The "Plus-Size" Argument

Don't know if you guys have heard but there is an ongoing argument about the term "Plus-Size". Apparently it all started with Ajay Rochester becoming offended at Laura Wells being termed "plus size" in The Upsides new  Be You campaign.  There have been Instagram posts, tweets, blogs, and all around internet frenzy. Now Laura has come out and said she is proud to be part of the campaign but there is still controversy about the actual terminoogy. So what do you guys think?  Is the term damaging? Does it need to be redefined? 

Let's really think about this for a minute.... What is considered plus size in the fashion industry is not necessarily what we would consider plus size in the real world.  What do you think is considered plus size?  Obviously we cater to sizes 10-22 here at Perfectly Priscilla.  A lot of that is due to distributors sizing and restraints.  Trust me when we are able to open that up to more sizes we will!! But do you feel as though the actual phrase to describe clothes and women is hurtful?

Personally I don't.  Until more retailers and designers provide clothing in a range of all sizes I think its important to distinguish which ones actual sell things that I can wear.  Now I can see the point that calling a size 6 or 8 "plus" can be damaging to teenage girls who are in such a fragile state in that time of their lives.Personally, I like Tess Munsters (aka Tess Holliday) #effyourbeautystandards campaign. And she is the first size 22 model to work for Torrid! Why does "plus" have to have a negative connotation?  Why does it have to be seen as a bad thing? I think its important to remember to be happy and healthy regardless of size. And to also remember that it is YOUR body.  Don't let anyone else tell you how it should look.  

Stay focused on how amazing you are and don't let anyone steal your sparkle!!

Sound off!! What do YOU think? #Droptheplus OR #effyourbeautystandards?

Stay Perfect!

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