Sweater Weather Style Tips

Sweaters are one of the few things that make cold weather worthwhile. We love getting cozy and stylish during fall and winter with sweaters galore, but after a couple of weeks into the cold season, it may feel like you're repeating outfits. Some sweater weather style tips will help you keep these comfortable outfits fresh throughout fall and winter.

Below you'll find tips on how to style plus size sweaters for women that you can use for a variety of occasions in fall and winter. Before you learn how to style your sweaters, it helps to know all the different varieties out there.

Styles of Plus Size Sweaters for Women

When you first imagine cozying up in a winter sweater, you may picture something simple. Maybe it has a rounded neck, a bit of a knit texture, typical long sleeves. But there are so many more options out there — though we do love a good basic sweater! As you set out in search of plus size sweaters for women, consider some of these comfy yet fashionable styles: 

With so many options already, you can wear a sweater style every day throughout the cold season and never get bored. In some of the styles above, you'll find even more variety with different necklines like:

The styles above come in an unlimited amount of colors, materials, fits and more. Fill your wardrobe with a variety of sweater materials that will work from cool fall mornings to chilly winter nights. No matter your style, you'll definitely find some sweaters that keep you warm throughout the cold season. 

How Do You Choose a Sweater Style?

With all of the styles above, choosing a sweater style for you may seem a bit overwhelming. Consider some sweater weather tips to choose what's perfect for you and the season. As you shop for new sweaters or pick one from your wardrobe, be sure to think about:

  • The weather
  • The occasion
  • What you're wearing with it
  • What you're comfortable in
  • How the style goes with your figure

Some considerations, especially the weather, are more important than others as you choose a sweater style. Still, if you want to make a comfortable yet stylish decision, think about the features of a sweater as you decide:

  1. Neckline: Choose the neckline of your sweater based on the occasion and your figure. A V-neck sweater that isn't too deep can help balance your look if you have a larger bust, though that may be better for an evening look. A deeper V-neck or a turtleneck can create balance for those with a smaller chest. If you want an off the shoulder look and you have a big bust, choose a flowy option over a fitted one for the most balance.
  2. Sleeves: From long sleeves to vest, bell cuffs to fitted styles, you have a lot of sleeve options. The most important considerations here are the weather and your style. Wear long sleeves in extremely cold weather and stick to fitted sleeves if you find bell cuffs get in the way. You could create balance with your look, though, if you choose bell sleeves, especially if you have wide shoulders and narrower hips.
  3. Length: When it comes to sweater length, you have cropped styles, ones that hit right at the hip and long or oversized options. If your bottoms are high-waisted and you don't mind the cropped style, you can wear this option even when it's cold. Just layer a jacket over the top and make sure your high-waisted bottoms sit high enough to keep your stomach warm. If you aren't one for cropped sweaters, you still have unlimited options in standard and long lengths perfect for any style and any type of weather.
  4. The fit: As you'll see later on, a fitted sweater can go with flowy bottoms like skirts or flared jeans. An oversized sweater often goes with fitted bottoms. Again, when deciding a type of fit, your style is a major consideration. You can also think about the weather. Oversized sweaters can hide fitted layers underneath that will keep you warm, while a fitted sweater works under different layers without creating a bulky look.
  5. The material: The material of a sweater often factors into the fit. Plush sweaters can have an oversized look, while fitted styles often feature thinner materials. Unsurprisingly, you'll want to wear thicker materials if it's colder. If you don't like heavy sweaters or don't have any in your wardrobe, you can layer up multiple thin pieces. We like implementing this strategy in the fall, especially since the weather can start out cold in the morning and get warmer by the afternoon. Simply shed your sweater layers as the day heats up to stay comfortable.

Once you fill your wardrobe with cozy plus size sweaters, the fun of creating outfits begins. Again, your options may seem overwhelming, but a few considerations and tips will help you become a sweater weather style expert.

How Do You Style a Sweater?

Rock a sweater in just about any outfit you feel comfortable in. Whether you prefer casual or dressy styles, pants or skirts, keeping it simple or adding plenty of accessories, sweaters make perfect additions to your wardrobe. You can use pieces you already own or add some new staples to your wardrobe to make even more outfit combinations throughout the season. Consider some of these sweater weather style tips to get even more out of your fall and winter wardrobe.

