Project Closet Clean Out

There is a trend sweeping across my Facebook news feed and Pinterest at the moment.  Several of my friends are trying out having what is called a "capsule wardrobe".  If you aren't sure what that is, it's basically maximizing your outfits with minimum pieces... And learning how to use those pieces to create new and fun outfits.  Here's an example of what that may look like:

I've also been reading articles on organization and how you should only keep things in your life that you absolutely "love" or have "purpose".  So with these two thoughts in mind I decided that I would take my day off yesterday and go through my clothes.  Now I made no promises to myself going into this that I would be developing a capsule wardrobe.  I just wanted to lighten the load essentially... Maybe one day in the future I will be ready for the capsule idea.  But I have taken the first step to clearing out the clutter!

So my thoughts going into this were to take all of my clothes and throw them into a huge pile in my living room, sort through them, and put them into two piles- keep and donate. I apparently have a lot of clothes.  As I was sorting I asked myself certain questions: "Do I love this?" "Does this make me happy?" "Do I feel confident and positive when I wear this?" "Does this fit correctly?" And so on... And I realized a few things.  Those questions really made me think about my clothes, style, and how I felt in them.  I was keeping things that I didn't like because I was worried about hurting someones feelings that had bought it for me. Or I was keeping things that I was hoping to fit into again... Even though they are no longer in style... Every time I put something in the donate bags I felt a little bit lighter.

I will probably do another round of going through everything to be honest.  There were several things that I kept going back and forth over so I decided to give myself a few weeks to think about them and go back through with a fresh perspective.  I challenge all of you to really think about your style and how you want to present yourself to the world.  Then go through your closet and get rid of anything that doesn't work.  That when you put it on doesn't make you feel like a million bucks.  You are allowed of course to keep what I like to call my "grubby" clothes for cleaning and yard work. Good luck ladies!  Email me your closet clean out stories at!

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