Six Cute Plus Size Shorts Outfits

Shorts are a hot weather staple - women all over the world wear them throughout Spring and Summer, if not longer. They’re not off limits to plus size women either, even though the pictures in all the glossy magazines would lead you to believe otherwise. All that is needed, as with any figure, is a few rules as to how to enhance your silhouette to its best advantage.

Below are six cute plus size shorts outfits depending on body shape. There are five body shapes overall, across all women, plus size or not. We’ve included one outfit per body shape, plus one outfit that works for everyone. We tell you how best to accessorize, stay cool and look fabulous. In general though, the number one rule, regardless of shape, size or body type is to wear any outfit with confidence and a smile. Shorts are, by their very nature, very revealing, but wearing them with anything less than 100% confidence will always result in an outfit fail.

Body Shape #1: Apple

Having an apple shaped figure means having a thicker waist that is wider than your shoulders and hips. Shorts are actually an ideal item of clothing for such a figure as they immediately draw attention to your legs, thus drawing the eye down and away from the middle. To heighten the impact of this even more, choose to wear a pair of patterned or colored shorts that finish around mid thigh. If they are slightly loose fitted over the leg, this will create the illusion of even slimmer pins, so keep an eye out for easy fits that are super comfortable too. Couple this with a top that either picks out one color in the shorts’ pattern, or compliments any block color pair.

In terms of shape, make sure you pick a top that skims over any bumps around your middle, but ensure that it isn’t so loose that the t-shirt or blouse completely swamps you. In terms of sleeve length, wear what you are most comfortable in. So many women hate bearing the tops of their arms, but sometimes in the Summer, it is simply too hot for anything else. If this is the case, find a well fitted plus size tank top, or a top with sleeves that are floaty to allow your skin to breathe. For accessories, keep legs looking long by wearing a pretty pair of bronze, gold or silver gladiator sandals that won’t cut of your legs at the ankle. Given that the top is plain, you can wear some colored jewelry - like a long dangly necklace that further draws out a color in the pattern of your shorts, or perhaps some simple hoop earrings. Plus, as it is summer, add some sunglasses for the finishing touch of confidence and you are good to go!

Body Shape #2: Pear

Given that pear shaped ladies have a bigger booty than their shoulders, it’s best to draw the eye’s focus to the top half for a trendy plus size outfit. To do so, find a pair of shorts that are comfortable, fit loosely around the groin and finish near mid thigh, and are a darker color. A pair of indigo colored cut offs look great and are eternally chic. These type of shorts have a laid back feel so it is necessary to find a top that matches this, though be careful not to wear any old t-shirt or blouse as this can create a messy overall look. Instead, find tops that are made from good quality cottons and jerseys that draw attention to your shapely shoulders.

A simple white tank is actually a really good match to denim cut offs and the perfect all American look. Being plus size just means finding a tank that skims your curves and does not cling to them. Match this with some simple all leather accessories. Think a plain tan or dark brown leather messenger bag with some elegant leather flip flops or flat sandals to match. If that is not quite daring enough for you, some flats in leopard print pony hair can look fabulous. Aviators will finish off this look - especially when paired with fine metal jewelry that compliments the color of the metal frames you have chosen. So if your frames are gold, find a long gold chain, if not two or three to layer up this chic look.

Body Shape #3: Hourglass

An hourglass figure is often lusted after by all women. It is the classic shape that we tend to aspire to given its small waist, and shapely hips in line with the width of our shoulders. It is one of the easier body shapes to dress, so bearing that in mind, why not try to wear a romper that is a natural extension of a cute plus size short outfit? They’re a great idea as they’re a failsafe outfit all in one, with no tricky matching of tops to bottoms - all the hard work is done for you. They’re also one of the most comfortable things that any woman can have in her wardrobe. They’re perfect for the Summer too if they have a slightly loose and airy fit as this lets your skin breathe whilst keeping you chic in this all in one number.

