Trendy Tops for Fall

The majority of our closets are filled with two main categories of clothing: tops and bottoms. Unless you’re required to wear dresses on a daily basis or just have a strong aversion to sets in general, then you’re likely to have a wardrobe that is nearly filled with tops of some kind. Of course we have our specific tops that are designed to be worn for certain occasions, seasons and situations, which means not all tops are appropriate to be worn year-round. There is a noticeable distinction between trendy tops for plus size individuals that are intended for summer and trendy tops for fall.

There are so many new trendy tops for fall that women now have available to them moving into this cooler weather. So no matter what your lifestyle is, if you live in a climate that tends to get cooler during this time of year or if you plan on traveling to an area that will be, having warmer pieces in your wardrobe will be necessary to make it through the season comfortably. And when it comes to those trendy tops for fall, the array of styles out there on the market are endless. Which means you will have more options then you’ll know what to do with when you venture out to find some new looks for your wardrobe. So let’s talk Fall Styles for Plus Size women and the key pieces you will need for transitioning into the new season.

Staying Warm

During this time of year, we tend to bundle up more as the temperatures decrease and layers become a regular, day-to-day approach when it comes to getting dressed and staying warm. Pieces that offer more insulation and warmth are often made with heavier, thicker fabrics which can often look bulky or shapeless on most of us. This can be especially challenging for fuller-figured women that are looking for trendy tops for plus size bodies that won’t look like a burlap sack. Typically, women with a body type characterized as round or lacking definition, would not want to wear anything that makes them look even bigger. Plus Size Fall Sweaters that are made with a big, knitted material or a type of chunky fabric are usually shapeless and not suggested for women that want to accentuate their shape or create the illusion of curves.

So when you are looking for trendy tops for fall that happen to be a sweater, look for a style that is more fitted to the body and will hug around your waist area in order to create a shape that is more womanly and defined. The reason that you will want to avoid wearing any type of sweater that will lose your shape, is because it can come across looking sloppy and unsophisticated. You also want to make sure the sleeves fit properly and are not going to be too tight around the underarm area. If you are going to be wearing additional layers underneath your sweater, they can become bunched up and restrict your movement which is not a comfortable situation for anyone. So when in doubt, head to the dressing room to ensure that your sweater fits properly and will look flattering either on its own or over another blouse.


Let’s talk tunics. Plus size tunic tops are not always the most understood garment for women that are not the most fashion savvy or just have not ventured out to trying one on. Tunics can essentially be both a style of top or a dress, depending on the length and formality of the detail and design the garment has. If your tunic is intended to be a top, it will typically be shorter and worn in a way that extends over a pair of shorts or a skirt without covering them up. This style of tunic is usually a loose upper garment that would be paired with fitted bottoms on the lower half of your body. Because of their less fitted style, tunics can be very trendy tops for plus size womenthat want to conceal certain areas of their body, and their midsection in particular.

Bust out your favorite denim mini skirt from summer or find a more seasonably-suitable choice such as corduroy to pair with a simple tunic and your favorite accessories. Play up your tunic with a cute, feminine cardigan or a pair of dark tights to lean out those legs and draw attention to the upper half of your body. Because tunics typically come in a style that comes up higher around the neck, you will want to play up the other areas of your outfit and body to balance out the look. Show off those legs with a great pair of ankle boots that have a slight heel or forget the leggings altogether and opt for a sexy pair of knee high boots.

No matter what you are wearing, if you’re not comfortable and confident, no amount of fancy fabric or beautiful jewelry can compensate for feeling out-of-place in your own clothing. If you want to find Plus Size Fall Tunics that will work for you, your best bet is to head to your closest boutique and try on a few things. Just like our bodies, tunics will come in various shapes and sizes, so take your time and find the top that will make you look the most stunning!


If you’re looking for tops that are going to be trendy for fall but also appropriate for work, we have some great ideas for how to turn your trendy fall tops into Business Casual Fall Work Outfits that will not disappoint. First things first, if you’re going to be looking for tops that are specifically meant for wearing to work, the environment of the workplace itself will play a large part in helping you to determine what style of top is going to make the most sense for the type of work that you’re doing on a regular basis. For example, if you work in an office setting, then a great long sleeve button-up in white fitted linen underneath a sweater with chic jewel embellishments can make the top half of your outfit look very stylish without having to do too much on the bottom.

