Ways to Flaunt YOUR Specific Body Type Series

Hello Beauties!

I am so excited to begin our very first “official blog” with you today! This blog will consist of a series focused on “How to Dress for YOUR Specific Body Type.” In order to avoid a super long post, I decided to focus on one specific body type per day for this first blog series. I will cover the basic body types including the: apple, hourglass, pear, inverted/ (upside down triangle), and rectangle (up/down) shapes


So, if today’s body type I am covering does not relate to you, do not fret because your body type will be featured in one of the next blogs in this series soon. If you are unsure of what your body shape is, then be sure to follow this blog series and you will hopefully see where you fit by the end of this five part collection on the body types. I also want to quickly give a disclaimer that I am in no way saying just because your body falls into a certain shape that you must place yourself in a box and only search for clothes that fall into that category. Instead, I hope to help guide you in your shopping process in order to make you feel more confident! So let’s get started….

Today we will focus on the apple shape

Some of you may be feeling overwhelmed at this point, don’t worry I am going to walk you through it! So, what in the world is an apple shape? Well, I will give you a list of characteristics that are often associated with that of an apple shape.

These Include:

Broad Shoulders Thin Arms
Normal to Full Size Bust Hips usually are smaller than bust

Undefined Waist

May/may not have a flatter bottom
Wider Torso Long Legs

(Note: Having an apple shape does not mean you have to have a large stomach, it just usually means the largest part of your frame resides around the upper and mid-section of your body frame, while the legs and arms tend to be more narrow/long.)

So, now that you know what an apple-shape is, what can you do to flaunt that shape? I will give you some tips to enhance those curves and show off your shape in all the right places!

Tips To Consider When Shopping for an Apple Shape Body:

1) Look for Dresses/Tops that camouflage the middle section.

  • (Dresses/Shirts with a tied waist will help cinch in your waist line and create definition to your shape)  

2) Look for a Dress/Top with an elongating neckline that creates a flattering bust line without drawing TOO much attention.

  • (Scooped, V-Shaped, & plunging neckline work great)

3) Draw attention on those killer long legs!

  • (Rock some high heels or short boots with heels, wide leg pants can also help, calf-length boots, wedges)

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For those of you who are apple shaped, I hope this blog was informative and helpful! Remember, no matter what “shape” you are, you should feel confident and beautiful. Embrace who you are and rock the style that makes you feel the most comfortable! Join me again tomorrow to discuss the hour-glass shape.

Send me some pictures rocking your favorite Perfectly Priscilla Outfit that makes you feel the most confident! Email me or Comment with any feedback/questions you may have at:


Stay Fabulous, Ladies.


      Mary Elizabeth

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