Trendy Fall Dresses

Fall Fashions are full-steam ahead! With the transition from Summer-to-Fall fast approaching, we’re beginning to trade in our cutoffs for cardigans and mini skirts for plus size fall maxi dresses. It’s an exciting time to revamp your wardrobe and make use of new pieces, as the change in weather offers unique opportunities to branch out with your look. Consider those items that may have been too hot to wear during Summertime, such as a chic cashmere blouse or a pair of fitted leather pants, that can be now worn more regularly as the temperatures start to cool down.

Fall also introduces the beginning of the Holiday season for most people, which is a time of year when many celebrations and special events tend to take place with friends and families. These more formal, annual occasions often call for stylish, festive attire that aligns with the spirit of the season. And as the new season approaches, trendy Fall dresses are making their way back on the scene, and we’re here to help you find the best plus size dresses for you!

Fall Styles For Plus Size Women

If you’re a Summer Babe that loves to bask in the sun or spend your days enjoying the ocean or outdoors, then heading into Fall may not be the most thrilling season to look forward to. Uncomfortably cold temperatures, frustrating challenges with transportation and the layers upon layers of clothing needed in order to walk around outside can be understandably off putting for individuals that live in these climates. However, there are actually many enjoyable aspects of Autumn, especially when it comes to fashion. For instance, consider a chic pair of suede knee-high boots or those plus size fall maxi dresses that have seen sitting in the back of your closet all Summer long- rather than continuing to let these pieces collect dust in your closet and go unloved and unused any longer, take this opportunity to have some fun!

If you’re like many of us, we do not even know what we have piled up in our closets, especially if they are pieces specific to one season at a certain time of year. It’s easy to forget about all of the great pieces we do have and can incorporate into our wardrobe again and again. If you have invested in quality, classic items, then you should be able to count on having them last for years on end, as long as you care for them properly. A thick, neutral coat, a dark pair of slacks, black leather boots and knitted sweater are just a few core pieces to have in your closet that can be recycled over and over again.

This is a great tip in general for both men and women when it comes to buying clothes: invest in quality pieces that are well-made in order to save money in the long run. You will be surprised by the difference it can make in both how your clothes look and feel when you seek out better quality in fabric and fit. This is especially useful if you do happen to live in an area with a climate that drastically changes from season-to-season and requires very different types of clothing. So rather than worry about loading up on enough warm clothing for Winter or stocking up on cool items for Summer, make the necessary preparations beforehand so you can be worry-free!

When it comes to Fall styles for plus size women, the possibilities are endless! Don’t be afraid to embrace your figure and never feel that you can’t wear a certain style or trend because of your size. The key to pulling off plus size trendy dresses or any outfit for that matter, is to find the most flattering fit for your body type. Sometimes this may take a little bit more effort to pull off, but whether you’re a size 2 or a size 20, finding the right fit is essential to pulling off a fabulous look no matter what the occasion is.

Casual Looks

Everyone needs at least one trendy plus size maxi dress for Fall. Who wants to wear pants all of the time? Not us! So do yourself a favor and explore your more freeing options next time you head out shopping for new clothes. Maxi dresses are both stylish and comfortable which makes them a great option for your day-to-day casual outfits. They can also be great for women that typically like to wear dresses in general and want to be able to do so moving into those cooler months. Something tells us that heading outside in a sundress during sweater weather will not go over too well. Trendy Fall dresses can be worn in so many ways for all sorts of styles and personalities.

The maxi dress is the ultimate garment in versatility as it can easily be styled to fit your body type and style preferences with just a few additional accessories. Here are a few simple ways to style your Fall maxi dresses with items that you are likely to already have in your closet.

A denim jacket is a really fashionable, yet laid back piece to style with your maxi dress. Denim jackets are a great outwear pieces to have in your wardrobe because they are appropriate for most casual settings. You can wear denim jackets in a variety of situations, from going camping, attending a concert in the park, out to a dinner with friends, you name it! This casual closet staple can easily be styled to fit the occasion at-hand.

For women that would characterize their bodies as less curvy or more athletic, belts are a great accessory to pair with your maxi. For women that have more round shapes, or a less defined waist, belts will help to draw the eye to the middle of the body and create the illusion of a defined waist. And if you are a woman that happens to have a curvier shape naturally, a skinny little belt around the middle of your waist is not off limits. Use this piece add a touch of femininity that will really show off your beautiful womanly shape.