Given your tiny waist, try to find a plus size romper or jumpsuit that has a nipped in waist - either by some great tailoring, a ruched middle or a belt that is built into the all-in-one itself. This will show off your classic silhouette to its full potential and will draw people’s eyes to your narrowest spot. Make sure you also find a romper that has sleeve lengths that keep you the most comfortable and confident. If they are too tight, you will feel awkward all day, but if you choose a sleeveless option, make sure you are happy enough to show off your upper arms. Many women aren’t. For your shoes, rompers can get away with heels, so lengthen your legs with a nude pair of wedges that will keep your feet happy all day long. Try to keep jewelry to a minimum with this outfit - it’s a high octane look on its own, especially if you choose one of the many pretty rompers out there. Some simple studs and classic Jackie O sunglasses are all that is needed.

Body Shape #4: Rectangle

A rectangle shaped body needs a waist defining outfit to enhance this otherwise straight up and down figure. A great answer to this is to accentuate what little or no waist there is by wearing a pair of shorts that have a belt around the middle, have a gathered high waist, or simply to wear a blazer with a nipped-in center. Peplum hems are also perfect for a rectangular shape and can be worn with simple, tailored shorts. This will go a long way to creating a classic hourglass silhouette and, depending on the heat of the weather, can also be worn under a similar shaped blazer if needs be.

Your legs will be your best feature with a rectangular body shape so a cute plus shorts outfit can really be made your own. Remember that your shorts will need to finish at your thighs’ slimmest part. If you are wearing a top with a peplum, it may be best to wear a pair of shorts in a neutral color so that you let your structured top do all the talking. Tailored shorts can look great with heels, which give a flattering height to your figure, but if you find them too difficult to walk in, some smart flats will be just as stylish. With tailored shorts, it's best to wear smart, neutral leather shoes, whatever the heel height. For a purse, a simple envelope clutch will look very chic - chicer still if it matches the leather of your shoes.

Body Shape #5: Inverted Triangle

The heavy shoulders of a lady with an inverted triangle figure, make shorts the perfect option to create some cute plus size shorts outfits. By naturally drawing attention to bare legs, balance is given to this top heavy figure. Starting with the shorts themselves, wear a bright or light colored pair. If you are brave enough, and why not? Try a pair of chic white denim shorts. From there you can create an elegant monochrome outfit. To do so, pair your white shorts with a black top that has straps thick enough to ensure that any large bosom does not look like it will break the top.

So many larger chested ladies make this fashion faux pas, thinking that larger straps are less flattering. Quite the opposite is true and larger straps allow for the very best of supportive underwear to be worn. In terms of the top’s shape, an empire line is great as it starts to create an hourglass shape and, again, balances out big shoulders. Wear a top with sleeves if you are uncomfortable showing your arms. From there, keep your look elegant yet modern by wearing some black gladiator sandals and a chic straw fedora hat. Some jewelry, in black or white, will be the perfect finishing touch.

An Outfit That Suits All Body Types

A cute plus size shorts outfit that suits all body types is down to the tailoring and the fact that shorts look great with a blazer, which is an incredibly modern and fresh look. To pull this outfit off, shorts need to be tailored and made from a good quality, weighty material. This isn’t the time to don a pair made from floaty chiffon, cotton or cheesecloth. Instead, find a pair that are made from something akin to material used for a pant suit. Also, make sure that they don’t pull against your groin or fit too much on the snug side. If this means going up a size, so be it - remember size is just a number! Colors that are incredibly stylish at the moment, and perfect for the summer, are on the pastel hue end of the color wheel.

Next, find a smart top that matches the color of your shorts. It does not have to necessarily be the same color, just one that doesn’t fight for attention. Then, either throw on a jacket that is paired for your shorts themselves, or find one that further compliments them. Blazers are great for hiding so many parts of the body that we are often a little worried about. They cover upper arms for starters and, if tailored correctly, can create a waist if the jacket has darts at the back and front. Lastly, blazers pull together a look and make you look smarter, so this is a great outfit for going out on summer nights in. Pair with a nude pair of wedges and your favorite necklace and matching earrings, and you will look stunning.

Whatever your body type, remember the number one rule: That no outfit is complete without a smile and that no outfit will work unless you wear it with confidence. Yes, shorts will show off a lot of skin, but that can look beautiful if done in the right way. Embrace your curves to become a stylish fashionista that inspire women around you on what to wear. There are so many pairs of shorts out there that will flatter any figure, but given their nature, it can just take a little longer to find them and style them in a way that looks great. This is the same for any figure size however, so don’t forget that being curvy can be fabulous, fashionable and fun too. 

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