The 5 Denim Styles You Need Now

Fashion trends change over time, and there's no better example of this than the humble beginnings of our favorite pants. In 1873, a tailor named Jacob Davis, along with his partner Levi Strauss, invented what we know as jeans by using a sturdy cotton fabric to create a durable pair of work pants.

From there, denim clothes have gone on a journey unlike almost any other piece of clothing. Now, jeans even populate the runways of famous designers like Balmain and Gucci, costing upwards of $1,000 a pair. While most people don't want to drop their paycheck on a pair of pants, everyone can benefit from a great fitting, quality pair of jeans.

For plus-sized women, buying jeans has historically been a struggle. However, recent changes in styles and fits make them more comfortable — plus, they complement those beautiful curves better than ever. No matter your size or style, there's a pair of jeans that suits you.

Here are five denim styles everyone needs in their closet.

1. High-Rise Skinny Jeans

High-rise skinny jeans are denim-style staples and have been making big waves in the fashion industry. With a tight fit and highly tapered leg, the traditional skinny jean rose to popularity partly because the tight fit was, well, pretty tight. Boy bands rocked them, and so did their fans. Eventually, almost everyone had a pair.

Skinny jeans work because they have an elongating and slimming effect on the lower body. Pair that with a high waist and you've got legs for days! High-rise skinny jeans look excellent on any body type, and they've ushered in another popular trend — crop tops. Now, you can wear those cute cropped shirts without exposing too much skin, if that's not your thing.

High-rise skinny jeans come in a variety of styles. Darker and black denim can dress up your outfit, while lighter tones can give off a more casual vibe. Plus, with more fabric around the waist, designers can use creative techniques in place of the traditional zipper. Some unique closures for high-rise skinny jeans include:

  • Rows of buttons
  • Tying belts
  • Lace-up corset styles
  • Asymmetrical zip flys

High-rise skinny jeans are a closet essential, and they're the perfect complement for almost any outfit. Pair our bold Taking it Back Distressed Jeans with your favorite band t-shirt for an edgy look. For a flirty brunch outfit, wear our Just a Little Sassy Distressed Jeans with a beautiful off-the-shoulder top, like our Another Lovely Day Top.

2. Boyfriend and Girlfriend Jeans

The boyfriend jean is the closest relative in cut to the original 1873 pair of jeans created by Davis and Strauss. Both boyfriend and girlfriend jeans have a loose, relaxed fit, making them a must-have for your casual wardrobe. As the name suggests, they fit a little like your boyfriend's jeans, with features like:

  • A looser, low-rise waist
  • Slightly tapered legs
  • Being straighter through the hips and legs
  • Straight or rolled ankle

Girlfriend jeans, in contrast, fit a little more snugly and higher on the waist, with more taper to the legs. The effect is an elongated look with the same comfort and bagginess as boyfriend jeans.

Boyfriend and girlfriend jeans have made a resurgence along with the push for more comfortable women's pants. No one wants to wear tight skinny jeans all the time, and these styles offer more movability and comfort while keeping the same casual look. They're perfect for errand running and especially great for moms who want pants that will move with them but are still fashionable.

Boyfriend and girlfriend jeans are perfect to pair with a graphic tee, or a tighter top if you want to accentuate your curves. If you're going to dress the look up a little, another idea is to pair them with a button-up tied at the bottom. This look is cute for lunch dates and maybe even a casual work meeting.

Mom Jeans

Mom jeans aren't just any jeans a mom happens to be wearing — there's a specific style to them. You can categorize mom jeans with boyfriend jeans because their styling is so similar, but there are a few distinct differences. Mom jeans have a tighter, higher fit in the waist, like girlfriend jeans, but they keep more of the bagginess of boyfriend jeans.

While moms have been ridiculed in the past for rocking this style, now everyone wants a pair. Perhaps it's their retro feel, or maybe they remind us of simpler times. Either way, mom jeans are here to stay.

3. Bootcut Jeans

Remember when bootcut jeans were all the rage? We're going back to the future with this trend, and many women are ditching their skinny jeans for looser, wider-leg bootcut jeans. Young people ask, "Why did the bootcut jean ever go out of style?" To be honest, looking at these jeans styles will have anyone asking the same question.

Bootcut jeans have a narrow leg that widens out past the knee. They're called bootcut because they're made to fit around a boot. While the bootcut style of the past is back, modern iterations have put a new twist on the classic. Nowadays, bootcut jeans come in a variety of hem lengths. The classic bootcut jeans sit just on your foot, but newer styles might go a little shorter and show some ankle. 

Flare Leg

Flare leg jeans resemble bootcut jeans pretty closely, but they have a larger leg opening. While they still maintain a tighter fit around the knee, the "flare" will be more pronounced, hence the terminology. Flare legs are fantastic if you want a bigger opening than a bootcut jean offers, but you still want somewhat of an understated look.


These aren't just for the 1970s anymore. Bell bottom jeans have also made a comeback as the dressed-up, whimsical version of the bootcut jean. Bell-bottom jeans' flare begins at the knee, allowing for a much wider leg opening. Style our Midday Muse Eyelet Jeans with the Draw You In Top. These jeans pair well with heeled booties or a strappy stiletto if you want a bolder look.