Depending on how thin you want your waist to appear, you can use a belt to help add major definition. Styling your plus size maxi dress is all about personal preference so play around with the look until you find what works for you. And if you’re wearing a dress that is especially flowy or is cut in a way that falls away from the body, a nice belt will help pull everything in. Ultimately, you want to make sure that your look is flattering on your shape and shows off your best features.

Scarves are both a fashionable and functional trend during Fall and Winter and they also come in handy for styling your trendy Fall dresses. You can choose from a thin scarf to either wrap around your neck or just let hang freely around your neck. A printed lightweight scarf can also add a fun touch of color and add some personality to the overall look. If you are not someone that typically wears a scarf, then you might be surprised to learn all of the ways you can actually tie and style a scarf. From the Classic loop, to the French knot, to the intricate Infinity, there are countless ways to style this favorite Fall accessory.

You can also wear a thicker scarf for those times when you want to stay warm. A thick scarf will keep your neck and chest covered, which can also make them more appropriate for events where you want to be covered up or look more conservative. Scarves are also very easy to put on and take off so you can switch up your look throughout the day with minimal effort.

Now let’s talk about jewelry! Having the right plus size fashion accessories can instantly take your maxi dresses from drab to fab in an instant! A lot of women either overdo it with the amount of jewelry they wear, or don’t wear enough to help highlight the best parts of their outfit. The key is knowing how to accentuate what you have on and make your maxi the showstopper. If you’re wearing a style of maxi dress that exposes your neck or collarbone, wear your hair up or back in a ponytail and add a fun set of tassel earrings or a bold statement necklace. However, we do not suggest wearing two statement pieces so close together, such as dangly earrings or a chunky beaded necklace, as they can actually take away from your ensemble rather than add to it.

Shall we talk shoes? Since we’re discussing trendy dresses that are plus size, your choice in footwear should also coincide with the season. Open-toe heels or thin flip flops are probably not going to be your best bet to combat to cold weather. Luckily, there are so many cute ways to style Plus Size Fall Dresses with Boots. Find a great pair of ankle boots or knee-highs to elevate your trendy Fall dresses. And if you don’t want to spend too much money on shoes for the season, invest in a pair of brown or classic black leather boots with a small heel to pair with your looks. These two styles and color choices are classic neutrals that will match with most any maxi you have in your line-up.

Formal Looks

While maxi dresses are often thought of as mostly casual garments, you can also find them in much more formal styles. For women that want trendy dresses that are plus size, but also want them to be elegant and chic, the formal maxi dress is the way to go. For a dressier appearance, pay attention to the quality of the fabric you’re choosing and the way to dress fits to your body. Fit is so important especially if you want to look pulled together and sophisticated. And if you’re interested in a less fancy dress and something more for a formal job interview or an important meeting with a client, you can can ideas here: Business Casual Fall Work Outfits.

Fall Weddings

Wedding season has typically been thought of as solely reserved for Springtime, but many couples today are opting for a less traditional season to plan their nuptials. Fall and Winter weddings are becoming more popular year after year and this means that guests are having to rethink their usual formal attire and look for a wedding outfit that offers both warmth and sophistication. Plus size Fall dresses for a wedding are not the most common items to find in a typical woman’s wardrobe, but plus size Fall maxi dresses will come in handy this year, especially if you’re planning on attending a wedding.

One of the first things you want to consider for a trendy Fall wedding look is the fabric. Fabric choices are critical when it comes to finding the perfect outfit for the season. Certain fabrics just don’t make sense for certain situations. For instance, you would not wear a black velvet tank top to head to a pool party, and the same goes for selecting a fabric choice during Fall. Of course this will be dependent on the climate you’re in, the location itself and the time that the nuptials are taking place.

For starters, a beautiful plus size Fall maxi dress is an easy option for those of you that do not want to put too much effort into your overall look. One nice thing about the maxi dress, is that you can feel comfortable being covered up, without having to over-embellish with frills. Just find a long maxi dress with a solid print, in a seasonally appropriate color such as deep green, navy blue, rich burgundy or ole faithful, a classic black dress. These deeper colors will work great for just about any of your trendy Fall dresses. Add a few accessories to complete your formal look, maybe a pair of dangly gold earrings and a chic cuff to add a bit of glitz.

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