Trendy Tunic Outfit Ideas

Plus size tunic tops are versatile and trendy. It is one of those pieces in your wardrobe that looks better on your fabulous curves than any other body shape out there! They give you a perfect chance to display your silhouette to the best it can be. However, make sure that you find a tunic that is made from a material that lets you breathe. Any cheaper cuts will make you hot and, consequently, uncomfortable, which is never a good look.

Secondly, remember to dress according to your body shape. This is key to looking good and feeling great. It will mean that your outfits enhance the parts of you that you like, while detracting attention from the body parts you are not so keen on. For tips and tricks on how to dress your tunic, try these trendy outfit ideas and you'll be the most stylish fashionista in the room.

Body Shape #1: Apple

When you have an apple body shape, your hips and bust are smaller than your waist. Your legs will most likely be your best asset, so make sure that you show them off when putting together a trendy tunic outfit. It is easy to do with a few plus size fashion tips. For starters, find a tunic shape that nips in under the waist. This will help to create some definition which will go towards creating a sleek silhouette. From the bust line, the top will need to flare out. This type of empire line is brilliant on apple shapes. It gives a hint of a concave middle by giving you a waist just under the bust. Ideally, it will help to have a darker colored top in comparison to your pants.

Depending on the weather or occasion, decide on whether a plus size top with sleeves or no sleeves is appropriate For this look, try to find a top in just one block color for the ultimate impact. A tunic top that does nip in at the bust looks great with a pair of skinny jeans. Try to find a pair in a true blue, or one that is slightly lighter than a classic indigo color. Then, find a pair of knee high suede boots to draw attention to those fabulous legs, ideally in a similar color to your top. If you can’t find that, a basic black pair will look great. Your body shape can really look incredible with this combination of tunic, pants and shoes.

To accessorize, find a long statement necklace to bring some interest to your dark colored top half. Wear your hair up in a chic chignon to further brighten the outfit. A sleek leather purse will look best with this look too - anything too fussy will look unkempt when paired with a pair of knee high boots. If it is an outfit for a more wintery day, with an apple shaped figure, wear a cocoon shaped coat. It is an ultra-flattering shape as well as being infinitely wearable.

Body Shape #2: Pear

A tunic top is a perfect shape for a pear shaped woman. A pear shaped figure is one where the butt is wider than a woman’s shoulders. It is a beautiful silhouette and will look stunning in the following outfit. First, try to find a top with a print. With your top half being slimmer, it is a good idea to draw attention here. It is also best to try to find a top that has a longer line to it than you may usually be drawn to. However, any pattern, or bright color, can be worn. If you wear a print, remember that larger prints look best on plus size ladies.

Once you have found your tunic top of choice, pair it with some pants that pick out a color in the pattern if you have chosen an embellished tunic. If you have chosen just one block color, wear a pair of pants that are plain and complement your top. For either case, being a pear shape calls for your pants to be darker and the most flattering. In terms of shape, tunic tops look best with skinny jeans or leggings to create the right balance for the outfit. However, pear shapes can also take boot cut pants well.

In terms of shoes, look no further than a funky pair of toeless booties in a neutral tone or plain black. With attention drawn to your top half, try to find a blazer, jacket or coat. If needed in the colder months, try to find one that cinches in at the waist and is made in a material that does not add bulk. Long, dangly earrings will look fabulous on this outfit for a classic pear shaped lady, so put a pair of those on your lobes, and you will be good to go.

Body Shape #3: Hourglass

The hourglass figure is the ultimate feminine silhouette. It is much lusted after by so many women, so make the most of it and draw attention to that wonderfully tiny waist coupled with shapely hips and impressive bosom. To do so, it’s best to highlight your assets by showing them off to your best ability. For a tunic outfit, suitable for a plus size lady, this means finding a fitted top in a material that skims over your curves and hugs your waist. If you cannot find a top that shows off your waist enough, find a belt that cinches in the top even more, so it fits snug to your figure. Billowy sleeves are also a great find if you happen to find a tunic with them. They further accentuate your tiny middle, as well as taking care of anyone who despises their arms. In terms of color, tone or pattern, definitely wear a bright or light colour to further enhance your hourglass silhouette.

