Trendy Swimsuits for Plus Size

Finally, the season we’ve all been waiting for- Summer! Although summer is a time to spend with friends and family and maybe even a few relaxing weekend getaways, it’s also a time to revamp your wardrobe. Now is the perfect opportunity to finally shed those winter layers and flaunt your newly sun-kissed skin by the pool, lake, or beach.

Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear, so this summer why not strut to the pool in a bathing suit that makes you look and feel as fabulous as ever! Whether you’re planning your dream seaside vacation and need chic plus size summer travel clothes or are taking advantage of the clubhouse pool next door, you’ll need options. We’ve spotted the hottest poolside trendy plus size swimwear for this season to turn up the heat on your plus size summer clothing. We can’t get enough of the trending fun colors and patterns, but also love a twist on the classic sleek black suit as well. However, the most beautiful thing about women is that each body is different.

So, of course, not every swimsuit is alike- which leaves most women trying on numerous suits until they find one that is just good enough. Luckily, we’ve already done the weeding out and have put together a list of this summer’s go-to suits to choose from. This way, you can decide which suit best accentuates your curves and body type while being confident in the fact that you’ll remain fashion forward all summer long! We’d like to help you eliminate the amount of time you spend in a dimly lit department store dressing room so you can have more time enjoying the sun with your friends and family!

The One Piece

First of all, let’s rid the one piece from its stigma of being the least sexy of swimsuits. Although most women avoid the one piece because it gives off mom vibes, or only wear it because they think they need to cover up, one pieces are popping up more than ever. This season, one pieces are better than ever, and they’re here to make a statement- a fashion statement that is. If you’re one of the many ladies who prefer to keep your midsection covered with thick, luxurious fabric that hugs your curves to create an hourglass figure, the one piece is the right direction for you. Now that you have decided to debut a one piece, it’s time to look into what styles this gorgeous silhouette has to offer.

Cut Outs

Leave ‘em speechless in a swimsuit that was made to turn heads. Cut-out one pieces are exactly how they sound and so much more. The fabric is strategically “cut out” of the swimsuit in areas to show a little more skin in the most flattering areas. This style is best featured on a somewhat modest one piece, with sections cut-out to show a stylish flair. A laced-up cut-out down the center of the swimsuit creates a modest twist that is drop-dead gorgeous. Photo

The Deep V

The deep v is one of our favorite styles because it is tried and true. Remember the first time you stepped out in a plunging neckline? Chances are this style made you feel like a woman- sexy yet sophisticated. Well, we’re here to show you that you can feel the same way in a swimsuit as well. Think girls night out outfit- swimsuit style. This style typically features a halter top that ties at the neck for maximum support and lift. If you want to go even further find a deep neckline with some sort of ruched detailing around the midsection. This will camouflage your tummy and keep the focus on your daring neckline. One of the best things about this swimsuit style is that it can be worn with a cute pair of shorts and kimono and pulled off as a whole poolside outfit!

The Two Piece

Two piece swimsuits are making a come back in the plus size fashion world, and they are cuter and more flattering than ever! Show a little more skin when you hit the beach this summer and radiate confidence. As far as trendy plus size swimsuits go, we’re so in love with the two piece trend this season and think you will be too.

High Rise Bottoms

The high rise bottom two piece is definitely one of the most flattering styles you can put on your body. The high rise is known for slimming your waist and tucking your tummy to give you a slim midsection. Because the key to rocking a two piece suit is confidence, finding a suit with a structured fabric that shapes your tummy is a must. This will help you feel tight and toned all day. High rise bottoms make a plus-size fashion statement and channel pin-up Marilyn Monroe vibes which makes every woman feel sexy. So now that you got your perfect fit, look for a stand-out print to set yourself apart from the crowd during tanning hour. We’re loving soft pink and white polka dots or a bold royal blue for this style swimsuit!


Want to add a little extra coverage with a dainty girly flare? Swimwear skirts are SO in right now, and they’re so perfect for curvy ladies. Find one that is high waisted to create an A-line straight down from the smallest point of your waist and let the extra fabric on the skirt create an hourglass illusion on your hips. If you want to stick with the vintage look, we suggest a plaid print that will have you looking like a 60’s goddess! If you find yourself searching department stores for trendy swimwear for plus sizes, and never find something flattering, we promise adding a skirt to your swimsuit will be the perfect touch.

Trending Two Piece Tops

The great thing about two pieces is that you can shop around for tops that fit your needs based on support and what style compliments your figure nicely. Swimsuits are really stepping up their game this season and giving voice to women who need a little extra support- finally! So forget the slinky fabric with a painful underwire this summer, and search for one of the many new styles that both comfort and support. Soft, padded cups with quality structured fabric is changing the game this season and is offered in many different styles. However, whether you’re large chested or small chested, you have options! Let’s see what this season has to offer.

