Tips for a FLAWLESS Bridal Makeup Look!

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I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their week! I don't know what the weather is like where you are, but only in South GA do you experience literally ALL seasons in one week! My sinuses are hating this bipolar weather! But, I will survive!

So, for today..I went down my list of requests from you ladies and chose a random topic from the list. I received a request for flawless bridal makeup tips. Today I have picked a few looks that I feel are beautiful for a bridal look! I will include pictures to give you some ideas on what you may like best. I will also try to include a few signature products that I feel scream "bride".

I mean, let's get real, your wedding day is a day that you have dreamed of since you were a little girl. You picture how you will feel walking down the aisle. You wonder what your groom's face will look like when his eyes meet yours. You wonder what everyone around you will be thinking as you make your way down the aisle and pass by the rows of guests. It's a day that your future children will ask you about and want to see pictures of. It's a day that you will cherish for forever. So, you want to enjoy it! You want to prepare for it ahead of time, so that you will have as little amount of stress as possible.

With that being said, make sure that you have a trial run with your makeup artist ahead of time, (do the same with your hair stylist). If you want to be super into detail, you can even have more than one trial run, if you so choose. The point of a trial run is to show the makeup artist EXACTLY what you envision for your big day. It may be to your advantage to bring pictures to her as well of what look you are trying to go for. Trust me, it will put your mind at ease on the big day, knowing you have already handled these details ahead of time. This is YOUR day and you want to be 100% happy with every detail, including how you look.

Everyone has different taste, even when it comes to makeup, and that is totally fine! Some women want more of a natural look, some like a matte look, and others may want to glow. Either way, there are options for everyone. I will include looks for each main category: 1) Natural Makeup, 2) High Glam Makeup: A)Matte Look OR B) Dewy, highlighted look.

This may give you ladies a better idea of which look you like best for you. Feel free to have your makeup artist experiment with these looks also!


If you are a bride who wants more of a natural look with minimum coverage, there are many options for you as well. Usually those who choose a more natural look, tend to either go a tad heavier on the eyes and not the lips, or may go heavier on the highlight and not on the other, etc. Either way, I personally LOVE a highlight on every makeup look for a bride. It just gives you that glowing look. So, if you have never used a highlighter to highlight the nose, cheek bones, and upper lip, try it out and you will love the look it gives!

2) HIGH GLAM: "The MATTE Look"

-For a High Glam look, I always picture big lashes, and a clean eyeshadow. With a matte look, you would probably choose a more matte eyeshadow, but you can still include a highlight in the key areas of your face and maybe the inner corner of your eye, while still keeping the rest matte.


I LOVE a dewy look. Don't worry, if it is done correctly, you will only look "dewy" in the key areas.

I hope you enjoyed these looks! Message me for any questions you may have about products or anything else you may need help with!

Send me your looks and enjoy your special day!!!!

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