Six Cute Ways To Wear Tank Tops With Leggings

Plus size tank top and legging combos are the perfect way to show off your curves in a comfortable and fashionable way. It is an ultra-adaptable look too that can be worn a multitude of ways depending on your style. Whether you prefer bohemian chic, a girly feel or even like to wear your clothes in a grungy way, you can do it with a tank top with  plus size leggings.

It is all down to how you style your pairings and the accessories you choose to make a fun fashion statement. No look is off limits to plus size women either. Like every other body shape, the key to looking well dressed and stylish is to find fits and cuts of tops that suit you and enhance your best bits. With that in mind, here are 6 cute ways to wear tank tops with leggings.

Personal Style, Type One: Grunge

Grunge is having a bit of a reprisal at the moment. If this is where your fashion sensibilities lie, you are in luck. Styling up a pair of leggings with a tank top in a grunge way is effortless with a few tips. Firstly, lace up boots are a must. They look great with leggings which give legs shape, so even if you wear flat Doc Martens, your pins will look fantastic. If you like to add a bit of height to your physique, look for a heeled pair, which makes the look a little more feminine too.

Secondly, wear black leggings or a pair in acid wash finish. Either make a great basis for a grunge look. For the top half, keep things dark to keep up with this mode of dress. Throw on a plaid shirt over your tank top, or your favorite band t-shirt tied in a knot at your torso’s smallest part, along with a leather biker jacket (if it’s cold) and you’ll look like a grunge natural. This trend is all about being individual, so make sure you wear something unique too. The easiest way to do this is through your accessories or purse. One of a kind messenger bags look great paired with this style, as well as more masculine pieces of jewelry. Thick chokers or chunky beaded necklaces are perfect, as well as cufflets and wide bracelets.

Personal Style, Type Two: Classic

In stark comparison to the grunge style is the lady who loves to dress in a classic way. The classic and chic look can still be achieved with the perfect leggings outfit. First, pick out a neutral color base for your leggings and tank pairing - so perhaps all black, or dark blue bottoms with a white top. From here, a few fashion staples can be added to create a really stylish look. A crisp white button down is a key piece in any classic style wardrobe and looks great when worn over leggings with a tank underneath. From here, depending on the season, put a blazer on top or a camel colored coat in the winter. For your feet, look no further than the pair of black high heeled court shoes you have in your wardrobe.

For accessories, stay true to your style sensibility and choose a satchel or tote in a buttery soft leather. Given the neutral color base, any color bag will match here, but black or beige leather will look eternally chic. Funky statement jewelry will look out of place on you, but some fine metal pieces will look both stylish and appropriate. Stick to one color from a choice of gold, rose gold or silver, depending on which suits your skin tone. After this, you’re good to go you classy lady!

Personal Style, Type Three: Boho Chic

If you like your clothes to be bohemian and hippie, then a tank top with leggings is a no brainer of an outfit combo. It’s also incredibly easy to style to your fashion choice with a few key pieces. Start with a plain colored tank, perhaps in a neutral like grey, navy or cream, and dark leggings. This look can handle leggings that are not in the normal black. Use your boho style and make use of leggings in burgundy or dark blue. After these two items, the pivotal boho chic piece is the kimono top. The hippier the better. There are so many pretty kimonos out in the shops at the moment, and the great thing about them is they can be worn at all times of year. All that needs to change is the weight of material; this means heavy, woolen knits in winter and thin, chiffon or silk numbers in the summer months.

The second key piece to this look is a pair of camel or beige colored suede ankle boots. These are a great investment and will match with almost every other item in your wardrobe while still being easy to walk in - especially if you find a flat pair, but heels are always great for adding super flattering height. From here, accessorize to your boho heart’s desire. Wear necklaces long, pile bangles high on your wrists, and stack those rings on your fingers. This hippie look is fantastic when all details are remembered - use the opportunity to adorn every digit and ear lobe.