Halter Top

Halter tops are a total classic that probably brings back nostalgia and reminds you of your first bikini. However, they can be super fun and flirty too! This season look for a bold color with dainty features such as a bow or ruffles. For the larger chested, search for a halter top that features a built-in bra shelf with molded cups and side boning for stability. Also, you’ll want to make sure that the cups have extra lining in them. This will provide you with the extra support you need to feel confident without any poolside wardrobe malfunctions.

Off the Shoulder Top

Off the shoulder tops are one of the cutest new trends to hit the trendy swimsuits for plus size market. If you’re tired of the basic bikini shapes, the off the shoulder adds a fun touch. Show your girly side with off the shoulder ruffles to balance out your curves and showcase your personal style. Style Tip: make sure the swimsuit also has bands along the top and bottom hems to ensure it stays in place!

Caged Strappy Top

The caged strappy bikini top is all the rage right now, and we’re so in love! Perfect for an edgier look, this style is a trendsetter. Looking for a way to add the illusion of a little boost to the girls? Two straps outlining your chest create the illusion of a little extra in the cup size area. On the other hand, this style offers added support as well. Wear this caged strappy top tanning by the pool or splashing in the ocean waves. Whatever you choose, we promise you will look and feel amazing.


Despite its funny name, the monokini is a sexy twist on the one piece and two piece combined. This trendy swimsuit is sure to be your next favorite once you see how many compliments it gets. It typically features an inner piece that covers the center of the stomach and a cutout along the side that adds a sexy detail that’s flirty and somewhat modest! For this style, it’s essential that you find a structured top to maintain the support and lift that you might need. Because they’re so intricate by nature, we love seeing monokinis that have a subtle flare. Think black or a neutral base color with a stylish accent such as muted skinny gold polka dots. Become a trendsetter by being the first of your girl squad to wear one this summer!


Now that you’ve decided to revamp your swim collection, it’s time to add the finishing touches to your plus size outfits for hot weather- accessories. When purchasing accessories, a good rule of thumb is to think about which ones can be interchangeable with multiple outfits, but also look for outfit specific statement pieces as well. Summer is the perfect time for bold, colorful statement pieces that set you apart from the rest and accentuate your gorgeous swimsuit.

The season’s hottest swim accessories are here:

Pool Towel

A great pool towel is synonymous with a great handbag. Bringing along a hot towel always ties together a pool outfit, and your new swimsuit will look even better laying on a fresh towel. The trend this season is a classic striped towel that sends Hamptons vibes. We’re loving yellow and beachy-green for a fun summer flare. Hit the beach like a pro with a microfiber towel that dries nearly three times as fast so you can dip in the ocean as many times as you want. If you’re a beach bunny, the microfiber will help you keep the sand away so your tanning won’t be interrupted by frequent towel shakes.


Sunglasses can make or break any look which is why it is essential to find a great pair that is in style! Since you’ll be wearing these babies to the pool or beach, sunnies that match your swimsuit is a must! We love a pair of pink tinted shades to match a pink swimsuit or a tortoiseshell rim to go with a classic black one piece. It’s best to have a few pairs of sunnies for every occasion. After all, there’s no such thing as being too prepared! So pick up some fun colored tinted shades to protect your eyes from the sun! While you’re seeing blue, others will be seeing green with envy!


Shoe’s are a woman’s best friend, so naturally, we get excited about summer shoe shopping! Whether you’re looking for the perfect wedge to walk poolside, or an adorable sandal for the beach, we’ve have a wide variety of shoes that will match perfectly with your plus size outfits for the beach!

Keep all eyes on you with a flashy gold metallic wedge. This style pairs with just about any swimsuit and will look amazing as the sunlight hits them. Remember that monokini we talked about? These two pieces are a match made in heaven.

As for sandals, every girl needs a pair of taupe sandals to go with every single look. On the other hand, you can get extra trendy with a stunning rose gold color and a rhinestone design that compliments a more dressed-up look. These styles are great for special occasions or when you want to spice up any swimsuit!


We don’t need to tell you that jewelry is a fun addition to any outfit! If you’re planning to lounge by the pool, statement earrings are a must! If you’re not an earring girl, a statement necklace can do the trick! However, be sure to not overdo it by pairing it with a more minimalistic swimsuit!

As you can see, just because you are at the beach doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style. By following these tips above, you will be able to have a stylish ensemble at the beach or poolside all summer long. 

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