A Sweater With a Skirt

Get a formal look or something cute and casual with a sweater-skirt combo. You've got different skirt style options out there to pick from, so consider:

  • A maxi skirt for a warm and flowy look
  • A pencil skirt for a professional style
  • A flowy skirt for something cute and casual

Whatever type of skirt you wear, you could balance it with your sweater for a stylish look. Loose sweaters go with fitted skirts and vice versa. You don't always have to mix the styles, though. Go with the flowy and oversized look on the top and bottom during winter when cozy styles prevail, and wear a fitted skirt with a fitted sweater for a flirty fall outfit.

Want to bring your shorter, warm weather skirts into sweater weather season? If you'd like to wear a sweater and short skirt outfit in the winter or other cold days, keep yourself warm with a pair of neutral tights to go with the look. You'll look even more fabulous with the accessory, and your legs are sure to thank you for keeping them warm!

A Sweater With Pants

Stay warm and comfortable when you put on a sweater and a pair of pants. You have plenty of choices when it comes to bottoms that go with sweaters, but in general, you could pick:

  • Leggings for something comfortable and casual
  • Jeans for a put-together casual look
  • Fitted pants for a professional touch
  • Faux leather for something edgy

Slipping into a simple pair of pants and pairing it with your favorite sweater is an easy way to get a fashionable outfit. Dress it up with other layers and accessories or keep it simple for a casual day. You're sure to stay warm and look stylish no matter what you choose.

A Sweater With Layers

When the weather gets really cold, layers will keep you comfortable and stylish. You may have more options than you think when it comes to creating a layered look with your sweater, so consider pairing it:

  • Over a dress: A floral-print dress gets a fabulous fall or winter makeover with a sweater on top, but you can choose any pattern or color you prefer to go with your sweater. If you don't have a skirt that goes with your sweater, layering a dress underneath is a perfect option.
  • Under a dress: If you have a dress with a low neckline or thin straps, you don't have to wait for spring or summer to wear it. Put on a snug sweater, then pop the dress on top for a fun look.
  • Over a button-down: Choose a neutral button-down top or add some fun to a solid color sweater with a pattern. Let the bottom hem, the cuffs of the sleeves and the collar of the top peek out from your sweater. You'll get a smart look that's perfect for work or a dressy-casual day.
  • With a jacket: A cold-weather coat doesn't have to be a simple piece of outerwear. Make it a part of your outfit by coordinating a coat with your sweater! Whether you like a rockin' faux leather look or stay warm with a professional pea coat, your sweater outfit will look put-together with a coat or jacket, and it'll be perfect for cold days in the middle of winter.

Use layers in combination with a sweater made of thinner materials to make it last all season long, or combine tips from above to create the ultimate cozy outfit. You'll be bundled up yet stylish in no time! 

A Sweater in a Monochrome Look

When you pick out pairings for your fabulous sweater, try a trendy monochrome outfit. Choose slightly different shades of the same color or choose matchy-matchy pieces to show off that color you look your best in.

If you don't want a completely one-color style, add splashes of other shades with your shoes, outerwear or other accessories. Your outfit will look just as trendy with a monochrome base and colorful accents.

A monochrome look is perfect for a professional vibe since it's not overwhelmed with colors and patterns. You could also easily transition a monochrome sweater outfit from day to night with a few different accessories. Go all black for a classic canvas or play around with other colors to reflect your style. 

A Sweater With Different Colors and Patterns

Have fun with your look and show off your personality with colorful or patterned sweaters. You could also choose a solid color sweater paired with patterned bottoms for a similar effect.

Choose particular patterns based on how subtle or showy of a look you'd like. A smaller pattern won't overwhelm your look like a larger, bolder pattern would. If you're a fan of the bold style, you could pair your patterned sweater with solid color and neutral bottoms and accessories. A sweater look doesn't have to be a simple top and bottom combo. Get creative with layers of different colors and patterns that will keep you fabulous and fabulously cozy.

A Sweater With Accessories

Elevate your look with the addition of accessories. Sweaters make a great canvas for you to get creative, so get your jewelry and pull out your seasonal accessories so you can use:

  • A chunky chain necklace for an edgy look
  • Statement earrings to draw attention up
  • A scarf to stay extra warm
  • Boots for function and style
  • Sneakers for a casual day out

Since most sweaters have long sleeves, you can skip bracelets in the cold seasons. Instead, focus on necklaces to be your standout jewelry. Remember to consider the neckline of your sweater as you choose a chain length — a choker doesn't really go with a turtleneck! — and consider layering your necklaces to let your accessories stand out even more.

