Shopping Nightmare

So yesterday my wonderful mother and I had a rare day off together and decided to (of course) spend it shopping!  Now most of you will agree with me that a lot of times shopping can be horrible or even embarrassing.  But I was determined to make this a good experience and have fun with it!  I was specifically looking for a dress that I can wear to have pictures taken with my daughter.  I already have her dress and wanted to match her and unfortunately there isn't anything released yet here at the boutique that works quite the way I want it to. 

Cue the visit to the mall.  Now we live in Valdosta, GA so my options are somewhat limited. But we made a valiant effort.  We enter a department store and head straight to the dresses.  HURRAY! They not only have dresses in the color that I want but either in my size or close enough to count.  Off to the dressing room I go!

I really wish I had thought to take pictures of the different dresses... Next time I promise I will!

(Quick reminder I typically wear a size 18 and 2x but of course there is always a fluctuation with brands)

Y'all.  The first dress I tried on was so short I had to double check to make sure I didn't grab a shirt.  I opened the door, gave my mother the LOOK, and shut it so quickly to be honest I'm not sure she even saw the dress that well. On to contestant number two!

Hermione gets me...

Have you ever had that moment of "This is how I die.  Trapped with my arms over my head stuck in a dress that I don't even really like"? Because that was me.  I didn't even ATTEMPT to get this thing over my boobs. I double checked the tag.  OK. It's in my size. In the women's section, not juniors. Look again.  Yes, definitely my size. Hold the dress up to me.  It looks like it will fit.  Hold the dress away from me- eyeing it suspiciously... Hmmmm... What magic is in these dresses that make them magically shrink the moment I put them on my body?? It is a conspiracy. A conspiracy I tell you! 

I mutter angrily to myself as I try on the third dress. Success! It fits, looks great, and meets Mom's approval. It is also a size 16, a size smaller than I normally wear. But that's ok right? Still, I want to try on the last dress because it was my favorite.  Check the tag-size 18.  Awesome.

i step into the dress and open the door calling out to my mother to zip me the rest of the way up.  Tug Tug Tug. "I don't think its gonna zip honey"


At this point I am so frustrated with the fact that a dress in my size doesn't fit but a dress that is labeled a size smaller does that I just get dressed and walk away.  Why do designers and manufacturers do this?? Can't a size just be the size in every brand?? I don't want vanity sizing and I don't want sizing fluctuation. OR if they are going to do that there needs to be a chart in the dressing rooms of what each brands measurements are based on! Am I right? What are some of you guys' shopping nightmares? Email me at!

Moral of the story.... I hate trying on clothes. But I love fashion so I refuse to let this get me down!

Stay Perfect! 

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