4. Straight-Leg Jeans

Even though straight-leg jeans have pretty much always been around, they haven't gotten nearly the traction as they have in the last couple of years. Straight-leg jeans technically have the same width from the knee to the ankle, directly contrasting to skinny and bootcut jeans. But unlike boyfriend and girlfriend jeans, they usually maintain a tighter style.

Straight-leg jeans are terrific for casual outfits, but you can certainly dress them up. Since the slimmer style of straight-leg jeans resembles skinny jeans pretty closely, you can style them in virtually the same way. They're easy to pair with sneakers or heels, t-shirts or blouses, making them a fantastic versatile option for your closet.


A high-waisted straight-leg jean is perfect if you want the high-waisted slim leg look, minus the part where you have to squish yourself into skin-tight pants. These styles have the great advantage of providing more give than skinny jeans, so they're perfect for those who want the skinny jean look without the skinny jean feel. Additionally, they have a tapered leg so you can show off your fabulous shoes.


One of the biggest trends in jean styling is cropped legs. Gone are the days you'd have to roll up your jeans to get that effortless capri look — now, it's genuinely effortless since these styles come already hemmed. You can get jeans with cuffs hemmed above the ankle, or other styles that simply end a few inches short of a standard pant. Cropped pants are terrific to add a relaxed feel to your outfit, and pair perfectly with flowy tops, like the Send My Love Swiss Dot Top

5. The Jort

"Jort," a combination of the words jean and short, is a cute nickname for this popular clothing item. Jean shorts are the perfect item for when you want a cool denim look on a hot day. They come in all different lengths, from a few inches to past the knee. Get them in low, mid or high-rise options, with distressed or button detailing.

For an outdoor barbecue or get-together, wear a pair of white denim shorts, like the Style Update Distressed Denim Shorts, with a cute sleeveless top. Alternatively, style the Free Spirited Denim Shorts, a classic blue jean short with a cuff design, with the Land of Liberty Print Top for a cute 4th of July look.

Bonus Style — The Demin Jacket

Arguably, the denim jacket is the ultimate closet staple. Truly one of the most versatile items in fashion, the jean jacket goes with just about every outfit. Got a cute floral dress? Pair it with a light wash denim jacket. Want a jacket to match your favorite band tee? Grab a black jean jacket to add a slight edge to your look. No matter what you wear, there's a jean jacket to match, which is why this is one of the ultimate denim style staples.

You can even wear denim jackets — gasp — with jeans. In the past, this might've been a fashion don't. However, we're seeing a resurgence in all denim looks along with bolder, more retro jean styles. Throw on a denim jacket and jeans and head out on the town!

How to Find Denim That Fits

With much more variety of style and fabrics than in the past, it should in theory be easy to find jeans that fit you. Unfortunately, women of all sizes struggle to find affordable jeans that fit their bodies. Many women have resigned themselves to purchasing okay jeans — maybe they're a tad too tight or baggy in some areas, but often the best options are never quite perfect. 

No jeans will look the same on every body, but there are ways to tell if your jeans fit you well. Follow these guidelines to ensure your denim fits you comfortably:

1. Pinching at the Waist

If your jeans pinch or leave red marks on your waist, that could be a sign they don't fit well. Your zipper might also pull apart on its own if the waist of your jeans is too snug. While it's possible jeans can stretch out after you buy them, you should be able to stick two fingers into your waistband comfortably even when they're tight. While the size may be to blame, it could also be the style.

Since high-rise jeans go up to or above your belly button, you may need a different size in that style. Similarly, low and mid-rise jeans will fit differently on your body. If you feel pinching at the waistband of your jeans, try going up a size or see if the style of the jeans is to blame.

2. Too Loose or Tight in the Hips

Wearing jeans that are too tight for your hips is like asking for a wardrobe malfunction. You bend down and then — rip! If the fabric feels like it's stretching too much, or your seams aren't sitting right, that's a clear sign your hips and backside need a little more room. If your jeans are too loose, they'll bunch up around your hips and they might even feel too loose in the waist.

Luckily, our jeans and jeggings have the perfect amount of give to accommodate your curves.

3. The Back Gap

Not that long ago, shopping for jeans often made you question if the designers actually paid attention to the measurements. You'd find a lovely pair of jeans that fit so well, and then you'd turn around and see a gaping hole between the waistband and your back. Nowadays, jeans accommodate real bodies much better, but they aren't always perfect.

A back gap usually means the jeans sit too low on your body to also fit snugly around your waist. Consider sizing down or swapping it out for a mid or high-rise style if you run into this issue. If you continually struggle with the back gap, try out jeans that have more stretchy materials so they form to your body better.

4. Too Long or Short

If your jean legs drag on the floor or bunch up around your ankles, they may be too long for you. Likewise, unless they're a cropped style, your jeans shouldn't sit above your ankle bone. While you can usually hem jeans that are too long, you might need to get creative with jeans that are too short — while you could buy a different size, you can also make a DIY cuff from your favorite fabric to lengthen the pants.

5. Confidence Is Key

The most important part about finding jeans that fit you is finding jeans that make you feel confident in yourself. Don't worry about the size on the tag — instead, focus on how the jeans fit and feel because different brands and styles fit everyone differently. When buying jeans, use your measurements as a guide, but how confident you feel in them should lead the way.

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