Tunic Tango

So I know its hot outside and everyone is trying to stay as cool as possible.  But I feel like most people over look tunics in the summer.  Most of the time they are loose and flowy which will actually help you stay cooler than tight fitting tank tops! Here are three of my favorite tunics we have currently (I had to narrow it to three or the entire website would be featured!):

How pretty is this tunic in the mint lace?  The color looks great on everyone and lace is so popular at the moment! It does have an elastic neckline as well as is fully lined! Pair it with our "Priscilla Capri Pant" to really make that mint pop!

"Positively Perfect Tunic"

The vine print on this tunic is so much fun to me while still staying classic. And it looks great on top of a pair of black capri leggings!! This would be perfect for all the wedding and baby showers you know everyone has during the summer!

"Pinkerton Street Tunic"

Wow Mama!! The summer isn't the only thing hot around here! This tunic can also double as a dress for some people so don't feel limited! Throw that elastic neckline off your shoulders, throw on some wedges, and strut your stuff in this gorgeous aztec print tunic/dress!!

"Indian Outlaw Tunic"

See tunics aren't just for fall or winter! There are so many ways to utilize them year round! They really are a versatile top! What is your favorite tunic of ours? Email me at ppbblogger@gmail.com!

Stay Perfect!

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