let's see some trendy kind of outfits that is going to make me become your best friend after you see how it adds to that amazing shape you already have!

The Hottest Items for YOUR body type at PP Boutique:

"A Girl With Purpose" -Dress $ 42.00

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-If you read my blog yesterday on the apple shape, I showed this dress as well. I decided to use this dress again today to show that this is the type of item that is so versatile. It works amazing for literally every shape. With the plunging neckline, slight flare at the bottom, and cinched in waist, it helps show the proportional dream shape you have as an hourglass body type.

" Too Cute To Be Blue" - Jacket $50.00

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-This is another versatile jacket that works well for all body types, especially an hourglass. I mentioned earlier that you want to avoid outfits that will give you a rectangle appearance. I remember in my younger days, I hated wearing big fluffy jackets even when it was freezing outside, because coming from someone with a small waist and larger bottom frame, big jackets or sweaters gave me a rectangle appearance. However, this beautiful blue jacket solves that problem! It still gives you some warmth for the winter, while cinching in your waist and not to mention the color is simply gorgeous!

" Down Home Darling" - Tunic $35.00

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-First of all, plaid is just such a trending pattern that literally never seems to go out of style, no matter what shape you are! Also, the way this tunic ties in at the waist, it is perfect if you're needing to accentuate your waist line. Plus, it is comfortable! When you can be super cute and stylish while being comfortable and showing off your best assets, you seriously cannot go wrong!

I hope today's blog helped show you find ways to strut your stuff and be proud of that hourglass shape! There are so many more tips and tricks I could give you, but I do not want to bombard you with too much information. If you have anymore questions or comments, please feel free to email me directly at:


I am loving getting to know each of you and being able to help you to feel more confident in choosing clothes for your individual shapes.

Stay Tuned for Part 3 tomorrow on the pear shape, especially if you are like me and fall in between the hourglass and pair shaped body types.

Have a great Day Beauties

& as always,

Stay Fabulous!

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