If you like to wear jeans or just a plain pair of black slacks, this can be your opportunity to really jazz up the top portion of your body. Find a blouse with a fun collar or floral detail around the neck. Or you can also try something with a print, such as stripes, plaid or polka-dots. Think about which colors and styles you lean towards when you head into your section of the store. If its neutrals or more muted tones, then go for that! But even with neutral garments you can play around with the various cuts and shapes that will make your top stand out and accentuate the parts of your body you feel most comfortable showing off. Make sure you find pieces that bring out your best features and give you the confidence you need to feel your best.

If you have a particularly important situation going on at work such as a big client meeting or maybe just an interview for your next professional gig, looking your best is key to impress your counterparts. No matter who you are, from entry-level to high-end CEO, it’s easy to recognize when someone feels secure and confident in themselves, based on their body language and overall demeanor. A lot of this confidence can come from what you are wearing and how you feel in it. Many women might think that this means purchasing expensive or fancy clothing, but price is not always the best way to determine how great a top will look on you. So keep this in mind when you’re out looking for your trendy tops for fall, because the designer price tag may not be an indication of flattery.


Moving on from casual to formal! As the seasons change, styles will as well, but you should keep in mind what is appropriate for more elevated occasions as opposed to your daily wear that you would sport around running errands. Formal occasions do not always require dresses, as pants and a chic top can be just as formal and flattering to show up in. The key to wearing a pair of pants and a top to a formal event that will still be appropriate, is all about the right fabric choices and accessories. A luxe, high-quality fabric can easily take the most basic silhouette into a show-stopping look. Look for fabrics like velvet, or silk that will look more high-quality as opposed to cotton or polyester.

During this time of year, there tend to be many special events, whether it be for the holidays or family get-togethers or whatever it may be that you want to look your best for. During these situations we understandably want to look more polished and put together. In order to come off a bit more stylish than you typically would, try a pair of linen pants with a fitted blouse and a bold statement necklace. Also look for festive color choices such as gold or silver in a fun metallic that have a sheen that will glisten in the lights at night. Mirror this also in your jewelry with pieces that have interesting cuts and shapes. Emeralds, rubies and clear crystals are all great choices for this time of year.

In most cases you should also take the venue and theme of the event into consideration above all else. Before putting together your own outfit, think about what other guests will be wearing and if your options will complement the aesthetic of the event or stand out like a sore thumb. Of course, being overdressed is usually never a problem, but if its a case of you overdoing the bride on her big day, then you might want to reconsider that outfit choice.

For most women, the style of top that they go with has most to do with the features or parts of their body that they want to show off. Whether it be your arms, your abs or even your elbows! We all want to feel beautiful and most importantly feel like ourselves in whatever we’re wearing. For women that may want to conceal their arms, look for trendy plus size tops that are strapless but come with long sleeves. This style will show off your sexy collarbone and feel feminine and stylish while also keeping your arms and midsection covered up.

On the other hand, let’s say that you love your arms and really want to show them off. Find a top that is sleeveless or comes in a tank style as this style of top will actually showcase your arms and shoulders in a way that is ultra flattering and feminine. For ladies that are more concerned about their midsection, try a top that accentuates your bust. Either look for en empire style or you can add a cute belt to cinch in the fabric right below the chest area around the rib cage. With the lower part of the top flowing away from the body, you will be able to conceal any mid-area issues that you may not want show off. This empire style waistline will be especially flattering on women that have a fuller bust.

You also want to look for colors that will complement your skin tone and prints that will not be overly distracting. If you want to downplay certain areas, look for a print that is smaller. This will help to draw the eye to other areas of the body. In contrast, a large print such as a floral will make this part of the body appear wider or more full. So do your best to steer clear of any big prints that will make your body look bigger and only be a disservice to your overall look and level of confidence. 

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