Skinny Minnie

This Sunday I went shopping at my local mall with my mother and daughter.  We always have a great time and usually end the shopping spree with pretzel bites and games at the Fun Factory.  During our trip through the stores we stopped in at Maurice's to check out their cardigans and jewelry.  I started talking to one of the clerks while my mother tried on a few cardigans for her upcoming trip to Illinois and mentioned that we both loved one that was hanging on the wall and if she knew where it was in the store.  She then asked for both of our sizes and when I told her I wore a '2' in their plus size she stopped everything turned and looked at me and said "WHAT?"

I, of course, was slightly taken aback and repeated myself.  She proceeded to laugh and tell me there was no way I wore that size because that is what size she was and I was such a "Skinny Minnie"...  I kinda smiled and said "I assure you that is my size. I'm a 18/20 in pants."  She kept refusing to believe me and kept talking about how much smaller than her I was so there could be NO WAY I wore the same clothing sizes... I began to feel like I had to justify myself, that I had to validate both her and I.  I explained that I was really busty (even though she could see that for herself) and revealed my bra size.  She then remarked "So what you mean to tell me is that I need big boobs so I look like I have a tiny waist too?"

At this point I just smiled, slightly chuckled, and walked away.  But to be honest with you guys I felt very discomforted.  I didn't know what to say and I ALWAYS have a response.  I want to be clear that the clerk in no way was catty or mean or rude in my opinion.  And I know she meant everything as a compliment but part of me was embarrassed more than flattered.  I mean everyone wants to hear that they look nice.  But I hate when we as women compare ourselves to each other.

We are all so guilty of it. Or of not accepting compliments. Of downplaying ourselves. Why do we do this? We are meant to be different. We are meant to stand out.  If everyone was the same the world would be BORING!!! This incident on Sunday is a very clear indication that even though the number on your pants may be the same everyone is shaped differently.  Everyone is different heights, everyone carries their weight and themselves differently.  Stop comparing yourself to other people and just be YOU! Because girlfriend "YOU" is pretty awesome. 

Ladies, lets make a deal.  Stop comparing ourselves. Love ourselves. Stop body shaming yourself and others. Accept a compliment when given.  Give compliments to others. Be happy.

And Stay Perfect!

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