Transitional Fashion

Transitional Fashion

When the weather is bouncing between too cold and too hot, having beautiful clothes that fit both seasons you're experiencing can help you stand out and impress your friends. 

When it's that time of year when it's freezing in the morning, but you're sweating by the afternoon, transitional pieces can spare the sweat without sacrificing your outfit. Keep reading to discover how you can use transitional fashion when you're moving from one season to the next. 

What Is Transitional Fashion?

Transitional clothing seamlessly guides you from one season to another. The idea is pretty simple, and you can get creative with your seasonal clothing to create new and unique combinations that make you stand out. Essentially, you'll mix your clothes for the current season with the upcoming one. You may need to buy some new clothes to coordinate your warm and cold weather styling, but you'll be able to reuse the pieces over and over again. 

Here are some tips for creating amazing traditional outfits:

  • Be picky about fabric: Materials and fabrics will make or break your transitional looks. Beyond choosing designs that mesh two seasons, you'll need to pay attention to the material your clothes are made of. For example, acrylic and nylon can trap heat, while cotton, linen and silk fabrics can absorb sweat. You'll want to find breathable materials because it's better to layer up than be too hot. 
  • Get creative with layers: Speaking of layers, experimenting with different pieces will be your best friend. Find some staple pieces like a neutral, cozy vest and a long and elegant overcoat. During cool temperatures, you can bundle up without sacrificing style, and when it gets warmer, you can shed the layers to show your transitional outfit underneath. 
  • Pick a palette: When you find your go-to colors and patterns, you can better mix and match the rest of your closet. Neutrals are a staple for every wardrobe, but determine how bold you want to go with other colors. You should always feel comfortable and confident in what you're wearing, so be sure to find the pieces you love. 
  • Grab those basics: No matter the season or trends, some pieces never go out of style. Hoodies, sweatshirts and crewnecks are classic pieces, and you can still get creative when you style them. High-quality basics can serve multiple purposes when the seasons are changing. Don't be afraid to splurge on staples. Fluctuating temperatures can make it challenging to stay comfortable, but if you have these go-to pieces, you can always ensure you can shed the layers or bundle up while looking cute.

Summer to Fall Fashion

Transitioning from summer to fall is simple, and you can rely on autumnal colors to bring your outfits to the next level. One of the best ways to find transitional pieces is to shop at the right time. The back-to-school season usually brings deals for everyone. You can find fall pieces on sale while you're shopping for yourself, your children or your friends during these sales, and they're right before the days get cooler, so you can prepare for the season ahead. 

Transitional fall pieces may include:

  • Leather pencil skirts: While cute, short skirts typically ring spring and summer, long skirts are perfect for fall. Pair a burgundy, orange, red or navy blue skirt with your favorite tank top and cute sandals or heels. The colors will scream fall, but your outfit will still have hints of the warm days you're leaving behind. 
  • Knee-high boots: Footwear can say a lot about your season, and knee-high boots are classic fall pieces. You can still wear dresses and skirts with these boots, and the colors you choose to rock can amplify your transitional fashion. 
  • Cardigans and vests: Green, orange and white cardigans and vests are beautiful pieces for fall. They're perfect for staying warm during the crisp mornings and nights without feeling restricted when it starts getting warmer during the day. You can pair them with tank tops, crop tops, jeans, leggings, skirts and dresses, making them the perfect pieces for transitional fashion. 

Fall to Winter Fashion

Fall to Winter Fashion

Fall aesthetics are beautiful, and transitioning to the cold, snowy days doesn't have to mean you need to give up your colors and designs. You can make some really simple switches to your wardrobe to prepare for the weather shifts. 

One of the first things you should consider is swapping your light jackets, vests and cardigans for heavy coats and puffers. Fuzzy jackets and neutral sherpas can elevate your looks while keeping you cozy. Additionally, you can layer sweaters and other thicker pieces under your light pieces, like cardigans and jackets. This way, you can still shed the layers and enjoy the sunshine while embodying the fall and winter. 

Scarves are another excellent transitional piece. They're best in the coldest weather, but cute patterns and designs can capture autumn while keeping you cozy. As the days get colder, you can swap your light scarves for heavier ones to keep warm and stay in style. 

Leggings and tights can also elevate your cute outfits to chic and stylish. Fleece-lined leggings or tights can keep you warm but add sophistication to your look. You can style them with dresses and skirts, and pairing them under ripped jeans can enable you to show creative designs while staying warm and in season. 

Winter to Spring Fashion

The shift from winter to spring can be a big outfit shit. As the days get longer and warmer, having the right outfit can help you stay stylish while keeping seasonal colds away. It can be tempting to grab those spring clothes as soon as the weather breaks, but you should keep some winter staples at hand to prepare for cool breezes and the evening crisp. 

The best tip we can offer is to transition with light layers. Sweaters, knits and cardigans are perfect for pairing with a maxi or midi skirt that embodies spring. Heavy or chunky tops can throw off the look and make you sweat throughout the day, so have your light cover-ups ready.

Booties and dresses may become your new go-to for this transitional fashion. Cute and classic booties will represent the winter you're coming out of, while the colorful and floral dresses can capture the essence of spring and new beginnings. 

One of the best things you can do to transition from winter to spring is to use your favorite winter pieces to create new outfits. This may be the last time you get to wear your burgundy sweater or cashmere top for a while, so pair them with white jeans and make the transition seamless. 

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