How to Style Plus Size Christmas Sweaters

It's time to bring those holiday sweaters out of storage or stock up on new ones for the winter. Many festive sweaters are versatile, meaning you can get everything from a casual to a cute dressy look with a plus size Christmas sweater. Try out a minimalist sweater with a deer accent for a festive look that doesn't go overboard on Christmas cheer. You can wear this type of top during fall or winter with its subtle holiday vibe.

You don't need a sweater with reindeer and snowflakes to make it work for the holidays, either. Incorporate some sparkle and shine with a sequin skirt and a solid color sweater. Go even bolder with an animal print for a fun look that's casually festive.

Plaid, particularly the buffalo variety, has become a holiday trend in recent years. A red and black buffalo plaid dress makes the perfect Christmas addition to a black sweater, cardigan or vest layered on top. You can also get the festive pattern with a plus size Christmas sweater in a vest style. Layer a vest with black and red buffalo plaid details over a black dress or an everyday outfit.

When you create a plus size Christmas sweater outfit, let the seasonal piece be the focal point. Pair it with plain or neutral pieces for a cute look that celebrates the season.

How to Style Plus Size Oversized Sweaters

A plus size oversized sweater is comfy, warm and fashionable all in one. Many sweaters are purposefully made a bit bigger to have an oversized fit without looking frumpy. You could always size up in a sweater style if you want a comfortable, oversized look.

To create a balanced outfit, you should pair your oversized sweater with more fitted bottoms. Leggings, jeggings and fitted jeans all pair well with an oversized top. Leggings work especially well with longer sweaters or tunics since they create a sleek look with the bigger top that also covers you up a bit.

If you want to add some shape to your oversized sweater, you could cinch your waist with a belt to flatter your figure. This accessory works great in workplace sweater outfits, but you could just as easily use it for an evening or going out look.

Outfit Ideas With Plus Size Sweaters for Women

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with the sea of sweater options you have? We've got some outfit ideas that will give you a cozy and fashionable outfit all in one. Take a look at our suggestions below for inspiration or recreate the styles for some amazing plus size sweater outfits.

Something Flowy and Colorful

An oversized sweater is a great way to show off your fun style. Choose a colorful option with some neutral accessories and bottoms, like the ones in this outfit:

  • A colorblock sweater
  • Skinny jeans in a medium wash
  • Booties that go with colors in the sweater
  • A statement necklace in the same color as your shoes

Try this outfit for any time of day, and you'll feel stylish and cozy. If you want to add even more to the look, throw on a pair of earrings that coordinate with your necklace. You could also take away the jewelry for a completely casual look that's easy to throw on but still feel fashionable in.

Something Polished and Professional

Need to stay warm at the office? Get a polished look while staying comfortable at work with this outfit:

  • A black knit sweater
  • Gray pants with a subtle black pattern
  • Black flats with metallic accents
  • A statement necklace with metal that matches the shoes

If you prefer some color, choose a burgundy sweater or another seasonal shade to contrast the neutrals or wear some bottoms with a more colorful pattern. You could also opt for a pair of black booties to keep your feet as snug as the rest of you will be in this stylish sweater outfit.

Something Fun and Flirty

Even a cozy sweater can work in a flirty outfit. Put together these pieces for a little fun, even in colder months:

  • A cold shoulder sweater in a solid, neutral color
  • A leopard print skirt 
  • Neutral colored wedge booties
  • A statement necklace featuring colors that go with the skirt

Trends collide in this outfit that combines a cold shoulder sweater with a leopard print. Make the outfit pop even more with a stunning statement necklace and booties, perfect for evenings or days out. Choose a top that shows off your shoulders and has a cozy turtleneck, combining the flirty with the comfy. Half-tuck the sweater in the front of the skirt to add the perfect finishing touch.

Wear this look in early fall, late winter or with some neutral color tights to keep your legs from getting cold. Don't forget your coat, either! As the style implies, your shoulders could get cold in this look.

Something Layered and Cozy

Be your comfiest, most stylish self in an outfit that features not one but two sweater styles. Layer it up with this look:

  • A vest with plaid accents
  • A solid color sweater that brings out a color in the plaid vest
  • Solid color pants in a neutral that also works with a color from the plaid vest
  • Wedge booties in the same neutral as the pants

Take this outfit out on the town or to work, and add a necklace for some personal flair. For something more casual, swap out the bottoms with a pair of jeans or jeggings and switch to flats or boots without as much of a heel. 

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