For balance, wear a slightly darker color on your bottom half. Jeans are always a great failsafe option, but why not try them in a funky and modern finish? There are a plethora of coated type jeans around at the moment. Or you can try some leather look leggings which can be far more flattering than initially thought, as well as incredibly comfortable. In terms of shoes, tunic tops look great when paired with flat knee high boots. Remember to wear a pair that don’t outshine your top though, as well as keeping in line with the overall look of your pants. For this outfit, try to find a clutch bag - anything else will add bulk when all eyes should be on your much coveted silhouette.

Body Shape #4: Rectangle

A rectangular body shape is one that needs a little help to be given some definition and curve appeal. It is generally a figure that goes straight up and down from the shoulders to the hips. There is very little curvature at the waist, so to add some feminine curves look for a tunic top that is long enough to be worn as a dress. Then find a wide, thick belt to draw the tunic dress in tight around the waist and you will have the appearance of an hourglass figure in no time. In terms of color or pattern, anything goes on your shape, especially given that the tunic is acting as a dress - this means it is the star attraction so it doesn’t have to match any pants or skirts on your bottom half.

That being said, in chillier months, if it is too cold outside to simply just wear a dress, try some thick black pantyhose or a pair of leggings to keep you warm. This look is really enhanced with a pair of heeled booties, but only wear them if you are comfortable in them! A pair of chic ballet flats will also look elegant. Whatever you choose for your shoes, try to ensure that it is paired well with the belt you have chosen. If your belt is leather, make sure that your shoes are the same color to stop any visits from the fashion police. The same can be said for any purse you want to carry. Jewelry should also be kept to a minimum. At most, some statement earrings can look stylish with this outfit, but if you have a busy pattern on your tunic dress, just stick to some fine metal chains and simple studs.

Plus sized tunics

Body Shape #5: Inverted Triangle

An inverted triangle body shape is one where a woman has bigger shoulders than her hips. While most women would love to have a pair of snake like hips, when your shoulders are broad, it can be hard to find a plus size outfit that balances you out. It isn’t impossible though and a tunic top is a great place to start. Try to find one with wide sleeves- this will help to start create that much needed balance. From there, find a top with a deep V. This actually breaks up what can be a vast expanse of flesh since it will show some cleavage. Avoid high necked tops like the plague; it will make you look so much bigger than you actually really are! Showing off flesh is far more flattering than covering it up in fabric.

Then find a pair of well fitted, boot cut jeans. The subtle flare at the ankle will really even out your shoulders as well as make your waist look tiny. If jeans and pants aren’t your thing, another option is to find an A line skirt with a thick waistband and tuck in your tunic top. The A-line hem will help balance out your shoulders too as well as create more of a waist at your middle by tucking in your top. For your shoes, for either choice on your bottom half, you can get away with anything since your legs will be a fabulously shapely part of your body.

Try to keep accessories to a minimum in terms of earrings and necklaces - they will just add bulk to your frame. A fine chain or pendant will be very elegant as well as plain studs or very delicate drop earrings. Your wrists can take a bit more adornment however, so if you love jewelry and are an inverted triangle figured lady, direct your attention to cuffs and wristlets. Finally, an oversized clutch is a pretty and funky addition to this plus size outfit. Its clean lines won’t add any fussiness to your look, but will instead look modern, fresh and elegant.

Lastly, regardless of whether you are large-chested or blessed with a curvy butt, ensure that you have on well-fitting underwear at all times. Underwear can make an outfit, but it can also break it too - it would be such a shame to undo all your great styling simply because your bra pulls at the back, or your panties can be seen underneath your jeans.

Other finishing touches that are often forgotten are well kept shoes - which means no scuffs and well-polished at all times, with heels having touch ups at the cobblers whenever they need them. Above all, however, is recognizing that your body is beautiful whatever shape it is. Once you realize this, your confidence will soar. Confidence is needed to wear any outfit. Without it, no amount of fabulous styling will make you look anything other than a wallflower. So slap on a smile, love your curves, and put your fantastic style out the door. 

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