Right There in Black and White

Black and white is one of my favorite color combinations.  There is absolutely nothing as timeless as a black and white outfit.  And with never ending style options at your fingertips you could wear black and white every day and still have a variety to choose from.  Fabrics, patterns,cuts, pieces, jewelry... this list goes on with what you can use to keep it fresh and modern. There is no limit.  Tops, pants, skirts, shorts... And today I am going to show you three of my favorite dress options here at PPB!

How popular is chevron right now? It's crazy popular! Especially down south! We all love it! And combining it with black and white is just an obvious great choice! The cut of this dress is so flattering on every body type! Definitely add some pops of red in your heels, jewelry, and lips!

"A Black and White Affair" Dress

I have been racking my brain to think of the best words to describe this dress. Interesting, fun, Jackson Pollockesque, gorgeous... And I realize that they are all true.  There is no one word. Just like there is no one real pattern to this dress.  It draws your eye because of the unique shatter style pattern in such a classic cut.  Pair with gold and nude accessories.  You don't need anything bold to accent this dress. It should speak for itself!

"Great Expectations" Dress

This pallet doesn't have to be done in bold prints to make a statement though.  Sometimes the smaller details can make just as much of an impact.  The delicate lace on the sleeves and hem of this dress definitely prove that! You can wear this dress to church, to work, to parties... It is so versatile!

"Love-Laced" Dress

I think we can get wrapped up in making a statement when we pick out outfits. An outfit as simple as a white top, black skinnies, and red flats can make more of an impact than a wildly patterned top and pants.  Don't be afraid to go simple! Simple can be sexy. Simple can be beautiful. Simple can be bold. What is your favorite "simple" outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks? Email me a picture at ppbblogger@gmail.com!

Stay Perfect!

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