Staple Jewelry: Accessory Must-Haves

When curating the perfect wardrobe, you might focus mostly on clothing and shoes. While those are essential of course, you shouldn't forget about jewelry. Accessories give you something your outfits might've been missing before. You can elevate casual looks and tie formal outfits together, all with a simple jewelry addition.

Maybe your jewelry collection is looking a little limited right now, or perhaps you have a lot of accessories, but you never seem to wear them. Either way, you need staple jewelry. These pieces will complement your regular outfits and take anything you wear to the next level. Discover jewelry staples for every wardrobe below!

Jewelry Staples for Every Wardrobe

To get jewelry essentials, you should pick from a few different categories. Cover a range of styles, but make sure everything you pick feels like something you'd wear regularly. If you're comfortable with the pieces, they'll easily become staple jewelry in your daily outfits. Get these jewelry staples to enhance your everyday looks:

1. Chunky Necklace

A chunky necklace serves as a statement in any outfit. It can take your outfit from work to going out or spruce up a casual weekend outfit. Chunky necklaces come in countless varieties, but most of them run around 16 inches to 18 inches, between choker and princess length. Along with the length, you'll choose from styles like:


  • Large chains: Chunky necklaces with large links are a trendy accessory right now. Large chain necklaces come in various metals and colors, which are perfect to suit any style or wardrobe.
  • Large beads: These details are popular for chunky necklaces. You'll find many options that feature beads around most of the chain. Beads are a versatile necklace detail that is available in many shapes, materials and colors.
  • Braided chains: For a sophisticated chunky necklace look, consider a braided chain accessory. These braided chains can combine metal colors or be monochrome for an accessory that adds texture to any outfit.


When you wear a chunky necklace, you can style it on its own or layer it with other simple pieces from your collection, depending on the statement piece's look. Large and braided chains pair well with layers of delicate necklaces, for instance. Whether you wear your chunky necklace on its own or in a set, it will suit plenty of outfits. Add it to your little black dress look, use it to make a sweater outfit stand out or layer it with a blouse for work.

2. Statement Pendant

For more jewelry staples to wear around your neck, consider a statement pendant. It's somewhat sleeker than a chunky necklace, usually with a slimmer chain around the neck. These necklaces come in varying lengths, often between 18 inches to 24 inches or princess to matinee length. The statement here is a large or eye-catching pendant. You'll find these details in a wide range of shapes, materials, styles and colors, so base your decision on your tastes and consider:


  • Hammered metal pendants: An abstract shape in hammered metal provides a modern touch. It'll reflect light to catch everyone's eye and add unique textures to your look.
  • Tassel pendants: Tassels create a softer textural touch to your outfits. Whether your pendant features multiple tassels arranged in a half-circle or one large statement tassel, you'll give your look a standout statement.
  • Geometric pendants: Geometric pendants create accessories that are anything from modern to romantic. Square and rectangular pendants give your outfit a retro vibe, while rings, circles and ovals can be more romantic and classic.


Statement pendants work with anything from fun and casual outfits to formal looks, depending on the necklace you choose. Consider the necklace's length and pendant size and style when you pair one with your outfit.

3. Cuff Bracelet

Put another statement jewelry piece in your accessory rotation with a cuff bracelet. A cuff bracelet is often metal with an open design that you slip onto your wrist, but you'll also see different materials, like faux leather. You'll find anything from subtle styles to ornately decorated pieces, but what you select will depend on your preferences. Cuff bracelets also come in varying widths and sizes to create different looks, with options like:


  • A narrow cuff: These styles may not look as bold or dramatic as wider alternatives, but a narrow cuff is the perfect jewelry staple. You can wear it on its own or layer it with other pieces, and it'll easily fit with varying sleeve lengths.
  • A wide cuff: If you want standout staple jewelry, get a wide cuff bracelet. These styles have more room for detail, or they may come in a simple metal finish that will still draw attention with its size.


Pair a cuff bracelet with one of your staple necklaces or keep it on its own, especially if it makes a bold statement. This jewelry addition will take your outfits to the next level, whether you want an evening outing look or a spruced-up weekend style.

4. Bangle Bracelet Set

Get a few jewelry staples for your wardrobe when you buy a bangle bracelet set. Select a set with individual bracelets to wear together for a layered look or separately for something subtle. When you pick a bangle bracelet set, choose one that includes or combines:


  • Beaded bangles: Complement the beaded look of a chunky necklace with a beaded bangle bracelet. Choose colors that go with your style and other jewelry pieces if you plan to wear multiple accessories at once.
  • Thin wire bangles: Some bangle sets may include a delicate accent bracelet made of thin wire. This piece is ideal for layering since it won't add too much bulk or boldness to your already eye-catching accessories.
  • Fabric bangles: These options come in wider bracelets and slim, woven or braided bangles. Fabric bangles let you play with color, material and texture.


Bangle bracelets tend to complement the more fun and casual side of your wardrobe, depending on their style. You could wear thin and simple bangles to work and with formal outfits if you like, and you might save fabric or beaded combinations for the weekends.

5. Pendant Earrings

For a formal piece of staple jewelry, don't forget to adorn your ears. Pendant earrings come in classy styles, but if fun and casual is more your preference, you'll also find accessories that suit those tastes. Look for different materials that reflect your personality, like:


  • Beaded earrings: For colorful texture, choose earring pendants made of delicate beads. You'll find anything from organic shapes to whimsical designs and geometric features if you select this earring style.
  • Tassel earrings: If you liked the idea of a tassel pendant necklace, you could always match that to your earrings. Tassel earrings are stylish, trendy choices that dangle a bit of texture from your ears.
  • Fabric earrings: Get a more subtle textural touch with fabric earring pendants. These softer styles are ideal if you don't want your earrings to be a bold statement, but you don't mind showing off your jewelry in unique colors, patterns and fabrics.


While your outfit will need to complement the earrings, how you wear your hair will determine how comfortably you can wear your pendant earrings. If you have short hair or wear it up often, it'll be easier to wear bigger, bolder pendant earrings.

How to Pick Jewelry Staples

With those pieces in mind, you're ready to shop for jewelry staples. But how do you pick the right ones? A staple piece becomes an essential for countless outfits you wear on the regular, so a few considerations will help you select something you're sure to wear often:


  • Your style: You can't have staple jewelry if it doesn't fit in with your tastes. Your staple jewelry should be something that expresses your personality and that you want to wear almost every day.
  • What jewelry you like: Consider what's already in your jewelry box before you purchase staple jewelry. Think about whether your collection leans more gold, silver or rose gold and choose based on what you like to wear the most.
  • What you can wear: Not everyone can wear earrings, so you may need to alter your staple jewelry selection to include ear cuffs or clip-on styles. Or you may not be comfortable in bracelets or necklaces. Pick staple pieces that will work for you to ensure you wear them.
  • Your wardrobe: Think about the clothes you have before you add jewelry to your collection. Tops and dresses will determine what bracelets and necklaces you wear. Consider the most common neckline in your closet to pick the right necklace lengths. If you often wear long sleeves, you may skip bracelets for your jewelry staples. Don't forget the colors you wear, either. If you pick colorful staple jewelry, make sure it complements or matches most of your wardrobe.

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