The Perfect Outfit Part Two

So earlier this year I did a blog on the perfect outfit... And while I hate to contradict myself I may just have to!!! Actually instead of contradicting myself, why don't I just start a list of "Perfect Outfits"? Sound good? Good, because I do I have one for you ladies today!!!

This outfit is made from three fabulous pieces on our site. First, the "A Casual Affair" top in Black which is similar to a piko top and so flattering!! Then you add "The French Connection" pant in Red.  Y'all. These pants.  OMG!! Cigarette style in a bold color... Sign me up!!! And my favorite... and I mean FAVORITE part of this outfit is the wrap. The  "Call Me Captivating" wrap is in my absolute favorite (Do I use this word too much? Nah...) pattern of all time. Houndstooth.  Seriously if I could, I would have everything monogrammed and in this pattern. But I've been put on restriction from buying anymore... But back to the wrap... So elegant, so classy, so southern chic... This needs to become your go to wrap for every event. Wear with dresses or skinnies... You can't go wrong!!!

Don't you just love it?? What do you think is the perfect outfit? Email me some suggestions at and you may just see it featured in a blog!!

Stay Perfect!

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