Plus sized tank top and leggings

Personal Style, Type Four: Girly

If you have a feminine predisposition when it comes to fashion, you have it easy at the moment with the plethora of girly hued clothing that is everywhere in the shops and on the style pages. A cute way to wear a tank top with leggings in a girly style is to find an ultra flattering duster coat in a pretty color. Think blush, rose, fuschia or anything vaguely near baby pink in hue. Also try to keep the tank and pair of leggings on the paler side of the color spectrum to appeal to your girly sensibilities. It will complement the coat all the better for it too - anything too dark underneath will be harsh and jarring on the eye. On the hanger, a duster coat may look impractical and one of those high style, low usage pieces of clothing that just sits in your wardrobe.

However, for a plus size lady in particular, a duster coat is anything but impractical. It is a thin layer that adds warmth and coverage without offering bulk, and in a pale color, can be worn throughout the year. It’s perfect for cooler Spring evenings, right through to the end of Fall and beginning of Winter when protection from the elements are needed. While it can be dangerous for a plus size woman to wear such a billowy style, when paired with a figure hugging outfit of a tank top with leggings, it is a well-balanced and proportioned outfit. A coat like this does require heels, so try to find a pair you can easily walk in. Luckily, stack heels are also popular at the moment and far more comfortable than their stiletto sisters. In terms of accessories, keep them to a minimum to let the duster do the talking and you’re good to go.

Personal Style, Type Five: Glamorous

At first thought, making a tank top paired with leggings into a glamorous outfit doesn’t sound immediately possible - especially since leggings tend to be laced with lycra, a material usually seen in an workout class. However, it most definitely is possible to wear a tank top with leggings and style it in a glamorous way that will be the envy of all those around you. There are a number of items that are necessary to turn this usually casual base into a high octane look. To start with, find a pair of heels that are as high as possible that you are still able to walk confidently. When leggings are matched with high heels, stilettos or otherwise, they really display a woman’s shapely legs to their full potential.

Once you have chosen your shoes, match your top and leggings with a well cut blazer that nips in at the waist to either accentuate your feminine silhouette, or create a concave curve where there may not be one - particularly if you have an apple body type. Or, if you have a heavier bottom to your top half, try to find a longer line to the jacket, again with a nipped in waist. From there, you can start accessorising to suit your most glamorous desires. This is an ideal outfit to take your most expensive handbag out of the wardrobe and adorn your arm. It’s also perfect for putting jewels around your neck and dangling from your ears. Jewelry is a foolproof way of letting your style personality shine through. There are some great statement costume pieces out in the shops at the moment, so let your glamorous imagination run riot and make the most of brightly colored necklaces and earrings.

Personal Style, Type Six: Tomboy

Being a tomboy is a commonly misinterpreted style choice. Often people assume that women, who choose to dress in an androgynous fashion, are not interested in clothes. This is simply just not the case! Plus size tomboys can remain stylish while wearing tank tops with leggings too. Shoes are a good place to start when styling up a cute way of wearing this classic combo. Tomboys will naturally lean towards flats, so this is a great excuse to wear a pair of sneakers like Vans, Converse, or any shoe with a retro type shape. If it appeals to your style, this is a great opportunity to wear some funky socks in a bright color or pattern. For the top half, layer your look with a button down plaid shirt. This is a flattering look on all body types, especially if the shirt has a slight longer length than one that may usually be tucked into a pair of jeans.

Depending on the length of your tank, you can leave the shirt either completely open or, if your tank does not cover your butt, do the shirt up from the bottom with only a few buttons. For a final layer, a classic denim jacket looks great for this plus size tomboy outfit. As ever, just remember to wear one that suits your body type so that your figure is shown off to its best. In terms of jewelry and accessories, a vintage feel messenger bag looks great and, when worn across the body, is incredibly slimming. If jewelry isn’t your thing, then a couple of studs is more than enough for this outfit, though a long dangly necklace can be a quiet way of letting the feminine side of you come out.

Most importantly though, regardless of your fashion leanings and personal sense of style, it is imperative to love your body as well as your curves. Once you have learned to love yourself, you’ll be able to wear your tank top and leggings with a confidence that is necessary to make any outfit look good. Without it, you naturally hold yourself differently and at a detriment to your well styled clothes. There is a combination of tank top and leggings available to buy that will detract attention from the parts of your body that you, rightly or wrongly, dislike and draw the eye to the parts that you love. Remember that being plus size does not mean wearing clothes that make you look leaner, it simply means highlighting your curves to their best advantage!

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